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989 Another Copy, 3 vols. beautifully bound in maroon-coloured morocco, by C. Lewis, 151. 15s.


This copy has particularly fine impressions of the plates. 990 Dibdin on the Classics, second edition, calf neat, and scarce,



991 Another Copy, LARGE PAPER, with extra plates, including the Portrait of Bishop Fell, calf extra, marbled leaves, rare, 51. 5s.



leaves, 11. 1s.



Director, 2 vols. boards, 14s. 1807 2 vol. in 1, calf extra, marbled


Bibliotheca Sperceriana, Volume IV.

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to complete sets, extra boards, 51. 5s. 995 Fry's Specimen of Printing Types, royal 8vo. bds. 15s. 1802 996 Horne's Introduction to Bibliography, 2 vols. curious plates, super extra boards, 11. Ss.



997 Another copy, 2 vols. calf super extra, 21. 2s. 998 Luckombe's History and Art of Printing, scarce, 7s. 6d. 1771 999 Museum Southgatianum, LARGE PAPER, portrait, boards,



1000 Memoirs of Literature, containing a large Account of many valuable Books, Letters, and Dissertations upon several Subjects, &c. by Michael de la Roche, second edition, with improvements, 8 vols. calf, 11. 16s.



"This new edition consists only of three hundred and fifty
copies; so that this work will always be uncommon.
See Preface.

1001 Oldy's British Librarian, remarkably fine tall copy, brown

calf, 11. 8s. 1737 1002 Repertorium Bibliographicum; or some Account of the most celebrated public and private Libraries, &c. &c. with portraits and plates, boards.


1003 Savage's Librarian, 3 vols. boards, 11. 1s. 1004 Upcott's Bibliographical Account of English Topography, 3 vols. boards, (only 200 copies printed,) 41. 4s. 1818 1005 Another copy, on LARGE PAPER, 3 vols. only 47 copies printed, boards, 81. 8s.


1006 Caillot, Voyage autour de ma Bibliotheque, Roman Bibliographique, 3 vols. sewed, 12s.


Ibid. 1809

1007 Catalogue des Livres de feu M. Lancelot, de l'Academie Royale des Belles-Lettres, calf neat, 5s. 6d. Ibid. 1741 de la Bibliotheques de M. Secousse, priced, French calf extra, 12s. Ibid. 1755 1009 De Bure, Bibliographic Instructive, 7 vols. French calf extra, fine set, 41. 10s.

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Ibid. 1765 1010 Debure, Supplement a la Bibliographic Instructive, ou Catalogue des Livres du Cabinet de feu M. L. J. Gaignat, 2 vols. very fine copy, in French calf extra, with the prices, neatly written, 21. 12s. 6d. Ibid. 1769

1011 Epreuve de Caractéres qui se fondent dans la Nouvelle Fonderie de lettres de J. Enschedé a Harlem. 1768Epreuves, &c. Rolland et Jacob, a Strasbourg, 1788Epreuves, &c. &c. J. L. Joannis, Paris, 1776, with others, bound together, royal 8vo. French, calf extra, portraits, &c. curious, 11. 5s.

1012 Fabricii Bibliotheca Latina, 6 vols. calf neat, and gilt, 11. 7s. Hamb. 1734

1013 Fournier, Nouveau Dictionnaire portatif de Bibliographe, last edition, calf extra, 12s. Paris, 1809

1014 Heineikin, Idée generale d'une collection complette d'Estampes, 28 plates, (wants the first,) fine copy, calf, very scarce, 11. 5s. Leipsic, 1771 1015 Memoires de Literature, portraits of Postel and Poggius, 2 vols. French calf extra, 12s. Ala Haye, 1715 1016 Nicols de Literis Inventis, libri sex, frontispiece by Gribelin,

calf, 7s. 6d.

sewed, 189.

Lond. 1711

1017 Peignot, Dictionnaire des Livres comdemnés au Feu, 2 vols.

Paris, 1806

1018 Renouard Annales de l'Imprimerie des Aldes, 3 vols. vellum

paper, scarce, 21. 2s.

Ibid, 1803-12 1019 Renouard Notice sur la Vie et les Ouvrages des trois Manuce, portraits and wood-cuts, sewed, 6s.

Paris, 1803

Arts and Sciences, Natural History, &c.


