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Ogilvie, John.


The student's English dictionary. edition, edited by Charles Annandale. London, 1903. Illus. B.H.Ref.242.6 Paris-Hachette. Annuaire complet commercial, administratif et mondain. 9e année. 1905. Paris, 1905. Illus. Portraits. Plans. *9314.436ато Polk's Seattle city directory, 1902... and a complete business directory of Seattle. Seattle, 1902. *2382.39 Poor's Ready reference [railroad] bond list. (Edition of January, 1904.) New York, 1904. 94 Pp. = *9385.973a30 Rand-McNally Bankers' directory and list of attorneys "blue book," The. January, 1905, edition. Chicago. [1905.] Colored *B.H.Ref.304.8 Sanborn, Katherine Abbott, compiler. Indian summer calendar. [Hartford.] 1904. Fac-similes. = *A.7817


Contains selections from various authors on old age.

Scientific American reference book. Compiled by Albert A. Hopkins and A. Russell Bond. New York, 1905. Illus. Maps. Charts. *9310.3a10

Sharp, Robert Farquharson. 1864A dictionary of English authors, biographical and bibliographical. New edition, with an Appendix. London, 1904.

Smythe, Roland Mulville.



Webster, Noah.
Webster's International dictionary of the
English language: thoroughly revised
and much enlarged under the supervision
of Noah Porter. With a voluminous
appendix and reference history..
Added, a supplement of twenty-five
thousand words and phrases. W. T.
Harris, editor in chief. Reference his-
tory edition. Springfield, Mass., 1904.
Illus. Portrait. Colored plates. Maps.
B.H.Ref. (Catalogue Desk)
Who's Who Year-book for 1905. London,

Consists of tables of information forming a
British directory.


Earley Vernon, and Clarence Beaman Smith.

Farmer's cyclopedia of agriculture: a compendium of agricultural science and practice . . . in the United States and Canada. New York, 1904. Illus. B.H.Ref.82.13

Genealogy. Heraldry.


Includes such materials for genealogical investigations as wills, registers, vital records, publications of

Obsolete American securities and corpora- patriotic societies, etc. tions. New York, 1904. Plates.

Spinners Club, San Francisco.


Prosit. A book of toasts. Compiled by Clotho [pseud.]. San Francisco. [1904.] Plate. 6259a.52

Stanford, Edward, publisher.

Handbook for Switzerland and the adjacent regions of the Alps. 19th edition. London, 1904. Maps. B.H.Ref.274.22 This is the 19th edition of Murray's Handbook. Stormonth, James.

Etymological and pronouncing dictionary of the English language. . . The pronunciation revised by P. H. Phelp. A new edition, edited by William Bayne. Edinburgh, 1904. *2488.101 Swan, Helena, compiler.

Dictionary of contemporary quotations (English.) London, 1904. B.H.Ref.632.31 Tozier, Josephine.

The travelers' handbook: a manual for transatlantic tourists. New York, 1905. Illus. Facsimiles. 6279a.30 Twentieth century biographical dictionary of notable Americans, The, . . . Editor-inchief, Rossiter Johnson, managing editor, John Howard Brown. Boston, 1904. IO V. Illus. Portraits. Autograph facsimiles. = B.H.Ref.611.7 Universal anthology, The. A collection of the best literature, ancient, mediæval and modern, with notes. Edited by Richard Garnett, Léon Vallée, Alois Brandl. Westminster edition. London. [1899.] 33 v. Portraits. Plates. Facsimiles.


Allaben, Frank.

Concerning genealogies; being suggestions of value for all interested in family history. New York. [1904.] 71 pp. 2230a.75 Augur, Edwin Prosper. Family history and genealogy of the descendants of Robert Augur of New Haven Colony. Middletown, Conn., 1904. Illus. Portraits. Map. *4433-375 Babcock, A. Emerson.

Isaiah Babcock, Sr., and descendants.
New York, 1903. Portraits. Plates.
No. 2 in *4334-74

Babcock, Stephen.
Babcock genealogy.
Portraits. Plates.


Baker, Virginia.

New York, 1903. Colored coat of No. 1 in *4334-74

Massasoit's town, Sowams in Pokanoket. Warren, R. I., 1904. 43 pp. 4363.274 Contains genealogical notes.

Balch, Thomas Willing.

The English ancestors of the Shippen family, and Edward Shippen of Philadelphia. Philadelphia, 1904. 20 pp. Portrait. Coat of arms. *4431.157 Barnes, George Newton.

