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shall and will from time to time, and at all times PURCHASES. during the space of years hereafter, upon Mortgagee, of the request, and at the costs and expense of his legal Title. the said (purchaser) his heirs, executors, administrators, or assigns, make, do, and execute, or cause and

procure to be made, done, and executed, all and every such further and other acts, deeds, conveyances, and assurances in the law whatsoever, for the further, better, more perfectly and absolutely or satisfactorily bargaining, selling, releasing, assigning, and assuring the hereditaments and premises hereinbefore bargained, sold, released, assigned, or otherwise assured respectively, or intended so to be (subject only to such equity or right of redemption, if any, as aforesaid) unto the said (purchaser) his heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns, according to the nature and quality of the same premises respectively, for his and their own use and benefit, in such manner and form as he or they, or his or their counsel in the law shall reasonably advise or require. IN WITNESS, &c.


Sale under Writ

of Extent.

No. LIX. (A)

Conveyance by Deputy Remembrancer of the Court

of Exchequer under an Extent from the Crown (1).

day of

our Lord

(2) of

in the

&c. and in the



BETWEEN (the deputy remembrancer) Deputy Remembrancer of his Majesty's Court of Exchequer at Westminster, of the first part, (the debtor) of &c.

the second part, and (the purchaser) of &c. Recital of writ of the third part. WHEREAS, by a writ of extent of extent. bearing date the

in the year of the reign of his present Majesty, issued out of his Majesty's Court of Exchequer, in pursuance of an inquisition duly taken in that behalf, it was found that the said (vendor) was on the day of taking the said inquisition justly indebted to his Majesty in the sum of £

money, arising from parliamentary assessed taxes, and otherwise, as Recital of in

day of

therein mentioned. AND WHEREAS by an inquisition taken.

cap. 35.


(1) See 25. Geo. 3,

(2) It is not essential that the debtor should be a party, but he is usually made for the same reason that a bankrupt is in a conveyance by his assignees.

day of

quisition taken on the

in the . PURCHASES. year of the reign of his present Majesty, Sale under Writ before the sheriff of the county of

by of E.ient. virtue of the said writ of extent, it was found that the said (vendor) was then seised in his demesne as of fee (amongst other hereditaments in the said inquisition set forth), of the several freehold messuages and tenements hereinafter particularly described, and which the said sheriff had seized and taken into his Majesty's hands, according to the command of the said writ. AND WHEREAS Recital of act by an act of parliament passed in the 25th year of the reign of his late Majesty King George the Third, entitled . an Act for the more easy and effectual sale of lands, tenements, and hereditaments of crown debtors or their sureties, it was enacted that it should be lawful for his Majesty's Court of Exchequer, and the same Court was hereby authorized, on the application of his Majesty's Attorney General, to order that the estate and interest of any debtor to his Majesty, his heirs, or successors, and the estate and interest of the heirs and assigns of such debtor in any lands, tenements, and hereditaments which might thereafter be extended under or by virtue of of extent, should be sold in such manner as the said Court should direct. And that when a purchaser or purchasers should be found, the conveyance of the lands, tenements, and hereditaments so directed to be sold, should be made to the purchaser or purchasers by his Majesty's Remembrancer of the said Court of Exchequer, or by his

25 of Geo. III.

any writ

of sale.

PURCHASES. Deputy, under the direction of the said Court, by Sale under Wrie a deed of bargain and sale to be enrolled in the of Ertent. said Court, and that from and after the making of

such conveyance and the enrolment thereof as aforesaid, the bargainee or bargainees in such conveyance, and his or their heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns, should have, hold, and enjoy the lands, tenements, and hereditaments therein comprised for his and their own respective use and benefit, not only against the extent of the crown, but also against such debtor of the crown, his surety or sureties, and all persons claiming under him or them, unless by a title

paramount to and available in law against such Recital of order extent as aforesaid. AND WHEREAS by an order

of his Majesty's Court of Exchequer, bearing date the

upon a motion of his Majesty's Attorney General on behalf of his Majesty, praying that the said extended premises might be sold pursuant to the directions of the said act, IT WAS ORDERED that all the estate, right, title, and interest of him the said (debtor) of and in the said extended freehold messuages, lands, tenements, and hereditaments should be forthwith sold before

esquire, the Deputy Remembrancer of the said Court, in such manner as he should direct, in order to satisfy the debt due to his said Majesty, so far as the money to be produced by such sale would extend, and that all proper parties should join in such sale. AND IT WAS FURTHER ORDERED, that when a purchaser or purchasers should be found for the said ex

day of

Sale under Writ

day of

tended premises, the said (deputy remembrancer) PURCHASES. should make his report or reports to the said Court concerning the same. AND WHEREAS, in pur

of Extent. suance of the said order, the said lands and here- Recital of sale. ditaments were put up to sale on the day of

now last past, before the said (deputy remembrancer) at the public sale room, in in one lot or parcel (or in several lots or parcels, as the case was) at which sale the said (purchaser) became and was declared to be the highest bidder and the purchaser thereof (or of lot No. in certain printed particulars of the said estates there exhibited) at the sum of £

And Recital of

deputy rememthe said (deputy remembrancer) by his report made brancer’sreport. in the said cause, bearing date the

last past, certified and allowed the said (purchaser) to be the purchaser of the said premises, at the said sum of £ AND WHEREAS by an order of the said Court, Confirmation of

deputy remembearing date the

the brancer's rereport of the said Deputy Remembrancer was confirmed nisi, &c. and by a subsequent order of the same Court, bearing date the

then next following, the said order was made absolute and confirmed, and the said (purchaser) was declared and established the purchaser of the said hereditaments, at the aforesaid sum of £

and all proper parties were thereby directed to join in the conveyance thereof; which said conveyance was to be settled by the said Deputy Remembrancer, in case the parties should differ about the same; AND WHEREAS the

day of


day of

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