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54th Regt. N. I.-Lieut. Interpreter and Quarter Master G. fusion Arthur Walton Onslow, with the 24th Regt. N. 1. at I). Dawes, from 20th January 1836 to 20th April 1836, to visit Midnapore.

the Presidency, preparatory to applying for ful sough to Europe.

the Commander-in-Chief is pleased to sanction an exchange of divisions between Captains W. Hough and F. Angelo, of the Judge Advocate General's Department. I he officers coin mand. ing the sit hind and Benates divisions will be pleased to issue such orders as to the tuine of departure of the above mained officers from the head quarters of their respective divisions, as they may deein unost conducive to the interests of the public service. ii is Fv cellency the Commander in-Chief is pleased to make the following rein oval: finsign Henry Cadogan Hastings, from the 41st to the 55th Regu. N. I., as junior of his rank. The undermentioned unposted Frisigns, lately admitted into the service, are appointed to do duty with Regiments stated opposite their respective names, and directed to join : Ensigns Archibald Campbell, Robert Moss Franklin and Henry Strachey, with the 57th Regt N. I. at Benares.

The Saugor Artillery division order of the 8th ultimo, by | Captain C. H. Bell, appointing corporal Robert Logg, of the 2d company 3d battalion, to act as Bullock Sergeant, in the loom of Wilson, who joined his company on its in arch to DumDuin, is cousin ined.

Head Quarters, Calcutta, 31st December.

The leave of absence granted to Lieutenant General Bennet Marley, commandant of the fortress of Allahabad, in General orders of the 11th October last, is cancelled at his owu request. Assistant Surgeon C. B. Handy side, M. D. of the 49th N. l. lately returned from furlough, is directed to proceed to Mercut, and do duty under the Super intending Surgeon of that circle.

The underinentioned officers has leave of absence:

14th Regt. N. 1 – Major W. J. Gairdner, from 1st Nov. to 1st Feb. 1836, to visit the Presidency, and apply for ful lough,

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Dec. 4 Schooner Syed Khan, J. Mckinnou, from China 7th and Singapore 17th November. 5 Brig Sumcoonheen, Che Lean, from Mergue 4th Novemn her. — Ship Bombay Packet, J. Garnock, from Bombay 25th October. – Barque Hero, R. J. Morris, from Moulinein 23d November. 9 Barque Lady Grant, W. Joffrey, from China 7th and Singapore 19th November. — Ship Duke of Bedford, w. A. Bowen, from London 4th and Portsmouth 11th August. 10 Barque Red Rover, W. Clifton, from China 13th and Singapore 20th November. 12 American ship Hope, w. Fleming, from Philadel. phia 22d July, and Madeira 28th August. 13 Ship Euphrates, A. Hanuay, from Liverpool 10th August. 15 Ship Lord Hungerford, Fergusson, from Ports. mouth 30th July. - Barque Dalla Merchant, H., M. Potter, from Rangoon 26th November. 17 ship Broa-bornebury, A. rhapman, from London. (no date), Ports in outh 9th August, and Cape of Good Hope 16th October. - Barque Diana, J. Hawkins, from Liverpool 22d July. - Ship Adelaide, A. Steel, from Hobart town 11th October. — American ship Joashington, 11. J. C. Taylor, from Philadelphia 3d August. — American ship Florence, L. Russel, from Boston 19th July. — Ship A learander, W. Ramsay, from Sydney II th October. 18 French barque Salamandrr, J. Debia, from Bordeaux 1st July and Pontlicherry 231 November. – Barque JWater JPitch. A. Henderson, from China 23d November and Singapore 3d December. 19 Brig Collingwood, J. Hockey, from rhina 7th and Singapore 21st November, and Penang 4th Decetimber. 20 Schooner Thistle, T. Spence, from Rangoon 8th December. 21 Big Kim Shin Him, John Britto, from Mergue 5th Nowe in her. 22 Ship Isabella, David Brown, from Liverpool 17th July. — Brig Rebecca. R. A. J. Roe, from China 30th October and Singapore 16th November. 23 Brig London, W. McClean, fron Liverpool 9th


Ship John Woodall, Thos. Arnold, from Rio de Janeiro 29th August.


