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Forbes, A. Holland. (Continued.)

with the assistance of Count V. de Visone. New York, 1902. 196 plates in 3 portfolios. *L.70.21 Geddes, Patrick.

City development. A study of parks, gardens, and culture-institutes. A report to the Carnegie Dunfermline Trust. Edinburgh, 1904. Illus. Plans. *L.51.25 Jekyll, Gertrude.

Some English gardens. After drawings by George S. Elgood. London, 1904. Colored plates. *L.61.27 Manning, Jacob Woodward, the Younger. Berry-bearing plants. Reading, Mass.,


1905. 40 pp. Illus. = Treats of ornamental plants for landscape gardening. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Department of Architecture. The course in landscape architecture. [Boston, 1903.] 30 pp. Illus. Plan. = 3990a.41 *L.32.28 Municipal Art Society of Hartford, Conn. Bulletin, No. 1, 2. Hartford, 1904. = *3562.214

Newlands, Francis Griffith.

The building line on the Mall. District Reof Columbia Park Commission. marks. Washington, 1904. 15 pp. = 3990a.136

Peet, Louis Herman.

Trees and shrubs of Central Park. New York. [1903.] Plates. Maps. 3990a.122 Phillipps, Evelyn March.

The gardens of Italy. By Charles Latham. With descriptions by E. March Phillipps. [London.] 1905. 2 V. Plates. *L.60.33


Portland, Oregon. Park Board. Report, 1903. With the report of Messrs. Olmsted Bros., ..outlining a system of parkways, boulevards and parks. [Portland, 1903.] 75 pp. Folded plate. *3990a.178 Programme of the meetings of the American Park and Outdoor Art Association and of the American League for Civic Improvement, to be held in . . . St. Louis, Mo. . . . June 9-11, 1904. [Rochester, N. Y.] 1904. 4 PP. = 3990a.16 Accompanied by a circular setting forth a plan for merging the two societies. Rogers, Volney.

A partial description of Mill Creek Park, Youngstown, Ohio, with some papers, reports, and laws connected with park work. [Youngstown, 1904.] Illus. = 3990a.159 St. Paul Playground Committee, St. Paul, Minn.

Annual report, 1st. [1904. St. Paul, Minn. 1905?] Illus. Plan. *5576.226 Somerville, Mass. Prospect Hill Park. Dedication, October 29, 1903. [Somerville, 1903.] 4 pp. Illus. = 3990a.106

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Allix, G.

Sur les éléments dont s'est formée la personnalité artistique de Berlioz. Grenoble, 1903. 72 pp. 4045.106 Althaus, Basil.

Advice to pupils & teachers of the violin. London, 1903. Illus. Portrait. 4048.220 Altmann, Wilhelm. 1862-. Richard Wagners Briefe nach Zeitfolge und Inhalt. Ein Beitrag zur Lebensgeschichte des Meisters. Leipzig, 1905. 4044.193 Annesley, Charles. The standard operaglass. Detailed plots of the celebrated operas, with critical and biographical remarks, dates, etc. New York, 1904. Portraits. 4048.228 Antcliffe, Herbert.

Brahms. London, 1905. 64 pp. Portraits. Plates. Facsimile. [Bell's Miniature series of musicians.] 4049a.238 Bibliography, pp. viii, 54-56.

Armstrong, Robert Bruce.



Musical instruments. Part I. The Irish and the Highland harps. 1904. Illus. Portraits. Contains music.

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Erinnerungen an Anton Rubinstein. Leipzig, 1904.

Duncan, Edmondstoune.


London, 1905. Portraits.

Plates. Facsimiles. [The master musicians.] 4048.164

List of works, pp. 239-253Elson, Arthur. 1873-.

Modern composers of Europe. Boston, 1905. Portraits. [The music lovers' series.] 4048.230

Elson, Louis Charles.
The history of American music. New
York, 1904. Illus. Portraits. Facsim-
iles. [History of American art.] 4043.128
Bibliography, pp. 367, 368.

Elson, Louis Charles, editor.
Folk songs of many nations. [With mu-
sic.] Cincinnati. [1905.] 8055.213
Farwell, Arthur.
American Indian melodies harmonised.
Newton Center. [1901.] 30 pp. [Wa-
Wan series of American compositions.]

The domain of Hurakan. For pianoforte.
Newton Center, 1902. 18 pp. [Wa-Wan
series of American compositions.]

8050a.256 Toward

Two pianoforte compositions. the dream by Arthur Farwell and Ghost dance of the Zuñis by Carlos Troyer. Newton Center, 1904. 19 pp. [The WaWan series of American compositions.] 8050a.261 Findon, B. W.

Sir Arthur Sullivan. His life and music. London, 1904. Portrait. Fac-simile. List of works, pp. 203-214. 4047.128 Fischer, George Alexander. Beethoven. A character study, together with Wagner's indebtedness to Beethoven. New York, 1905. Portrait.

