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1062 DECLARATION of the Convention of Estates of the Kingdome of Scotland: concerning the present expedition into England, according to the Commission and Order given from their Meeting at Edenburgh, August, 1643. London, 1643. Sm. 4to, half calf, 6s.

1063 DECLARATION of the Parliament of England concerning their late Endeavors, in a peaceable way, to remove all misunderstandings, and differences between the Common-Wealth of England and the Kingdome of Scotland. London, 1649. Sm. 4to, half calf, 6s.

1064 DEFOE (Daniel), The History of the Union of Great Britain. Edinburgh, printed by the Heirs and Successors of Andrew Anderson, 1709. Folio, FIRST EDITION, with Dedication to the Duke of Queensbury, old panelled calf, 14s.

"The Preface is very valuable as giving the best account that has been written of several important events that occurred during the two years, between the completion of the Union and the publication of the History."-Lee. This copy does not contain the portrait of Defoe, which is seldom found.

1065 DOBSON (W. T.), History of the Bassandyne Bible [1579]; the First printed in Scotland. With Notices of the Early Printers of Edinburgh. 1887. 8vo, frontispiece and 17 plates and cuts, cloth, 7s. 6d.

1066 DOUGLAS (Robert), The Form and Order of the Coronation of Charles the Second, King of Scotland, England, France, and Ireland, as it was acted and Done at Schoone, the first day of January, 1651. Aberdeen, Imprinted by James Brown, 1651. Sm. 8vo, FIRST EDITION, calf gilt, some edges UNCUT, 41. 4s.

A very rare volume, consisting of 80 pages, the Sermon preached by Robert Douglas occupying 60 pages, and the Form of Service the remainder. Mr. D. Laing's copy sold for £8 5s.

1067 DOUGLAS.-The Form and Order of the Coronation of Charles the Second. Another edition. Glasgow, printed by James Duncan, in the Salt Market, 1732. 12mo, calf neat, il. 5s.

1068 DOWDEN (Dr. John), The Bishops of Scotland, being Notes on the Lives of all the Bishops, under each of the Sees, prior to the Reformation. Edited by J. Maitland Thomson. Glasgow, 1912. 8vo, cloth, 8s.

1069 [DUNCAN (William)], The History of the Lives and Reigns of the Kings of Scotland from Fergus the First King, continued to the Commencement of the Union of the Two Kingdoms of Scotland and England in 1707. To which is Added, an Account of the Rebellion in Scotland in the year 1715, etc. Dublin: Printed by John Harding for the Author, 1722. Sm. 4to, original calf, 16s.

1070 DUNCAN'S Itinerary of Scotland; with the Principal Roads to London, copious Observations on each Road, and an Appendix. Glasgow, 1820. Long narrow 12mo, with 3 maps, original leather binding, 7s. 6d.

1071 EDINBURGH ADVERTISER (The) for the years 1797, 1798, 1799 and 1800. Edinburgh: Printed for James Donaldson. 4 vols. folio, a few leaves slightly defective, half calf, 3l. 15sS.


1072 EDINBURGH PRESS.-Acts made in the First Parliament of our Most High and Dread Soveraigne Charles, holden by Himselfe, present in Person, with his Three Estates, at Edinburgh, 28 June, 1633. Edinburgh, Printed by Robert Young, 1633.— The Acts made in the Second Parliament of our Soveraigne Charles. Edinburgh, printed by Robert Young and Evan Tyler, 1641. 2 vols. in I, folio, old calf, 3l. 10s. 1973 EDINBURGH PRESS.-The Holy Bible, containing the Old Testament and the New. Newly translated out of the Original Tongues. Edinburgh, printed by James Watson, 1715. 8vo, title within border, ruled in 'red throughout, blue morocco, gilt edges,



