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Murray, Louise Welles.


founding of Asylum, Penn., by Louis de
Noailles and Antoine Omer Talon.
also biography and genealogy of the Keating,
D'Autremont, Lefevre, Laporte and

families, pp. 79-116.


Illinois. State Historical Library.
Collections. Vol. I-. Edited by H. W.
Beckwith. Springfield, 1903. Portraits.
Plates. Map. =
Iowa Journal of History and Politics. Pub-
lished quarterly by the State Historical
Vol. I. Iowa City,
Society of Iowa.

1903. Maps.

Janvier, Thomas Allibone.

The Dutch founding of New York. New

York, 1903.



Jones, Robert Ralston.

Plates. Maps.

Fort Washington at Cincinnati, Ohio.


Plan. =




Knight, George Wells.
The government of the people of the State
of Ohio. Revised edition. Philadelphia,
1903. Illus. Portraits. Map. 3567.226
Miller, John. 1666-1724.

New York considered and improved, 1695.
Published from the original MS. in the
British Museum, with introduction and
notes by Victor Hugo Paltsits. Cleve-
land, 1903. Plates. Maps. Fac-similes.

Bibliography, pp. 20-24.

Relates to geography and religious affairs in the Province of New York. New York. Province. General Assembly. A journal of the House of Representatives for His Majestie's Province of New York in America. Reproduced in facsimile from the first edition printed by William Bradford, 1695. With an introductory note by Adelaide R. Hasse. *6460.17 New York, 1903. 24 PP.

Onstot, Thompson Gains.

Pioneers of Menard and Mason counties

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South Carolina as a royal province, 17191776. New York, 1903. 4373.180 State Historical Society of Missouri. Proceedings. Annual meeting. 2d. Pal*4373-165

myra, 1903.
State Historical Society of Wisconsin.
Collections. Edited by Lyman Copeland
Draper. Vol. I. Under the editorial

direction of Reuben Gold Thwaites.
Madison, 1903. Portrait. =

Reprinted from the original edition of 1855 [*4377.1].

Steward, John Fletcher.

Lost Maramech and earliest Chicago. A history of the Foxes and of their downfall near the great village of Maramech. Chicago, 1903. Portraits. Plates. Maps. 4374.179 Summers, Lewis Preston.

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[Illinois]. Made up of personal remi- Villiers du Terrage, Marc Paul Aimé, Baron

niscences of an early life in Menard County... including personal reminiscences of Abraham Lincoln and Peter Cartwright. Illus. Forest City, 1902. Portraits. Plan. Fac-simile. *4460a.66 Pierce, Carl Horton. New Harlem past and present. The story of an amazing civic wrong, now at last to be righted. . . With a review of the principles of law involved in the recovery of the Harlem lands by W. P. Toler and Harmon De Pau Nutting. New York, Portraits. 1903. Illus. Maps. 4478.405

Randall, Emilius Oviatt, editor.

Ohio centennial anniversary celebration at Chillicothe, May 20-21, 1903. Complete proceedings. Columbus, 1903. Illus. Portraits. = 4375.104

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Maps. 4437.171

Bibliography, pp. 286-289; Statistical tables, pp. 296-310.

Concord, New Hampshire. City History Commission.

History of Concord. James O. Lyford, editor. [Concord, 1903.] 2 v. and folded map. Illus. *4451.74

Conry, Joseph Aloysius.

Fourth of July oration, in Faneuil Hall, 1902. [With Appendix, containing a list of Boston municipal orators, by C. W. Ernst.] Boston, 1902. 32 pp. Portrait. = *4456.11.1902

Copeland, Alfred Minot, editor. "Our county and its people." A history of Hampden County, Massachusetts. [Springfield?] 1902. 3 v. Illus. Portraits. Map. Fac-similes. *4351.175 Crawford, Mary Caroline.

The romance of old New England churches. Boston, 1904. Portraits. Plates. [Little pilgrimages.] 4358.174

Creasey, George William. The City of Newburyport in the Civil War. . . [Also, Supplementary record of the "Cushing Guards" in the war with Spain, 1898-99.] Boston, 1903. Portrait. *"20th".. .45C.20 Dorchester, Mass. Christ Church. Women's


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Ten fac-simile reproductions relating to various subjects. Boston, 1903. 43 PP. Portraits. Plates. *2350.48

One of an edition of 125 copies. Contents. Some engraved portraits of the Mather family. The South and North Batteries [of Boston]. An early Boston imprint, 1681 [of The pilgrim's progress]. The Boston Newsletter, 1704. Reprints of early Boston newspapers. Panorama of Boston, 1775. The midnight ride of Paul Revere. The Battle of Bunker Hill. The crossed swords. Lawrence Academy, Groton, Massachusetts. History of Bedford, New Hampshire, from 1737. Concord, 1903. Plates. **4335.93 Hoar, George Frisbie.