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Emma Calvé; her artistic life. . . New York, 1902. (41) pp. Illus. 4041.116 Gastoué, Amédée.

Histoire du chant liturgique à Paris. Tome 1. Paris, 1904. 4044.179

Geisberg, Max.

Der Meister der Berliner Passion und Israhel van Meckenem. Studien zur Geschichte der westfälischen Kupferstecher im fünfzehnten Jahrhundert. [Theil 1.] Strassburg, 1903. Illus. *4074-352

Gilbert, Henry F.

The Island of the fay. For pianoforte.
Newton Center, 1904.
16 pp. [Wa-

Graun, Carl Heinrich.
Montezuma. Oper. [Text von Friedrich
den Grossen. Übersetzt von J. P. Ta-
gliazucchi]. Herausgegeben von Albert
Mayer-Reinach. Leipzig, 1904.
*8040.85, ser.1, 15

Graves, Charles Larcom.

The diversions of a music-lover. London, 1904.

Greene, Marian E.

The book of opera stories.
[1904.] 30 pp. =




Guerber, Hélène Marie Adeline.
Stories of popular operas. New York,
1904. Portraits. Plates.
Gunn, Archibald.

Impressions of Francis Wilson's new
comic opera; "Half a King." [15
sketches of scenes from the opera.]
New York. [190-?] 15 plates. =

Wan series of American compositions.] Hadow, William Henry. 8050a.244

Three pianoforte compositions: Mazurka and Scherzo by Henry F. Gilbert and Star rays by Harvey Worthington

Loomis. Newton Center, 1902. 13 PP. [Wa-Wan series of American compositions.] 8050a.258 Three songs: The lament of Deirdré, by Henry F. Gilbert; I look into my glass, by Alfred E. Little; Love's secret, by Arthur Farwell. [Accomp. for piano.] Newton Center, 1903. 15 pp. [Wa-Wan series of American compositions.] 8050a.241 Three songs. Zephyrus by Henry F. Gilbert. J'ai cherché trente ans mes sœurs by Alice Getty. Lament by Katherine Ruth Heyman. [Pianoforte accomp.] Newton Center, 1903. 14 pp. [Wa-Wan series of American compositions.]


Gilman, Lawrence.
Phases of modern music . . . New York,

1904. 4049.310 Recitation with piano accompaniment. A dream of death by Lawrence Gilman. For pianoforte. Two Verlaine moods by Henry F. Gilbert. Newton Center, 1903. 12 pp. [Wa-Wan series of American compositions.] 8050a.251

Three songs. The curlew, recitation with piano accompaniment by Lawrence Gilman. A ruined garden and Requiescat Newton Center, by Arthur Farwell.

1904. 14 pp. [Wa-Wan series of American compositons.] 8050a.243 Goetschius, Percy. 1853-. Lessons in music form: a manual of analyIsis of all the structural factors and designs employed in musical composition. Boston, 1904.

Goldschmidt, Hugo.


Studien zur Geschichte der italienischen Oper in 17. Jahrhundert. Leipzig, 1901, 04. 2 v. Fac-simile. 4044.137

Litteratur, vol. 1, pp. 405-407. Contains music.

The Viennese period. [From Bach to Schubert. Oxford, 1904. [The Oxford history of music. Vol. 5.] *4043.108.5 Hanchett, Henry Granger.

The art of the musician. A guide to the intelligent appreciation of music. New York, 1905. 4049.306 Hartmann, Ludwig. Die Basoche.

Komische Oper von Alb.
Carré. Einführung in Handlung und
Musik von Ludwig Hartmann. Leipzig.
[1902.] 28 pp. No. 5 in *4048.184.9

Henderson, William James.
Modern musical drift. New York, 1904.

Hess, Ludwig.

Der Kirschenstrauss.

Für hohe Stimme

[mit Klavierbegleitung]. Op. 17, no. 5. Leipzig, 1904. 6 pp. 8050a.335 Musikbeilage No. 15 der Neuen Zeitschrift für Musik.

Hill, Edward Burlingame.

For pianoforte. At the grave of a hero by Edward Burlingame Hill. For oboe and piano. Landscape by Rudolph Gott and To Morfydd by Arthur Farwell. Newton Center, 1903. II pp. [Wa-wan series of American compositions.]


Hinds, Noble & Eldredge, publishers.
Fifty new college songs. New York.
[1904.] 70 pp.


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Law, Frederic Stanley.

Operatic tales. Philadelphia. [1903.]

Liszt, Franz.


Life of Chopin. Translated in full for the first time by John Broadhouse. London. [1900.] Portrait. 4048.113

Little, Arthur Reginald.