Dec. 25 ship Duke of Northumberland, we L. Pope, fruin Portsmouth 12th August and Cape of Good Hope 21st October. 26 French barque Indien, Truquetil, from Havre de Grace 9th August. 27 Barque Resolution, John Seager, so on Padang oth November. 29 H. M. sloop Pictor, Capt. Crozier, from Petian: 10th deceuiber. 30 Barque wwallow, W. Adam. from China 20th No. Singapore ad and Penang 12th Dec. 31 Brig Anna, J. King, froun Madras 3.1 aud. Enhatt 7th Nov., and Kyouk Phyoo 17th Dec. DEPARTURES. Dec 1 ship Barretto Junior, R. Sanders, for London8 Brig Witt Is"itch, J. D. Bristow, for Madras and Pontlicherry. 6 ship Marion, J. Richard, for Singapore and China. 8 Barque Virginie, J. Willie, for Mouline in a...d Rangoon. 9 barque wir Herbert Taylor, D. Wemyss, for the Mauritius. – American ship Solon, B. L. Allen, for New York. 13 ship Mountstuart Elphinstone, W. Toller, so London 11 Ship Fairlie, H. Ager, for London. – Brig. He len, R. Macallister, for Penang and sin gapore. 15 Ship Bolton, W. Compton, for London. – Arab ship Fathel Curreen, Nacoda, for Malabar Coast. Judda and Mocha. — Ship Hydroos, Abboo Bauker, for Judda. 20 ship Georgiana, T. Thoms, for London. — A merican ship Fortitude, W. Laimbert, for Besten22 Barque irrarat, w. M. Wyatt, for Peuang— ship Francis Warden, Nacoda, for Judda. — Brig Hamido, E. Daviot, for Negapatam. 24 Barque Thetis, C. C. Clark, for China. — Barque Trial, Hajee Abdulrohomun, for Judala. 27 Bark Lonach, G. Jellicho, for Bombay. — Ship Eliza, J. Cain pbell, for London. 80 Bark Derrea Dowlut, Nacoda Shaik Adam, ser Bombay. Ship Petite Nancy, C. de Trelo, for Bordeaux. ARRIVALS OF PASSENGERs. Per Bombay Packet.— Mrs. Woollaston; Mr. Henry woel laston: Mlasters Henry Woollaston, and Edwin Woollasion. Per Bark Hero. — Mr. J. Darwood, Merchant; uessus. Gib son, Maycock, Giddons, Cockburn, and McCanu, belunging to the Hospital Department. Per Lady Grant.-Mr. F. Norris, Mariner.

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Per Dalla Merchant. —Stephen Arratoon, Jacob Aviet, Aga Shaik Mahomed and Aga Jaffer, Esqis.

Per Brorbornebury, from London.-Mrs. Mackenzie and infant ; Mrs. Baddeley; Misses Smith, Andrews, E. Costley, C. costley, Mackenzie, Rose and Stuart; Lieut. Col. G. W. Mackenzie; R. B. Garrett, Esq., Civil Service; Messrs. H. Strachy, R. Franklin, T. Blackwood and G. W. Duncan; 50 H. C. E. 1. Recruits, 3 women aud I child. From Cape of Good Hope — Mrs. Craigie; Mrs. Campbell; Misses E. Craigie, M. Craigie and Judge ; Lieut.-Col. Craigie ; Chas. Smith, Esq. , civil Service; Major Ballow.

Per Adelaide.— Mrs. H. Stewart ; Mrs. Robertson and 2 children ; 3 Misses Bells; 4 Masters Bells; Capt. Woodburn, Madras Army.

Per Washington.— Mr. Thos. N. Richard, Messrs. A. D. Bois and E. Johnson,

Per Florence.— Mrs. Lock ; Mr. Lock, Supercargo : Mr. G. E. Channing, Clerk.

