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Historische Geographie Deutschlands im Mittelalter. Breslau, 1903.

Masson-Forestier, Alfred.


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Forêt Noire et Alsace: notes de vacances. Paris, 1903. Illus.

Wickert, Friedrich.

Der Rhein und sein Verkehr. Stuttgart, 1903. Map. [Forschungen zur deutschen Landes- und Volkskunde.]

No. 1 in *6284.8.15

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2d edition.


The alleged vandalism at Stratford-onWestminster, 1903. 79 PP.

Avon. Plates.

Leyden, John, M.D. 1775-1811.


Journal of a tour in the Highlands and Western Islands of Scotland in 1800. Edited, with a bibliography, by James Sinton. Edinburgh, 1903. 2477.83 Bibliography, pp. 285-318.

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Tait, Arthur.

Some of the public institutions of Leeds. [Leeds?] 1903. 12 pp. = 7911.78

Taylor, Joseph, of the Inner Temple. A journey to Edenborough in Scotland [in 1705]. Now first printed from the original manuscript. With notes by William Cowan. Edinburgh, 1903.

*2477.110 Windle, Bertram Coghill Alan. Chester: a historical and topographical account of the city. Illustrated by Edmund H. New. London, 1904. Map. Worsfold, Thomas Cato. Staple Inn and its story. . . being an account of "The fayrest inne of Chancerie." London, 1903. Portraits. Plates.


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Broechner, Jessie.

Danish life in town & country.


[1903.] Plates.



Collingwood, William Gershom, and Jón

A pilgrimage to the saga-steads of Iceland. Ulverston, 1899. Illus. Maps. *2900.54

This is a picture book to illustrate the sagas of Iceland.

Vacation days in Greece. 1903. Plates. Maps. Includes a tour in Sicily.

New York, 3075.121

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Fischer, Josef, S. J.

The discoveries of the Norsemen in
America, with special relation to their
early cartographical representation.
Translated by Basil H. Soulsby. Lon-
don, 1903. Illus. Maps. Fac-similes.

The original German is on shelf-number 2314.47.
Bibliography, pp. xi-xxiv.

Stevenson, Edward Luther, editor.

Maps illustrating early discovery and ex-
ploration in America, 1520-1530, repro-
duced by photography from the original
manuscripts. No. 1, 5, 7. New Bruns-
wick, N. J., 1903. 3 V.
*Map 49.6

Contents. - 1. Cantino. 1502-1504. 5. Munich-
Portuguese. 1516-20. 7. Silviati. 1525-27.

Each map is on several sheets, with a sheet of
explanatory text.

Vignaud, Jean Henry.

La route des Indes et les indications que Toscanelli aurait fournies à Colomb. Paris, 1903. 35 pp. = 2317.87

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Dirección de obras públicas.


Berlin, 4462.189

Perú: a sketch for capitalists, tradesmen and settlers. [Lima, 1903.] 53 pp. Plates. Maps. = 4467.152 Ministerio de fomento.

A handbook of Peru for investors and immigrants, with a description of the central route (region of the Pichis). [By Ricardo Laos.] Translated by F. A. Pezet. [Washington, 1902.] 54 PP. Plates. Maps. = 4469a.182 The Perú, country sited in the South American seaside; it is appropriated for receiving the European immigration tide. [Map. Lima, 1903.]


No. 42 in **Map 128.3 Ministerio de relaciones exteriores. Map of the Republic of Perú. With a short description of the country Compiled... by Eduardo Higginson. [Lima.] 1903. Scale, 47.3 miles to I inch. = *Map 1012.1 Peru: interoceanic communication across the Peruvian Andes, the Amazon River and its great navigable affluents. [By Ricardo Tizón y Bueno.] Lima, 1903. 37 pp. Plates. Map. = 4469a.181

Plane, Auguste. À travers l'Amérique équatoriale. L'Amazonie. Paris, 1903. Plates. Maps.


The journey was made especially to study the india rubber trade.

A travers l'Amérique équatoriale. Le Pérow. Paris, 1903. Plates. Maps. 4467.154

Princeton University Expeditions to Patagonia, 1896-1899. Reports. Edited by W. B. Scott. Vol. I. Narrative and geography. By J. B. Fletcher. Princeton, 1903. Plates. Map. *4460.128

Sievers, Wilhelm.

