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Vol. I-VI. London 1814-1828. 4. Der 1., 3., 5. Bd. enthält den Tert, der 2., 4., 6. Bd. die Kupfer. Dieses höchst wichtige Werk enthält folgende Abhandlungen: Vol. I. II. 1814. On the general distribution of the preparations on comparative anatomy in the Hunterian collection, p. 1. On the structure of those parts of animals which are formed for the purposes of motion, p.24. tab. 2. the mechanism, by which the hood of the cobra de capello snake is raised; tab. 3. the mechanism, by which it is depressed; tab. 5. the pelvis of the female Kangoroo; tab. 6. longitudinal section of spine of Squalus max. On the inherent powers, and various arrangements of muscular fibres, p. 39. On the growth of shell and bone, p. 51. tab. 7. the skull of the sea-otter. Of the skeleton, p. 70. t. 8. mech. by which locomotion in snakes is produced; t. 9. another view, Of Joints, p. 82. On the progressive motion of animals, p. 98. t. 10. articulation of the ribs and vertebrae in the Boa constrictor. On the stomach, p. 137. 152. t. 11. of lynx; t. 13. of beaver, dormouse, water rat; t. 14. Wombat; t. 15. hare; t. 16. ass. The hog, p. 152. tab. 17. The Elephant, p. 155. tab. 18. Kanguroo, p. 155. tab. 19. Vampyr Bat, p. 158. tab. 20. Long-eared bat, p. 160. of the ruminatings, p. 160. t. 21. 22. of the bullok; t. 23. 24. 25. of the Camel.

On the teeths of quadrupeds, p. 176. t. 26. sea-otter; t. 27. wild boar. Of the complex teeth, p. 196. t. 31. hippopotamus, horse, cow, shep; t. 32. Rhinoceros; t. 33-35. Asiatic Elephant; t. 36. 37. African Elephant; t. 38. 39. Sus aethiopicus. On the passing of fluids from the cardiac portion of the stomach into the circulation of the blood, p. 221. t. 43. stomach of the Ornithorhynchus hystrix; t. 57. tongue; t. 58. the bill of paradoxus; t. 59. head of Ornith. parad. On the stomachs and teeth of the whale tribe, p. 246. t. 40. 41. 42. On the digestive organs of birds, p. 267. 285. t. 44. of hawk; t. 45. Ardea argala; t. 46. soland-goose; t. 47. Cormorant; t. 48. gull, woodpeeker, auk; t. 49. turkey; t. 50. parrot; t. 51. Java Cassowary; t. 52. New South-Wales cassowary; t. 53. 54. American ostrich; t. 55. 56. African ostrich. On the bills and gizzards of birds, p. 303. t. 61. 62. of turkey; t. 63. of swan. On the stomachs and teeth of coldblooded animals, that breathe atmospherical air, p. 319. t. 64. frog, viper, turtle; t. 65. teeth of serpents. On the stomachs of the truly amphibious animals and fishes, p. 336. t. 66. cod-fisk; t. 67. Squalus acanthias; t. 68. blue shark; t. 69. Squalus maximus. On the digestive organs of worms and Insects, p. 355. t. 70. of leech; t. 71: Dagysa strumosa; t. 72. other dagysa; t. 73. salpa; t. 74. ascidia; t. 75. barnacles; t. 76. echinus; t. 77. oyster; t. 78. fresh water-muscle; t. 79. nereis; t. 80. 81. teredo navalis; t. 82. solen; t. 83. cuttle-fish; t. 84.

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Cape-grashopper, termites. On the intestines of fishes, amphibious animals, and cold blooded animals that breathe air, p. 386. t. 85. of bilchard and conger eel; t. 86. pike; t. 87. turbot; t. 88. electrical eel; t. 89. toad fisk and flounder; t. 90. haddock; t. 91. solę; t. 92. scorpaena horrida; t. 93. gurnard; t. 94. Lophius piscatorius; t. 95. salmon; t. 96. sturgeon; t. 97. kingston skate; t. 98. Squalus acanthias; t. 99. Salamandra, scincus; t. 100. iguana; t. 101. rana paradoxa; t. 102. Musquito shore and land tortoise; t. 103. tortoise of Carolina.

On the intestines of birds, p. 402. t. 104. arabian pelican; t. 105. crane; t. 106. soland goose; t. 107. little auk, raven; t. 108. sea mew; t. 109. ardea argala; t. 110. wild duck; t. 111. goose; t. 112. wild swan. On the intestines of quadrupeds, p. 424. 458. t. 113. leopard; t. 114. horse; t. 115. zebra; t. 116. tapir; t. 117. hog; t. 118. cow; t. 119. Indian bull; t. 120. camel; t. 121. sheep; t. 122. Vicunna sheep; t. 123. goat; t. 124. ring-horned antelope; t. 125. antelope; t. 126. Carolina deer; t. 127. deer from Wales's Island; t. 128. deer; t. 129. hog deer; t. 130. east Indian deer; t. 131. common deer; t. 132. rein deer. Vol. III. IV. 1823. On the brain and nerves, p. 37. Squalus maximus; tab. 15. of Squalus acanthias.

