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AGNESEN, Philipp. Relation des mit der Hoch-Adelichen Frauen, Fr. Philippinen Agnesen von Eberstein, &c. 24 pp. 4to. Leipzig, 1686.

AGRICOLA, G. De re metallica libri duodecim: quibus accesserunt tractatus "de animantibus subterraneis; de ortu et causis subterraneorum; de natura eorum quæ effluunt ex terra; de natura fossilium; de veteribus et novis metallis; et Bermannus, sive de re metallica, dialogus." 260 Tab. fol. Basileæ, 1657.

AGRICOLA, J. Ammonii. Medicinæ herbariæ libri duo. 8vo. Basil. 1536.


A treatise on soils and manures, as founded on actual experience, and as combined with the leading principles of agriculture. By a Practical Agriculturist. 8vo. London, 1818. AGRICULTURE. Observations sur divers moyens de soutenir et d'encourager l'agriculture; principalement dans la Guyenne. 12mo. 1756.

AGRICULTURE, Board of, Communications to the, on subjects relative to the husbandry and internal improvement of the country. 7 vols. 4to. London, 1797-1813.

AGRICULTURE, Board of. Agricultural state of the kingdom, in February, March, and April, 1816. 8vo. London, 1816.

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AIKIN, J. The lives of John Selden Esq. and Archbishop Usher. 8vo. London, 1812.


AINSLIE, W., associated with Mr. A. SMITH and Dr. M. CHRISTY. Medical, Geographical, and Agricultural report of a committee appointed by the Madras government on the causes of the epidemic fever which prevailed in the provinces of Coimbatore, Madura, &c., during 1809, 10, and 11. 8vo. London, 1816.

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AINSLIE, W. Materia Indica; or, some account of those articles which are employed by the Hindoos, and other Eastern nations, in their Medicine, Arts and Agriculture. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1826. AIR. A general chronological history of the air, weather, seasons, meteors, &c. 2 vols. 8vo. London,


AIRQUAKES. An account of explosions in the Atmosphere, or Airquakes. 8vo. London, 1750. AIRY, G. B. Account of improvements in chronometers, made by Mr. J. Sweetman Eiffe. 4to. London, 1842.

AIRY, G. B. Account of the Northumberland Equatoreal and Dome, attached to the Cambridge Observatory. 4to. Cambridge, 1844.

AIRY, G. B. Reduction of the Observations of Planets made at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, from 1750-1830. 4to. London, 1845.

AIRY, G. B. Reduction of the observations of the moon, made at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, from 1750-1851. 3 vols. 4to. London, 1848-59.

AIRY, G. B. Essays on the Roman Invasions of Britain, &c. Maps. 4to. London, 1865.



AIRY, G. B. Six lectures on Astronomy, delivered at Ipswich. 4th edit. 8vo. London, s. a.

Again, Popular Astronomy. 5th edit. 12mo. ib. 1866. .
AIRY, G. B. On the undulatory theory of optics. New edit. 8vo. Cambridge, 1866.
Airy, G. B. On sound and atmospheric vibrations, with the mathematical elements of music. 8vo.
Cambridge, 1868.

Again, 2nd edit. 8vo. London, 1871.
AITKEN, William. Handbook of the science and practice of medicine. 8vo. London, 1858.
Again, 2nd edit. 2 vols. 8vo. ib. 1863.

. .
Again, 3rd edit. 2 vols. 8vo. ib. 1864.
Again, 4th edit. 2 vols. 8vo. ib. 1866. .
Again, 5th edit. 2 vols. 8vo. ib. 1868.

Again, 6th edit. 2 vols. 8vo. ib. 1872.
AITON, W. Hortus Kewensis; or a catalogue of the plants cultivated in the royal botanic garden at
Kew. 13 Pl. 3 vols. 8vo. London, 1789.