1020 BAILEY'S Mechanical Machines, on 106 copper-plates, with descriptions (published at 41. 4s.), 2 vols. bds. 21. 2s. 1782 1021 Craig's complete Instructor in Drawing, 12 parts, oblong folio, each part containing 6 plates, 31. 39.

1806 1022 Gerard's Herball, best edition, by Johuson, very fine copy, with beautiful impression of the curious frontispiece, 31. 13s. 6d.


1023 Hanbury's complete Body of Planting and Gardening, plates, 2 vols. new, in boards, 11. 15s.

1770 1024 Hill's History of Fossils, Minerals, &c. plates, boards, 15s. 1025 Hills's (Robert, Esq.) Studies of Animals in Groups, &c. for the Embellishment of Landscape or Illustration of Natural History, viz.



Book of Neat Cattle, with many series of Groups, and great variety of Subjects, on 200 plates, boards, 101. 10s. in Groups, &c. on 100 plates, boards, 51. 5s.

1028 Hills's Book of Sheep, 100 plates, boards, 41. 14s. 6d.





Asses and Mules, 80 plates, bds. 41. 14s 6d.
Fallow Deer, 80 plates, boards, 51. 5s.

Red Deer, 63 plates, boards, 41. 14s. 6d.
Swine, 36 plates, boards, 11. 11s. 6d.

1033 Martyn's Dictionary of Natural History, 2 vols. numerous coloured plates, calf neat, 41. 4s. 1785 1034 Miller's Cimelia Physica, 60 finely-coloured plates of rare and curious Quadrupeds, Birds, &c. together with several of the most elegant Plants, imperial folio, boards, 91. 9s. 1796 1035 Thornton's Botanical Extracts; or Philosophy of Botany, 2 vols. imperial folio, with fine plates and elegant frontispieces, by Bartolozzi, Landseer, &c. half bound, red backs, uncut, 31. 3s.


1036 Bockleri Theatrum Machinarum, 154 plates in Mechanics, on a large scale, good copy, calf, 11. 5s. Colon. 1662

1937 Martyn Historia Plantarum Roriorum, imperial folio with 50 coloured plates, half bound, uncut, 31. 3s.

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Arts and Sciences, Natural History, &c..



1038 BATE'S (John) Mysteries of Nature and Art, with the Book of Extravagants, fine copy, with the rare portrait, and cuts, 11. 11s. 6d. 1039 Barry's Works, (Professor of Painting in the Royal Academy, &c.) 2 vols. with many plates, calf gilt, 31. 10s. 1809 1040 Beckford on Hunting, plate by Bartolozzi, elegantly half bound, 10s. 6d. 1802 1041 Boordes, (Dr. Andrew) the Breviarie of Health: wherein doth follow, remedies for all maner of Sicknesses and Diseases, the which may be in Man or Woman, &c. &c. Black Letter, very rare, 7s. 6d. Lond. by Thomas East, 1587 1042 Bourne's Regiment for the Sea, Black Letter, MS. additions, &c. at the end, 15s. London, by Thomas Dawson, and Thomas Gardyner, for John Wight. No date. 1042 Brookes's Introduction to the Study of Conchology: including Observations on the Linnæan Genera, and on the Arrangement of M. Lemark, a Glossary and Table of English Names, coloured plates, boards, 31. 10s.


1042* Another copy, on LARGE PAPER, with the plates more

highly coloured, boards, 51. 15s. 6d.

1042*Chess Grammar, by Kenny, plates, boards, 7s.



1043 Complete Farmer, or General Dictionary of Agriculture and Husbandry, many plates, 2 vols. extra boards, 31. 10s.


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1807 1044 The Compleat Horseman, and Expert Ferrier, by Thomas de Grey, Esq. with portrait of Gustavus Adolphus, King of Sweden on horseback, 18s. 1045 Evelyn's (John) Sylva; or, a Discourse of Forest Trees, with Notes, by Hunter, fiue portrait, by Bartolozzi, best edition, having the finest impressions of the plates, and the additions from Dr. Hunter's second edition inserted at the end, fine copy, calf, 11. 15s.

York, 1776

1046 Ellis's Natural History of many curious and uncommon Zoophytes, numerous plates, boards, 18s.

1786 1047 Encyclopædia Britannica, 5th edition, with superior engravings, 20 vols. in boards, and various calf and russia bindings.

