The ophthalmoscope, tr. by R.B. Carter. With notes and additions by the translator

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Page 144 - ... from the size of a lentil to that of a pea, and also by the white flecks already described.
Page 75 - Liebreich for the inverted image, in spite of abundant light and perfect definition, the details of the picture appear to be all in the same plane. The vessels of the retina can be distinguished from those of the choroid by colour and direction, but not by any appreciable difference in their position. The depressions formed by choroidal atrophy or posterior staphyloma, and the elevations from sub-retinal haemorrhage or effusion, present colours which contrast with those of the general field, but...
Page 12 - The problem was threefold : the observed eye must be sufficiently illuminated ; the eye of the observer must be placed in the direction of the emerging rays ; and these must themselves be changed from their convergence, and rendered divergent or parallel.
Page 76 - ... patches of atrophy on the other, present aspects that are conclusive with regard to their relations to the general level of the field. The vessels of the retina, too...
Page 233 - Antozone. Hydrogen. Water. Aqueous Vapour. Ice. Water. Physical and Chemical Properties. Hydration. Mineral Waters, Peroxide of Hydrogen. Nitrogen. The Atmosphere. Compounds of Nitrogen and Oxygen. Nitric Acid. Compounds of Nitrogen and Hydrogen. Ammonia and its Salts. Chlorine. Compounds with Oxygen and Hydrogen. Hydrochloric Acid. Bromine, Iodine, Fluorine ; and their Compounds. Sulphur and its Compounds. Selenium and its Compounds. Phosphorus; its Compounds with Oxygen and Hydrogen. Carbon and...

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