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18. But ye are Christ's House; if ye hold faf the Confidence, and the Rejoycing of Hope firm to the end. ver. 6. Caft not away thy Confi

. dence then; which has so great Recompence of Reward. Chap. 10. 35.

Whoever would put thee out of it; Be no more persuaded to part with thy Faith, than to part with thy Saviour, or thy Soul. Be strong in Faith, giving Glory to God : Like the Father of the Faithful; Rom. 4. 20. And let the World

į fee, That thou servest the Lord, whom thou Darest Trust.

And tho' thou art a miserable Sinner: He will be the more Glorified, to be thy Saviour. Tho' thou hast been Guilty of great Sins, before thy Conversion ; Yea and since too: Yet why did he Bear the Punishment of them, If thou must Bear it? Tho'thou wantest Righteousness, to Recommend thee: He has enough, To make thee Accepted in him. And the Justice of Heaven is more

: Satisfied, in his Suffering Once; than in thy Suffering for ever. Nor is God only Merciful, but Juft, in Justifying the Believers on Jesus. Rom. 3. 26. Faithful and Yuft to Forgive thee thy Sins.. I Joh. 1.9. And he that did cast an eye of Pity upon thee, even at the Worst; Be sure, will not cast thee off, when it is grown Better with thee. As the Apostle argues; Rom. 5. 10. If when we were Enemies į we were reconciled to God, by the



Death of his Son; Much more being Reconciled, we shall be Saved by his Life. He that would not Disdain thee, when there was nothing of Invitation in thee: Will he Desert thee, after his own Blessed work begun in thee, Invites and Engages him, to Perfect, what concerns thee? Wherefore shouldst thou so Fear in the days of Evil; when the Iniquity of thy heels shall compass thee about? Psal. 49.5. For God in Christ binds himself in a Covenant of Grace and Friendship with all Believers : And then the Law of Friendship obliges to bear with Failings and Infirmities. So that when thou finnest of Frailty; and art carry'd away with the Force of Temptations, to do the Evil which thou wouldest not; yca and when old Reckonings, and Past Sins, Regurgitate, and make new Head against thee; Thou hast an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the Righteous, and he is the Propitiation for thy sins. 2 Joh. 2. 2. So that the sinful. evil shall not be Charged upon thee; When thou dost not Approve of it, nor consent to it : But makest thy Prayers and Resistance against it. That which thou bearest then as a Burden; and Longest and ftrivest to get Rid of; Tho'it Annoy thee; it shall not Destroy thee. For Christ has once Atoned, and still Intercedeth, for such 'Transgressors. And where any has ought against 'em; He will place it on his own Account; and so bring off, and clear ’em.



Dost thou then Confess thy Sins, and Endeavour to Break them off; yet darest not Trust him to Forgive 'em? Take heed, For thus thou thinkelt worse of thy Heavenly Lord, than thou would'st do of any worthy Iriend upon Earth ; from whom thou would'st be bold to expect such Favour. Whereas the Blessed Saviour, will not only Equal, but Exceed, all the Kindest Friends, that thou knoweit in the World. O cast thy self then upon that Mercy, which lies open to all that are in Mifery: Not because thou art Worthy; But because thou haft an Almighty and most Gracious Redeemer, who distributes it Freely. Expect it from him, without Money, and without Price : Not because Thou canst so well Please him ; But because Mercy best Pleases him. Mic. 7. 18. Not for thy fake: But for his own; Isa. 43. 45. For the Fulness of that Love, which Covers all the Multitude of thy Sins. And when ever thou Fallest into any of them ;. Do but Humble thy Soul, and make Conscience to Rise again; And let thy Heart Cleave to nothing that God abhors: Nor Allow thy self to rua on in any Known way of Wickedness: And then thy Sins Remaining, when not Reset and Cherished, shall not be Imputed.

Thus Let Faith in Christ still be thy strong Hold : But by a Conscientious Carriage, be full of Care, to keep that Faith in good Heart: So to keep up the good Intelligence with


Heaven; By walking in thy Integrity before the Lord. Nor Harden thy Heart againit Repentance, when sensible of thy Offences : And let not that Heart Condemn thee, For shutting thy eyes against the Light, which fhews thee thy Duty. For the Bolder thou makest with Sin; The less Bold shalt thou be in thy God. And the better thou Keepest in with him; the more Confidence shalt thou have towards him. Tho'none of thy Holiness can Merit Heaven: yet he that has Merited for thee, Appoints thee in this way to walk thither. And tho' thou dost not Establish thy own Righteousness; Nor Truji to any thing that thou doit; (Not to any of thy Duties, for more than belongs to 'em; i. e. Thou must not Trust to them, for Christ's part :) Yet because Justified persons have somewhat more to do, than 7rusting in Chrift Jesus ; Let me shew, briefly, for thy Satisfaction and Establishment, (as such a onen) What God now Requires, and will Accept, of thee.

If then thou dost not take up with the Antinomian conceit, To ask, What need I do any thing; when Christ' has done all ? Yet dost thou run the sense of thy Insufficiency to such an Extream, as to count the use of all thy Endeavours but a meer Impertinence; and askeft, What is all my Labour worth? Or what will it signify; Ler me do. whatever I can? Do not think that Grace will be ever the less Free, for all thy Labouring : But tho' there is no Merit in it; yet Grace may be justly with-holden, for Want of it. And still must thou be giving Proof and Evidence of thy Believing, in thy Working ; And have a Careful heart, to know what the Will of the Lord concerning thee is : And put forth all the Strength thou hast, to do the things which he Commands.


Thus then the Case stands, He requires thee to Mortify all thy Lufts; ånd to Break off all thy Sins; To yield him entire Obedience, and to Abound in the Fruits of Righteousness. True.

But then for all this, he allows Thee Time, and will Supply thee with Strength ; And will Accept thee, doing it in such manner, and by such Degrees, as thy Frailty will admit. And he does not expect, that all on a sudden, thou shouldst shake off every Corruption : But that thou shouldīt Labour to Subdue them; according to that measure of Strength thou hast received. And when thou layeft thy Designs, and bendest thy Forces, against the Sins that hang upon thee; Tho’thou art not presently rid of 'em, He will Accept thce.

And tho' thou canst not quite Banish the Corruption from Dwelling in thee; Nor get the full and perfect Conquest over it: Yet if thou Warrest against it, to prevent the Reig


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