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Speech. . . at the banquet of the New England Society of Pennsylvania, at Philadelphia. [Dec. 22, 1902.] Washington, 1903. 12 pp. = 4352.184 Hoskins, Elkanah Barney. Historical sketches of Lyman, New Hampshire. Lisbon, N. H., 1903. Portraits. *4436.239

Contains genealogies.

Howe, Mark Antony De Wolfe, Jr.
Boston, the place and the people. New
York. [1903.] Illus. Portraits. Maps.

Lexington Historical Society.

Guide book to the Hancock-Clarke house, Lexington, Massachusetts. [Lexington.] 1903. 20 pp. Illus. Portraits. 2369a.9

Lodge, Henry Cabot.

An historical address delivered at the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of Nahant, July 14, 1903. [Nahant.] 1904. 30 pp. Map. 2354.120

Morton, Nathaniel. 1612-1685. New-Englands Memoriall. With an introduction by Arthur Lord. Boston. [The Club of Odd Volumes.] 1903. = *4352.182

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The Roxbury Military Historical Society was reorganized in 1901 as the Roxbury Historical Society.

Sanborn, Franklin Benjamin.

New Hampshire. An epitome of popular government. Boston, 1904. Map. [American commonwealths.] 4436.243 Sharon Historical Society, Sharon, Mass. Publications. No. 1. Boston, 1904. = *2354.118

Sinnett, Charles Nelson. Historic Harpswell. Harpswell, Maine, its historic Congregational Church and famous ministers, 1758-1903. Haverhill, Mass., 1903. 19 pp. 4435-227 Historic Lebanon. Lebanon, Maine, and the work of its Congregational Church in 138 years. Haverhill, Mass., 1903. 4435.226

16 pp. Wilson, Daniel Munro. Where American independence began: Quincy, its famous group of patriots; their deeds, homes, and descendants. 2d edition, enlarged. Boston, 1904. Portraits. Plates.


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Clerc, Michel, and G. Arnaud d' Agrel. Découvertes archéologiques à Marseille. Marseille, 1904. Illus. 2631.119

Some of the plates are colored. Cook, Edward Tyas, compiler.

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A popular handbook to the Greek and Roman antiquities in the British Museum. London, 1903. Illus. Folded plans. 8079.226 Daressy, G.

Textes et dessins magiques. Le Caire, 1903. 66 pp. 13 plates. [Musée du Caire.] *5050a.85 Engelmann, Richard. Pompeii. Translated by Talfourd Ely. London, 1904. Illus. [Famous art cities. No. 1.] 4074.310 The original German is on shelf-no. 4074.256. Erman, Adolf, of Berlin, and Fritz Krebs. Aus den Papyrus der Königlichen Museen. Berlin, 1899. Illus. xxiv tables. [Koenigliche Museen, Berlin. Handbücher.] 8079a.317 Garstang, John. Mahâsna and Bêt Khallâf. London, 1903. 47 pp. Illus. Maps. Plans. Fac-similes. [Egyptian Research Account. 1901.] *3050.225 Relates to Third Dynasty tombs near Abydos. Helbeg, Carl Friedrich Wolfgang. Führer durch die öffentlichen Sammlungen klassischer Altertümer in Rom. 2. Auflage. Leipzig, 1899. 2 v. 8079a.307 Hess, Jean Jacques.

Der demotische Teil der dreisprachigen Inschrift von Rosette. Übersetzt und erklärt. Freiburg (Schweiz), 1902. The text, is in lithograph script. *5051.35 Jollois, Jean Baptiste Prosper. Journal d'un ingénieur attaché à l'Expédition d'Égypte, 1798-1802, publié par P. Lefèvre-Pontalis. Notes de voyage et d'archéologie . . . avec des fragments tirés des journaux de Fourier, Jomard Paris, 1904. Portrait. [Bibliothèque égyptologique. Tome 6.] 3052.164

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Stevenson, James Henry. 1860-.


