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Smith, Frank, of Dover.
The deeds of our fathers. A Memorial
Day address, Dover, Massachusetts,
May 30, 1904. [Dover.] 1904. 19 pp. =

Sprague, Henry Harrison.

A story of a New England town. Address at Athol, Old Home Week, July 26, 1903. Boston, 1904. 54 pp. Fac-simile. = Bibliography, p. 49.

Sullivan, John Andrew.


Oration delivered in Faneuil Hall before the City Council and citizens of Boston, July 4, 1904. [Boston's past and present. What will its future be?] Boston, 1904. 38 pp. Portrait. = *4456.11.1904 Sylvester, Herbert Milton. Maine Coast romance. [Series 1.] Boston, 1904. Illus. Portrait. *4435.244 Contents. 1. Ye romance of Casco Bay. Thompson, Francis McGee.

History of Greenfield, Massachusetts. Greenfield, 1904. 2 v. Plans. *4354.188 Toomey, John Joseph, and Edward Pulsifer Benedict Rankin.


History of South Boston (its past and present) and prospects for the future. With sketches of prominent men. ton, 1901. Illus. Portraits. Maps. 4452.155 Two copies, one of which is in B.H.Ref. Vinalhaven, Maine. Centennial Committee. A brief historical sketch of Vinalhaven. Prepared on the occasion of its one hundredth anniversary, [1889. Continued to 1900 by Albra Josephine Vinal. Added, a Directory.] Rockland, Me., 1900. 2 V. * 4435.170

in I.

Walker, Alice Malvina.

Historic homes of Amherst. Amherst,

Mass., 1905. Portraits. Plates. 2356.87 Walker, Joseph Burbeen.

The New Hampshire Covenant of 1774. Concord, 1903. 12 pp. Fac-similes. = 4414.266 Wilbur, Lafayette. Early history of Vermont. Jericho, 18991903. 4 v. Portrait. Plate. 4437.180 Woodbury, Charles Jeptha Hill. Co-operation among local historical societies. A paper read before the Bay State Historical League, Boston, Mass., February 25, 1905. Waltham, Mass., 1905. 14 Pp. = 4353.163

York, Maine.

1652-1902. Program of the celebration of the 250th anniversary of the town. [York? 1902.] 12 pp. =


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Die drei Tempel am Forum holitorium in Rom. Rom, 1903. 84 pp. Plates. Plans. 2731.8

Verzeichnis der antiken Schriftquellen und der modernen Litteratur, pp. 68-73. Dodsworth, Roger.

Yorkshire Church notes 1619-1631. Edited by J. W. Clay. [London.] 1904. Illus. [Yorkshire Archæological Society.]


Contains copies of inscriptions on monuments; also notices of the ancient painted glass in the windows of the churches.

El Amrah and Abydos, 1899-1901. By D. Randall-Maciver and A. C. Mace, with a chapter by F. Ll. Griffith. London, 1902. Plates. Map. Plans. [Egypt Exploration Fund. Special extra publication.] *3050-214

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Gsell, Stéphane. Les monuments antiques de l'Algérie. Paris, 1901. 2 v. Illus. Plans. *3051.215 Hall, R. N. Great Zimbabwe, Mashonaland, Rhodesia: an account of two years' examination work in 1902-4 on behalf of the Government of Rhodesia. With an introduction by A. H. Keane. London. [1905.] Portrait. Plates. Maps. Plans. 3051.205

Hartman, C. V.
Archæological researches in Costa Rica.
Stockholm, 1901. Illus. Map. Plans.
[Ethnografiska Riks-Museum, Stock-

Huelsen, Christian Carl Friedrich.
Die Ausgrabungen auf dem Forum Ro-
manum. 1898-1902. 2. . . . Abdruck.
Rom, 1903. Illus. Plans.

2733-3 Das Forvm Romanvm: seine Geschichte und seine Denkmäler. Rom, 1904. Illus. Maps. Plans. 2739a.74 Humann, Carl.

Magnesia am Maeander. Bericht über die Ergebnisse der Ausgrabungen der Jahre 1891-1893, von Carl Humann. Die Bauwerke bearbeitet von Julius Kohte, die Bildwerke bearbeitet von Carl Watzin

ger. Berlin, 1904. Illus. [Königliche
Museen, Berlin.]

Koenigliche Museen, Berlin.
Heinrich Schliemann's Sammlung tro-
janischer Altertümer beschrieben von
Hubert Schmidt. Berlin, 1902. Illus.

Labande, Honoré Lambert.

Etude historique et archéologique sur Saint-Trophime d'Arles du IVO au XIIIe siècle. Caen, 1904. 80 pp. Plates. Plans. 4107.45 Lacau, Pierre. Sarcophages antérieurs au nouvel empire. Fascicule I. Le Caire, 1903. Illus. [Musée du Caire.] *5050a.86

Lamb, Iner.

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Lampakis, Georges.