Again, 2nd edit., enlarged by W. T. Aiton. 5 vols. 8vo. London, 1810-13. AITON, W. T. An epitome of the second edition of Hortus Kewensis ; with references to figures of

the plants. 8vo. London, 1814. AITON, W. v. BAUER, F. AKENSIDE, M. Oratio Harveiana, 1759. 4to. Londini, 1760. AKERMAN, J. Y. Remains of Pagan Saxondom. 40 Pl. 4to. London, 1855. ALARD. Du siége et de la nature des maladies. 2 vols.. 8vo. Paris, 1821. AB ALBERDING, A. Dissertatio medica inauguralis de dysenteria. 4to. Lugd. Bat., 1709. ALBERS, J. A. Commentatio de Tracheitide infantum, vulgo croup vocata. 4to. Lipsiæ, 1816. ALBERS, J. A. Icones ad illustrandam anatomen comparatam. 7 Tab. Fasc. 1-2. fol. Lipsiæ,


ALBERS, J. C. Malacographia Maderensis sive enumeratio molluscorum quæ in insulis Maderæ et

Portus Sancti aut viva exstant aut fossilia reperiuntur. 17 Tab. col. 4to. Berolini, 1854. ALBERT, H.R.H., Prince. Addresses delivered on different public occasions. 4to. London, 1857. von ALBERTI, F. Beitrag zu einer Monographie des bunten Sandsteins, Muschelkalks und Keupers,

und die Verbindung dieser Gebilde zu einer Formation. 8vo. Stuttgart, 1834. VON ALBERTI, F. Halurgische Geologie. 2 vols. 8vo. Stuttgart, 1852.

von ALBERTI, F. Ueberblick über die Trias, mit Berücksichtigung ihres Vorkommens in den Alpen.

7 Tafeln. 8vo. Stuttgart, 1864. DE ALBERTINI, I. B. et SCHWEINIZ, L. D. de. Conspectus fungorum in Lusatiæ superioris agro

Niskiensi crescentium ; e methodo Persooniana. 12 Tab. col. 8vo. Lipsiæ, 1805.
ALBERTUS MAGNUS. De animalibus. fol. Venetiis, 1519.
ALBERTUS MAGNUS. Liber Mineralium. 8vo. s. a. et l.
ALBERTUS MAGNUS. Secreta mulierum et virorum. 8vo. s. a. et 1.




De secretis mulierum. Item de virtutibus herbarum, lapidum et animalium. 12mo. Amstelodami, 1655.

ALBIN, E. A natural history of birds.

306 col. Pl. To which are added, notes and observations by W. Derham. 3 vols. 4to. London, 1738-40.

ALBIN, E. A natural history of English song-birds; with the figures of the cock, hen, and egg, of each species. 3rd edit. 22 Pl. 8vo. London, 1759.

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ALBINEUS, N. Bibliotheca chemica contracta: continens Augurellii chrysopœia et vellus aureum ;' 'Novum lumen chemicum M. Sandivogii; Enchiridion physicæ restitutæ,' et Arcanum Her8vo. Genevæ, 1653.

meticæ philosophiæ opus, autore anonymo.'

ALBINI, B. Causæ et signa morborum. 4 vols.

8vo. Gedani, 1791-94.

ALBINUS, B. S. Historia musculorum hominis. 4 Tab. 4to. Leid. Bat. 1734.

ALBINUS, B. S. Icones ossium fœtus humani. Accedit osteogeniæ brevis historia. 16 Tab. 4to. Leid. Bat. 1737.

ALBINUS, B. S. Tabulæ sceleti et musculorum corporis humani. 28 Tab. fol. Lugd. Bat. 1747. ALBINUS, B. S. Academicarum annotationum libri octo. 38 Tab. 4to. Leidæ, 1754–68. ALBUCASIS vide ALSAHARAVIUS.

ALCOCK, R. Notes on the medical history and statistics of the British Legion of Spain. 8vo. London, 1838.

ALCOCK, T. An essay on the use of chlorurets of oxide of sodium and of lime, as powerful disinfecting agents. 8vo. London, 1827.

ALCOCK, T. Questions on Huxley's lessons in elementary physiology. 12mo. London, 1869. ALCOTT, William A. Tea and coffee, their physical, intellectual, and moral effects on the human system. 5th edit. 12mo. New York, n. d.

ALCOTT, William A. Vegetable diet: as sanctioned by medical men, and by experience in all ages. 8vo. Boston (U.S.), 1838.

