B.C. 55-A.D. 1603

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W. Milner, 1845

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Page 218 - No free man shall be taken or imprisoned or dispossessed, or outlawed, or banished, or in any way destroyed, nor will we go upon him, nor send upon him, except by the legal judgment of his peers or by the law of the land.
Page 390 - The Italians, with some Greek refugees, and with them French, Germans, and Flemings, joined into a fraternity of architects, procuring Papal bulls for their encouragement, and particular privileges : they styled themselves Freemasons, and ranged from one nation to another as they found churches to be built ; for very many, in those ages, were everywhere in building, through piety or emulation.
Page 277 - As I am a man, as I am a Christian, as I am a knight, as I am a king!
Page 132 - Saviour, who had there purchased their salvation by his death and agony : And their devotion, enlivened by the presence of the place where he had suffered, so overcame their fury, that they dissolved in tears, and bore the appearance of every soft and tender sentiment.
Page 390 - Their government was regular, and where they fixed near the building in hand they made a camp of huts. A surveyor governed in chief; every tenth man was called a warden, and overlooked each nine : the gentlemen of the neighbourhood, either out of charity or commutation of penance, gave the materials and carriages.
Page 359 - I pleased. How true is the saying, that we have no greater enemy than the man whom we have preserved from the gallows ! Another time he drew his sword on me in the chamber of the queen, on whom God have mercy ! He was also the accomplice of the duke of Gloucester and the earl of Arundel ; he consented to my murder, to that of his father, and of all my council. By St. John, I forgave him all ; nor would I believe his father, who more than once pronounced him deserving of death.
Page 139 - He died in the sixty-seventh year of his age, and the thirty-fifth of his reign ; leaving by will his daughter, Matilda, heir of all his dominions, without making any mention of her husband Geoffrey, who had given him several causes of displeasure.
Page 196 - ... own oath before the primate, as well as in deference to their just rights, he should grant them a renewal of Henry's charter, and a confirmation of the laws of St. Edward. The king, alarmed with their zeal and unanimity, as well as with their power, required a delay ; promised that, at the festival of Easter, he would give them a positive answer to their petition ; and offered them the archbishop of Canterbury, the bishop of Ely, and the earl of Pembroke, the Mareschal, as sureties for his fulfilling...
Page 360 - ... sanguinary enemies. Historians differ with regard to the manner in which he was murdered. It was long the prevailing opinion, that Sir Piers...
Page 329 - Montfort, the most extraordinary woman of the age, was roused, by the captivity of her husband, from those domestic cares to which she had hitherto limited her genius ; and she courageously undertook to support the falling fortunes of her family. No sooner did she receive the fatal intelligence, than she assembled the inhabitants of Rennes, where she then resided ; and carrying her infant son in her arms, deplored to them the calamity of their sovereign. She recommended to their...

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