PRESS.-Book of Common Prayer, and Administration of the Sacraments. And other parts of divine Service for the use of the Church of Scotland. Edinburgh, printed by Robert Young, 1637.-The Psalter or Psalmes of David: According to the last Translation in King James his time. Pointed as they shall be said or sung throughout all the Churches of Scotland. Edinburgh, printed by Robert Young, 1636. In 1 vol. folio, Black Letter, fine woodcut initial letters, title and several outer margins mended, brown pigskin, 61. 6s. This edition of the Prayer-book, commonly known as " Laud's Book," is the one which Charles I. inadvisedly attempted to force upon the Scottish people in 1637, a proceeding which led to the well-known " Jenny Geddes" incident in St. Giles' Church, and ultimately to the signing of the Covenant. Having been withdrawn within a few months after publication, the book is naturally very scarce. It ends with the catchword" Certaine," it being originally intended to append " Certaine Prayers." It also contains the rare original leaf Hh. 3, in which the Printer omitted a verse and a half at the end of Psalm 109. The blank leaf preceding the title bears the inscription, "E libris Tho. Lampl[ugh]," who was Bp. of Exeter in 1676 and Archbp. of York, 1688.

1075 EDINBURGH PRESS.- Cockburne (Sir William, of Langtoun), Respvblica de Decimis. Edinburgh, printed by Iohn Wreittoun, 1627. Sm. 4to, woodcuts on title-page, and two curious cuts on last leaf, fine copy, dark blue morocco, gilt line tooled, gilt edges, very rare, 41. IOS.

This curious work, addressed " To the right honourable and my noble parts, my Lords Commissioners appoynted for reformation of diuerse abuses, and first of Tithes," is in English, in spite of its Latin title. It has several MS. corrections, probably by the author's hand.

1076 EDINBURGH PRESS.-Fullerton (John, of Careltoun), The Turtle-Dove under the Absence and Presence of Her Only Choise: or, Desertion & Deliverance Revised. 1. Ushered with the Nicodemian Paradox, explained in a Comparison betwixt the First and Second Birth; and closed with the Characters of the Old and New Man. 2. And seconded with a Survey of the First and Second Death: which is closed with a Separation kisse betwixt two most intimate Friends, the Soul and Body of Man. 3. And a Glimring of the First and Second Resurrection and Generall Judgement: closing with a Song of Degrees, from what we were to what we are, and from thence towards what we shall be. By a Lover of the Celestial Muses. Edinburgh, printed by Andrew Anderson, Printer to the Citty and Colledge, anno dom. 1664. Sm. 8vo, with the autograph signature of" Jon Fulertoun, Kinaber, 1690," on the titlepage, some margins shaved, blue morocco extra, broad gold borders on the sides, gilt edges, 7l. 15S.

A very rare volume of Poems dedicated to Jéan, Viscountess of Kenmore. Thomas Park's copy, with his autograph on title.


1077 EDINBURGH PRESS.—Mackenzie (Sir George), Observations on the Acts of Parliament, made by Kings James I, II, III, IV, V, Queen Mary, James VI, Charles I, and II. Edinburgh, printed by the Heir of Andrew Anderson, 1687. Folio, FIRST EDITION, old calf, 145.

1078 EDINBURGH PRESS.-Napier (John, Baron Merchiston), Rabdologiæ, seu Numerationis per virgulas libri duo: Cum Appendice de expeditissimo Multiplicationis Promptuario. Quibus accessit & Arithmetica Localis Liber unus. Edinburgi, excudebat Andreas Hart, 1617. 12mo, FIRST EDITION, engraved plates, some folding, in the original vellum, rare, 61. 6s.

1079 EDINBURGH PRESS.-Rollock (Robert), Lectvres vpon the Second Epistle of the Apostle Pavl to the Thessalonians. Edinburgh, printed by Robt Charteris, 1606. Sm. 4to, half morocco, gilt edges (some headlines shaved), 18s.

1080 EDINBURGH PRESS.-Rollock. Lectvres vpon the History of the Passion, Resvrrection, and Ascension of Ovr Lord Iesvs Christ. Edinburgh, printed by Andro Hart, 1616. 8vo, title a little stained, old calf, Il. IS.

1081 EDINBURGH PRESS. Smeeton (Thomas), Ad virvlentvm Archibaldi Hamiltonii Apostatæ Dialogvm, de confusione Caluinianæ sectæ apud Scotos, impiè conscriptum orthodoxa responsio. Adiecta est vera historia extremæ vitæ et obitus eximij viri Joan. Knoxij Ecclesiæ Scoticanæ instauratoris fidelissimi. Edinburgi, apud Johannem Rosseum pro Henrico Charteris, 1579. Sm. 4to, blue morocco extra, gilt edges, VERY RARE, from Dr. Laing's Collection, 4l. 1os.

