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52 Monteth's History of the Troubles of Great Britain, with the

most remarkable passages of Scotland, from 1633 to 1660, &c. &c. calf, 18s.

1735 53 Nattes's (Claude) Bath Illustrated by a Series of Views, finely

coloured, to imitate the original drawings, 30 plates, with

descriptions, (published at iol. 10s.) boards, 61. 6s. 1806 54 Nalson's Historical Collections from 1539 to 1548, frontis

pieces, 2 vols. fine copy, in the original calf binding, with marbled leaves, 21. 2s.

1682 55 Nash's History and Antiquities of Worcestershire, with Supplement, complete, 2 vols. boards, 71. 7s.

1787 56 Neale's History and Antiquities of the Abbey Church of

St. Peter, Westminster; printed in folio, to correspond with the new edition of Dugdale's Monasticon, Parts I. to V. 1l. 11s. 6d. each.

Only 50 copies printed in this size. 57 Nichols's History and Antiquities of Hinckley, 2d edition, with

22 plates, only 50 copies printed, boards, 21. 2s. 1813 58 Ogilby's Account of the Coronation of King Charles the Second, plates by Hollan, 21. 2s.

1662 59 Polwhele's History of Devonshire, 3 vols, in 1, map and fine plates, boards, 51. 15s.6d.

Exeter, 1797 60 Purchas, his Pilgrimage, or Relations of the World and the

Religions and Customs of all Ages and Countries, second edition, much enlarged, fine copy, calf, 15s.

1614 61 Polychronicon, translated by Trevisa, vicar of Berkeley, from

the Latin of Ranulph Hygden, monk of Chester, EMPRYNTED BY CAXTON AT WESTMYSTRE in 1482, wants some leaves, but a fine specimen, elegantly bound in mo

rocco, 151. 62 Sammes's Antiquities of Ancient Britain, plates, very fine copy, il. 5s.

1676 63 Scottish Scenery, 20 views, engraved by Byrne, with descriptions, proofs, LARGE PAPER, boards, 21. 2s.

1807 64 Smith's (J. E.) Tour to Hafod, atlas folio, with plates, beauti

fully coloured, (published at 121. 12s.) boards, 51. 5s. 65 Smith's Topographical Illustrations of Westminster, 100

plates, several of which are coloured and gilt, imperial folio, half bound, russia, uncut, (published at 111. 11s.)

51. 158. 6d. 66 Spence's Polymetis, portrait and plates, first and best edition, calf, neat, scarce, 71. 7s.

1747 67 Stukeley's Itinerarium Curiosum, or an Account of the Anti

quities, &c. &c. of Great Britain, second edition, with large additions, portraits and numerous plates, 2 vols. boards, 71. 7s.

1776 68 Another copy, 2 vols. russia, elegant, gilt leaves, 101. 10s.


69 Surtees's History and Antiquities of Durham, Vol. I. 20 fine plates from drawings by Blore, Glover, &c. boards, 61. 6s.

1816 70 Ditto, on LARGE PAPER, boards, 101. 10s.

1816 71 Wild's Illustration of the Architecture of Lincoln Cathedral,

on 16 plates, large folio, with an Historical and Descriptive

Account of the Fabric, nearly ready for publication. 72 Wild's Print, representing the Funeral Ceremony of her Royal

Highness the Princess Charlotte, finely coloured, 15s. 73 Wilkes's North Briton, from No. I. to XLVI. inclusive, with

several useful and explanatory Notes, not before printed ; also a new Appendix and Index to every Name and Article, calf, neat, 10s. 6d.


74 Boissardus de Divinatione et Magicis præstigiis, 33 curious

emblematical plates by De Bry, very fine copy, in old red morocco, gilt leaves, portrait of De Bry, 21. 2s.

Oppenhiem, no date. 75 Carrache, Gallerie Farnese, large folio, 40 very fine plates, balf bound, neat, 21. 2s.

Paris, no date. 76 Dictionnaire de Trevaux, 5 vols. fine set, in russia, 51. 16s. 6d.

Paris, 1721 77 Fasciculus Temporum, remarkably fine copy, with curious wood-cuts, 11. 11s. 6d.

Argent, MCCCCLXXXVU. 78 Flores Historiarum per Matthæum Westmonasteriensem, original binding, fair copy, very scarce, il. 11s. 6d. 1570

Vide Beloe's Anecdotes, Vol. I. p. 62. 79 Histoire Universelle des Indes, Occidentales et Orientales, et de

la Conversion des Indiens, par Wytfiet, Magin, et autres Historiens, 3 parts complete, with maps, &c. calf, 12s.

Douay, 1611 80 Helvici Theatrum Historicum et Chronologicum, good copy, 7s. 6d.

