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Hulbert, Archer Butler. Boone's Wilderness Road. Cleveland, 1903. Plate. Map. Plan. [Historic highways of America. Vol. 6.]

4369a.273.6 The Cumberland Road. Cleveland, 1904. Plates. Maps. [Historic highways of America. Vol. 10.] *4369a.273.10 Military roads of the Mississippi Basin. The conquest of the Old Northwest. Cleveland, Ohio, 1904. Plate. Maps. [Historic highways of America. Vol. 8.] *4369a.273.8 Portage paths the keys of the continent. Cleveland, 1903. Maps. [Historic highways of America. Vol. 7.] 4369a.273.7 Waterways of westward expansion. The Ohio River and its tributaries. Cleveland, 1903. Maps. [Historic highways of America.] 4369a.273.9

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A history of the United States for schools. 4th edition, continued by W. M. Daniels and W. MacDonald. New York, 1902. Illus. Portraits. Maps. Bibliography, pp. 487-492.

King, W. Wallace.


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The opening of the Mississippi. A struggle for supremacy in the American interior. New York, 1904. Maps. 2328.149 Roosevelt, Theodore, 25th President of the United States.

Addresses and presidential messages, 1902-1904. With an introduction by Henry Cabot Lodge. New York, 1904. 4408.215 Schouler, James. 1839-. Eighty years of union. Being a short history of the United States. 1783-1865. New York, 1903. 2324.204

Consists of selections from his History of the United States under the constitution [B.H.Ref. 512.8; 2324.109].

Semple, Ellen Churchill.

American history and its geographic conditions. Boston, 1903. Maps. 4326.189 Bibliography, pp. 463-466, and at the end of each chapter.

Ship of State, The. By those at the helm. Boston, 1903. Portraits. Plates. [The Youth's Companion series.] 4329.168 Contents. The presidency. By Theodore RooseThe life of a Senator. By Henry Cabot The life of a Congressman. By Thomas The Supreme Court of the United States. By David J. Brewer. How Jack lives.

velt. Lodge.

B. Reed.

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Spears, John Randolph, and Alonzo Howard Clark.

A history of the Mississippi Valley, from its discovery to the end of foreign domination . . . New York, 1903. Illus. Portraits. Maps. Fac-similes. $4373.182 Storey, Moorfield.

The recognition of Panama. Address delivered at Massachusetts Reform Club, December 5, 1903. Boston, 1904. 20 pp. 4224.106


Thompson, Gilbert.

Historical military powder-horns. [Washington.] 1901. 16 pp. Plates. Maps. [Society of Colonial Wars in the District of Columbia.] = 2334.30

Thwaites, Reuben Gold.

How George Rogers Clark won the Northwest, and other essays in western history. Chicago, 1903. Portraits. Plates. Maps. Fac-similes. 4377.169

Tucker, George Fox.

The Monroe Doctrine. Boston, 1903. 32 4226.148

pp. =

United States.
Superintendent of the United States Cap-
itol Building and Grounds.
Annual report for the fiscal year ended
June 30, 1903. Washington, 1903.


Webster, Daniel..

10 *4375.41

Daniel Webster for young Americans. Comprising the greatest speeches of "The Defender of the Constitution" .. Added the Declaration of Indethe Constitution of pendence, the United States, and Washington's Farewell address. With an introduction and notes by C. F. Richardson and an essay on Webster as a master of English style by E. P. Whipple. Boston, 1903. Illus. Portraits. Fac-similes. 4393.118 Whipple, Wayne.

The story of the White House and its home life. Boston, 1903. 50 pp. Illus. Portraits. = 2389.74 Winship, Albert Edward, and Robert W. Wallace.

The Louisiana Purchase, as it was, and as it is. Chicago. [1903.] Illus. Portraits. Maps. 4325.73

The Revolution. The American Colonies. War of 1812.

Baker, Henry Moore.

The beginnings of the Revolution in New Hampshire. Concord, 1903. 15 pp.


4414.249 New Hampshire in the Battle of Bunker Hill. Concord, 1903. 23 pp. = 4414.247 Batchellor, Albert Stillman.

The ranger service in the upper valley of the Connecticut and the most northerly regiment of the New Hampshire Militia in the period of the Revolution. Concord, 1903. 47 pp. = 4411.164 Cincinnati, Society of the, New York. Dinner in honor of the official delegates from France to the United States on the

occasion of the dedication at Washing-
ton of the statue of Count Rocham-
New York, 1902. 4 pieces.