Barnes genealogies. Conneaut, O., 1903. Portraits. Plates. * 4439a.249 Barnstaple, Parish, Devonshire, England. Barnstaple Parish register of baptisms, marriages and burials, 1538, to 1812. Edited by Thos. Wainwright. Exeter, 1903. 3 parts in I v. *2501.21

Bartlett, Joseph_Gardiner.

John Hill of Dorchester, Mass., 1633, and five generations of his descendants; also ancestral lines of some families intermarried with his descendants. Boston, 1904. = *4338.216 Bates, Newton Whitmarsh. Ancestors and descendants of Asa Bates, of Cummington, Mass. West Bloomfield, N. Y., 1904. 28 pp. = 4439a.245 Bedford Estates. French Church at Thorney. Registers of baptisms of the French Protestant refugees settled at Thorney, Cambridgeshire 1654-1727. Transcribed and edited by Henry Peet. Aberdeen, 1903. Fac-similes. [Huguenot Society of London.] *5521.55.17

Beebe, Clarence.

[blocks in formation]

Blake family records. Series 1. 13001600. London, 1902. Plates. *6536.62 Bolton-by-Bolland, Parish, Yorkshire. The parish register, 1558–1724. Edited by W. J. Stavert. [Leeds.] 1904. [Yorkshire Parish Register Society.] *2504.49 Boxford, Mass. Town Clerk.

Vital records to the end of 1849. Topsfield, Mass., 1905. [Topsfield Historical Society.] = *4430a.237

Brewster, Mass. Town Clerk.

Vital records of Brewster to the end of 1849. Literally transcribed under the direction of George Ernest Bowman. Boston, 1904. [Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants.] *4430a.236 Bulloch, John Malcolm. 1867-.

The House of Gordon. Vol. 1. Aberdeen, 1903. Plate. Genealogical table. [The New Spalding Club.] *4521.129 Canterbury, England.

Abstracts of wills in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury at Somerset House, London, England. Register Soame 1620. Edited by J. Henry Lea. Boston, Mass., 1904. [New England Historic Genealogical Society.] *2506.85 Carleton, Hon. Hiram, of Montpelier, editor. Genealogical and family history of the State of Vermont. New York, 1903. 2 v. Illus. Portraits. *4341.193

[blocks in formation]

Cherry Burton, Parish, Yorkshire. The registers of the Parish Church, 1561-1740. Edited by Arthur T. Winn. [Leeds.] 1903. *2504-44

Chipman, Alberto Lee.

Chipmans of America. Poland, Maine, 1904. Portraits. Coats of arms.

*4439a.243 Churchill, Gardner Asaph, and others. The Churchill family in America. [Boston? 1904?] Portraits. Plates. Coat of arms. *4432.294 Cigrand, Bernard John. History of the Crispe family. Chicago, 1901. Portraits. Plates. Fac-similes. Coats of arms. *4433-363

Cloyne, Diocese, Cork County, Ireland. Index to the marriage licence bonds. From 1630 to 1800. Copied . . ., from the index prepared in the Public Record Office, by T. George H. Green. Cork, 1899-1900. Map. *2502.177 Cockerham, Lancashire, England. Parish Church.

Registers. Christenings, marriages, and burials. [Vol. 1.] 1595-1657. Cambridge, 1904. Plate. [Lancashire Parish Register Society.] *2504.147 Colne, Lancashire, England. Parish Church. Registers. Christenings, weddings, and burials, 1599-1653. Transcribed and edited by Thomas Backhouse Ecroyd. The indexes by A. E. Hodder. Rochdale, 1904. Plate. Facsimile. [Lancashire Parish Register Society.] *2504.141 Comstock, Cyrus Ballou.

Some descendants of Samuel Comstock of Providence, R. I., who died about 1660. New York, 1905. = *4432.316 Cone, William Whitney.

Some account of the Cone family in America. Topeka, Kansas, 1903. Portraits. *4432.322 Cummins, Albert Oren. Cummings genealogy. Isaac Cummings, of Ipswich in 1638, and some of his descendants. Montpelier, Vt., 1904. Portraits. Plates. Fac-similes. *4433-361

Dean, Arthur Denorvan.

Genealogy of the Dean family, descended from Ezra Dean, of Plainfield. Conn., and Cranston, R. I. Scranton, Pa., 1903. Portraits. Coat of arms. *4432.146 Dewing, Benjamin Franklin. Descendants of Andrew Dewing of Dedham, Mass. Boston, 1904. Portraits. *4433-357

Dexter, Orrando Perry.