Per Water Witch, from China.-J. Coobedge and J. A. Durran, Esqrs... Merchants. From Singapore. — R. Jack, Esq., Merchant ; Ali's. Sutherland ; Mrs. Rey inell.

Supercargo ;

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At Bankipore, Robert N. Farquharson, Esq. to Maria.

Per Coll in grwood.-Mahomed Sadah and Rajaballah Sadah Moguls.

Per Isabella, from Liverpool.-Mrs. Knyvett; Misses Knyvett, F. Knyvett, and E. Knyvett ; Lieuts. W. Knyvett, 38th N. I. : C. D. Colly, 26th H. M. Foot.

Per Rebecca.-H. T. Blandford, Esq.; E. Andrews, Esq.

Per Duke of Northumberland.— Mrs. Swinhoe; Mrs. Lyall ; Mrs. Pope; Mirs. Landells and 4 Misses Laudells; Miss French ; Rev. Mr. Wethers; C. Lyall, Esq., Me, chant; – Plunket, Cadet ; G. Canham, Esq., Merchant ; – Maringe, Esq., Mer. chant ; Mr. French. From the Cape. — Colonel Shubrick ; Dr. Macintyre ; Mr. Davidson ; Lieut. Smith; three European and 4 Native Servants.

Per Resolution from Padang.-Mrs. Butler; Misses E. Craigsmail and C. Craigsinan, and L. Rapsey; Capt. W. Buttler, country service : Mr. E. Boyle, met chant.

Per Swallow, from Singapore.—Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Scott and Mr. De Wind.


Per Bland.-Mrs. Callan; Misses Byrne and craigie; Capt. Lieut. A. Scott, Artillet y : Lieuts. McDonald and Hepburne ; Dr. Duncan ; Mr. Duce, Pilot. Per Sir Herbert Taylor, for the Mauritius.-Lieut. Jack, B. N. T.; - Henely, Esq. Per Mountstuart Elphinstone. — Mrs. Denton and 4 children; Mrs. Gogel ly and 5 children; Mrs. Leighton and 2 children; Mrs. Mail in and 2 cluildren ; Mrs. Hobson and 4 children; Miss Marnell ; Samuel Denton, Esq.; Lieut. Audain, H. M.'s 16th Regt. ; Lieut. John Grahain, N. I. ; it evd. Mr. Gogei Iy ; 2 Misses Ferris: 2 Misses McDormond.

Per Robert Amall for London.— Mrs. c. Plowden; 2 Misses Plowden ; the tion’ble Capt. and Mrs. Powys and 4 children ; Captain and Mrs. Steer and 4 children; Mrs. Flushard and child; Mr. and Miss Church; 2 Misses Langstaff; Captains Croudace, Croft, Ellis and Fredclick ; Lieut. Blans hard ; Lieut. Jervis and child; F. Trower, Esq.

Per Duke of Buccleuyh, for London.-Mrs. Greenway and 2 children: Miss Stone ; Master Davidson, Captain Seaton, Mr. Mellish. For Madras.-Capt. and Mrs. Stokes; Mrs. and Miss Russell; Capt. Q. Drescoll.

Per Petite Nancy. — Mons r. Dubois ; Madain Dubois, and 3 children ; Mons rs. Boudeas aud Duulane.


B1 Rt Hs. Oct. 28 At Neemuch, the lady of Captain Aitchison, of a son. Nov. 89 At Mhow, in Malwah, the lady of Capt. C. G. Macau, 16th N. l. of a son. Dec. I At Agra, the lady of Lieut. and Brevet Capt. Havelock, Adjutant H. M. 13th Light Infantry, of a daughter. 2 Mrs. J. Weaver, of a son. — The lady of A. Liddell, Esq. of a daughter. 3. At Bahadoor gunge, in Zillah Poorneeah, the wife of Mr. J. B. Roudeau, \loousisi of that division, of a son. — The wife of Conductor T. Martin, Pension Establish. inent, of a daughter4. At Gya, the lady of F. Gouldsbury, Esq., of the Civil Service, of a daughter. 7 Mrs. Mark D'Cruze, of a son. — The wife of Sergeant James Thompson, Clerk of St. Peter's Church, of a daughter. — The wife of Mr. E. G. Fraser, Assistant Register S. D. A. Allahabad, of a son. – At Monghyr, the lady of A. Lang, F sq , of a son. 8. At Dinapore, the lady of P. G. Cornish, Esq., 10th Regt. N. I., of a daughter. 9 Mrs. N. S. Sweedland, of a daughter. 10 The lady of capt. John McDonald, 61st Regt. N. I.

of a son.
Mrs. John Russell, of a son.

