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Mercié, Antonin.
Vénus. [Etching.] [Paris. 1901?] =
Moreau-Vauthier, Charles.
Les portraits de l'enfant.

[Paris, 1901.] *8072.77

Muther, Richard. 1860-. Geschichte der englischen Malerei. Berlin, 1903. Illus. Portraits. 4074.284 Portfolio of portraits of Lieutenant-governors of Upper Canada, 1792-1841, Governors-General of Canada, 1841-1867, and Lieutenant-governors of Ontario, 1867-1902. From oil portraits in Government House, Toronto. Toronto, 1902. 25 photographs. *4340.70 Scott, Frank Jesup.

Portraitures of Julius Cæsar. A monograph. London, 1903. Portraits. 8085.115 Schultze-Naumburg, Paul.

Das Studium und die Ziele der Malerei. Vermehrte Auflage des Studiengang des modernen Malers. Leipzig, 1900. Illus. 8067.147 Sedelmeyer Gallery, Paris. Illustrated catalogue of 300 paintings by old masters of the Dutch, Flemish, Italian, French, and English schools. Paris, 1898. Portraits. Plates. =

*8072.149 Singleton, Esther, editor and translator. Famous paintings as seen and described by famous writers. New York, 1902.

Portraits. Plates.


This is, in a measure, a continuation of Great pictures as seen and described by famous writers [4077.120]. Tullberg, Hasse W.

Die Souveränen Fürstenhäuser Europas Porträtsammlung. Nebst genealogischen Notizen von F. U. Graf von Wrangel. Stockholm. [1901?] 2 v. Portraits. Plates. *6231.23 United States. Library of Congress. Mural paintings in the colors of the originals, with the library quotations, the poems of the poetry series, and the Greek hero myths. New York. [1902.] 29 pp. 32 plates. *4073.217

Van Dyke, John Charles. The meaning of pictures. Six lectures given at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York, 1903. Portraits. Plates. 4079.215

Vereshtchagin, Vasili Vasilievitch. Napoleon in Russia. Photogravures after the original paintings. London. [1902.] 14 plates. *Cab.80.189.6 Warren, Mrs. Samuel Dennis. A descriptive catalogue of paintings, pastels, and water-colors, collected by the late Mrs. S. D. Warren, of Boston, to be sold at absolute public sale. [Preface by C. H. Caffin.] Edition de luxe. New York, 1903. Illus. Portraits. *8073.183

Williamson, Emma Sara, compiler. The book of beauty (Era King Edward VII). A collection of beautiful portraits with literary, artistic, and musical contributions by men and women of

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Photography. Photographic


Abbott, Henry G.

The prepa

Modern printing processes.. ration, printing and developing of gum bichromate papers. The manipulation of platinotype papers by the aid of glycerine and bichloride of mercury, etc. Chicago. [1900.] 66 pp. Illus. Portraits. 8069.188 American amateur photographer. Vol. 114. 1889-1902. Brunswick, Me. [etc.]. 1889-1902. Illus. Portraits. *7970.64 A monthly publication.

Anthony's Photographic Bulletin. Vol. 132; 33 (no. 1-4). New York, 1870-1902. 32 v. in 25, and unbound. Illus. Portraits. Photographs. = *7970a.32

Vol. 24 lacks No. 9.

Bolas, Thomas, and George E. Brown. The lens: a practical guide to photographic objectives. London, 1902. Illus. 7977.69

Brown, George E.

Finishing the negative. With a special chapter on films. New York, 1901. Illus. 7974.79

California Camera Club and San Francisco Art Association.

Catalogue of the 2d San Francisco Photographic Salon. [San Francisco, 1902.] 34 pp. Plates. = 8077.63 Camera Work. A photographic quarterly edited and published by Alfred Stieglitz. No. I, 2. New York, 1903. Portraits. Plates. *4072.284 Chicago Photographic Salon, Art Institute. Second Salon, October, 1901. [Catalogue.] [Chicago, 1901.] 16 pp. Plates. *8065.175


Hasluck, Paul Nooncree, editor.
Photographic cameras and accessories.
London. [1901.] Illus. Plans. 4018.109
Litchfield, Richard Buckley.
Tom Wedgwood, the first photographer:
an account of his life, his discovery and
his friendship with Samuel Taylor
Coleridge. London, 1903. Portraits
Plates. Fac-simile.