At this early epoch in Scottish printing, no Greek or Hebrew types were to be had, so we find such words supplied in manuscript in several places in the volume. The Auchinleck copy sold for 11l. 5s.

1082 EDINBURGH PRESS. Stephanus (Hen.), A World of Wonders: or an Introduction to a treatise touching the Conformitie of ancient and moderne wonders: or a preparative treatise to the Apologie for Herodotus. [Translated by R. C.] Edinburgh, Imprinted by Andrew Hart and Richard Lawson, 1608. Folio, old calf, 61. 6s.

The intention of this work was to show that the many wonders and marvels narrated by Herodotus ought not to be discredited, seeing that they were equalled in strangeness and improbability by incidents of quite recent date, and in support of this the author relates a mass of stories which certainly convey a very low opinion of the morality and manners of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, especially as regards the clergy and religious orders.

1083 EDINBURGH PRESS.-Symson (P.), A Short Compend of the historie of the first ten persecutions moved against Christians, divided into III. centuries. Edinburgh, printed by Andro Hart, 1613. Sm. 4to, half blue morocco extra, gilt edges, 2l. 15S.

1084 FRASER (Captain Simon), The Airs and Melodies peculiar to the Highlands of Scotland and The Isles. Communicated in an Original, Pleasing, and Familiar Style; having the Lively Airs introduced as Medleys, to form a Sequence to each slower movement. Chiefly acquired during the Interesting Period from 1715 to 1745. Edinburgh, 1816. Folio, vignette on title and 94 engraved pages of music, original boards, uncut, 16s.


1085 GALLOWAY (Robert), Poems, Epistles and Songs, chiefly in the Scottish Dialect. To which are added a Brief Account of the Revolution in 1688, and a Narrative of the Rebellion in 1745-46, continued to the Death of Prince Charles in 1788. Glasgow, 1788. 12mo, old calf, 12s. 6d.

1086 GARNETT (Thomas, M.D.), Observations on a Tour through the Highlands and Part of the Western Isles of Scotland, particularly Staffa and Icolmkill; to which are added a Description of the Falls of the Clyde, of the Country round Moffat, and an Analysis of its Mineral Waters. London, 1800. 2 vols. 4to, map and 52 plates in aquatint after drawings by Watts, half calf, Il. 45.

A passage in this work (Vol. I, p. 89) anticipates the modern theory of a quasi-intelligence in plants. The plates include an original portrait of Neil Gow.

1087 GILCHRIST (John), A Collection of Ancient and Modern Scottish Ballads, Tales, and Songs; with explanatory notes and observations. Edinburgh, 1815. 2 vols. 12mo, cloth, uncut, 9s.

1088 GILCHRIST.-Scottish Songs, Ancient and Modern. Carefully collated and corrected from the most authentic sources; with brief notices. Edinburgh, 1865. 12mo, portrait of Allan Ramsay, cloth, uncut, 4s. 6d.

1089 GLASGOW PRESS.-Anacreontis Carmina, cum Sapphonis et Alcaei Fragmentis. Glasguæ: excud. R. et A. Foulis, 1761. 64mo (80 millimetres in height), contemporary red morocco gilt, 31. 35.

1090 GLASGOW PRESS.[Hailes (Sir D. Dalyrmple, Lord)], Memorials and Letters relating to the History of Britain in the Reigns of James I. and Charles I. Glasgow, R. and A. Foulis, 1766. 2 vols. in I, post 8vo, calf extra, by Riviere, 9s. 6d.

1091 GLASGOW PRESS.-Ramsay (Allan), The Gentle Shepherd. A Pastoral Comedy. Glasgow: printed and sold by Andrew Foulis, 1796. Tall folio, LARGE PAPER, with portrait and 10 plates by David Allen, and 18 additional pages of songs WITH MUSIC, these and some leaves inlaid to size, half morocco, top edges gilt, Il. Ios.

1092 GLASGOW_PRESS.-Somervile (William), Poetical Works. Glasgow: Printed for Robert Urie, 1766. 2 vols. sm. 8vo, fresh copy, in bright old calf gilt, 18s.