Oxford, 1651 81 Histoire de Diodore Sicilien, traduite de Grec en Francois,

par Macault et Amyot, very rare, fine copy, calf extra, wants last leaf, 21. 2s.

Paris, 1585 82 Les Images, ou Tableaux de platte Peinture des deux Philos

trates, mis en Francois par Blais de Viginere, numerous fine plates, good copy, 21. 2s.

Ibid, 1637 83 Linschot (Histoire de la Navigation de) aux Indes Orientales,

portrait, plates, and maps, fine copy, 31. 3s. Amst. 1638 $4 Lyndewoode (Gulielm.) Provinciale seu Constitutiones Angliæ,

finely printed in black and red inks, remarkably fine copy, brown calf, marbled leaves, 21. 2s.

Paris, 1501 85 Moreri le Grand Dictionnaire Hictorique, 8 vols. half bound, russia, uncut, 51, 15s. 6d.

Amst, 1740 86 Polidori Vergilii Urbinatis Anglicæ, Historia Libri XXVI. in

the original curious stamped binding, wood cuts, very neat, with gilt leaves, 1l. 11s. 6d.

Basil, 1631

87 Le Triomphe de l'Empereur Maximilien I. 135 wood cuts

from the original blocks engraved by Hans Bergmair, large folio, boards, 31. 38.

Vienne, 1796 88 Valpato, Principj del Disegno, &c. &c. 36 plates of antique statues, large folio, half bound, neat, 21. 12s. 6d.

Rome, 1786 89 Waræi Hibernia Sacra, sive series, Chronologica Hibernia Præsulum, &c. calf, neat, 15s.

Dublinii, 1717

History, Antiquities, Biography, and Miscellanies.


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90 AIKINS's General Biographical Dictionary, 10 vols. complete, boards, 10l. 10s.

1799-1815 91 An Account of a Quarrel between Arthur Hall, esq. (the first

translator of Hoiner), and Melchisedeck Mallorie, sewed, 11. Is.

Reprinted, 1815 92 Account of the Ceremonies used in the Coronations of the

Kings and Queens of England, with the large folding plate,
bound, neat, very scarce, il. ls.

1760 93 Acerbi's Travels through Sweden, Finland, and Laplaud, to the

North Cape, 2 vols. portrait and plates, boards, 21. 2s. 1802 94 Anderson's Philosophy of Greece, boards, 7s.

1791 95 Answer to Mr. Horace Walpole's late Work, entitled, Historic

Doubts on the Life and Reign of King Richard the Third, very scarce, half bound, neat, with other Tracts in the volume, 15s.

1768 96 Ayloffe's (Sir Joseph) Calendars of Ancient Charters, and of the

Welch and Scottish Rolls, now remaining in the Tower of
London, &c. with fac-simile plates, fine paper, boards, 10s.6d.

1774 97 Batty's Italian Scenery, (to be completed in 12 numbers,)

Part I. with 5 beautiful engravings by C. Heath, &c. 16s. 98 Banks's Dormant and Extinct Baronage of England, 3 vols. boards, (published at 61. 6s.) 11. 11s. 6d.

1810 99 Ditto, LARGE PAPER, (published at 91. gs.) 21. 12s. 6d. 1810 100 Barrow's Life of Lord Macartney, 2 vols. extra bds. 11. 8s. 1807 101 Bentham's History and Antiquities of Ely Cathedral, 1st edition, fine impressions, russia extra, marbled leaves, 71. 17s. 6d.

Camb. 1771 102 Boorde's (Andrew) Fyrst Boke of the Introduction of

Knowledge, the which doth teache a man to speake parte of all maner of languages, and to know the usage and fashion of al maner of countreys, &c. &c. curious wood cuth, boards, il. 11s. 6d.

London, by Cupland, 1542

Reprinted, 1814

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103 Brand's Popular Autiquities, by Ellis, 2 vols. 4to. calf, very elegant, 31. 10s.

1813 104 Britton's History and Antiquities of the Cathedral Church of

Salisbury, with 31 engravings and 3 wood cuts, medium 4to. boards, 31. 35.—or imperial. 4to. 51. 55.

1814 105

of Bath Abbey Church, (in the press,) with 8 engravings, medium 4to. 11.-imperial

4to. ll. 8s. 106

History of Winchester Cathedral (nearly completed), with 30 engravings, from drawings by E. Blore. 107

History and Antiquities of the Minster or Cathedral Church of York, Part I. medium 410. 125.-imperial 4to.

il.-crown folio, 11. 11s. 6d.-or super-royal folio, 21. 28.

*** To be completed in six parts, with six plates in each. 108

Fine Arts of the English School, complete in six numbers, a subscriber's copy, beautiful impressions, 51. 5s.