Dexter genealogy, 1642-1904: the de-
scendants of Richard Dexter of Mal-
den, Massachusetts, from the notes of
John Haven Dexter and original re-
searches. Arranged by Henry L. Mills.
New York, 1904. Plate. Coat of arms.

Finch, Margaret Georgiana.
History of Burley-on-the-Hill, Rutland,
with a short account of the owners and
extracts from their correspondence and
catalogue of the contents of the house.
By Pearl Finch. London,_1901. 2 V.
Portraits. Plates. Maps. Plans. Fac-
similes. Genealogical tables. *2464.171
Vol. 2 is a Catalogue of pictures, objects, china,
manuscripts, miniatures, &c.


Hall, Gilbert Edgerton, compiler.
Records of Captain John Hall, born May
27, 1723, died Aug. 6, 1777, in the defense
of his country. With some account of
his ancestors and descendants. Fremont,
Ohio, 1904. 30 pp. =
Hardon, Henry Winthrop.

Some of the ancestors and the children of
Anna Hall Field, wife of Comfort Har-
don. [Boston?] 1904. Broadside. =
Harrisse, Henry. 1830?-

Le président de Thou et ses descendants: leur célèbre bibliothèque; leurs armoiries et les traductions françaises de J.A. Thuani Historiarum sui temporis. Paris, 1905. Illus. Portraits. Genealogical table. 2632.18

Hart, Franklin Henry.

William A. Hart and family, Durham, Connecticut. [Durham, Conn.?] 1903. 89 pp. Portraits. Plates. = *4433-353 Hart, James Morrison. Genealogical history of Samuel Hartt Nicholas Hart . . . Isaac Hart

and their descendants up to 1903. [Con-
cord, N. H., 1903.] Portraits. *4338.84

Burley-on-the-Hill has been in the possession of Hartshead, Parish, Yorkshire.
the Finch family for many generations.

Fogg, Ann Louisa.

Genealogy of the Fogg family, descend-
ants of Samuel Fogge. Lewiston, Me.,
1903. 51 pp.

Foster, Charles Wilmer, editor.
Calendars of Lincoln wills. Vol. I. 1320-
1600. London, 1902. [The index library.]

Fothergill, Gerald.

A list of emigrant ministers to America, 1690-1811. London, 1904. 68 pp.

*3433.109 Fraser, James, of Phopachy, Scotland. Chronicles of the Frasers: the Wardlaw manuscript entitled 'Polichronicon seu policratica temporum, or, the true genealogy of the Frasers.' 916-1674. Edited by William Mackay. Edinburgh, 1905. Illus. [Scottish History Society. Publications.] *4525.149


A catollogue of manuscripts. be Master James
Fraser, pp. xliv, xlv.

Goodrich, John Ellsworth, editor.
The State of Vermont. Rolls of the sol-
diers in the Revolutionary War, 1775-
1783. Rutland, 1904.

Græme, Louisa Grace.

Or and sable. A book of the Græmes and
Grahams. Edinburgh, 1903. Portraits.
Plates. Genealogical tables. Fac-simile.

Greene, John Morton.

Genealogy of the family of Timothy and
Eunice (Ellsworth) Greene. Lowell,
Mass., 1904. Plate.

Griswoll, Mattie Liston-.

Tracy genealogy. Ancestors and descendants of Thomas Tracy of Lenox, Massachusetts. Kalamazoo, 1900. Portraits. Plates. Coats of arms. 4434.254

The parish register, 1612-1812. Transcribed by Edith B. Armytage. [Leeds.] 1903. Plate. [Yorkshire Parish Register Society.] *2504.47 Historical, Natural History and Library Society, South Natick, Mass.

Proceedings at the reunion of the descendants of John Eliot, at Guilford, Conn., Sept. 15th, 1875. Second meeting at South Natick, Mass., July 3d, 1901; and the 250th anniversary of the founding of South Natick by John Eliot and his praying Indians, July 4th, 1901. [South Natick, 1901.] Plates. = 4452.92 Hoyt, David Webster.

The old families of Salisbury and Amesbury, Massachusetts, with some related families of Newbury, Haverhill, Ipswich and Hampton. Vol. 1, 2 (part 13). Providence, 1897-1902. *4434.261 Hull, Amy Eleanor E.

Rev. Joseph Hull and some of his descendants. Including pedigree of the Arnold, Cary, Cornell, Quinby, Winthrop, Underhill, Wood, and other families. Baltimore, 1904. 57 pp. 4434.252

Hull, Edgar.