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Around the Caribbean and across Panama. Boston. [1903.] Plates. Maps. 4468.177 Seabury, Joseph Bartlett.

Porto Rico: the land of the rich port. New York. [1903.] Illus. Portraits. Map. [The world and its people. Book 12.] Starr, Ida May Hill. 4369.193

Gardens of the Caribbees: sketches of a cruise to the West Indies and the Spanish Main. Boston, 1904. 2 V. Plates. [Travel lovers' library.] 4369.190

Stoddard, Charles Augustus. Cruising among the Caribbees: summer days in winter months. Revised and enlarged. New York, 1903. Portrait. Plates. 4467.135

Verrill, Addison Emory.


The Bermuda Islands: an account. Haven, 1902. Illus. Portraits. Map.

Wafer, Lionel.

A new voyage and
Isthmus of America.
Parker Winship.
Plates. Maps.

4362.40 description of the Edited by George Cleveland, 1903. 4461.162

Reprinted from the original edition of 1699 [*4298.54 **2363.25].

North America.

Russell, Israel Cook.

Lakes of North America: a reading lesson for students of geography and geology. Boston, 1900. Illus. Maps.

Alaska. The Klondike.


Cane, Claude Richard John. Summer and fall in western Alaska: the record of a trip to Cook's Inlet after big game. London, 1903. Plates. 4367.207 Collier, Arthur James.

A reconnaissance of the northwestern portion of Seward Peninsula, Alaska. Washington, 1902. 70 pp. Plates. Maps. [United States. Geological Survey.] = *5860a.76

Davidson, George. 1825-. The Alaska boundary. San Francisco, 1903. Portrait. Maps. = 4311.237

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Crosskill, William H.

Scale, 2 miles *Map 29.13

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· Banff sheet.

Prince Edward Island. Garden province of Canada. Its history, interests, and resources. Charlottetown, 1899. 86 pp. Illus. Map. = 2389a.163

Dominion Publishing Company.

British America, showing also the British Empire. [Map.] Hamilton, Ontario, 1901. Scale, 105 miles to 1 inch. Folded. *Map 1021.37 The cover is labelled Scarborough Company. The Maritime Provinces. New railway, post-office, municipal division, county map of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland. Halifax, N. S., 1900. Scale, 12 miles to I inch. *Map 1021.38 The cover is labelled Scarborough Company.


Dominion Publishing Company.

New railway, post office and municipal map of Manitoba. Hamilton, 1900. Scale, 10 miles to I inch. Folded. *Map 1021.40 The cover is labelled Scarborough Company. Fountain, Paul.

The great North-West and the Great Lake region of North America. London, 19044466.204 Hanbury, David T.

Sport and travel in the northland of Canada. London, 1904. Plates. Maps. 4466.210

Explorations in the Barren Grounds. Intercolonial Railway. Intercolonial tours summer haunts. [Montreal.] 1903. 93 pp. Illus. Map. 2389a.161


Macfarlane, W. G. Cooldom. Tourists' and sportsmen's guide to the Maritime Provinces of Canada and Newfoundland. Toronto, 2389.84 1903. Illus. Maps. = The garden of the gulf: Prince Edward Island. And its handsome and delightful capital Charlottetown. Charlotte2389a.164 town. [190-.] Illus. = Manitoba. Department of Agriculture and


Map of Manitoba. Winnipeg, 1903. Scale, 10 miles to I inch. =

No. 29 in *Map 119.5 Montreal Business Men's League, publish


Montreal, Province of Quebec, Canada. [Montreal, 190-.] 72 pp. Illus. =

A description of the city.


Montreal, Province of Quebec, Canada. [Montreal, 1903.] 64 pp. Illus. 2389a.167 DepartNorth-West Territories, Canada.

ment of Agriculture.

The Canadian North-West Territories. An official handbook. Winnipeg, 1901. 72 pp. Plates. Map. = 9317.1a11 Scarborough Company, publishers. Map of Ontario. Hamilton, Ontario, 1903. Scale, 18 miles to I inch. Folded. *Map 1021.39 Stutfield, Hugh E. M., and John Norman


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