At Cawnpore, the lady of C. M. Caldecott, Esq.
Civil Service, of a son.

At Cawnpore, the lady of J. Reid, Esq., of a still-
born son.

At Benares, Mrs. J. A. B. Campbell, of a daughter.

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Dec. 11 At Cawnpore, the lady of Capt. Win. Builton, De-, puty Countnissary General, of a son. – At Kurnaul, the lady of Lieut. C. S. Reid, Artillery of a son. — Mrs. F. La Valette, of a danghter. 12 The lady of F. Millet, Esq., Civil Service, of a daughter. 18. At Noacolly, the lady of F. J. Halliday, Esq., of a son. - At Ballygunge, the lady of Capt. Prole, 37th Regt. N. I., of a son. 14 The lady of the late Capt. J. E. Debrett, of Artillery, of a daughter. — Mrs. M. A. Pereira, of a daughter. 15. At Chittagong, the lady of Capt. R. H. Jellicoe, 55th Regt. N. I., of a daughter. — The lady of Dr. Grahain, of a daughter. | 16 Mrs. John Muller, of a son. At Kishnaghur, the lady of C. W. Fuller, Esq. Civil Surgeon, of a daughter. 17. At Serain pore, the lady of J. Davidson, Esq., of a son, which expired a few uninutes after its birth. 18 "I he lady of Major A. Irvine, C. B., Engineers, of a 80 il. 19 At Lucknow, the lady of Lieut.-Col. Monteah, 35th Regt., of a daughter. At Dinapore, Mrs. James Henry Love, of a son. 20 'I he lady of Mr. William Sinclair, of a son. — The lady of E. Macnaghten, Esq., of a daughter. 21 At St. George's Gate, Fort Williain, the wife of Quarter Master Sergeant G. Levers, Assain Light Insantry, of a daughter. 22 At Garden lteach, the lady of John Cowie, Esq., of a soil. — The lady of Capt. William Boothby, of the Emily Jane, of a daughter. Mrs. Thomas Fraser, of a son. 23 At Fort William, Mrs. F. H. Peterson, of a daughter. 25 At Garden Reach, the lady of J. Dougal, Esq., of a daughter. — Mrs. Captain Wisehain, of a son. 26 At Allahabad, the lady of F. Stainforth, Esq. of a daughter. | 28 Mrs. J. B. Levesay, of a son. 29 The lady of J. A. Terraneau, Esq., of a son. — The lady of Captain Clapperton, of a son, still-born. 81 At Patna, the lady of J. C. Dick, Esq., Civil Service, of a sou. No date At Meerut, the lady of Lieut. H. A. Stewart, of a son. * estates of Arnow, W., of Lucknow.... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Baker, T., of Canton......

Bayley, G. T., Civil Service. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Ekford, J., Surgeon..........
Graham, T., of Great Britain..
Jackson, E., Capt. 68th N. I.....
Kennedy, W., Lieut.-Col. 16th N
Masson, J., Mariner. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . - - - - -

Murray, G. H., Lieut.-Col. 16th Lancers. . . . . . . . . . . . . - - - - -

Namich und Lawchund, of Calcutta....... - - - - Pigott, G. E. G. F. (formerly G. E. Graham) of Great Britain. Shakespear, W. M., Lieut. Artillery..........

Skipton, G., Surgeon. . . . .................. Trickett, W., of Lucknow. . .

Turner, John, of Hooghly Point............................

