British and Foreign Medico-chirurgical Review: Or, Quarterly Journal of Practial Medicine and Surgery, Volume 14

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Page 226 - DR. DJT FRANCIS. CHANGE OF CLIMATE ; considered as a Remedy in Dyspeptic, Pulmonary, and other Chronic Affections; with an Account of the most Eligible Places of Residence for Invalids in Spain, Portugal, Algeria, &c., at different Seasons of the Year; and an Appendix on the Mineral Springs of the Pyrenees, Vichy, and Aix les Bains. Post 8vo. cloth, 8s.
Page 57 - Mackenzie's — gives the results of his last twenty-four years' experience. His cases, he says, " prove in the most conclusive manner that inflammation of the iliac and femoral veins is the proximate cause of the disease; and that in puerperal women, the inflammation commences in the uterine branches of the hypogastric veins.
Page 99 - DR. WILLIAM W. GULL. REPORTS ON EPIDEMIC CHOLERA; its Cause and Mode of Diffusion, Morbid Anatomy, Pathology and Treatment. Drawn up at the desire of the Cholera Committee of the Royal College of Physicians.
Page 282 - ... of allotropism end ? whether the so-called chemical elements may not be, after all, mere allotropic conditions of fewer universal essences '? whether, to renew the speculations of the alchemists, the metals may be only so many mutations of each other, by the power of science mutually convertible ? There was a time when this fundamental doctrine of the alchemists was opposed to known analogies ; it is now no longer opposed to them, but only some stages beyond their present development.
Page 436 - In 13 instances the urine was submitted to chemical analysis, and the investigation has established the fact that the lead may be eliminated from the system by the iodide of potassium, and found in the urine. In no case was the lead detected before the administration of the remedy. The chemical analyses were made by Prof. Outram, and the results of his experiments are perfectly reliable.
Page 249 - But, if structurally so lowly organized — if physiologically of such secondary importance — if so much less subject than the body of the uterus to alterations in its intimate structure — and if so comparatively insensible even to rude modes of therapeutical interference— it certainly does appear to me that the assumption that some slight abrasion of the mucous membrane covering this part is capable of causing a list of ills so formidable as are attributed to it, ought to rest for its support...
Page 252 - ... great measure negatived by two circumstances : — 1. The number of instances in which an indurated cervix coexisted with a healthy os uteri. / / 2. The fact that, while induration of the cervix was present in '/ 25 out of 46 cases in which the ulceration of the os was very slight, ' it was altogether absent in 9 out of 16 cases in which the ulceration was noted as having been very extensive.
Page 283 - ... a well-marked progression of certain chemical manifestations, but that the same progression is accordant with the numeral exponents of their combining weights. We seem here to have the dawning of a new light ; — indicative of the mutual convertibility of certain groups of elements, although under conditions which as yet are hidden from our scrutiny.
Page 315 - ... which hung upon a peg among the other things. The ladle was again employed, for the...
Page 326 - It is, then, in the vital and anatomical conditions of the muscular fibre that we find the key of cardiac pathology ; for, no matter what the affection may be, its symptoms mainly depend on the strength or weakness, the irritability or paralysis, the anatomical health or disease of the cardiac muscles.

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