Three pianoforte compositions. I. Ulalume by Arthur R. Little. II. Negro episode by Henry F. Gilbert. III. Ichibuzzhi by Arthur Farwell. Newton Center, 1902. 17 pp. [Wa-Wan series of American compositions.] 8050a.246 Three songs. Helen [S. with accomp. for pianoforte], and Drink to me only with thine eyes [A. with accomp. for pianoforte] by Arthur Reginald Little and Salammbo's invocation to Tänith by Henry F. Gilbert [S. with pianoforte accomp.]. Newton Center, 1902. 16 pp. [Wa-Wan series of American compositions.] 8050a.249 Lombard, Louis. 1861-. Osservazioni di un musicista Nord-americano. Traduzione dall' Inglese di G. B. Polleri. Milano, 1904. = 4048.224 Loomis, Harvey Worthington. Intermezzo from The tragedy of death by H. W. Loomis, and Dawn, a development of Indian melodies by Arthur Farwell. [Both for pianoforte.] Newton Center, 1902. 19 pp. [Wa-Wan series of American compositions.] 8050a.263 Lyrics of the red-man. [For pianoforte.] Newton Center, 1903, 04. 2 v. in I. [Wa-Wan series of American compositions.] 8050a.259 Two songs. Hark! hark! the lark, and O'er the sea, with In the moon shower, a recitation with obligato for voice, violin and piano. Newton Center, 1902. 18 pp. [Wa-Wan series of American compositions.] 8050a.257 Louis, Rudolf. 1870-.

Hector Berlioz. Leipzig, 1904. 4047.226 Lyon & Healy.

The Hawley collection of violins, with a history of their makers. Chicago, 1904. Illus. Portrait. *4040.126

Many of the plates are colored. McLaughlin, James Matthew, and William Wallace Gilchrist, editors.

The educational music course: teachers' edition for elementary grades. Boston, 1904. 8056.124

Maignien, Fernand.

Recueil de traits homophoniques glissés ou "glissando" pour la harpe. Classés harmoniquement par tonalités et modalités suivi d'un résumé d'exercices et du trait final de "La Walkyrie." Paris, 1904. Lithograph script. 8050.258

Maitland, John Alexander Fuller.
Joseph Joachim. London, 1905. Portraits.
Facsimiles. [Living masters of music.]

Marx, Adolph Bernhard.

Die Lehre von des musikalischen Komposition, praktisch theoretisch. Neu bearbeitet von Hugo Riemann. Teil 1. IO. Auflage. Leipzig, 1903. 4053-57

An English translation of the 3d edition [4043.68] is on shelf-number 4047.66. Mason, Daniel Gregory.

Beethoven and his forerunners. New York, 1904. Portraits. 4046.155 Mason, Henry Lowell.

The modern artistic pianoforte. Its construction. [Boston? 1904?] 9 pp. Illus.

Matthews, John, Musician. 1856-. The violin music of Beethoven. 1902. Portrait.

Mayson, Walter H.

Violin making. London, 1902.

Mendenhall, Louella B.

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Harmonic fifth reader. (With bass.) New
York. [1904.] =




Harmonic fifth reader. (Without bass.)
New York. [1904.] =



Harmonic primer. New York. [1903.]
Illus. =



Souvenir of the Louisiana Purchase.
American students' census, Paris, 1903.
Achievements of prominent Americans
abroad. Biographies of the greatest
professors of singing in Paris.
Laura McProud [pseud.], authoress,
compiler, publisher. [Paris? 1903.]
Portraits. Plates.

Morillot, Paul.


Berlioz écrivain. Grenoble, 1903. 50 pp. 4043.124

Morris, William Meredith.

British violin-makers, classical and modern. London, 1904. Portraits. Plates. Fac-similes. 4044.177

Nejedlý, Zdeněk.

[blocks in formation]

Sebastiani, Johann. 1622-1683.

Johann Sebastiani und Johann Theile. Passions-Musiken. Herausgegeben von Friedrich Zelle. Leipzig, 1904. Facsimiles. [Denkmäler deutscher Tonkunst.] *8040.85.Series 1.17 Segnitz, Eugen. Oberon. Romantische Oper. Nach dem Englischen des J. Planché von Theodor Hell. Historisch-ästhetische Einführung von E. Segnitz. Leipzig. [1902.] 59 pp. No. 10 in *4048.184.8

Smith, Hermann.

The world's earliest music.
[1904?] Illus.


London. 4049.283

The musical compositions of Somanatha, critically edited, with a table of notations, by Richard Simon. Leipzig, 1904. 38 pp. 4046.194

"Form the verses 37-166 in the 5th chapter of
his Rägavibodha."

Sonneck, Oscar George Theodore.
Francis Hopkinson, the first American
poet-composer (1737-1791) and James
Lyon, patriot, preacher, psalmodist
(1735-1794). Two studies in early
American music. Washington, 1905.
Portrait. Facsimiles.

Spalding, Walter Raymond.
Tonal counterpoint. Studies in part-
writing. Boston, 1904.

Plainsong and Medieval Music Society,


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