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1016 RYVES (Thomas), The Poore Vicars Plea. Declaring, that a competencie of means is due to them out of the Tithes of their seuerall Parishes, notwithstanding the Impropriations. London, 1620. Sm. 4to, FIRST EDITION, brown morocco gilt, gilt edges, Il. 45.

This work was written on behalf of the Clergy of Ireland, where Ryves at the time was holding a judicial office.

1017 SMITH (Charles), The Antient and Present State of the County and City of Cork. Dublin: Printed by A. Reilly for the Author, and sold by J. Exshaw, Bookseller, on Cork-Hill, 1750. 2 vols. 8vo, the portrait and map of the County wanting, but with the folding plan of Cork, the large and fine views of Youghal, Kingsale, and Cork, by Chambers, and other plates, original calf, rare, 18s.

1018 SPIRIT (The) of the Nation. Ballads and Songs by the Writers of "The Nation." Dublin, James Duffy, 1855. 12mo, original cloth, 4s. 6d.

1019 STAFFORD (Thomas), Pacata Hibernia, Ireland appeased and reduced or, an Historie of the late Warres of Ireland, especially within the Province of Mounster, under the Government of Sir George Carew, Knight, then Lord President of that Province. Wherein the Siedge of Kinsale, the Defeat of the Earle of Tyrone, and his Armie; the Expulsion and sending home of Don Juan de Aguila, the Spanish Generall, with his Forces; and many other remarkable passages of that time are related. London: Printed by A. M. 1633, and part of the impression made over, to be vented for the benefit of the children of John Mynshew, deceased. Folio, FIRST EDITION, fine copy, with brilliant impressions of the portraits of Queen Elizabeth and Geo. Carew, Earl of Totnes, also of the seventeen original maps, including that of Munster, russia extra, gilt edges, 10l. IOS.

The original map of Munster, which this copy possesses, is very rare; the map usually found is that from Speed's atlas.

1020 STANDING ORDERS for the Yeomanry Corps of Ireland. Dublin Castle, 15th May, 1798. Sm. 8vo, with two folding tables, sewed, 3s.

1021 STEVENSON (Sir J. A.), A Selection of Irish Melodies, with Symphonies and Accompaniments, and Characteristic Words by THOMAS MOORE. Power, 1807-1821. 8 Numbers bound in 2 vols. folio, with pretty engraved titles and 5 plates, list of subscribers' names, half calf, Il. IOS.

1022 SURVEY of the Forfeited Estates in the Counties of Louth and Meath, made in 1700. MANUSCRIPT clearly written upon 180 leaves. Folio, vellum, 51. 5s.

1023 TEMPLE (Sir John), The Irish Rebellion: or, An History of the Attempts of the Irish Papists to extirpate the Protestants in the Kingdom of Ireland. London, printed for J. Brindley, 1746. 8vo, clean copy, old calf, 4s.

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1024 TEMPLE.—The Irish Rebellion. To which is added, Sir Henry
Tichborne's History of the Siege of Drogheda, in 1641.
also, The whole Tryal of Connor Lord MacGuire. Dublin,
printed and sold by Elizabeth Golding, 1751. Sm. 4to, with
engraved frontispiece of massacres (mended), half calf, 18s.
The above imprint is pasted over the original imprint which reads " Dublin printed and
sold by Aaron Rhames
1724," the date at which the book was actually
printed, as appears by the title to the additional pieces.

1025 TRIALS.-An Authentic Account of the Trials at large, of George Robert Fitzgerald, Esq., Timothy Brecknock, James Fulton, and others, for the procurement of, and for the Murder of Patrick Randall M'Donnell and Charles Hipson. Also the Trial of Gallagher and others, for an Assault on Fitzgerald, in the Gaol of Castlebar. London, 1786. 8vo, sewed, 5s.

1026 TRUE and Impartial History of the Wars of Ireland, Flanders,
on the Rhine, and in Savoy, etc. more particularly what has
happened in those Countries since the late Revolution in
England, to the Ending of the Campaign, 1694.
Also an
Account of the Late Defeat of the Turks. 1695. 2 parts in I
vol. 12mo, frontispiece by Van Hove, old calf, il. 5s.
The account of Irish affairs occupies 192 pages.