Clark, Byron N., editor.

A list of the pensioners of the War of 1812. With an appendix containing names of volunteers for the defence of Plattsburgh from Vermont towns, a description of the battle, the official statement of losses, and names of United states officers and soldiers at Burlington, Vermont. Burlington, 1904. Portrait. Plate. *4413.142

Codman, John, 2d. 1863-1897. Arnold's expedition to Quebec. [Edited by H. S. Chapman.] Special edition. with added matter. edited by William Abbatt. New York, 1903. Portraits. Plates. Maps. *4410.152 Dickinson, John. 1732-1808. Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania, to the inhabitants of the British Colonies. With an historical introduction by R. T. H. Halsey. New York, 1903.

Dickinson, John. 1732-1808.

Portrait. Plates. Fac-similes. *4414.239 Reprinted from the Boston edition of Mein & Fleeming, 1768 [No. 3 in **K.13.7]. Doolittle, Amos, Engraver.

[Four plates illustrating the battles of Lexington and Concord. Re-engraved in fac-simile by Sidney L. Smith.] Boston, 1903. 4 plates. Cab.23.10.11 Originally published at New Haven, December

13, 1775.

Reduced fac-similes are in shelf-no. *4450.120, and Stark's Antique views of Boston [2350.23= **2350.24].

pp. =

Fairbanks, Charles Warren. Address. One hundred and twenty-fifth anniversary of the Battle of Monmouth. Freehold, N. J. Indianapolis, 1903. 16 4414.243 Fogg, Jeremiah. 1749-1808. Orderly book kept by Jeremiah Fogg, Adjutant Colonel Enoch Poor's Second New Hampshire Regiment, on Winter Hill, during the Siege of Boston, October 28, 1775, to January 12, 1776.. Copied by Capt. Albert A. Folsom. Exeter, 1903. 85 pp. = *4414-252

Printed from the original in the Library of Harvard University.

General Philip Reed and Cauk's Field memorial. Report of the . . . ceremonies attending the unveiling of a stone to mark the Caulk's Field battle ground, in Kent County, Maryland, October 18, 1902. [Baltimore, 1902.] 94 pp. Portrait. = 4414.248 King, W. Wallace. Syllabus of a course of six lectures on early colonists in North America. Philadelphia, 1901. 12 pp. [University extension lectures.] No. 3 in *3592.200 Lincoln, Charles Henry.

The revolutionary movement in Pennsylvania. 1760-1776. Philadelphia, 1901. Tables. 4414.241 Bibliography, pp. 288-292, and at the beginning of each chapter.

Lodge, Henry Cabot.

The story of the Revolution. New York, 1903. Illus. Portraits. Maps. Plans. Fac-similes. 4414.123


Mace, William Harrison. Syllabus of a course of six lectures on the American Revolution or the formation of the Union. Philadelphia, 1901. pp. [University extension lectures.1 No. 8 in *3592.200 May, Max Benjamin.

France: her influence and aid in our Revolutionary struggle. Cincinnati, Ohio. [1902.] 23 pp. *4481.178.ser.2.2 Osgood, Herbert Levi.

The American colonies in the seventeenth century. Vol. 1, 2. New York, 1904. 2316.70 Smith, Justin Harvey. Arnold's march from Cambridge to Quebec. A critical study together with a reprint of Arnold's Journal. New York, 1903. Plates. Maps. Plans. Facsimiles. 4414.237

Authorities, pp. xiii-xix.

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Civil War. Reconstruction.

Bell, John Thomas.



Civil War stories. Compiled from official records, Union and Confederate. San Francisco, 1903. Portrait. *"20th".52.72 Beveridge, Albert Jeremiah.

Address at the dedication of Indiana's

monuments on the battle-field of Shiloh, Tennessee, April 6, 1903. Indianapolis. [1903.] 15 pp. Portrait. = 2329a.103 Bolton, Horace W.

History of the Second Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry. Chicago, 1899. Illus. Portraits. *"20th".43C.2 Bowen, James R.