Mémoire sur les antiquités chrétiennes de la Grèce présenté au Congrès international d'histoire comparée, Paris, 1900. Athènes, 1902. 96 pp. Illus. Portrait. Plans. 2960a.79 Mélanges Perrot. Recueil de mémoires concernant l'archéologie classique, la littérature et l'histoire anciennes. Dédié à Georges Perrot. . . à l'occasion du 50e anniversaire de son entrée à l'École nor

male supérieure. Paris, 1903. Illus.
Portrait. Map.

Munro, Robert, F.R.S.E. 1835-
Archæology and false antiquities. Lon-
don. [1905.] Illus. [The antiquary's
Newberry, Percy E., and Howard Carter.
The tomb of Thoutmôsis IV. Westmin-
ster, 1904. Illus. [Musée du Caire.]
O'Connor, Charles James.

The Graecostasis of the Roman Forum and its vicinity. Madison, 1904. 49 pp. Plans. [University of Wisconsin. Bulletin.] *2391.70.3

Bibliography, pp. 200, 201.

Palestine Exploration Fund.

Annual report and accounts, with list of subscriptions, for 1903. London, 1903. *5077:46

Petrie, William Matthew Flinders. Ehnasya, 1904. With chapters by F. LI. Griffith and C. T. Currelly. London, [Egypt 1905. 49 pp. Illus. 44 plates. Exploration Fund.] *3050.218

Supplementary text and plates are published under the title: Roman Ehnasya (Herakleopolis Magna) on shelf-number *3050.219.

Methods & aims in archaeology. London, 1904. Illus. 2238.57

Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass. Department of Archaeology.

Bulletin. 1. Norwood, Mass., 1904. Plates. Maps. = *2220a.84

Platner, Samuel Ball.

The topography and monuments of ancient Rome. Boston, 1904. Illus. Maps. Plans. [Allyn and Bacon's College Latin series.] 2738.35 Quilling, Fritz.

Die Nauheimer Funde der Hallstatt- und Latène-Periode in den Museen zu Frankfurt a. M. und Darmstadt. Ausgrabungs-Bericht auf Grund der G. Dieffenbach'schen Protokolle ... Frankfurt a. M., 1903. Illus. 16 plates. 2830.70 Records of the Past. [Edited by] Henry Mason Baum [and] Frederick Bennett Wright. Vols. 1-3. Washington, 190204. Illus. Portraits. Maps. Plans.


Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland. Archaeological cruise around the Irish coast. Preliminary programme. [Dublin, 1904.] 10 pp. Plate. Map. : = *3305.60 Różycki, K. von. Das Evangeliarium Prumense, ein Geschenk des Kaisers Lothar I. an das

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Fine Arts. General Works. Illustrated Books. Illumination.

Adams, John Quincy, Lecturer. 1848-. Syllabus of a course of six lectures on art and daily life. Philadelphia, 1903. 8 pp. [University extension lectures.] *3592.200.2 Addison, Julia de Wolf.

Classic myths in art. An account of Greek myths as illustrated by great artists. Boston, 1905. Plates. [Art lovers' series.] 4079.253

American Art Association of Paris. Catalogue of autumn sketch exhibition. [Paris, 1904.] 4 PP. = 4075.261

Bell, Nancy R. E.

Lives and legends of the English bishops and kings, mediæval monks, and other later saints. By Mrs. Arthur Bell. London, 1904. Plates. [The saints in Christian art.] 4077-237

Biermann, Georg.

Verona. Leipzig, 1904. Illus. [Berühmte Kunststätten.] 4074.267 Bock, Elfried.

Florentinische und venezianische Bilderrahmen aus der Zeit der Gotik und Renaissance. München, 1902. Illus. 4074-399

Bode, Wilhelm. 1845-.

Die amerikanische Konkurrenz im Kunsthandel und ihre Gefahr für Europa. [Berlin, 1905.] 8 pp. Illus. = *4070.277 Bréhier, Louis.

Les origines du crucifix dans l'art religieux. [2e édition.] Paris, 1904. 63 pp. [Science et religion. Etudes pour le temps présent.]

Bibliography, p. 7.

Browne, Hablôt Knight.


[A complete set of the plates illustrating Dickens's Nicholas Nickleby. London? 18-?] 2 pp. 39 plates. = *8072-73

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Colasanti, Arduino. Gubbio. Bergamo, 1905. Illus. Portraits. [Collezione di monografie_illustrate. Serie 1. Italian artistica. 13.] 4073.351 Collectors' Annual, The, for 1904. A guide to connoisseurs, collectors and others of the latest prices realized at auction of pictures engravings... old china and works of art generally London, 1905. *4074.131 Corradini, Enrico. Prato e suoi dintorni. Bergamo, 1905. 70 pp. Illus. Portraits. 29 plates. [Collezione di monografie illustrate. Serie I. Italia artistica.] 4073-350 Crane, Walter, and Lewis Foreman Day. Moot points. Friendly disputes on art & industry. Caricatures by Walter Crane. London, 1903. 98 pp. Illus. = 4089.138 Delhi. Indian Art Exhibition, 1902-1903. Indian art at Delhi, 1903, being the official catalogue of the Delhi Exhibition . . . by Sir George Watt, the illustrative_part by Percy Brown. London, 1904. Illus. *4073-328

Douais, Célestin, Evêque de Beauvais. L'art à Toulouse. Matériaux pour servir à son histoire du XVe au XVIIIe siècle. Toulouse, 1904. 4074.395

Elward, Robert.