ExecutoRs, ADMIN 1st Ratons, &c. C. A. Cantor, Adiniuistrator, as constituted Attorney of the Executrix. W. H. Twenty man, H. A. Woollaston, and Mrs. A. M. Baker the Widow, Executors and Executrix. W. Ainslie, Administrator, with Will annexed, as constituted Attorney of the Executors in England. Mrs. F. Eckford the Widow, Executrix. Cantor and Co., AgrittRegistrar Supreme Court, Aduministrator. Ditto ditto ditto. Major C. P. Kennedy, Executor. Colvin and co., Agents. Registrar Supreine Court, Administrator. Major C. Cureton, Administrator, with Will anu exed, as ces. stituted Attoruey of the Executiixes. Gunter aud Hoeper, Agents. Khosaulch und Govindjee, Executor. Registrar Supreme Court, Administrator, (with Will annexed.) C. A. Cantor, Administrator, as constituted Attorney of Lieus. J. D. Shakespear the next of kiu. R. Morrell, Executor. W. Ainslie, Administrator, with will annexed as constituted Attorney of the Executrix. Registrar Supreme Court, Administrator.




Fort Will. 1 AM, Political Dr PA at Me NT, Dec. 28, 1835.

The nomination by the Right Honorable the Governor of Rembay, of Lieut. J. Hale, of the 22d Regt. Bombay N. I., to officiate as an Assistant to the General Superintendant of operations for the Suppression of Thuggee in Wester n Malwa and Guzerai, during the absence of Captain Outram, has been confirmed.

JA Nu A R Y 4

Mr. Surgeon Wilson, attached to the Residency at Indore, has obtained leave of absence for six months, from the 10th instant, for the purpose of visiting the Presidency, on urgent private affairs.

Captain C. G. Dixon, of the Artillery, to be Super intendant in M hair warrah, and to Coin mand the Mhair was rah Battation, in succession to Lieut. Col. Hale, proceeded to Europe.

Captain W. H. Sleeman, General Superintendant of the Operations for the suppression of Thuggee, has obtained leave of alsence from the 1st of Malch to the 1st December 1836.

Captain P. A. Reynolds. of the 38th Madras N. I., to Officiate for Captain Sleeman during his absence, or until ful ther orders.

The nn dermentioned Officers are appointed Assistants to the General Super intendant of the Operations for the Suppression of Thuggee:

Lieut. C. E. Mills, of the Bengal Artillery, and Lieut. J. Sleeinan 73d Bengal N. I.

lieut. J. H. Smyth, of the Bengal Artillery, is placed at the disposal of the Resident at Gwalior, for employment in Scindia's Reformed Contingeut.

Captain A. Macarthur, of the 41st Regt. Madras N. I., to he Supe, intendant of a Division uuder the Commissioner for the Gove:nment of the Territories of His Highness the stajah of Mysore, vice Hunter appointed to the Silladar Horse.

JANU A R Y 1 1.

the honorable the Governor. General of India in Council has been pleased to grant to Captain W. Warde, the 1st Assis. tant to the Resident at Nagpoor, three months leave of absenee, from the 15th instant, to visit the Presidency, on urgent pii. wate assairs.

Captain N. Lewis, of the 63d Regt. Bengal N. I., to be an Assistant to the General Super intendent of the Operations for the suppression of Thuggee.

Cornet H. G. Chichely Plowden, of the 5th L. C., is placed under the orders of the Resident at Hydrabad.


Lieut.-Col. Canlfield, C. B., of the 9th L. C., to Ossiciate as Agent to the Governor-General at Moorshedabad.

Fort Will. I AM, G E N p R A L De PARTMENT, JAN. 13.

Mr. R. H. Tulloh, of the Civil Service, has been permitted to return to England in order to retire upon an Annuity of the year 1836.

Mr. G. R. B. Berney, of the Civil service, embarked for Europe on board the Ship Duke of Bedford, which vessel was left by the Pilot at sea on the 5th instant.

Mr. J. M. Hay having exceeded the period within which under the Orders of the Honorable the Court of Directors, he ought to have qualified himself for the public service by proficiency in the native languages, has been ordered to return to England.