Regimental history of the First New York Dragoons (originally the 130th N. Y. Vol. Infantry) during three years of active service in the great Civil War. [With a roster. New York.] Portraits. =

Brown, Henri Le Fevre.

Reminiscences of the Civil War. New York, 1903. Portraits.

4323.180 *"20th".52.351

Reminiscences of the Civil War. New York, 1904. Portraits. 4323.181 Graham, Matthew John.

The Ninth Regiment New York Volunteers (Hawkins' Zouaves): a history of the regiment and veteran association from 1860 to 1900. New York, 1900. *"20th".41.9


Hart, Albert Bushnell, and Elizabeth Stevens, editors.


The romance of the Civil War. New York, 1903. Illus. Portraits. Facsimiles. [Source-readers in American history.] 4358.168 History of the Eleventh Pennsylvania Volunteer Cavalry, together with complete roster. Philadelphia, 1902. Portraits. Plate. *"20th".41b.C.11 History of the 127th regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers. Familiarly known as the "Dauphin County Regiment." [Lebanon, Pa., 1902.] Portraits. Plate. *"20th".41b.127

Hockersmith, Lorenzo Dow. Morgan's escape. A thrilling story of war times. A true history of the raid of General Morgan and his men through Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio . . . Madisonville, 1903. 54 pp. Portraits. Plans. *"20th".21.28


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1847-. 1900. *"20th".41.C.1 The Thirty-second Maine Regiment of Infantry Volunteers. Portland, Me., 1903. Portraits. "20th".40.32 Humphreys, David. 1832-. Heroes and spies of the Civil War. New York, 1903. Portrait. *"20th".52.437

History of the Third Regiment, Excelsior Brigade, 72d New York Volunteer Infantry, 1861-1865. [Jamestown, N. Y.] 1902. Portraits. Plate. Autograph facsimiles. *"20th".41.72

Cheney, Newel.

History of the Ninth Regiment, New
York Volunteer Cavalry. War of 1861
to 1865. Jamestown, 1901. Illus. =

Connelly, Thomas W.
History of the Seventieth Ohio Regiment.
Cincinnati. [1903?] Portraits.


Cox, William Van Zandt. 1852-. The defenses of Washington. General Early's advance on the capital and the Battle of Fort Stevens, July 11 and 12, 1864. [Washington? 1902?] 34 pp. Illus. 2327.125

Bibliography, pp. 22, 23. Ewer, James Kendall.

The Third Massachusetts Cavalry in the War for the Union. [Maplewood.] 1903. Illus. Portraits. Maps.


Fifth Massachusetts Battery Association.
History of the Battery. Boston, 1902.
Portraits. Plans.

Nathan Appleton was Chairman of the Com-
mittee appointed to write the history.

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First Regiment of Infantry, Massachusetts Volunteer Militia, Colonel Robert Cowdin, commanding, in service of the United States. . . 1861. Boston, 1903. 50 pp. Portrait. = *4323.177 Souvenir. First Regiment of Heavy Artillery Massachusetts Volunteers. Dedication of monument, May 19, 1901. [Boston? 1901.] 60 pp. Portraits. Plates. = *"20th".60.52

Mulholland, St. Clair A. The story of the 116th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry. War of Secession, 1862-1865. [Philadelphia, 1899.] Portraits. Plates. Map. *"20th".41b.116 Murray, Thomas Hamilton.

History of the Ninth Regiment, Connecticut Volunteer Infantry, the "Irish Regiment," 1861-65. New Haven, 1903. Portraits. Plates. *"20th".40d.9

New York, State.

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Smith, Col. John Thomas, of Bowling Green.

A history of the Thirty-first Regiment of Indiana Volunteer Infantry in the War of the Rebellion. Cincinnati, 1900. Portrait. *"20th".43a.31 Society of the Seventy-fourth Illinois Volunteer Infantry.

Reunion proceedings and history of the regiment. Rockford, 1903. *“20th”.43c.74 Stevens, Leverett C.

A forlorn hope. Providence, 1903. 44 pp. [Personal narratives of events in the War of the Rebellion. 6th series. No. *4324.77.ser.6, no. 1 An account of life in Confederate prisons. Stiles, Robert.


