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day of


land-tax as aforesaid, so transferred Vendor under by and with the consent and approbation of the Land Tax Act. said (commissioners) as aforesaid, testified by their

signing and sealing these presents as parties thereto, and by the direction and appointment of the said (vendor), testified in like manner in the books of the governor and company of the Bank of England, in the names of

and to be there placed to the account of the commissioners for the reduction of the national debt, under the title of an account of the sale of the land-tax, as by a receipt or certificate under the hand of

one of the cashiers of the Bank of England, bearing date the last, relation being thereunto had, may appear.

And in consideration of ten shillings of lawful paid to vendor. "imoney of Great Britain, by the said (purchaser)

to the said (vendor) party hereto, in hand well and truly paid at or immediately before the sealing

and delivery of these presents, the receipt whereof Vendor in is hereby acknowledged, He the said (vendor) pursuance, &c.

by virtue and in pursuance of the power and authority, powers and authorities vested in him by the said hereinbefore in part recited act of parliament of the forty-second year of the reign of his late Majesty, or any prior or other act or acts of parliament now in force relating to the sale or disposition of the land-tax, and all and every other

powers and authorities in him vested or in anywise Grants, &c. enabling him in that behalf, Hath granted, bar

gained, sold, and disposed of, and by this indenture, duly sealed and delivered, and intended

And nominal consideration

Vendor under

to be inrolled in one of his Majesty's courts at PURCHASES. Westminster, as by the said in part recited or other act or acts aforesaid, is required for convey- Land Tat Act. ance of estates sold for redemption of the land. tax, Doth by and with such consent, authority, and approbation of the said (commissioners) and so testified as aforesaid, (they the said (commissioners) having had estimate in writing upon oath of the value of the said advowson, tithes, and hereditaments, and that the sale thereof will not materially injure the residue of the estate remaining unsold, certified by their signing and sealing, and being parties to these presents,)grant, bargain, sell, dispose of, and confirm unto the said (purchaser), his heirs and assigns, ALL that, &c. &c. and all Parcels. the estate, &c. &c. (as in ordinary cases (1)). To To hold. HAVE AND TO HOLD the said advowson, hereditaments, and all and singular other the premises hereinbefore described or mentioned, and hereby granted, bargained, sold, and confirmed, or expressed or intended so to be, with their and every of their rights, members, and appurtenances, unto the said (purchaser), his heirs or assigns, to the only proper use of him the said (purchaser) his heirs or assigns for ever. And the said (vendor), party hereto, Covenants for DOTH hereby for himself, his heirs, executors, and administrators, covenant, promise, and agree

with and to the said (purchaser) his heirs and assigns,


[blocks in formation]

PURCHASES. in manner following, that is to say, that, &c.

[Add usual covenants for the tille, according to the Land Tax Act. estate the vendor las in the premises.]

Schedules above referred to.

Vendor under



* By sec. 68, the conveyances under this act are exempted from stamp duty, unless the consideration money exceed £1000.

This conveyance must, by the provisions of the recited act of 42 Geo. III. sec, 119, be inrolled in one of his Majesty's courts at Westminster within six calendar months from the date, unless the premises are situated in Middlesex or the county of York, in which case it must be registered within the same period.


Government Commissioners.

No. LVI.

Conveyance by the Lords Commissioners of his Ma.

jesty's Navy, or other Government Commissioners, to a Purchaser.

day of

year, &c. and

THIS INDENTURE of four parts, made the


in the in the year of our Lord

BETWEEN Parties. (the commissioners) of, &c.

(being Lords Commissioners of his Majesty's Navy duly appointed in that behalf) of the first part, (the treasurer of the navy) (treasurer of the said navy) of the second part, and (the purchaser) of, &c.

of the third part(1). WHEREAS, &c. [Recital of conveyance to the commissioners for the use of government]. And whereas the said (commissioners) having no longer occasion for the said messuages, &c. sometime since by the direction of the lords commissioners for executing the office of Lord High Admiral of Great Britain caused the same to be offered for sale by private contract, and the said (purchaser) became the

(1) If the conveyance is intended to be taken to uses to bar dower, see ente, No. XXXI. p. 2.



day of

ment of con-
sideration to
treasurer of


treasurer of


PURCHASES. purchaser thereof at the sum of £

AND WHEREAS by a certain order bearing date on

or about the Order for pay- last past, under the hands of the said (com

missioners) directed to the said (purchaser), the said purchase money is ordered to be paid by him unto the treasurer of his Majesty's navy for the time being, as in and by the said in part recited indenture of release and order, reference being thereunto respectively had, will more fully

of the purchase for and in consideration of the sum of £
money paid to

of good and lawful money of Great Britain and
Ireland, current in England, to the said (treasurer
of his Majesty's navy) for the time being, by
virtue and in pursuance of the said hereinbefore
in part recited order in that behalf, in hand paid
by the said (purchaser), at or immediately before
the sealing and delivery of these presents, the re-
ceipt of whose deputy treasurer for the same is
conformably to the usage in such cases indorsed on
these presents, in full for the absolute purchase of
the said messuages or tenements, hereditaments,
and premises hereinbefore described and intended
to be by these presents granted and released, and
the payment of which said sum of £
said (purchaser), they the said (commissioners) do
hereby severally and respectively acknowledge, and
thereof and therefrom Do severally and respect-
ively acquit, release, and absolutely discharge
the said (purchaser), his heirs, executors, and ad-
ministrators by these presents, and also for and

by the

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