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Government Commissioners.

Nominal con-
sideration of
5s. paid to com.


in consideration of the sum of 5s. a piece of like PURCHASES. lawful money to the said (commissioners) at the same time paid by the said (purchaser), the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, they the said (commissioners) Have and each of them HATH granted, bargained, sold, released, and confirmed, missioners. and by these presents Do and each of them DOTH missioners grant, grant, bargain, sell, release, and confirm, unto the said (purchaser) and his heirs, All that, &c. Parcels. with all and every the rights, privileges, advantages and appurtenances, to the same 'premises or any of them, or any part thereof, in any wise appertaining. And also all houses, outhouses, &c. to the said hereditaments and premises or any part thereof belonging, or in any wise appertaining, or therewith, or with any part or parts thereof respectively, used, occupied or enjoyed, or reputed or taken as part, parcel or member thereof, (all which said messuages, hereditaments, and premises are now in the actual possession of the said (purchaser), by virtue of a bargain and sale to them thereof made by the said (commissioners) for 5s. consideration, by indenture bearing date the day next before the day of the date of these presents, and executed before the sealing and delivery hereof for one year, commencing from the day next before the day of the date of the said indenture of bargain and sale, and by force of the statute made for transferring uses into possession,) and the reversion and reversions, remainder or remainders, and all and singular the rents, issues, and profits, of the said

Govenient Commissioners.

chaser in fee.


not incumbered.

PURCHASES. hereditaments and premises, and all the estate,

&c. deeds, &c. (as in other cases) (1). TO HAVE AND

TO HOLD the said messuages, lands, tenements, To hold to pur- and all and singular other the hereditaments and

premises hereinbefore described, and intended to be hereby granted and released, or otherwise assured, with their and every of their rights, members, privileges, and appurtenants, unto the said (purchaser) and his heirs, to the use and behoof

of him the said (purchaser), his heirs and assigns Covenant by for ever (2). And the said (commissioners) for that they have themselves severally and respectively, and for the

several and respective heirs, executors, and administrators, do separately and not jointly, or the one for the other or others of them, or the heirs, executors, administrators, or the acts or deeds of the other or others of them, but each and every of them for himself only, and for his own heirs, executors, and administrators, and his and their acts and deeds, covenant and declare, to and with the said (purchaser), his heirs and assigns, by these presents, in manner following, that is to say, viz. that, they the said (commissioners) have not, nor have nor hath any or either of them, each of them covenanting severally as aforesaid, at any time or times heretofore made, done, committed, or executed, or knowingly suffered any act, deed,

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(1) See ante, p.

419. (2) If the premises are intended to be limited to the purchaser to uses to bar dower, see ante, No. XXXI. p. 31.

matter, or thing whatsoever whereby the said mes. PURCHASES. suages, lands, hereditaments and premises hereinbefore granted and released or otherwise assured' Commissioners. or intended so to be, or any part thereof, or any estate or interest therein, shall or may be impeached, charged, incumbered, or otherwise prejudicially affected in title, estate, or otherwise howsoever. And further, that for and notwithstanding any such act, deed, matter, or thing as aforesaid, &c. (Usual covenants by the commissioners for the title, &c.] IN WITNESS, &c.


*** The receipt for the consideration money is to be signed Receipt. by the Deputy treasurer of the navs.





Conveyance of Freehold Premises to a Purchaser in

Consideration of an Annuity or Rent Charge to issue out of the Premises (1).

day of


HIS INDENTURE of three parts, made the
in the

year of the reign, &c. and in the year of our Lord

BETWEEN ( the vendor) of, &c.

of the first part, (the purchaser) of, &c.

of the second part, and (A. B.) (a trustee named and appointed by and on the part of the said (vendor) for the purposes hereinafter mentioned) of the third part. WHEREAS (2), &c. [Recital of agreement for purchase]. Now THIS INDENTURE WITNESSETH, that in pursuance and in performance of the said in part recited agreement, and for and in consideration of an annuity or clear yearly sum of £

of lawful and current money of that part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, called England, to be paid

that in con
sideration of
annuity to be
paid to vendor,

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to the said (vendor) during the term of his na- PURCHASES. tural life (or the natural lives of, &c. as the case

Consideration, may be), and charged upon the said hereditaments

Annuity. in the manner, and payable at the time hereinafter expressed (and also in consideration of the sum of 5s. of like lawful money to the said (vendor) in hand well and truly paid by the said (purchaser), at or immediately before the delivery and sealing of these presents, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged], he the said (vendor) Hath granted, The vendor bargained, sold, aliened, and released, and by these both grant, bargain, sell, alien, and release, unto the said (purchaser) his heirs, and assigns, ALL; &c. or howsoever otherwise, &c. and the Parcels. reversion, &c. (1). TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the said to hold to the messuages, lands, and hereditaments, and all and his heirs. singular other the premises hereinbefore granted and released, or otherwise assured, or intended so to be, with their rights, members, and appurtenances, unto him the said (purchaser), his heirs, and assigns for ever. But nevertheless to the uses To the use and and for the ends and purposes hereinafter ex- vendor may pressed concerning the same (that is to say), to said annuity. and for the use, intent, and purpose, that he the said (vendor) and his assigns shall or may have, receive, and take, yearly and every year, out of and from the same messuages, lands, and hereditaments, and by, out of, or from the rents, issues, and profits thereof, one annuity, yearly

grants, &c.

purchaser and

intent that

receive thereout

(1) See ante, p. 418.

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