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an introduction by Alfred W. Pollard. London, 1903. Illus. Fac-similes.

8063.186 Bibliography, pp. 121-173. "The four articles and bibliographies contained in this volume originally appeared in 'The Library'" [*2147-75. n.s.3].

Soule Art Company, publishers.

Complete art reference catalogue. Boston, 1902. Illus. *4073.229

South Kensington Museum. Historical introduction to the collection of illuminated letters and borders in the National Art Library, Victoria and Albert Museum, by John W. Bradley. London, 1901. 19 plates. = 8069a.78 Sybel, Ludwig von Weltgeschichte der Kunst im Altertum. 2. Auflage. Marburg, 1903. Illus. Portraits. Plans. 8061.89

Thompson, Henry Yates. 1838-. A lecture on some English illuminated manuscripts. London, 1902. 31 pp. 50 plates. = *8063.163

Printed for private circulation.

Waldstein, Charles.

Art in the nineteenth century. New York, 1903. 4078.290 Weber, Ludwig.

Bologna. Leipzig, 1902. Illus. Portraits. [Berühmte Kunststätten.] 4074.261 Weis-Liebersdorf, Johannes, Evangelist. Christus- und Apostelbilder. Einfluss der Apokryphen auf die ältesten Kunsttypen. Freiburg im B., 1902. Illus. 4073.252

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Architectural Society of the Massachusetts
Institute of Technology.
The architectural annual


Boston, 1901. Illus. Plans. *4091.270 Baker, Harold.

The Collegiate Church of Stratford-onAvon & other buildings of interest. London, 1902. Illus. Portrait. [Bell's Cathedral series.] 4109.65 Baxter, Sylvester. Spanish-Colonial_architecture in Mexico by Sylvester Baxter. With photographic plates by Henry Greenwood Peabody and plans by Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue. [Gómez de Mora edition.] Boston, 1901. *Cab.60.159.1

One of an edition of 150 copies.

Beaudoire, Théophile.
Genèse de la cryptographie apostolique
et de l'architecture rituelle du premier
au seizième siècle. Fasc. 1. Paris, 1902.
Illus. Map.
Benham, William.

Old St. Paul's Cathedral. London, 1902.
Plates. [The Portfolio.]

84 PP.


Some of the plates are colored. Beylié, Léon Marie Eugène de. L'habitation byzantine. Avec supplément. Grenoble, 1902, 03. Illus. Plans. *8091.125

Bloom, James Harvey. Shakespeare's Church, otherwise the Collegiate Church of the Holy Trinity of Stratford-upon-Avon. An architectural and ecclesiastical history. London, 1902. Plates. Fac-similes. 4108.84 Boston Athenaeum. Circular of information supplementary to the programme of competition for a new library building. [Boston, 1902?] 2 pp. = 4098.50

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Giacosa, Giuseppe.

I castelli valdostani. Milano, 1903. Illus. 4768.76

Godman, Ernest. The Old Palace of Bromley-by-Bow. [London, 1901?] 22 PP. 37 plates. [Committee for the Survey of the Memorials of Greater London.] 4090.134 Hartig, Erdmann, editor.

Die Ruhmeshalle in Barmen. Berlin, 1902. 8 pp. 25 plates. *Cab.60.150.5 Hastings, Gilbert.

Siena, its architecture and art. London, 1902. 65 pp. Plates. 4074.272 Bibliography, pp. 57, 58. Hiatt, Charles.


Notre Dame de Paris. A short history & description of the cathedral, with some account of the churches which preceded it. London, 1902. Illus. Plans. [Bell's Handbooks continental churches.] 4108.53 Home building and furnishing; being a combined new edition of "Model houses for little money," by William L. Price, and "Inside of 100 homes," by W. M. Johnson. New York. [1903.] 2 parts in I v. Illus. Plans.


Hunt, Violet Brooke-.

The story of Westminster Abbey. New York, 1902. Plates. 2498.38 Hunziker, Jakob. Das Schweizerhaus nach seinen landschaftlichen Formen und seiner geschichtlichen Entwicklung. Aarau, Illus. 1900-1902. 4092.88 Hurry, Jamieson Boyd. Reading Abbey. London, 1902. Illus. Plans. Fac-similes. *4104.41


Keim, Adolf Wilhelm. The prevention of dampness in buildings, with remarks on saline efflorescences and dry-rot. Translated from the ... London, 2d edition by M. J. Salter. 8017.259 1902. Illus. Colored plans. Labrouste, Léon. Esthétique monumentale. Paris, 1902. [Philosophie des beaux-arts.] 4093.141 Lechat, Henri.

Le temple grec; histoire sommaire de ses origines et de son développement jusqu' nu Ve siècle avant Jésus-Christ. Paris, 1902. Illus. 4099.142 London. County Council. The survey of London: being the first volume of the Register of the Committee for the Survey of the Memorials of Greater London, containing the Parish of Bromley-by-Bow. Edited by C. R. Ashbee. London. [1900.] 89 pp. Plates. Map. Plans. *4090.132 Massé, Henry Jean Louis Joseph. A short history & description of the Church & Abbey of Mont S. Michel, with some account of the town and fortress. London, 1902. Illus. Plans. [Bell's Handbooks to continental churches.] 4108.56

Millet, Gabriel.