Assistant Surgeon John Baker is appointed to take charge of the Salt Agency of Bullooah and Chittagong for the few days which will elapse between the period of Mr. Blagrave's leaving his Station, and the oslicer appointed to act for him taking charge of the Agency.

Lieut. F. W. Birch, of the 41st Regt. N. l., is appointed to receive charge of the Calcutta Salt Chokies, with the same powers as those possessed by Captain Steel resigned.

Fort WiLLIAM, FINANCIAL DEPARTM ENT, JAN. 20. Mr. J. W. Sage is appointed to take charge of the remaining Filatures of the staduagore Residency from Dr. Stuart on his vacating the otlice. JAN U A R Y 27. Mr. C. Trower is appointed Civil Auditor in the room of

Mr. R. H. Tulloh, to take effect from the 23d instant, the date of his departure (or Europe.

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The following Officers have obtained leave of absence from their Stations: Mr. B. Golding, Magistrate and Collector of Tipperah, for two years, to proceed to the Cape of Good Hope, on medical certificate, from the 1st proximo. Mr. H. B. Berresford, ()fficiating Joint Magistrate and Deputy Collector of Maldah, for one month, for the purpose of proceeding on the river, from the date on which he may be relieved at Maidah by the Honorable Mr. R. Forbes. Mr. H. Ricketts, officiating Commissioner of Revenue and circuit of the 19th or Cuttack Division, has been directed to remain at the Presidency on public service, until suither orders.

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Mr. T. P. B. Biscoe, a civil Servant of the A era Presidency has been permitted to proceed to New South Wales, for two years, under medical certificate.

Mr. A. J. M. Mill appointed Salt Agent in the Central Divi. si in of Cuttack, vice Mr. Lowis, - the appointment to take effect from the date of the departure of Mr. J. A. Paingle for Europe.

Mr. John Campbell is appointed to Officiaie as 1st Assistant to the Collector of Governinent Customs at Calcutta, in the room of Mr. J. B. Thornhill, vice Mr. H. R. Alexander.

Messrs. J. A. Pringle, R. H. Tulloh and C. Becher of the Civil service, embarked for Europe on board the ship, “ Hindsor,” which vessel was left by the Pilot at sea on the 23d instant.

Dr. Alexander Halliday, Presidency Surgeon, is permitted to proceed to the Sand Heads, and to be absent ou that account for a period not exceeding one inonth.

Political De PARTMENT, JAN UARY 12.

The Honorable the Governor of Bengal has been pleased to permit Lieut. Col. T. A. Cobbe, the Agent to the GovernorGeneral at Moorshedabad, to visit the Presidency from the 20th instant, preparatory to an application for leave to preceed to the Cape of Good Hope.


Lieut. col. James canlfield, C. B. of the 9th L. C., is placed at the disposal of the Government of Bengal.

Lieut. Fraser, of the 1st Regt. L. C., and attached to the Revenue Survey, is appointed to Officiate as Assistant to the Resident at Nagpore.

Ensign T. G. St. George of the 17th N. I. is placed under the orders of the Resident at Gwalior.

Fort Willi A.M. Ecclesiastical DEPARTM ENT, Jax. 13.

The Honorable the Governor of Bengal is pleased to appoint the Revd. H. Parish, to osliciate at St. John's Cathedral duris; the absence of the Revd. Henry Fisher.

on DERS BY the hono R.A.Ble the Gover Non of AGRA.

Allah A Bad, Judict A L AND Rev RNu e DEPARTMENT, Decembe R 28, 1835.

The Honorable the Governor of Agra has placed to the Junior Assistants named below at the disposal of the Houotable the Governor of Bengal :

Messrs. J. T. Mellis, W. T. Trotter, R. Hampton, w. P. Goad, it. H. Snell, E. H. C. Mouktou, E. Bentall, c. Todd, R. R. Stort, and A. Forbes.

JANuan Y 2, 1836.

The Honorable the Governor of Agra lias, at the request of the Honorable the Governor of Bengal, placed the services at Mr. R. J. Loughnan at the disposal of that Goverument, for Officiating eumployment.

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