New Series of The Mathematical Repository, Volume 6

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W. Glendinning, 1835 - Mathematics

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Page 220 - A short Account of Experiments and Instruments depending on the Relations of Air to Heat and Moisture.
Page 237 - If a straight line be bisected, and produced to any point; the rectangle contained by the whole line thus produced, and the part of it produced, together with the square...
Page 25 - The opposite angles of any quadrilateral figure inscribed in a circle, are together equal to two right angles.
Page 17 - Cor. 10.) 7. A ladder rests with one end on a smooth horizontal plane, and the other against a smooth vertical wall; find the horizontal force at its foot which will keep it at rest; and when the force is removed determine its motion. 8. Find experimentally the refracting power of any transparent substance.
Page 19 - Define specific gravity, and give a method by which the specific gravity of a body lighter than the fluid in which it is weighed may be found. A piece of metal whose weight in water is 12 ounces is attached to a piece of wood which weighs 16 ounces in vacuo, and the weight of the two in water is 8 ounces ; find the specific gravity of the wood.
Page 8 - If two straight lines meeting one another be parallel to two other straight lines which meet one another, but are not in the same plane with the first two; the plane which passes through these is parallel to the plane passing through the others.
Page 27 - A body acted on by gravity descends in a straight line : find the space described in a given time, and prove that it is equal to half the space which would be described in the same time with the last acquired velocity continued uniform.
Page 21 - If a body acted upon by gravity be projected in a medium the resistance of which varies as the square of the velocity...
Page 54 - An Account of a Series of Experiments Made with a View to the Construction of an Achromatic Telescope with a Fluid Concave Lens, Instead of the Usual Lens of Flint Glass. In a Letter Addressed to Davies Gilbert, Esq. MP President of the Royal Society.
Page 44 - If a solid angle be contained by three plane angles, any two of them are greater than the third.

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