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Barry, William Francis.

The Papal monarchy. Illus. Maps. [The story of the nations.] Da 50 Bury, John Bagnell.

The student's Roman empire. A history of the Roman empire from the foundation to the death of Marcus Aurelius (27 B. C.-180 A. D.) Illus. Dq 1270 Butler, Howard Crosby. Ds 1290

The story of Athens. Illus. Coleridge, Edward Philip.

Res Graecae: being brief aids to the history, geography, literature and antiquities of ancient Greece. Illus. Maps. Ds 1827

Res Romanae: being brief aids to the history, geography, literature, and antiquities of ancient Rome. Dq 1827 Creighton, Mandell.

Botsford, George Willis.

An ancient history for beginners. Maps.


Cd 1048

Davids, Thomas William Rhys.

History of Rome. Maps. [History primers]. Dq 2030

story of the nations.]

Cn 2170

Fowler, William Warde.

Duruy, Jean Victor.

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Ancient history of the East.
the Greeks. History of the

Goodspeed, George Stephen.

A history of the Babylonians and Assyrians. İllus. Map.

Hapgood, Hutchins.

The spirit of the Ghetto. Illus. Cp 3809 Poole, Stanley Lane-.

The Roman festivals of the period of the Republic. [Handbooks of archaeology and antiquities].

Gautier, Léon.

Roman public life. [Handbooks of archæology and antiquities.]

Dq 3086.2

Chivalry. Translated by Henry Frith. Illus.

Da 3280

Ce 3490

Greenidge, Abel Hendy Jones.

A handbook of Greek constitutional history. Map.

Ds 3575

Dq 3571

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Keller, Albert Galloway.

the nations.]

Сп 7069

Smith, Reginald Bosworth.

Homeric society; a sociological the Iliad and Odyssey.

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Lovell, Isabel.

Cs 8320

Stories in stone from the Roman Forum. Plates.

Dq 5347

Dd 5410.5

India under Mohammedan

Carthage and the Carthaginians. Maps.

D. History. Europe.

Adams, George Burton.
Civilization during the Middle Ages, espe-
cially in relation to modern civilization.
Da 45
Allcroft, Arthur Hadrian.

The decline of Hellas: a history of Greece, 371-321 B. C. [University tutorial series.] Ds 143.5 The making of Athens: a history of Greece, 495-431. B. C. [University tutorial series.] Ds 143.2 The Peloponnesian war: a history of Greece, 440-404 B. C. [University tutorial series.] Ds 143.3 Sparta and Thebes: a history of Greece, 404-362 B. C. [University tutorial series.] Allcroft, Arthur Hadrian, and John Hampden Haydon.

Ds 143.4

The early principate: a history of Rome, 31 B. C.-96 A. D. [University_tutorial series.] Dq 145.2 Allcroft, Arthur Hadrian, and William Frederick Masom. Early Grecian history: a history of Greece to 495 B. C. [University_tutorial series.]

McCarthy, Justin Huntly.

The reign of Queen Anne. 2 v.

Masom, William Frederick.

The decline of the oligarchy: a history of
Rome, 138-78 B. C. [University tuto-
rial series.]
Dq 5694

Morris, Charles, of Philadelphia.

Historical tales. The romance of reality.

Myers, Philip Van Ness.

Greek. Illus.

Ds 6185

Historical tales. The romance of reality. Roman. Illus.

Dq 6185

Rome: its rise and fall. Illus. Maps.

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Ds 143

A history of Rome for beginners. Illus.
Dq 8200

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Crowest, Frederick James. The story of the art of music. Illus. [Library of valuable information.] Fp 2055 Davidson, Ellis A. Linear drawing, showing the application of practical geometry. Illus. [Cassell's technical manuals.] No. 1 in Fe 2160.2 Orthographic and isometrical projection. Illus. [Cassell's technical manuals.] No. 2 in Fe 2160.2 Home building and furnishing: being a combined new edition of "Model houses for little money," by William L. Price, and "Inside of 100 homes," by W. M. Johnson. Plates. Fb 4230

Keysor, Jennie Ellis.

Great artists. 5 v. Portraits. Plates. [Biographical series.]

How to sing. Illus. Portrait. Lilley, A. E. V., and W. Midgley. A book of studies in plant form.

Es 1836

Lehmann, Lilli.


Eq 2025

Ex 2509

Rose, George B.

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Fh 4770

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Renaissance masters; the art of Raphael, Michelangelo,

Leonardo da Vinci,

Titian, Correggio and Botticelli. 2d edi-
tion. Added a study of the

Untersteiner, Alfredo.

art of

Fh 7595

Fp 9148


The true history of the American Revo

lution. Illus.

Fiske, John.

New France and New England.

Garrison, George Pierce.

Texas: a contest of civilizations. [American commonwealths.]

Colonial children.


Et 3270

Hart, Albert Bushnell, editor.
Camps and firesides of the Revolution.
Illus. [Source-readers in American his-
tory. No. 2.]
Em 3840.2
Selected and anno-
tated by Albert Bushnell Hart, with the
collaboration of Blanche E. Hazard.
Illus. [Source readers in American his-
tory. No. 1.]

Lighton, William Rheem.
Lewis and Clark. Meriwether
William Clark. Portraits.
biographical series.]

Em 3840.3

Lewis and


Ev 5250

The meaning of pictures. Six
given for Columbia University at the
Metropolitan Museum of Art. Illus.
Fh 9230.3

Waterhouse, Percy Leslie.

The story of the art of building. With an account of architecture in America. Illus. [Library of valuable information.] Fb 9515 White, Mary.

More baskets and how to make them. Fm 9642.2


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