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Well suited to teach many older folks;
For many true words are spoken in jokes;
And many will take, in a jocose way,
What, soberly said, would drive them away;
And many will see, in a ludicrous scene,
Portraits so finished, (their own, I ween,)
As to cure them of follies, and make them shun
The features they laugh at, in others, as fun.
But why all this pleading? I'm no patron-seeker.
Let it speak for itself—THE HUMOROUS SPEAKER.

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The Mosquito's Song-A Soliloquy.

Anonymous 11

The Contest Unequal....

Sydney Smith 12

Phaëthon, or the Amateur Coachman.

.Jno. G. Saxe 13

Bullun vs. Boatum.

. Stevens 16

The Miss-Nomers...

..Anon. 19


Student and Schoolmate 21

DIALOGUE-An Intelligent Witness.

. Anon. 22

DIALOGUE-A Deceiver deceived.

..Ilal! 23

Paired not Matched....

.IIcod 23


. Anon. 30

DialogUE-A Talk about the Blucs.


DIALOGUE-Fit for a Lawyer.

.Anon. 34


Geo. Corman, Jr. , 33

Do as other Pcople Do.

. Anon. 33

John Littlejohn...

Cras. Jackay 41

The Dream of Dædalus..

.Planche 42

Aunt Hetty's Reflections on Matrimony.

.Fanny Fern 44

The Threatened Invasion...

. Anon. 46

DIALOGUE-Six Months after Marriage.

Anon. 47

DIALOGUE-Six Years after Marriage..

. Anon. 43

Mr. Jonathan Smithı...

. Anon. 43

DIALOGUE—The Englishıman and the Irish Itu Keeper.. ..Anon. 50


. Anon. 51

Johu Bull and Tho Phial.

. Anon. 53

The Land vs. The Sea...

.non. 54

DIALOGUE—The Art of Pufing.

R. B. Sheridan 56

The Dutcliman's Remedy.

.non. 61

So Forth and So On....

Anon. 62

The Brahmim and the Rogues..

.J. N. McEiligott 03

The Confession...

. Blackwood's Mag. 66

A Parody—The Sea..

. Anon. 67

The Quiet Husband.

.Fanny Fern 63

The Dustinan's Soliloquy..

.Anon. 69

Mister Bolt, Tho Bolt Maker..

.. Anon. 70

DIALOUUE- Beginning of a Bad Citizen...

. Anon. 71

DIALOGUE-llow to Make Lodgings Pay Double... .J. N. Morton 72

The Cold Water Man...

Saxe 79

How Michael Fagan Cured His Pig.

. Anon. 81

Signs of a Storm..

. Anon. 81

Bardell vs. Pickwick.

.Dickens 84

The Merchant's Career.

. Anon. 87

Editorial Perplexities..

. Anon. 88

DIALOGUE—The Unprincipled Lawyer.

G. W. Lovell 90

The Glutton....

. Anon. 95

DIALOGUE-Fruits of Courtship.

. Anon. 96

What is the Use...

. Anon. 97

Mrs. Caudle's Lecturo.

. Douglas Jerrold 98

DIALOGUE—Satisfactory Herly

. Anon. 93

The Militia General.

Thomas Corwin 99

DIALOGUE— Metaphysics.

Francis Hopkinson 101

A Dear Young Lady.

London Punch 103

The Three Warning:.

..Mrs. Trale 104

DIALOGUE— Passion for Argumcnt.

.C. Colman, Jr. 106

Art of Book-Keeping.

Iloce 112

Magpie and Monkey.

Yriarte 114


Rev. J. Pierpont 117

A Short Sermon on Xalt.

. Anon. 113

The Noso vs. The Eyes.

. Cowper 120

When I was Young..

. Anon. 121

DIALOGUE— Money Makes tho lian.

.L'. L. Bulwer 123

Sam Smith's Soliloquy.

Fanny Fern 127

The Useful Young blan.

Anon. 128

The Kiss in School..

17. P. Palmer 129

Killing a Blno Bottle..