1810-12 109

Historical and Architectural Account of Redcliffe Church, Bristol, with 12 fine plates, boards, 11. 4s. 1813 110 The same, LARGEST PAPER, boards, 1l. 11s. 6d. 1813 111 British Museum Marbles; a Description of the Collection of

Ancient Marbles in the British Museum, with 16 fine en. gravings, Part I. boards, il. 15s.

1812 112

Part II. with 45 plates, boards, 31. 13s. 6d.

1815 113

Part III. with 15 plates, 21. 2s.

1818 114 British Museuin Terra Cottas; a Description of the Collection

of Ancient Terra Cottas in the British Museum, with 40 fine plates, boards, 21. 12s.6d.

1810 115 Brown's Vulgar Errors and Religio Medici, fine copy, calf, portrait by Van Hove, 15s.

1672 116 Bryant's Ancient Mythology, with plates, and Sherwin's Gem, 3 vols. boards, uncut, scarce, 61. 6s.

1775 117 Burney's General History of Music, plates and fine portrait by

Bartolozzi, 4 vols, boards, uncut, 31. 135. 6d. 118 Burton's London and Westminster, new edition, with wood cut portraits, &c. boards, Is.

1810 119 History of the House of Orange, frontispiece, boards,

1814 120 Ditto, LARGE PAPER (only 50 printed), boards, 11. Is. 1814 121 Cambridge's (Owen, esq.) Works in Verse and Prose, 13 fine

portraits, including a whole length of Dr. Johnson, appearing as a Ghost to Boswell

, a striking likeness, and the only whole length of him ever engraved, boards, 11. 16s. 1803 122 Campanella (Thomas), an Italian Friar, and second Machiavel,

his Advice to the King of Spain for attaining the Universal Monarchy of the World, &c. &c. with an admonitorie Preface by Wm. Prynne, neat, 75.



7s. 60.

11. 4s.

123 Campbell's Political Survey of Britain, 2 vols. boards, uncut,

1784 124 Cayley's Life of Sir Walter Raleigh, 2 vols. fine portrait, new, in boards, 11, 8s.

1805 125 Chalmers's (Alex.) History of the University of Oxford, plates

by Storer and Greig, 2 vols. LARGEST PAPER, russia, gilt

leaves, by C. Lewis, very scarce, 101. Oxford, 1810 126 Charterhouse (Historical Account of the), compiled from the

Works of Hearne and Bearcroft, Harleian, Cottonian, and private MSS. fine portrait and plates, new, in boards, 11. 5s,

1808 127 Chronicles (a Collection of), Hollinshead, Hall, Grafton,

Arnold, Rastell, Froissart, Fabyan, and Harding, 15 vols. (published at 371. 10s.) boards, 251.

V.Y. 128 Churchill's Life of Lord Nelson, good impressions of the plates, boards, il. 5s.

1808 129 Clark (Samuel) Life and Death of Edward the Black Prince, gs.

1673 130 Coates's History and Antiquities of Reading, and Views of

Reading Abbey and Churches in Berkshire, 3 vols, many fine plates, boards, 41. 4s.

1802-10 131 Collius's Account of the English Colony in New South Wales,

with numerous plates, (those in natural history coloured,) published at 21. 12s.6d.---boards, il. 58.

1804 132 Cooke's Picturesque delineation of the Southern Coast of Eng

land, Nos. I. to IX. each 12s. 6d. 133 Another copy, Nos. I. to IX. proof impressions, 18s. each. 134

Picturesque delineation of the most beautiful Scenery on the Banks of the Thames, Nos. I. to V. each 11. ls. 135 Another copy, proofs on LARGE PAPER, Il. 10s. each. 136 Coxe's Travels in Poland, Russia, Sweden, and Denmark,

3 vols. LARGE PAPER, (only 50 printed,) with many plates, including the beautiful mezzotinto whole-length portrait of Paul, Emperor of Russia, the plate of which was used only for the large paper copies, and afterwards destroyed, extra boards, gl. gs.

1803 137 Cooksey's Life of Lord Somers and the Earl of Hardwicke, boards, scarce, 18s.

Worcester, 1791 138 Another copy, russia, elegant, marbled leaves, 11. 11s. 6d.

Ibid, 1791 139 Copies of Seven Original Letters from King Edward VI. to

Barnaby Fitzpatrick, uncut, 12s. Struwberry Hill, 1772 140 Cullum's (Rev. Sir John) History and Antiquities of Hawsted

and Hardwicke, 2d edition, with corrections by the Author, and Notes by his brother, Sir Thomas Gery Cullum, portraits and plates, boards, 21. 2s.

1813 141 Another copy, on LARGE PAPER, of which only 30 copies were printed, boards, 41, 4s.


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