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EVERY Candidate for admission as a Fellow must be proposed by three or more Fellows, who must sign a Certificate in his favour. The proposer whose name stands first upor the certificate must have a personal knowledge of the Candidate.


Fellows on election pay an Admission Fee of Six Guineas. The Annual Contribution paid by Fellows is Two Guineas, due on the 1st of January in every year, and payable in advance; but Fellows elected after the month of February are subject only to a proportionate part of the Contribution for the year in which they are elected; and Fellows elected in November or December pay no Contribution for the current year. The Annual Contribution may at any time be compounded for by a payment of Thirty Guineas.

The Fellows are entitled to receive gratuitously all the volumes or parts of volumes of the Quarterly Journal of the Society that may be published after their election, so long as their Annual Contributions are paid; and they may purchase any of the publications of the Society at a reduction of 25 per cent, under the selling prices.


The Library is open daily to the Fellows between the hours of 10 and 5, and on Meeting days from 7 to 8 P.M. Under certain restrictions Fellows are allowed to borrow books from the Library.


Vol. I. Part 1....
Part 2...
Vol." II. Part 1..

Part 2..

Part 3.....

Publications to be had of the Geological Society, Burlington House.

Reduced Price to the Fellows.

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£ s. d.



Vol. II. Supplement

Vol. III. Part 1


Part 2
Vol. V. Part 1
Vol. VII. Part 2

Reduced Price to the Fellows.

£ s. d. 009 080




QUARTERLY JOURNAL. (Vols. III. to XXXVI. inclusive.)

Price to Fellows, 13s. 6d. each (Vols. XV., XXIII., XXX., and XXXIV. to XXXVI. 16s. 6d.), in cloth.

CLASSIFIED INDEX TO THE TRANSACTIONS, JOURNAL, &c., by G. W. ORMEROD, Esq. New Edition, to the end of 1868, with Supplement to the end of 1875. Price 5s. 6d. To Fellows, 38. 6d. [Postage, 5d.]- The SUPPLEMENT alone, including publications from 1869 to the end of 1875. Price 1s. 6d. To Fellows 1s. [Postage 1d.]

GEOLOGICAL MAP OF ENGLAND AND WALES, in 6 Sheets, by G. B. GREENOUGH, Esq. New and Revised Edition. Price to Fellows, in sheets, £2 2s. Single sheets may be purchased at the following prices:-No. 1, 4s. 6d.; No. 2, 38. 6d.; No. 3, 108. 6d.; No. 4, 8s. Od.; No. 5, 12s. Od.; No. 6, 7s. 6d. Index to colours, 9d.


Translated by Dr. C. F. FISCHER, from the works of MM. HOCHSTETTER and PETERMANN. With an Atlas of Six Maps.

Fellows may purchase one copy of this book at Two Shillings; additional copies will be charged Four Shillings.

Page Proceedings of the Geological Society, 1880–81, including the Proceedings at the Annual Meeting, the President's Address, &c...

5 Dr. Hahn on Microscopic Sections of Meteorites Dr. Kirk on an Earthquake at Zanzibar.......



PAPERS READ. 9. Messrs. Keeping and Tawney on the Beds at Headon Hill and Colwell Bay in the Isle of Wight. (Plate V.).

85 10. Mr. P. H. Carpenter on two new Crinoids from the Upper Chalk of Southern Sweden. (Plate VI.)

.... 128 11. Prof. T. G. Bonney on a Boulder of Hornblende Picrite near Pen-y-Carnisiog, Anglesey

137 12. Prof. W. Keeping on the Geology of Central Wales, with an Appendix by Mr. C. Lapworth. (Plate VII.)

141 13. Mr. G. W. Shrubsole on the Carboniferous Fenestellidæ

178 14. Prof. P. M. Duncan on the Coralliferous Series of Sind

190 15. Dr. C. Callaway on the Archæan Geology of Anglesey. With an Appendix by Prof. T. G. Bonney. (Plate VIII.)

210 16. Dr. C. Callaway on the Limestone of Durness and Assynt

239 17. Mr. R. Etheridge on a new Species of Trigonia from the Purbeck Beds of the Vale of Wardour. With a Note by Rev. W. R. Andrews.......

246 18. Prof. W. J. Sollas on Astroconia Granti, a new Lyssakine Hexactinellid from the Silurian of Canada

254 19. Prof. Owen on the Order Theriodontia, with a description of a new Genus and Species. (Plate IX.)

261 20. Prof. Owen on Parts of the Skeleton of an Anomodont Reptile (Platypodosaurus robustus). Part II. the Pelvis. (Plate X.)........

266 21. Dr. G. M. Dawson on the Superficial Geology of British Columbia

272 22. Mr. T. V. Holmes on the Permian, Triassic, and Liassic Rocks of the Carlisle Basin. (Plate XI.)

286 23. Principal Dawson on new Erian (Devonian) Plants. (Plates XII. & XIII.) .. 299

[No. 147 will be published on the 1st of next August.]

[The Editor of the Quarterly Journal is directed to make it known to the Public, that the

Authors alone are responsible for the facts and opinions contained in their respective Papers.]

*** The Council request that all communications intended for publication by the Society shall be clearly and legibly written on one side of the paper only, with proper references, and in all respects in fit condition for being at once placed in the Printer's hands. Unless this is done it will be in the discretion of the Officers to return the communication to the author for revision. The Library and Museum at the Apartments of the Society are open every Day from

Ten o'clock until Five, except during the first two weeks in the month of September, when the Library will be closed for the purpose of cleaning.

CATALOGUE OF THE LIBRARY. The Catalogue of the Books in the Society's Library is now ready. It forms a volume of over 600 pages; and is issued to Fellows at Five Shillings per copy. (Postage Ninepence.)

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