Anon. 130

A Jaunt to the Wedding.

. Anon. 133


..Anon. 133

Tolly Tosspot.

. Colman 134

Frank Ilayman.

. Taylor 1:36

DIALOGUE-Foolish Son and Moro Hoolish míoticr..G. C. Culman, Jr. 138

A Song of the Railroad.

.C. T. Wolfe 141

The Farmer and The Lawyer.

Ilorace Smith 143

The Moralist..

Anon. 144

Elegy on Mrs. Blaizo.

Goldsmith 146

Battle of the Kegs.

.F. Ilopkinson 147

Orator Puff.....

Thomas Moore 150

Living up Fivo Pair of Stairs..

... Anon. 150

DIALOGUE-Follies of Late Courtship.

.D. Carrick 152

The Pleasures of a Pic-Nic Party..

Iloud 155

The Butterfly Beau..

. Anon. 157

Miss Mary-- What sho is and what she does.

Anon. 158.

Specimen of a Shrew.

. Anon. 159

Helps to Read.....

Byron 162

The Grabam System.

Anon. 163

Diogenes No Bool...

C. L. Porter 166

DIALOGUE-Pedants secking Patronage.

W. B. Fowle 165

The Cow and The Ass.

. Anon. 171

Old Winter..

.Moore 173

The Yorkshireman and His Family.

. Anon. 175

Ezekiel's Visit to Deacon Stokes..


Epitaph on Joseph Blackett...

Lyron 180

The Philosophcr's Domicil..

. Anon. 180

DIALOGUE-A Count Cornered.

.J. K. Paulding 181

A Modest Wit.....

. Anon. 186

Daniel vs. Dishcloth..

. Stevens 187

To Dance or Not to Dance-A Parody.

. Anon. 190

The Newcastle Apothecary.

. Anon. 191

Truth in Parenthesis..

..Hood 193

Yankee Eating.

.Halburton 194

DIALOGUE-A Lesson in English.

. Anon. 196

The Razor Seller...

Wolcott 197

DIALOGUE~Diamond Cut Diamond...

Kenny 199

Blind Ma:i's Buff......

Ilorace Smith 200

Number One....

Hood 202

The Frenchman and The Rat.).

. Anon. 205

DIALOGUE-Connubial Confab.

..Anon. 207

The Poet and The Alchemist.

. Anon. 209

Dick, the Apprentice, or Fcolish Ambition.

. Anon. 211

DIALOGUE-Parcntal Weakness..

Illingham 213

Parody written after a Bad Dinner..

Anon, 217


Cowper 218

Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog.

Goldsmith 219

Christmas Times, .

Mcore 220

There's Notlıing in it, or líiscrics of Longi.

C. Muthcus 222

The Rejected..

7. II. Bayley 224

The Gouty Merchant..

Ilorace Smith 226

DIALOGUE-Gil Blas and the Archbisl:0p.

.Le Sage 227

One or the Other...

From the German by J. N. M. 229

Trust not too much to Appearanccs.

. Anon. 231.

The Dilatory Scholar....

i. Mrs. Gilman 234

Bobadil's Military Tactics,

..Ben. Joncon 235

Parody on the Old Oaken Bucket.

Knickerbocker Magazine 236

DIALOGUE-A Casual Interview.

Anon. 238

DIALOGUE-A Political Bore,.

Murphy 238

Talking Latin...

.Ilaliburton 240

Queer Mistake..

Anon. 242

Incidents of Travel.

Major Jones 243

Romeo': Description of an Apothecary.

Shakspeare 245

Account of a Bachelor-A l'arody.

Anon. 246


Fielding. 247

Advice to Children...

Theodore Hook 253

The Monkey that Shaved Ilimself and liis l'riends. ...Ilumphrcys 254

Hotspur’s Account of a Fop..

Shakspeare 255


. Hood 256

The Dancing Master Abroad.

llaliburton 257

The Chameleon...

. Merrick 259

DIALOGULMA Lesson in Politeness.

. Oulton 261

Rhymo of the Rail.

Saxe 264

The Ghost...