ALCOTT, William A. Lectures on life and health; or, the laws and means of physical culture. 8vo. Boston (U. S.), 1853.

ALCOTT, William A. The use of tobacco; its physical, intellectual, and moral effects on the human system. 4th edit. 12mo. New York, 1854.

ALDER, Joshua, and HANCOCK, Albany. A monograph of the British Nudibranchiate Mollusca. 83 Pl. 4to. London (Ray Soc.), 1845-55.

ALDINI, J. Essai théorique et expérimentale sur le Galvanisme, avec une série d'expériences. 10 Pl. 4to. Paris, 1804.

ALDINI, J. General views on the application of galvanism to medical purposes. 8vo. London,


ALDINUS, T. Descriptio rariorum plantarum quæ in horto Farnesiano Romæ continentur. 27 Tab. fol. Romæ, 1625.

ALDIS, W. S. An elementary treatise on solid geometry. 8vo. Cambridge, 1865.

ALDROVANDUS, U. Ornithologiæ, hoc est de avibus historiæ. 631 Tab. 3 vols. fol. Bonon. 15991634.

Aldrovandus, U. De mollibus, 16 Tab.; crustaceis, 51 Tab.; testaceis, 145 Tab., et zoophytis, 19 Tab. fol. Bonon. 1606.




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ALDROVANDUS, U. De quadrupedibus digitatis viviparis, 86 Tab.; et oviparis, 32 Tab. fol. Bonon.

1637. ALDROVANDUS, U. De quadrupedum omnium bisulcorum historia. 68 Tab. fol. Bonon. 1621. · ALDROVANDUS, U. De piscibus, 311 Tab.; de cetis, 26 Tab. fol. Bonon. 1638. ALDROVANDUS, U. De animalibus insectis. 110 Tab. fol. Bonon. 1638. ALDROVANDUS, U. De quadrupedibus solidipedibus. 10 Tab. fol. Bonon. 1639. . ALDROVANDUS, U. Serpentum et draconum historiæ. 53 Tab. fol. Bonon. 1640. ALDROVANDUS, U. Monstrorum historia ; cum paralipomenis historiæ omnium animalium. 342 Tab.

fol. Bonon. 1642. ALDROVANDUS, U. Musæum metallicum. fol. Bonon. 1648. ALDROVANDUS, U. Dendrologiæ ; naturalis scilicet arborum historiæ libri duo : cum iconibus 130.

fol. Bonon. 1668. D'ALEMBERT, J. Traité de dynamique. Nouvelle édit. 4to. Paris, 1758. ALEXANDER APHRODISIENSIS. De febrium causis et differentiis ed. G. Valla. In librum Joannis

Damasceni, De exquisita Febrium curatione, ejusdem Aphorismorum libellus. Lat. paraphraste

Albano Torino. 12mo. Basileæ, 1542. ALEXANDER APHRODISIENSIS vide JOANNES GRAMMATICUS. ALEXANDER, Johannes. Synopsis Algebraica, Opus posthumum. 8vo. Londini, 1693. ALEXANDER, J. E. Travels from India to England, comprehending a visit to the Burman Empire,

and a journey through Persia, Asia Minor, European Turkey, &c., in 1825–26. Maps and

Plates. 4to. London, 1827. ALEXANDER, J. E. Travels to the seat of war in the East, through Russia and the Crimea in 1829.

2 vols. 20 Plates and Map. 8vo. London, 1830. ALEXANDER, J. E. Transatlantic sketches, comprising visits to the most interesting scenes in North

and South America, and the West Indies. 11 Plates. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1833. ALEXANDER, J. E. Narrative of a voyage of observation among the colonies of Western Africa, in

the flagship Thalia; and of a campaign in Kaffir-Land, on the staff of the Commander-in-Chief,

in 1835. With Maps and 3 Plates, by Major C. C. Michell. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1837. ALEXANDER TRALLIANUS. Libri xii, Gr. Rhaza de pestilentia libellus ex Syrorum in Græcam

translatus; Jacobi Goupyli in eosdem castigationes. fol. Lutet. 1548. ALEXANDER TRALLIANUS. Libri xii, Gr. et Lat. Interprete Joan. Guinterio. 8vo. Basileæ, 1556. ALEXANDER TRALLIANUS. Libri xii, Lat. Ed. Joan. Guinterio, cum notis Joan. Molinæi. 12mo.