1048 Fearn's Essay on Consciousness, or a Series of Evidences of a Distinct Mind, second edition, corrected and enlarged, boards, 10s. 6d.


1049 Fresnoy (C. A. Du) Art of Painting, by Dryden, and Account of the most eminent Painters, frontispieces, russia, gilt leaves, joints, &c. 11. 10s.


1050 Harwood's (Dr. B. of Cambridge) System of Comparative Anatomy and Physiology, vol. 1, (all published) plates, sewed, scarce, 10s. 6d. Cambridge, 1796 1051 Hutton's Mathematical Dictionary, new edition, 2 vols. plates, boards, 41. 4s.


1815 1052 Henly's Experiments in Electricity, plates, 1s. 6d. 1774 on the different Efficacy of pointed and blunted Rods in securing Buildings from the effects of Lightning, plates, 1s. 6d.


1774 --'s Account of the Death of a Person destroyed by Lightning in the Chapel in Tottenham-Court Road, plates, 1s. 6d.



1055 Lairesse's Art of Painting in all its Branches, numerous plates, fine copy, 21. 2s. 1056 Lettsom's Natural History of the Tea Tree, with Observations on the Medical Qualities of Tea, and on the Effects of Tea-Drinking, coloured plates, 7s. 6d.

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1057 Low's Fanna Orcadensis, by Leach, only 250 copies printed, (published at 11. 1s.) boards, 12s. Edinb. 1813 1058 Martin's Circle of the Mechanical Arts and Sciences, many plates, (published at 21.) boards, 11. 1s.


Natural History of Spiders, English and Swedish, plates coloured equal to drawings, calf extra, gilt leaves, by Kalthoeber, 71. 7s.


1060 Markham's Way to get Wealth-Country Contentments— New Orchard and Garden, &c. &c. fine copy, wood-cuts,

10s. 6d.



1061 The Marrow of Astrology, by J. Bishop, both Parts, and Appendix, 15s.



1062 Motherby's, or the London Medical Dictionary, by Parr, 3 vols. plates, new, in boards, 31. 15s. 1063 Mawe's and Abercrombie's Universal Gardener and Botanist, or a General Dictionary of Gardening and Botany, large 4to volume, with plates, calf, very neat, 21. 2s.



1064 Another copy, very neatly half bound, russia, 21. 2s. 1065 Parkinson's Organic Remains of a Former World, plates, 3 vols. boards, 101. 10s.

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1066 The Pleasures of Princes; or, Good Man's Recreations, Fishing, Cock-fighting, &c. small 4to. very scarce, fine copy,




1067 Pullen's Book-keeping Improved, boards, 7s. 1068 Raspe's Critical Essay on Oil-painting, &c. &c. bds. 5s. 1781 1069 Rees's Cyclopedia, complete from the commencement, 76 parts, at 12s. 6d. each.

1070 Another set, on LARGE PAPER, 76 parts, (published at 11. 16s.) 17s. each.

1071 Repton's Fragments on the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening, &c. &c. fine coloured plates, bds. 61. 6s. 1816 1072 Surflet's Countrie Farme, Hunting, Faulconrie, &c. woodcuts, 7s. 6d. . 1600 1073 Switzen's System of Hydrostatics and Hydraulicks, with 60 fine copper plates, fine copy, in calf, 15s.


1729 1074 Walpole's Essay on Modern Gardening, French and English, boards, uncut, 15s. Strawberry Hill, 1785

1075 D'Esparron, La Fauconnerie, divisée en Dix Parties, fiue copper plates, calf, neat, rare, 11. 7s. A. Rouen, 1644 1076 Fitchtel et Moll, Testacea Microscopica. Latin and German, with 24 finely coloured plates, boards, 21. 2s. Wien, 1798 1077 Lentuli Historia Admiranda de Prodigiosa Virginis Bernensis et aliorum inediis, 7s. 6d Bern. 1604

Arts and Sciences, Natural History, &c.


1078 ARMSTRONG on the Diseases of Infants, bds. 4s. 6d. 1808 1079 Accum's Chemistry, 2 vols. plates, printed on STRAW PAPER, very scarce, boards, 11. 1s.


1080 Abernethy on Hunter's Theory of Life, boards, 2s. 6d. 1814 1081 Baker's Employment for the Microscope, plates, calf, neat,

5s. 6d.


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