Le Monastère de Daphni: histoire, archi

tecture, mosäiques. Paris, 1899. Illus. Plan. [Monuments de l'art byzantin.] $4090.140

Bibliographie, pp. xiii-xv. Morris, William. 1834-1896. Architecture, industry & wealth. lected papers. London, 1902. 4095.150 Muthesius, Hermann.


Die neuere kirchliche Baukunst in England. Berlin, 1901. Illus. 4101.86 Neumann, Wilhelm Anton.

Der Dom von Parenzo. Mit 53 photographischen Tafeln von Josef Wlha. Wien, 1902. Text, 30 pp. 52 photographs. 2 plans. *Cab.60.151.2 Passow, Wolfgang. Studien zum Parthenon. Berlin, 1902. 67 pp. Illus. [Philologische Untersuchungen.] *2954.68.Heft 17

Peabody, Robert Swain. Address. . delivered at the 35th Annual Convention of the American Institute of Architects, October 3, 1901. Washington, 1902. 10 pp. = 80goa.74 Perkins, Clara Crawford. French cathedrals and châteaux. Boston, Plates. 1903. 2 V. *4097.144 Prestel, Jakob.

Die Baugeschichte des jüdischen Heiligsthums und der Tempel Salomons. Strassburg, 1902. 64 pp. Plans. 8093.43 Bibliography, pp. 55, 56.

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Schubring, Paul.

Unter dem Campanile von San Marco. Halle a. S., 1902. 43 pp. Illus. 4097.34 Seidl, Gabriel von, editor.

Der Neubau des bayerischen Nationalmuseums in München. München, 1902. 99 pp. Illus. 82 plates. *Cab.60.151.1 Stephani, K. G.

Der älteste deutsche Wohnbau und seine Einrichtung. Band I. Leipzig, 1902. 4094.28

Illus. Plans. Stock, Cecil Haden.

A treatise on shoring and underpinning and generally dealing with ruinous and dangerous structures. 3d edition, revised by F. R. Farrow. London, 1902. 84 pp. Plates. Plans. 4017.103 Tanner, Henry, Jr.

English interior woodwork of the XVI, XVII, & XVIIIth centuries . . Examples of chimney-pieces, panelling, staircases, doors, screens, &c. London, 1903. 18 pp. 50 plates. *Cab.60.151.3

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A biennial review illvstrating the work in
design and drawing. [Philadelphia.]
1902. 68 pp. 18 plates. = *4090a.103

Van Pelt, John Vredenburgh.

A discussion of composition, especially as

applied to architecture. New York,

1902. Illus. Diagrams.


Watson, Thomas Lennox.
The double choir of Glasgow Cathedral:
a study of rib vaulting. Glasgow, 1901.
Illus. Plans.

Whitman, Edmund Allen.

Change of limitation in height of build-
ings in Copley Spuare. Address. Bos-
ton. [1903.] 16 pp. =

Wren, Christopher, compiler. 1675-1747.

Life and works of Sir Christopher Wren.

From the Parentalia or memoirs by his

son Christopher. [Edited from the

original edition by Ernest J. Enthoven

and carried out under the supervision of

C. R. Ashbee. Campden, 1903.] Illus.



The twenty drawings of Wren's churches are
by E. H. New and the other designs are re-
produced from the 1750 edition.

Artistic Anatomy.

Richer, Paul. 1849-.

Introduction à l'étude de la figure hu-
maine. Paris. [1902.]


Allegri, Antonio. 1494?-1534.

Correggio. [Sketches of his life and

works, by various writers.] Boston,


Boetticher, Friedrich von.
Malerwerke des neunzehnten Jahrhun-
derts. Dresden, 1895-1901. 2 v. *4084.74
Bowdoin, William Goodrich.

James McNeill Whistler: the man and his
work. London, 1902. 74 pp. Portrait.

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E. Meissonier, sa vie son œuvre. Paris, 1901. 19 pp. Illus. 20 plates.


Fournier-Sarlovèze, Raymond de. Artistes oubliés. Paris, 1902. Illus. Portraits. 4080.114 Le général Lejeune. Paris. [1902?] 29 pp. Illus. Portraits. [Les artistes de tous les temps.] 4081.113

Franchi, Anna.

Arte e artisti toscani dal 1850 ad oggi. Firenze, 1902. Illus. 4088.144 Gainsborough, Thomas. 1727-1788. Gainsborough. [Sketches of his life and works, by various writers.] Boston, 1901. Portraits. Plate. [Masters in art. A series of illustrated monographs.] 8080a.87 No. 23 in *8080a.64.2 Geffroy, Gustave. Daumier. Paris. [1902.] 30 pp. Illus. [Les artistes de tous les temps.]


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