1027 TRUE and Perfect Journal of the Affaires in Ireland since his Majesties Arrival in that Kingdom. By a Person of Quality. London, 1690. Sm. 4to, fine copy, sewed, IOS.

1028 TYRCONNEL (Richard Talbot, Earl of, Viceroy of Ireland), An original Letter, signed by him, addressed to the Lords of the Treasury, dated Dublin Castle, 1688. I p., folio, Ios. 6d.

1029 ULSTER.-[A Letter] To the Ulster Volunteers. [By an Ulster Volunteer]. February 8, 1782. 8 pages, sm. 8vo, uncut, 7s. 6d.

1030 USHER (James, Archbp. of Armagh), An Answer to a Challenge made by a Jesuite in Ireland. Wherein, the judgment of Antiquity in the points questioned is truly delivered, and the Novelty of the now Romish doctrine plainly discovered. To which is added, A Discourse of the Religion anciently professed by the Irish and British. London, 1686-7. 2 pts. in 1 vol. sm. 4to, fine copy, in the original calf, 15s.

1031 [VALLANCEY (Charles)], An Essay on the Antiquity of the Irish Language; being a Collation of the Irish with the Punic Language. With a Preface proving Ireland to be the Thule of the Ancients. To which is added a Correction of the Mistakes of Mr. Lhwyd in reading the ancient Irish Manuscript Lives of the Patriarchs. Also the Mistakes committed by Mr. Baretti in his Collation of the Irish with the Biscayan Language, exposed and corrected. Dublin, printed by and for E. Powell, 1772. 8vo, FIRST EDITION, calf, 6s.

1032 VALLANCEY. A Grammar of the Iberno-Celtic, or Irish Language. Dublin, printed by R. Marchbank, 1773. 4to, FIRST EDITION, 8 plates, old calf, 15s.

1033 VICARS (Sir Arthur), Index to the Prerogative Wills of Ireland, 1536-1810. Dublin, 1897. Roy. 8vo, cloth, top edges gilt, 16s. 1034 WALKER (Rev. George), A True Account of the Siege of LondonDerry. London, 1689. Sm. 4to, headlines cut into, sewed, IOS.

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History of the City of Dublin, from the Earliest Accounts to the present time; containing its Annals, Antiquities, Ecclesiastical History, and Charters; etc., to which are added, Biographical Notices of Eminent Men, and copious Appendices. London, 1818. 2 vols. imp. 4to, LARGE PAPER, frontispicces and 26 plates, half cloth, uncut, Il. 5s.

1036 WARE (Sir James), De Hibernia et Antiquitatibus ejus, Disquisitiones: in quibus, præter ea quæ de Hiberniâ Antiquâ explicantur, Mores et Consuetudines Hibernorum describuntur. Londini, 1654. 8vo, FIRST EDITION, with engraved portrait of Godefridus on verso of title, map of Ireland and plate of “ Insula Purgatorij," by W. Hollar, and numerous cuts of coins, etc., old panelled calf, il. Is.


1037 WIGHT (Thomas, of Cork), A History of the Rise and Progress of the People called Quakers in Ireland, from 1653 to 1700. which is added a Continuation to 1751, by J. Rutty. Dublin, Printed by I. Jackson, 1751. Sm. 4to, old half calf, 14s.

1038 WRIGHT (Rev. G. N.), An Historical Guide to ancient and modern Dublin. London, 1821. 12mo, with folding plan, frontispiece and numerous engravings, boards, uncut, 3s. 6d.

1039 WRIGHT.—A Guide to the County of Wicklow. London, 1822. 12mo, with 5 plates after Petrie, and a large map of the County, original boards, uncut, 3s. 6d.

1040 WRIGHT.-A Guide to the Lakes of Killarney. London, 1822. 12mo, with map, and plates after Petrie, boards, 3s. 6d.

1041 YOUNG (Arthur), A Tour in Ireland, with General Observations on the Present State of that Kingdom: made in the years 1776, 1777, and 1778, and brought down to the end of 1779. London: 1780. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 4to, FIRST EDITION, with frontispiece and a plate of an Irish Cabbin, old calf gilt, 2l. IOS.