Loescher, Fritz.


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No text.

Massachusetts notabilities. Portraits. =

No. 7 in *Cab.81.20.1

Photograms of the year: a pictorial and literary record of the best photographic work of the year. 1898, 1900. London. [1898-1900.] 2 v. Illus. = *8073.174 Pittsburg Amateur Photographers' Society. Illustrated catalogue of the first annual international salon and exhibition. January, 1898. [Pittsburg, 1898.] 46 pp. Plates. = 8075.197 Professional and amateur photographer, The: a practical journal of photography. Vol. 5-7. Buffalo, 1900-1902. Illus. Portrait. = *7970.68

A monthly publication. Raymer, Felix.

Photo lighting. St. Louis, 1902. 90 pp. Illus. Portrait. 7974.84 Tindall, W. Edwin.

The selection of subject in pictorial photography. London, 1901. 83 pp. Illus. 7974-77

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The collector's hand-book of marks and monograms on pottery & porcelain of the Renaissance and modern periods .. with upwards of 3500 marks. A new edition... considerably augmented by Frederick Litchfield. London, 1901. Illus. 4024.19 Collignon, Léon Maxime, and Louis Couve, compilers.

Catalogue des vases peints du Musée national d'Athènes. Paris, 1902. [Bibliothèque des Écoles françaises d'Athènes et de Rome.] = *2953.61.85

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Sandeman, Ernest Albert.
Notes on the manufacture of earthenware.
London, 1901. Illus.

Seger, Hermann August.

Collected writings. Prepared from the records of the Royal Porcelain Factory at Berlin, by H. Hecht and E. Cramer. Translated by the members of the American Ceramic Society. Edited by Albert Bleininger. Vol. 1. Easton, Pa., 1902. Illus. 4023.35 Suffling, Ernest R.

A treatise on the art of glass painting. London, 1902. Illus. 8027.41 Wallis, Henry, of Norwood, England. Egyptian ceramic art. Typical examples in colour plates with text illustrations. [London, 1900.] 56 pp. Illus. *4020a.45 Italian ceramic art. The maiolica pavement tiles of the fifteenth century. London, 1902. Illus. *4024.86

The Oriental influence on the ceramic art of the Italian Renaissance. London, 1900. Plates. = *4028.100

Warren, Mrs. Samuel Dennis.

Catalogue of the collection of the late Mrs. S. D. Warren, of Boston, comprising Oriental & European porcelain,

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Elfenbeinplastik seit der Renaissance. Leipzig. [1903.] Illus. [Monographien des Kunstgewerbes.] Studnička, František Josef. Die Siegesgoettin. Entwurf der Geschichte einer antiken Idealgestalt. Leipzig, 1898. 34 pp. Illus. 12 plates. 8085.121 Vitry, Paul. Michel Colombe et la sculpture française de son temps. Paris, 1901. Illus. Por*8083.69


Bibliographie, pp. 493-503. Vogel, Carl Julius.

Max Klingers Leipziger Skulpturen. Leipzig, 1902. Illus. Portraits. 8085.119 Wilson, H., Silversmith.

Silverwork and jewelry. A text-book for students and workers in metal. . New York, 1903. Illus. [The artistic crafts series of technical handbooks.] 8029.151

Yamanaka & Co. Catalogue of magnificent collection of antique carvings and things Buddhistic from temples and palaces of Japan and China. To be sold Nov., 1902 . [Boston, 1902.] Plates. = 4079a.184

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Jenkins, Thomas H.

Bark Kathleen sunk by a whale, as related by the captain. New Bedford. [1902.] 41 pp. Plates. 6268.34

Lubbock, Alfred Basil.

Round the Horn before the mast. London, 1903. Plates. Map. 6268.88

Meinecke, Gustav.

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[Portulano. Photographic fac-simile.] [Fi-
renze, 1902.] 24 sheets. Size, each
29 X 40 centimetres.
*Map 49.4

The original is in the Reale biblioteca Mediceo-
Laurenziana, at Florence. It was made between
the year 1525 and 1530, and belonged to Cardinal
Giovanni Salviati.

