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B 1802, 6.10

BOSSANGE, BARTHÉS, and LOWELL, beg leave respectfully to inform the Nobility, Gentry, and Public in general, that, from fresh arrangements which they have made with their correspondents abroad, they are enabled to lower the price of Foreign Books very considerably. THE REDUCTIONS WHICH HAVE TAKEN PLACE ARE FROM 15 TO 25 PER CENT. FROM THEIR FORMER CATALOGUE, and they will continue to furnish all modern publications at the same reduced prices.

BOSSANGE AND Co. continue adding to their present stock, every new work of merit as soon as published. Should they be deficient in any, they promise to furnish them without delay. The Catalogue now published the ACTUAL ONE of their stock. They have abstained from inserting works which they have not, or ever intend to have in their possession.

For the facility of reference they have annexed an Alphabetical Table of the authors' names. They respectfully beg leave to suggest, any Number ordered should be accompanied by the first word, in order to prevent mistakes.

Bossange and Co. keep a large Assortment of all the most approved Works in the French, Italian and Spanish Languages in elegant Bindings.

✨ A List (which may be had gratis) will be published occasionally. In it will be found, all Foreign works of any importance which are received from the Continent, or printed in England. It will be regularly forwarded to the Nobility and Gentry, who may favour them with their Commands.

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