tab. 13. 14. of On the teeth of

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the Delphinus gangeticus, p. 115. tab. 17. Of the Seal, p. 117. t. 18. 19. 20. On the teeth and stomachs of the Dugong and Manatee, p. 119. t. 21. 22. 23. Dugongs skull and teeth; t. 24. 25. Dugongs stomach; t. 26. Manatees stomach; t. 27. coecum. On the stomach of the two-horned Rhinoceros from Sumatra, p. 127. t. 28. On the nests, of the Java Swallow, p. 128. t. 29. gastric glands. On the structure of the heart in different animals, p. 152. tab. 39. respiratory organs of Leech and Aphrodita aculeata; t. 40. circulation of Lumbricus marinus; t. 43. heart of Teredo navalis; t. 44. 45. of Sepia heart; t. 46. gills of Lamprey; t. 47. of Myxine; t. 48. heart of Lophius piscatorius; t. 49. of shark; t. 50. of Dugong; t. 51. Dugong bronchia. On the skeletons and progressive motion of animals, p. 172. t. 53. sternum of young Dugong; t. 54. skeleton; t. 56. Manatee skelet; t. 57. Rhinoceros skel.; t. 58. skull of Tapir of Sumatra; t. 59. of America; t. 60. of Rhinoceros; t. 77. fin of Squalus maximus ; t. 80-84. foot of Insects: On Sceleton of Rhinoceros, p. 176. the Eye, p. 203. tab. 85. eye of monkey; t. 88. of bullock; t. 89. of goose; t. 90. marsupium of those; t. 91. lymphatics; t. 92. eagle's eye; t. 93. birds eye, marsupium; t. 96. snakes eyelids. On the organ of hearing, p. 249. tab. 98. Elephants membrana tympani; t. 99. of bull and horse; t. 100. of Balaena; t. 101. internal organ of ear of Balaena. On generation, p. 285. tab. 112. 113. ovaria of Cow; t. 114. 115. ovaria of sow.; t. 116. penis and uterus of Dugong; t. 117. penis of sea-otter; t. 167. 168. monkeys placenta; t. 170. cotyloid placenta; t. 171. Cotyledons of ruminating animals. On the mode of breeding of the Kangaroo, Opossum and Ornithorhynci, p. 341. tab. 123. uterus of Kangaroo; t. 124. marsupium; t. 125. uterus after parturition; t. 126. Kangaroo foetus; t. 127. pregnant uterus; t. 128. ovaria; t. 129. ovaria of Opossum; t. 130. Ornithorh. parad. pelvis and chest; t. 131. penis and uterus; t. 134. penis of Ornith. hystrix; t. 135. ovaria; t. 136. hen, ovaria. On the Ova of cold blooded animals, p. 371. Frog, p. 372. On the mode of breeding of the shark, Squalus acanth. p. 383. t. 137 male organs; t. 138. penis and holders; t. 139. female organs; t. 140. ova and oviduct; t. 143. 144. double organs of Lamprey and Conger. On the ova of hermaphrodite animals admitting of double copulation, p. 399. tab. 144-149. Lumbricus terrestris ; t. 141. Helix janthina, ova; t. 142. ova of Octopus; t. 150. 152. of Lepas anatifera. On the ova of Self-impregnating animals, p. 405. t. 153. 154. Vibrio tritici. The changes the egg undergoes during incubation, p. 422. tab. 155-164. Vol. V. VI. 1828. The organs of digestion of the Walruss. p. 4. tab. 1. 2. On the poison of the Rattlesnake, p. 139. On the nature of the carinae and scales of fishes, p. 232. On the peculiarities of the tongue of the Xariffa, and on the muscular structure of tongues in general, p. 244. tab. 30. 32. On a newly discovered muscle belonging to the crystalline lens in the eye of the Cobitis Anableps fish, from Surinam, to adjust the lens for vision at near distances, p. 250. tab. 38. On the propagation of the species in the different classes of the animal kingdom, p. 285. In the oyster, p. 287. tab. 43. 44. In the fresh-water muscle, p. 292. tab. 45. 46. On the formation of pearls, p. 295. tab. 47. A description of the ovarium of the Tetrodon Mola, or short Sun-Fish, p. 311. tab. 51. On the organs of generation of the Proteus, p. 313. On the changes the ovum of the frog undergoes, p. 317. tab. 54. Ova; t. 55. tadpoles in the ova; tab. 56. formation of their internal organs. On the female organs of generation of the Ornithorhynchus hystrix, p. 321. tab. 60. On the placenta, p. 325. tab. 61. 62. placenta and foetus of Hyrax capensis; t. 63. Seal-placenta; t. 27. Tapirs placenta; t. 26. nerves of the Seal-placenta. On the male organs of animals, p. 329. t. 58. 59. male and female organs of Mexican Proteus; t. 52. 53. mal. and fem. org. of Anableps. On the structure of the penis, p. 338. vations on the Elephants stomach. Vol. VI. p. 9. tab. 3. 4.

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of the Al Paca. On the organs of generation and the mode of breeding of the Cobitis Anableps.

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cuticola e sulle membrane mucose.

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6) ricerche anatomico-fisiologiche sulla Ein Auszug steht in Biblioteca italiana

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