Poulet, Georges.

Le livre du colon. Paris, 1899. Ratzel, Friedrich. 1844-.


Politische Geographie, oder die Geographie der Staaten, des Verkehres und des Krieges. 2. Auflage. München, 1903. Maps. 6285.70

Sanford, George Weeks. Outlines, suggestions and references in commercial geography. Chicago, 1903. 89 pp. Illus. Maps.


Schutze, Lenore Congdon. Amusing geography and system of mapdrawing. San Francisco, 1900. 64 pp. Illus. Maps. 6287.45 Stiegler, Gaston.

Le tour du monde en 63 jours. Paris, 1901. Illus. Portrait. Map. 2269.129 Under sunny skies. Boston, 1902. Illus. [Youth's Companion series.] 6279.117 Two copies.

United States. Hydrographic Office.
Tables of distances in nautical and statute
miles by the shortest navigable routes.
Washington, 1900. 40 pp. = 6286.88
Voynich, Wilfrid M.

Supplement to the eighth list of books on
exhibition. [London.] 1902. 4 PP.
Plate. Map. =

This supplement consists of an unknown map with inscription relating to the Magellan expedition, and an unknown portrait of Queen Elizabeth.

Wichmann, Carl Ernst Arthur.

Dirck Gerritsz. Ein Beitrag zur Entdeckungsgeschichte des 16ten und 17ten Jahrhunderts. Groningen, 1899. 6285.28 Zurbonsen, A.

Rambles through Europe, the Holy Land and Egypt. St. Louis, 1903. Plates. 2269.127

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Colquhoun, Ethel.

Two on their travels. London, 1902. Illus. 6268.30

Some of the plates are colored. Travels in the
East, Philippine Islands, etc., returning by the
Siberian Railway.

Combanaire, Adolphe.

Au pays des coupeurs de têtes. A travers Bornéo. Paris. [1902.] Portrait. Map. 3048.27 Courant, Maurice.

En Chine: mœurs et institutions, hommes et faits. Paris, 1901. 3018.216

Davidson, James Wheeler.
The Island of Formosa, past and present.
Yokohama, 1903. Portraits. Plates.
Dey, Nundo Lal.

The geographical dictionary of ancient and mediæval India, with an appendix on modern names of ancient Indian geography. Calcutta, 1899. 2 parts in I *3045.224


Dmitriev-Mamonov, A. I.

Путеводитель по великой Сибирской желѣзной дорогѣ. 1901-1902. С.-Петербургъ. 1902. Illus. Portraits. Map. 3061.138 Dmitriev-Mamonov, A. I., and A. F. Zdziarski. Wegweiser auf der grossen sibirischen Eisenbahn. Aus dem Russischen von A. Lütschg. Berlin, 1901. Illus. Portraits. Maps. 3061.139

Durand, Ella Rebe, Lady.

An autumn tour in western Persia. Westminster, 1902. Plates. Map. 3046.187

Fanshawe, Herbert Charles.

Delhi past and present. London, 1902. Portrait. Plates. Maps.

A guide-book.

Favier, Alphonse.


Péking, histoire et description. Nouvelle édition. Lille, 1902. Portraits. Maps. Fraser, John Foster. *3011.124

The real Siberia. Together with an account of a dash through Manchuria. London, 1902. Portrait. Plates. Map. 3069.196 George, Marian M.

Little journeys to China and Japan. For intermediate and upper grades. Chicago. [1901.] 2 v. in I. Illus. 3019.170

Giles, Herbert Allen.

China and the Chinese. New York, 1902. 3018.222

Golovatchev, P.
Сибирь; природа, люди, жизнь. Изданіе Ю.
И. Базановой. Москва, 1902. Illus. Maps.

Haeckel, Ernst Heinrich.
Aus Insulinde. Malayische Reisebriefe.
Bonn, 1901. Illus. Maps. 5046.30
Harper, Henry Andrew.
An artist's walks in Bible
don. [1902.] Plates.

lands. Lon3043.214

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