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EMBLEM of Innocence! spotless and pure,
Sweet bird of the snowy-white wing;
So gentle and meek, yet so lovely thou art,
Thy loveliness touches and gladdens my heart,
Like the first early blossoms of spring.

There are birds of a summer-land, gentle Dove, Whose plumage than thine is more bright;


The humming-bird there, and the gay paroquet,— But even than they thou art lovelier yet,

Sweet bird with the plumage of white.

For purity rests on thy feathers of snow,
Thy dark eye is sad, gentle Dove;
And e'en in the varying tones of thy coo,
There's an accent of sadness and tenderness too,
Like the soft farewell whisper of love.

The eagle is queen of the cliff and the wave,
And she flaps her wild wing in the sky;
of the lark will enrapture, 'tis true,
When no one would list to my white dove's soft coo,
No one-save her young ones—and I.

The song

Farewell, then, sweet Dove! if the winter is cold,
May the spring with her blossoms appear
In sunny-clad beauty, to waken the song
Of the sweet-throated warblers the forest among,
And the nest of my fav'rite to cheer.

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EAGLE! this is not thy sphere!

Warrior-bird, what seek'st thou here?

Wherefore, by the fountain's brink,

Doth thy royal pinion sink?
Wherefore, on the violet's bed,
Layest thou thus thy drooping head?
Thou, that hold'st the blast in scorn,
Thou, "that wear'st the wings of morn."

Eagle! wilt thou not arise!

Look upon thine own bright skies!

Lift thy glance! the fiery sun

There his pride of place has won;

And the mounting lark is there,
And sweet sound hath fill'd the air:
Hast thou left that realm on high?
-Oh, it can be but to die!

Eagle! Eagle! thou hast bow'd
From thine empire in the cloud!
Thou that hadst etherial birth,

Thou hast stoop'd too near the earth,
And the hunter's shaft hath found thee:
-Wherefore didst thou leave thy place,
Creature of a kingly race?

Wert thou weary of thy throne?
Was the sky's dominion lone?

Chill and lone it well might be,

Yet that mighty wing was free!

Now that chain is o'er thee cast;
From thy heart the blood flows fast;
-Woe for gifted souls and high!
Is not such their destiny?

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