Assyrian and Babylonian contracts. With Aramaic reference notes. New York. [1902.]= *3026.144 Swain, George Robert.

A catalogue of lantern slides for the use of high schools, academies, colleges and universities... Chiefly Greek and Roman archaeology. Bay City, Michigan, 1902. 80 pp. = 5918.96

Waddell, Laurence Augustine. 1854Report on the excavations at Pātaliputra (Patna), the Palibothra of the Greeks. Calcutta, 1903. 86 pp. Plates. Map. 3041.199 Wakeman, William Frederick. Handbook of Irish antiquities. 3d edition, by John Coke. Dublin, 1903. Illus. Plans. 2473.86 The greater portion of the book has been rewritten and expanded. The first edition is entitled Archæologia Hibernica [2473.63].

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Bruck, Robert. Friedrich der Weise als Förderer der Kunst. Strassburg, 1903. Illus. Portraits. Plan. 4074-355 Burlington Magazine, The, for connoisseurs. Monthly. [Edited by C. J. Holmes and Robert Dell.] Vol. 4. London, 1904. Illus. *4070.271

Combe, William. 1741-1823. The English Dance of Death. From the designs of Thomas Rowlandson. With metrical illustrations by the author of 'Doctor Syntax.' A new edition. New York, 1903. 2 v. Colored plates.

4569.271 Connoissevr, The. A magazine for collectors. [Published monthly.] Vol. 1-6. London, 1901-03. Illus. Portraits. Facsimiles. *4060a.257

Some of the plates are colored. Cruikshank, George. 1792-1878. Water colours. With introduction by Joseph Grego. London, 1903. Colored plates. *8064.163 Contents. Introduction. Oliver Twist. [Selections.] By C. Dickens. The miser's daughter. [Selections.] By W. H. Ainsworth. History of the Irish Rebellion in 1798, and Emmet's

Insurrection in 1803. [Selections.] By W. H.


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Hevesi, Ludwig.

*8066.51.11, 12

Oesterreichische Kunst im neunzehnten Jahrhundert. Leipzig, 1903. Illus. Portraits. Fac-similes. 4072.100 Hofmann, Friedrich Hermann.

Die Kunst am Hofe der Markgrafen von Brandenburg. Fränkische Linie. Strassburg, 1901. Plates. Plans. 4074-342 Hollaender, Eugen.


Die Medizin in der klassischen Malerei. Stuttgart, 1903. Illus. Portraits. Bibliographie, pp. 275, 276. Huish, Marcus Bourne. Happy England as painted by Helen Allingham, with memoir and descriptions by Marcus B. Huish. London, 1903. Portrait. Colored plates. *4076.194 Huntington, Archer Milton, editor. Initials and miniatures of the IXth, Xth, and XIth centuries, from the Mozarabic manuscripts of Santo Domingo de Silos, in the British Museum. New York, 1904 *Cab.21.24.5 17 pp. 47 colored plates. Internationale Bibliographie der Kunstwissenschaft. [Zweimonatlich.] Herausgegeben von Arthur L. Jellinek. Jahrgang 1, Heft 1-5. Berlin. [1902-1903.] *4072.278 Kehrer, Hugo.

Die heiligen drei Könige“ in der Legende und in der deutschen bildenden Kunst bis Albrecht Dürer. Strassburg, 1904. Illus. II plates. 4074-363 Literatur, pp 122-124.

Kirchner, Josef. 1845


Die Darstellung des ersten Menschenpaares in der bildenden Kunst. gart, 1903. Illus. Lapauze, Henry, editor. Procès-verbaux de la Commune générale des arts de peinture, sculpture, architecture et gravure (18 juillet, 1793. . .) et de la Société populaire et républicaine des arts (3 nivôse an II-28 floréal an III). Paris, 1903. *4073-297 Lehner, Ferdinand J.

Česká škola malířská XI. věku. Vol. I. V Praze. [1902.] Fac-similes. [Česká akademie císaře Františka Josefa ... ] *Cab.21.37.1

Contents. 1. Korunovační evangelistár krále
Vratislava řečený Kodex Vyšehradský.
At the end is an abridged translation, by Jane
Mourek, of the Bohemian text, with the title
The Bohemian painting-school of the XI. cen-

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