A review of many subjects of and con-
cerning the Hulls. [Fort Edward, N.Y.,
1904.] 16 pp. =

Kibbe, James Allen.

[ocr errors]

The Wood family, Sackville, N. B. Sack-
ville, 1904. 46 pp. =
King, Marquis Fayette.

Lieut. Roger Plaisted of Quamphegon
(Kittery) and some of his descendants.
Portland, Me., 1904. 69 pp. Plate.

Number 19 of an edition of 29 copies.
Kingsbury, Frank Burnside.

A genealogical record comprising the early

Kingsbury, Frank Burnside. (Continued.) English ancestor to America, and the line of descent to Nathaniel Kingsbury of Keene, N. H., and the descendants of three daughters. Keene, 1904. 59 pp. Portraits. Plate. *4439a.239 Knowlton, George Henry.

Errata and addenda to Dr. Stocking's History and genealogy of the Knowltons of England and America. Boston, 1903. *4432.170 Stocking's book is on shelf-number *4432.167. Kriebel, Howard Wiegner. The Schwenkfelders in Pennsylvania, a historical sketch. Lancaster, Pa., 1904. Portraits. Plates. Fac-similes. [The Pennsylvania-German Society.]


Lamb, Fred William. Genealogical sketch of some of the descendants of Robert Savory of Newbury, 1656. 2d edition, enlarged. Manchester, 1904. 16 pp. Portrait. = *4337-199 Lancaster, Harry Fred, compiler. The Lancaster family. A history of Thomas and Phebe Lancaster, of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and their descendants. Columbia City, Indiana, 1902. Portraits. Plates. Map. Plan. Facsimiles. Coat of arms. *4432.312 Lawson, Publius Virgilius.

Family genealogy: Baird, Blair, Butler, Cook, Childs, Clark, Cole, Crane, De Kruyft, Edwards, Finney, Fleming, Graves, Grandine, Haney, Hitchcock, Kerwin, Lawson, Lowry, McAlpin, Peper, Richardson, Rittenhouse, Southwood, Stolp, Williams and Wright. [Menasha, Wis.] 1903. Portraits.

Lent, Nelson Burton.


[blocks in formation]

Marvin, G. F. and W. T. R. (Continued.) Marvin, of Hartford, Ct., 1638 and 1635. Boston, 1904. Portraits. Plates. Facsimiles. Maps. *4439-47

Matthews, John, Genealogist.
Hints for tracing an Anglo-American
pedigree in the old country, with a list
of wills from 1700 to 1725 in the Pre-
rogative Court of Canterbury, England,
of testators living or dying in America
and the West Indies. London. [190-?]
28 pp. =

Medway, Mass. Town Clerk.
Vital record to 1850. [Edited by Henry
Ernest Woods.] Boston, 1905. [New-
England Historic Genealogical Society.]


Methley, England. Parish Church. Registers, 1560-1812. Transcribed by George Denison Lumb. Leeds, 1903. [Thoresby Society.] *2505.121 Moffat, Reuben Burnham.

The Barclays of New York: who they are and who they are not,-and some other Barclays. New York, 1904. *4433-373 Mooar, George, compiler. 1830-. The Cummings memorial. A genealogical history of the descendants of Isaac Cummings, an early settler of Topsfield, Massachusetts. New York, 1903. *4432.314 Moore, James W.

Rev. John Moore of Newtown, Long
Island, and some of his descendants.
Easton, Penn., 1903. Portraits. Plates.
Maps. Fac-similes.

Nance, George Washington.
The Nance memorial. A history of the
Nance family in general, but more par-
ticularly of Clement Nance, of Pittsyl-
vania County, Virginia, and descend-
ants... Bloomington, 1904. Illus. Por-

Nelson, William, of Paterson, New Jersey. 1847-.

Contributions towards a Nelson genealogy. Part 1. Paterson, 1904. 65 pp. One of an edition of 100 copies. *4431.159 New Hampshire Genealogical Record. An illustrated quarterly magazine. Official organ of the New Hampshire Genealogical Society. [Edited by] Charles W. Tibbetts. Vol. 1. Dover, 1904-. Plates. *4430a.171

Newton, Mass. City Clerk.
Vital records of Newton, to 1850. [Ed-
itor, Henry Ernest Woods.] Boston,
1905 [New England Historic Genea-
logical Sociey.]=
Norwich Cathedral.