Lugduni, 1575.
ALEXANDER, William. Experimental essays on the following subjects,-

1. On the external application of antiseptics in putrid diseases.
II. On the doses and effects of medicines.

III. On diuretics and sudorifics. 8vo. London, 1768.
ALEXANDRINUS, Julius. Salubrium, sive de sanitate tuenda, libri triginta tres. fol. Colon. Agripp.

1575. ALEXIS. The secrets of Alexis; containing many excellent remedies against divers diseases, wounds

and other accidents. 8vo. London, 1615.

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ALGERIA. Exploration scientifique de l'Algérie pendant les années 1840-1842:



CARETTE, E. Etude des routes suivies par les Arabes dans la partie méridionale de l'Algérie et de la régence de Tunis. 1 Carte. 8vo. Paris, 1844.

CARETTE, E. Recherches sur la géographie et le commerce de l'Algérie méridionale, suivies d'une notice géographique sur une partie de l'Afrique septentrionale par E. Renou. 3 Cartes. 8vo. ib. 1844.

CARETTE, E. Recherches sur l'origine et les migrations des principales tribus de l'Afrique
septentrionale et particulièrement de l'Algérie. 8vo. ib. 1853.

CARETTE, E. Etudes sur la Kabilie proprement dite. 1 Carte. 2 vols. 8vo. ib. 1848.
PELLISSIER, E. Mémoires historiques et géographiques sur l'Algérie. 8vo. ib. 1844.
MOHAMMED BEN-ABI-EL-RAÏNI-EL-K'AÏROUÂNI. Histoire de l'Afrique, trad. de l'arabe
par MM. E. Pellissier et Rémusat. 8vo. ib. 1845.

RENOU, E. Description géographique de l'Empire de Maroc, suivie d'itinéraires et ren-
seignements sur le pays de Sous &c. par A. Berbrugger. 1 Carte. 8vo. ib. 1846.
EL-AÏACH'I- et MOULA-AHMED. Voyages dans le sud de l'Algérie, &c. trad. par A.
Berbrugger. 8vo. ib. 1846.

KHALIL-IBN-ISH'ÂK'. Précis de jurisprudence musulmane, trad. de l'arabe par M. Perron.
6 vols. 8vo. ib. 1848-52.

PELLISSIER, E. Description de la régence de Tunis. 1 Carte. 8vo. ib. 1853.


PERIER, J. A. N. De l'hygiène en Algérie, suivi d'un mémoire sur la peste en Algérie par A. Berbrugger. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1847.


DESHAYES, G. P. Histoire naturelle des mollusques. Tome I. 'Mollusques acéphalés'
avec Atlas de 101 Pl. col. 4to. Paris, 1844–48.

GUICHENOT, A. Histoire naturelle des reptiles et des poissons. 12 Pl. col. 4to. ib. 1850.
LOCHE. Histoire naturelle des oiseaux. 15 Pl. col. 4to. ib. 1867.
LOCHE. Histoire naturelle des mammifères.

7 Pl. col. 4to. ib. 1867.

LUCAS, H. Histoire naturelle des animaux articulés. 3 vols. et Atlas de 122 Pl. col. 4to. ib. 1849.


RENOU, É. Géologie de l'Algérie, accompagnée d'une notice minéralogique sur le massif d'Alger par M. Ravergie. 5 Pl. 4to. Paris, 1848.


1. DURIEU DE MAISONNEUVE. Cryptogamie, lère, partie. Paris, 1846-49.

II. COSSON, E., et DURIEU DE MAISONNEUVE. Phanérogamie. 1854-67.
ATLAS de la Flore d'Algérie. 90 Pl. col. 4to. ib. 1846-68.


AIME, G. Recherches de physique générale sur la Méditerranée, et observations sur le
magnétisme terrestre. 30 Pl. 2 vols. 4to. Paris, 1845-46.

Paris, 1846-53.

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