1042 BOOKPLATES (225) of the Ashe, Barré, Barry, Alloway,
Bernard, Betham, Boyle, Browne, Brownlowe, Bunbury,
Butler, Clayton, Chichester, Fitzwilliam, Grace, Fitzmaurice,
Kearney, Mant, Maxwell, Needham, Nugent, O'Bryen, O'Connell,
O'Connor, O'Malley, Orme, Percivale, Taaffe, Talbot, Trench,
Troy, and other Irish families, IIl. IIS.


1043 ABERDEEN MINISTERS.-A Declaration of the just causes of his Maiesties proceeding against those Ministers, who are now lying in prison, attainted of high Treason. Set foorth by his Maiesties Counsell of his kingdome of Scotland. Imprinted at London by Robert Barker, 1606. Sm. 4to, half morocco neat, 2l. IOS.

1044 ABERDEEN MINISTERS.-Generall Demands concerning the Late Covenant propounded by the Ministers and Professors of Divinity in Aberdeene, to some Reverend Brethren, who came thither to recommend the late Covenant to them. Together with the Answers of those Reverend Brethren. As also the Replyes of the foresaid Ministers. Printed by Robert Young, His Majesties Printer for Scotland, 1638. Sm. 4to, woodcut of the Royal arms, and another of the Hamilton arms, half morocco, 21. IOS.

The whole is prefaced with a Vindication by the Duke of Hamilton.


1045 ABERDEEN PRESS.-Douglas (Rev. Wm.), Vindicia Psalmodiæ Ecclesiastico-divinæ ; in quibus Corruptelæ et Errores circa hunc sacrum Cultum deteguntur et refelluntur, ipseque Cultus hic sacer claré asseritur. Excudebat J. Brunus Aberdoniæ, 1657. Sm. 4to, rare, half morocco, Il. 15s.

1046 ABERDEEN PRESS. Funerals of a Right Reverend Father in God, Patrick Forbes of Corse, Bishop of Aberdene. Aberdene, imprinted by Edward Raban, 1635. Sm. 4to, with the rare leaf containing a beautifully engraved portrait of Bp. Forbes, by R. G., original gilt vellum, with centre ornaments, and the initials S. T. HA. C., stamped in gold on the sides, 61. 6s.

A very rare volume of Funeral Sermons, Orations, and Poetical Tributes, etc., in English and Latin, on the death of the famous Bishop Forbes of Aberdeen.

1047 ABERDEEN PRESS.-The Psalms of David, in Prose and

Metre : with the whole Forme of Discipline, and Prayers, according to the Church of Scotland. The Psalms in Prose being of the Last Translation. ABERDENE, printed by Edward Raban, for David Melvill, 1633. 2 parts in 1 vol. thick sm. 8vo, with musical notation, some headlines shaved, blue morocco, gilt ornaments, gilt edges, EXTREMELY RARE, 12/. 12s.

The first part of this scarce volume consists of John Knox's Liturgy, with 15 pages of


at the end, and is preceded by a Kalendar. The second part contains the
Psalms, with a new title-page. The Prose translation is in the margin, and at the end
there are 7 pages of special prayers.

1048 ADAMSON (Patrick), The Recantation of Maister Patrik Adamsone, sometime Archbishop of Saint-Andrewes in Scotlande.. [Without place or name of printer, but secretly printed], 1598.. 16mo, FIRST EDITION, very rare, vellum neat, 41. 4s.

The names of the persons who witnessed this famous confesssion are David Fargusoun, Maister Nicol Dalgleische, James Monipenny of Pitmillie, Andro Wood of Stravithie, Maister Robert Wilkie, David Murray, Maister David Russell, Maister David Spenss, Maister Johnne Caldelewth, Maister William Murray.

1049 ANDERSON (James), An Account of the Present State of the Hebrides, and Western Coasts of Scotland: in which an attempt is made to explain the circumstances that have hitherto repressed the industry of the natives; and some hints are suggested for encouraging the Fisheries, and promoting other improvements in those countries. Edinburgh, 1785. 8vo, with large folding map of Scotland, calf, scarce, 18s. 6d.

