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I THINK it right to apprize the reader that the two first Sermons in this Volume, on the subject of a particular Providence, contain, in a more extended form, the substance of a single Sermon on that subject, which I published in 1811; and that the first Sermon on Modern Unitarianism, which stands the ninth in this Volume, was published in the same year. I have also to state, that the substance of the Sermon on the Assurance of Salvation, which stands the seventh in this Volume, was published in the form of an Essay, in 1814, for the office, which I then held, of Christian Advocate in the University of Cambridge, and that it then passed through two editions;

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it is now published as a Sermon, in which form it has been delivered from the pulpit, for the purpose of preserving the uniformity of the Volume. With the above-mentioned exceptions, the Sermons contained in this Volume are now, for the first time, submitted to the public.

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