Marriages recorded in the Register of the
Sacrist, 1697-1754. Norwich. [1902.
Norfolk and Norwich Archæological

Oakham, Mass. Town Clerk.

Vital records to the end of 1849. Worcester, 1905. [Systematic History Fund.] *4430a.244


[blocks in formation]

Parshall, James Clark.

The history of the Parshall family. Syracuse, 1903. Portraits. Coat of arms. *4432.306

Parsons, Langdon Brown.

History of the Town of Rye, New Hampshire. Concord, N. H., 1905. Illus. Portraits. Maps.

[blocks in formation]

Salley, Alexander Samuel, Jr. *4436.275

More than half of this work is devoted to a genealogy of Rye.

Peck, Thomas Bellows.

Richard Clarke of Rowley, Massachusetts, and his descendants in the line of Timothy Clark of Rockingham, Vt., Por1638-1904. Boston, 1905. 94 pp. traits. Plates. *4336.169 Pickhill with Roxby, Yorkshire, England, Parish.

Registers. Marriages, 1567-1812. Baptisms, 1571-1812. Burials, 1576-1812. Transcribed, indexed and edited by Arthur W. Howard. Revised by Francis Collins. [Leeds.] 1904. [Yorkshire Parish Register Society.] *2504.51 Plummer, Alvin.

The Plummer system of genealogical enumeration. Lineage of Mr. Francis Plumer, Newbury, Massachusetts, 1635. San Francisco, 1904. 63 pp. = 4439a.237 Poulton-le-Fylde, England. Parish Church. Transcribed, edited Registers and indexed by William Edward Robinson. Vol. 1. 1591-1677. Wigan, 1904. [Lancashire Parish Register Society.1

Putnam, Eben.


The printed vital records of Massachusetts, under the act of 1902. [Salem, 1905.1 10 pp. =

4430a.197 Ranney Memorial and Historical Association, Cromwell, Conn.

Founders, fathers and patriots of Middletown Upper Houses, since 1851, Cromwell, Conn. Middletown, Conn, 1903. 24 pp. Illus. Portraits. Map. = 4439.281 Reade, Compton.

The Smith family. Being a popular account of most branches of the name --however spelt- from the fourteenth century downwards, with numerous pedi*6536.60 grees. London, 1902.

Reading, Miller K.

William Bowne, of Yorkshire, England, and his descendants. Flemington, N. J., *2336.40 1902. 47 pp.

Robinson, Hamline Elijah.
Colonial and Revolutionary ancestry.
Some account of the New England
descent of Hamline Elijah Robinson.

The family and descendants of Rev. James Sabine. Washington, 1904. 15 pp. Portraits. = *4434.321 Marriage notices in the South-Carolina Gazette; and Country Journal (17651775), and in the Charlestown Gazette; (1778-1780). Charleston, 1904. 44 pp. *4430a.195 Scott, Stanley Henry.

A Westmorland village. The story of the old homesteads and "statesman" families of Troutbeck by Windermere. Westminster, 1904. Plates. 2469a.21

Contains short genealogies.

Sherwood, George F. Tudor, compiler. Sherwood MSS. An index to some old deeds, wills, records and manuscripts, not indexed elsewhere; of interest to the student of family pedigrees and local history. Part I. London, 1904. 20 pp. = *2188.55

Siston, Parish, Gloucestershire, England. Parish register. 1576-1641. Transcribed by H. B. McCall. Nailsworth, 1901. 80 pp. *2507.130 Smith, Edward Leodore.

Richard Mower of Lynn and some of his descendants. East Jaffrey, 1904. 16 pp. *4432.296 Society of Colonial Wars in the District of Columbia.


Register, 1904. Washington City, 1904. Portraits. Plate.= *4412.141

Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of New York.


Bulletin. No. 1. New York, 1904. Plates. *4412.152 Constitution and by-laws, with list of officers and members, May 1, 1905. [New York.] 1905. = *4419a.168

Sprague, Frank William.

The Gorham family in Connecticut and
Vermont. Boston, 1903. 6 pp. =
Jabez Gorham, of Plymouth, Mass., and
his descendants. Boston, 1904. 7 pp. =

Stocking, Charles Henry Wright.
The Tefft ancestry: descendants of John
Tefft of Portsmouth, Rhode Island.
[Vincennes, Ind.] 1904. *4432.290

Stone, George Edward.

The Oxford descendants of Gregory Stone of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Amherst, Mass., 1904. 55 pp. = *4336.167

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