1050 BARRY (Dr. George), The History of the Orkney Islands: in which is comprehended an Account of their present as well as their ancient state; together with the advantages they possess for several branches of industry, and the means by which they may be improved. Edinburgh, 1805. 4to, FIRST EDITION, map and 10 plates, half morocco, top edges gilt, Il. 10s.

1051 BARRY.-History of the Orkney Islands. The second edition, with corrections and additions by the Rev. James Headric. London, 1808. 4to, map and 10 plates, calf gilt, Il. Is.

1052 BENSON (Joseph), The Battle of Flodden Field: which was fought between the English under the Earl of Surrey, and the Scots under their valiant King James IV, in the Year, 1513. An Heroic Poem, in nine fits or parts, collected from antient Manuscripts. London, 1774. Sm. 8vo, old red morocco, 15s.


1053 BIBLIOTHECA SIBBALDIANA: or, a Catalogue of Curious and Valuable Books: consisting of Divinity, Civil and Ecclesiastical History, Medicine, Natural History, Philosophy, Mathematicks, Belles Lettres, &c. With a curious Collection of Historical and other Manuscripts. Being the Library of the late Learned and Ingenious Sir Robert Sibbald of Kipps, Doctor of Medicine. To be sold by Way of Auction on Tuesday the 5th of February, 1723, at his House in the Bishop's Land in Edinburgh. Catalogues are to be had for a Sixpence each, atWilliam Brown's and most of the Booksellers Shops in Edinburgh, and at the Place of Sale. Edinburgh, Printed in the Year 1723. Sm. 4to, title and first two leaves torn in plain margins, boards, Il. 10s.

Accessit De Ad exemplar Folio, original

1054 BUCHANAN (Geo.), Rerum Scoticarum Historia. Jure Regni apud Scotos Dialogus, eodem auctore. Alexandri Arbuthneti editum Edimburgi, 1583. vellum, Il. IOS.

This edition, enlarged with an Index and the Dialogue De Jure Regni, is believed to have been printed at Geneva.

1055 [BURT (Capt. Ed.)], Letters from a Gentleman in the North of Scotland to his friend in London; containing the description of a Capital Town [Inverness] in that Northern Country: with an account of some uncommon Customs of the Inhabitants : likewise an account of the Highlands, with the Customs and Manners of the Highlanders. With the History of Donald the Hammerer, from a MS. communicated by (Sir) Walter Scott. London, 1818. 2 vols. 8vo, FINE COPY, calf gilt, from the Stourhead Library, with crest in gold on the backs, 2l. 25.

A valuable and interesting series of letters containing much curious information on the manners and customs of the Highlanders in the 18th century, and also on the condition of the country.

1056 CALDERWOOD (David), The True History of the Church of Scotland, from the beginning of the Reformation, unto the end of the Reigne of King James VI. Printed in the year 1678. Folio, old calf, (rebacked), IOS.

1057 CHALMERS (George), The Poetic Remains of some of the Scotish Kings. Now first collected. 1824. 8vo, portrait of James I. of Scotland, and facsimile, half morocco, uncut, IOS.

1058 CHURCHYARD (Thomas), Chips concerning Scotland: being a collection of his pieces [in verse and prose] relative to that country; with historical notices, and a life of the author, by George Chalmers. 1817. 8vo, calf extra, 5s.

1059 CONÆUS (Geo.), De Duplici Statu Religionis apud Scotos libri II. Roma, Typis Vaticanis, 1628. Sm. 4to, EDITIO PRIMA, Scarce, original limp vellum, 18s.

1060 DALYELL (Sir John G.), Musical Memoirs of Scotland; with Historical Annotations, etc. 1849. 4to, with 40 excellent plates, fine copy, half morocco, top edges gilt, Il. IS.

1061 DAUNEY (William), Ancient Scotish Melodies, from a Manuscript of the Reign of King James VI. With an Introductory Enquiry illustrative of the History of the Music of Scotland. Edinburgh, 1838. 4to, with musical examples, half brown morocco extra, top edges gilt, Il. 4s.

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