1093 GLEN (John), Early Scottish Melodies: including Examples from MSS. and early printed works, along with a number of Comparative Tunes, Notes on former Annotators, English and other Claims, and Biographical Notices, etc. Edinburgh, 1900. Large 8vo, portrait of William McGibbon, plate, and musical examples, cloth, top edges gilt, 10s. 6d.

1094 GRAHAM (Dougal), An Impartial History of the Rise, Progress and Extinction of the late Rebellion in Britain, in 1745-46. Giving an Account of every Battle, Skirmish, and Seige, from the Time of the Pretender's coming out of France, until he landed in France again with a real description of his Dangers and Travels thro' the Highland Isles, after the Break at Culloden. [In Verse.] Glasgow, printed by J. & M. Robertson, 1808. 12mo, with the scarce woodcut portrait of the author and plans of the battles, sewed, 18s.

The writer, who was probably an eye-witness of much that he relates, became the bellman of Glasgow, and the author of many popular little books that were great favourites with Sir Walter Scott.


1095 [GRANT (Mrs., of Laggan)], Letters from the Mountains; being the real Correspondence of a Lady, between the years 1773 and 1807. London, 1807. 3 vols. 12mo, contemporary half calf, IOS. 6d.

A lively and sympathetic description of life in the Highlands of Scotland. 1096 [HERD (David)], Ancient and Modern Scottish Songs, Heroic Ballads, etc. Collected from Memory, tradition, and ancient authors. Edinburgh, printed by John Wotherspoon, 1776. 2 vols. 12mo, vignette on titles, olive morocco, top edges gilt, Il. 10S. 1097 [HERD]. Antient and Modern Scotish Songs, Heroic Ballads, etc. [Edited by James Carmichael, with additions from Pinkerton.] Edinburgh, printed for Lawrie and Symington, 1791. 2 vols. 12mo, vignette on titles, olive morocco, top edges gilt, Il. 5s.

1098 HERON (Robert), Observations made in a Journey through the Western Counties of Scotland; in the Autumn of 1792. Relating to the Scenery, Antiquities, Customs, Manners, etc., etc. Perth, printed by R. Morison, jun., 1793. 2 vols. 8vo, FIRST EDITION, calf gilt, gilt edges, by Kalthoeber, from the Beckford Library, Il. IOS.

1099 HOOKE (Colonel), The Secret History of his Negotiations in Scotland, in Favour of the Pretender; in 1707. With a Translation of Letters, containing a Narrative of the Pretender's Expedition into Scotland in 1708. London, 1760. 8vo, FIRST EDITION, calf gilt, 10s.

1100 INNES (James), Idea Juris Scotici: or, a Summary View of the Laws of Scotland. In the Savoy, 1733. 4to, Latin autograph inscription of the Author to Wm. Underwood of Enfield on fly-leaf, calf, IOS.

1101 INNES (Thomas), A Critical Essay on the Ancient Inhabitants of Scotland, containing an account of the Romans, of the Britains betwixt the Walls, of the Caledonians or Picts, and particularly of the Scots. London, 1729. 2 vols. 8vo, with folding genealogical tables, original calf, il. 16s.

1102 JACOBITE MINSTRELSY; with Notes illustrative of the text, and containing details in relation to the House of Stuart, from 1640 to 1784. Glasgow, 1828-9. Sm. 8vo, with frontispiece and engraved title, fine copy, half morocco, top edges gilt, Il. Is.

1103 [JOHNSON (Dr. Samuel)], A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland. London, 1775. 8vo, FIRST EDITION, old calf, 18s.

1104 LINDSAY (John), A View of the Coinage of Scotland, with Copious Tables, Lists, Descriptions, and Extracts from Acts of Parliament. Cork, 1845. 4to, with upwards of 350 engravings of Scottish Coins, calf gilt, with the Royal arms of Scotland stamped on the sides, 18s.

1005 [LOCKHART (George)], Memoirs concerning the Affairs of Scotland, from Queen Anne's Accession to the Commencement of the Union of the Two Kingdoms, in May, 1707. With an Account of the Origine and Progress of the Design'd Invasion from France, in March, 1708. London, 1714. 8vo, FIRST EDITION, original panelled calf, 15s.

Bound up at the end is a printed "Key to the Memoirs," revealing the names of the numerous persons mentioned. The work was surreptitiously issued, without the author's authority. He was a strong Jacobite.

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