On collecting engravings, pottery, porcelain, glass and silver. London, 1904. 96 pp. [The wallet series.] 4079.280 Erskine, Mary Guadelupe Zaara Cecilia. London as an art city. New York, 1904. Illus. Portraits. [The Langham series of art monographs.] 4079a.281

Fine Arts Federation of New York. Calendar for 1901 of the regular meetings of the art organizations in New York City. [New York, 1901.] 32 pp.

Floerke, Hanns.


Studien zur niederländischen Kunst- und Kulturgeschichte.

Die Formen des

Floerke, Hanns. (Continued.)


Kunsthandels, das Atelier und die Sammler in den Niederlanden vom 15.18. Jahrhundert. München, 1905. 4079.286 Benutzte Literatur, pp. v-viii.

Foucher, Alfred.

L'art gréco-bouddhique du Gandhâra. Étude sur les origines de l'influence classique dans l'art bouddhique de l'Inde et de l'Extrême-Orient. Tome I. Paris, 1905. Illus. Plans. Map. [École française d'Extrême-Orient.] *4072.151 Bibliographie, pp. ix-xii.

Fouquet, Jean. 1415?-1485.

Fac-similes of two "Histoires" by Jean Foucquet, from vols. I. and II. of the Anciennetés des Juifs [by Josephus] ... Added a notice with two photogravures and four three-colour photographs of four detached pages from a manuscript of the fifteenth century of the "Faits des Romains," as it occurs at the end of some manuscripts of the "Histoire ancienne jusqu'à Cæsar." London, 1903. *Cab.80.97.5

2 v. in I. 9 plates. = Fricken, Alexis von.

Le réveil de l'esprit aryen dans l'art de la Renaissance. Paris, 1905. 4074.385

Gallatin, Albert E.

[blocks in formation]

Whistler's art dicta and other essays. [By] A. E. G. Facsimiles. Gardner, Percy. A grammar of Greek art. New York, 1905. Illus. [Hand books of archaeology and antiquities.] 4078.329

Gerland, Otto Georg Cornelius.
Hildesheim und Goslar. Leipzig, 1904.
Illus. Plan. [Berühmte Kunststätten.]

Verzeichnis der hauptsächlichst benutzten
Schriften, pp. 123, 124.

Gosche, Agnes.

Mailand. Leipzig, 1904. Illus. Portraits. Great Britain. Commissioners of Patents. [Berühmte Kunststätten. 27.] 4074.326 Subject list of works on the fine and

graphic arts, (including photography), and art industries, in the library of the Patent Office. London, 1904. *Patent Room 29.23a Guerre, La. Racontée par l'image d'après les sculpteurs, les graveurs et les peintres. [Paris.] 1903. Illus. Portraits. = *4072.114

Haack, Friedrich. 1868.

Die Kunst des XIX Jahrhunderts. Stuttgart, 1905. Illus. Portraits. Some of the plates are colored.

Hantich, Henri.

L'art tchèque au XIXe siècle.
Charles Normand. Paris.
pp. Illus. Portraits.
Ouvrages à consulter, p. 50.

Hirsch, Anton.

[blocks in formation]

Die Frau in der bildenden Kunst. Stuttgart, 1905. Illus. Portraits. 4074.387 Holme, Charles, editor.

Representative art of our time, with orig

inal etchings and lithographs and repro

Holme, Charles, editor. (Continued.)

ductions of oil and water-colour paintings... etc. London, 1903. 8 v. Plates. ["The Studio" library.] *Cab.80.234.3 Lange, Julius Henrik.

Die menschliche Gestalt in der Geschichte der Kunst. Herausgegeben von P. Köbke. Aus dem dänischen übertragen von Mathilde Mann. Strassburg, 1903. 98 plates. 4073.303

Luebke, Wilhelm. 1826-1893.

Outlines of the history of art. Edited, minutely revised and largely rewritten by Russell Sturgis. New York, 1904. 2 V. Illus. Portraits. Plans. *8073.212 McLean Hospital, Waverly, Mass.



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Franz von Assisi und die Anfänge der Kunst der Renaissance in Italien. 2. Auflage. Berlin, 1904. 39 plates. Plans. 4083.54

Uhde-Bernays, Hermann. 1873-. Nuremberg. New York, 1904. 90 pp. Illus. Portrait. [Langham series of art monographs.] 4079a.282 Volkmann, Ludwig.

Padua. Leipzig, 1904. Illus. [Berühmte Kunststätten. 26.] 4074-325

Walters, Henry Beauchamp.

Greek art. London, 1904. Plates. [Little books on art.] 4079a.294

Washington University, St. Louis. Art De

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