. Anon. 267

The Man and His Two Wives.

Le fevre 269

DIALOGUE-A Faithful Subject.

Anon. 270

Love and Murder..

. Anon. 273


.Knickerbocker Magazine 275

nks to a Prizo..

Anon, 276

Address of a Quack Doctor.

. Anon. 277

Village Greatness...

W. Ray 279

Monsieur Tonson..

. Anon. 280

The Philosopher's Scales..

.Jane Tuylor 285

Captain Brown's Speech to the Mackerel Brigade. Kerr l'apers 287

Mr. Crane's Lament on the Death of his Companion..Bedotl Papers 288

Speech of Orator Climax..

. Anon. 289

My Poor Cracked Heart.

.S. E. 290

Sleep, Mr. Speaker...

W. M. Iraed 291

Richard of Gloster.

J. G. Saxe 292

Queer People.....

Anon. 295

DIALOGUE—Irish Courtesy.

.Sedley 296

The Suu-burnt Man..

Stahl 298

Dog Days

Hood 300

A Court Audience.

. Anon. 301

The King's Visit to a Cathedral.

Wolcott 302

The Doctor and his Apprentice...

Anon. 303

Death of a Blacksmith...

. Anon. 305

DIALOGUE~ What we Wish we Readily Believe.. Joanna Baillie 306

The College Gate.

Dublin Univ. Mag. 308

A Heavy Train...

Wash. Republican 309

DIALOGUE—Ipposito Natures.

.J. K. Paulding 310

What Mr. Robinson Thinks.

. Biglow Papers 315

The Wind in a Frolic..

Howitt 317

The Road to a Woman's Heart.

Haliburton 318

The Public Grindstove,.

Gen. Riley 320

The Brewer's Coachman..

.. Taylor 322

DIALOGUE—Troubles of Nervousness.

W. B. Bernard 322

The Removal.....

. Anon 327

DIALOGUE--Scene in a Mourning Store.

. Hood 329

Fighting Dög3....

Wolcott 332

The Bɔy and The Baker.

C. I. Pitt 333

DIALOGUE—High Notions of an Humble Art.

. Anon. 334

My Aunt.

0. W. Holmes 336

The Duel..

. Hood 337

Paddy's Metamorphosis.

Thomas Moore 340

The Features..

Anon. 341

DIALOGUE-Money makes the Mare Go..

. Berquin 342

Letter from a Presidential Candidate..

Biglow Papers 346

How to Write by Proxy..

.T. Moore 349

Address to my Tea-kettle..

Horace Smith 350

DIALOGUE—Impertinent Curiosity.

.. Poole 351

Parody on Wolte's “Death of Sir John Moore"...Ingoldsby Legends 355

The Apple Dumplings and George III..

. Wolcott 357

American Aristocracy.

.J. G. Saxe 357

DIALOGUE-Jack at all Trades.

Anon. 358

Look at the Clock....

.Ingoldsby Legends 361

The March Wind...

Anne P. Adams 366

DIALOGUE~Circumstances alter Cases.

Allingham 368

The Troublesome Wife....

Anon. 372

Lodging; for Single Gentlemen.

Colman 373

The Rich Man and The Poor Man.

Khemnitzer 374

The Man of Two Shadows..

.... Stahl 376

DIALOGUE—The Sycophant's Road to Success. Chas. Macklin 378

The Fakenbam Ghost ..

Blournfield 383

DIALOGUE-Triumph of Principle.

. Morton 385

DIALOGUE—Cowardice and Boasting..

Shakspeare 388

Flogging an Editor....

J. N. M. 391

DIALOGUE—An Apothecary Cross-examined..

. Anon. 393

The Three Black Crows.

. Byrom 395

The Cheap Supper.

From the German by J. N. M. 397

Speech Obituary..

Clark's Knick-Knacks 398

DIALOGUE—The Monster of Many Names..

. Anon 400

DIALOGUE-A Cruel Landlord and a Bad Tenant.

. Power 402

If You have seen.....

..J. N. M 408

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