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The Old and New Testaments, and declarative of his essential
Divinitt and gracious Offices in the Salvation of Man:

To Which is Annexed, . . ^ .


Relative to the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit,
Which have been published since the Christian -iEra.

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Whosoever speakcth against the HOLY GHOST • * •
***************** f-j, Mattn. xii. 02.


First American, From The Second London Edition.

Phila Delphia:
printed by Cochran fcf M4laughlin, NO, 108 Race*Street.


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THE former Volume of Essays, which chiefly related to the divinity of CHRIST, was composed in hours of retreat from the business of the world: The present, which treats of the divinity of the HOLY SPIRIT, has been written in full retirement from the world itself. It was therefore supposed, that the Title of Hora Solitarie might not be improper for both.

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However trite and common the apology, it can very truly be said, that thjs part of the work was attempted and now appears at the instance of a learned and most valuable friend, whose wishes with the author, on the best of accounts, ought to have the force of commands, and whose worth and eminence it might seem vain to mention upon this occasion, as it would be thought superfluous (did he take the liberty to name him) upon-any. -—-»"

The two volumes, beyond the particular subject of each, concurin one common design to shew; That the doctrine of a TRINITY Of PERSONS in One and the Same JEHOVAH is essential to the very being of the Christian religion; and, That the practical use or experience of this truth, including and combining all the other principles of the faith, is the proper constituent of the Christian life. If the Essays tend to confirm a doctrine so important, or to induce an improvement so desirable, the author may be credited in having no other purpose in their publication; unless indeed this consideration can be thought to have an undue influence with him, that any advantage, which the public indulgence may allow on the sale of the book, is already devoted to the household of faith, and will be applied by a different hand.

. The author's distance from the press has increased the im» perfections of his papers, which the candid and intelligent reader will have the goodness to correct or excuse: And he ventures humbly to solicit every .reader, who As duly-sensible' of the consequence of divine truth, that prayer may be made for the blessing'of grace, without which no human endeavors can be successful, and that all the praise, if the least good ensue, be rendered to HIM, " from whom all holy desires, all good counsels, and all just works, do proceed."

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