Four years under Marse Robert. New York, 1903. Portrait. *"20th".52.856


Experiences in the Civil War under Gen. Robert Edward Lee. Same. 2d edition. Thomas, Henry Walter. History of the Doles-Cook Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia, C.S.A. Containing muster rolls of each company of the Fourth, Twelfth, 21st and 44th Georgia regiments . . . Atlanta, Ga., 1903. Portraits. Plates. *20th".22.20 United Confederate Veterans. Charles Broadway Rouse Camp, No. 1191. Report on the re-burial of the Confederate dead in Arlington Cemetery, and attention called to the graves of Confederate soldiers . . . now buried in northern states. Washington, 1901. 47 pp. Map. Plans. = 2322.8 United States.

An act to provide for the appropriate marking of the graves of the soldiers and sailors of the Confederate Army and Navy, and for other purposes. [Washington.] 1903. 4 pp. = *4321.147 Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Park Commission.

Annual report, 1901, 02. [Washington,
1901, 02.]

Woodruff, William Edward. 1831-.
With the light guns in '61-'65. Reminis-
cences of eleven Arkansas, Missouri,
and Texas light batteries in the Civil
War. Little Rock, Ark., 1903. Por-
trait. Plan.

Worsham, William Johnson. 1840-.
The Old Nineteenth Tennessee Regiment,
C.S.A. Knoxville, 1902. Portraits. Plans.

Spanish-American War, 1898. Philippine Campaign. Territorial Expansion.

For certain other recent works on the Philippines see above under Oceanica, p. 27.

Austin, Oscar Phelps.

Steps in the expansion of our territory. New York, 1903. Maps. [Expansion of the Republic series.] 4228.241

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The Separate States.

Alabama. Department of Education. Program and selections for celebration of the anniversary of the day on which Alabama was admitted to the Union, December 14, 1903. Montgomery, 1903. 24 pp. = 4377-37 Amis, Moses Neal.

Historical Raleigh from its foundation in 1792. [Raleigh.] 1902. Portraits. Plates. 4379.181

Bowman, Harold Martin.

The administration of Iowa. A study in centralization. New York, 1903. [Columbia University. Faculty of Political Science. Studies in history, economics and public law.] *3563.110.18, no. I Citizens' Union, New York City. Touchin' on an' appertainin' to Mr. Deputy Commissioner Devery. [Anon.] [New York, 1901.] 15 pp. = 4226.164 City Vigilance League, The, New York. New York Vigilant Leaflets.

No. 1-24.

New York. [1901.] Plates. Broadsides. = *4220.79


Consists of paragraphs and caricatures on nicipal corruption in the City of New York in 1901; advocates the election of Low as Mayor. Claiborne, John Herbert. 1828-. Seventy-five years in Old Virginia. New York, 1904. Portraits. 4375.173

Claiborne lived at Petersburg, Va. Danaher, Franklin M.

Early Irish in old Albany, N. Y. With special mention of Jan Andriessen. Boston, 1903. 44 pp. Portrait. [American-Irish Historical Society.] 4317.35 Diffenderffer, Frank Reid.

The German immigration into Pennsylvania through the Port of Philadelphia, from 1700 to 1775. Part 2, "The redemptioners." Lancaster, Pa., 1900. Illus. Portraits. Map. Fac-similes. Pennsylvania-German Society.]

Fairbanks, Charles Warren.



Address before the General Assembly of Indiana, January 27, 1903, accepting reelection to the United States Senate. Indianapolis. [1903.] 12 pp. = 4226.152 Fortier, Alcée. 1856-.

A history of Louisiana. New York, 1904. 4 v. Portraits. Plates. Maps. Facsimiles. *4375.189

The frontispieces are hand-finished water-color
fac-similes of paintings. Notes at the end of
each volume contain bibliographical references.

Gayarré, Charles Étienne Arthur.
History of Louisiana. 4th edition. New
Orleans, 1903. 4 V. Portrait. 4377.126
Murray, Louise Welles.

The story of some French refugees and
their "Azilum." 1793-1800. [Athens.]
1903. Portraits. Plate. Maps. Fac-
similes. [Tioga Point Historical Soci-
Bibliography, pp. 117, 118. Relates to the

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