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1183 Master Bezae's Sermons upon the three first chapters of the Canticle of Canticles, neat, 10s. 6d. Oxford, 1587 1184 Bible, finely printed by Strahan, royal 4to. dark calf extra, marbled leaves, hollow back, &c. 21. 18s.

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-, LARGE PAPER, russia extra,


gilt leaves, hollow back, &c. 41. 10s.



with Notes, &c. &c. by Doyley and Mant, 17 Parts, royal paper, plates, 61. 13s.

1187, with Notes, by Bishop Wilson, 3 vols. portraits, calf, neat, scarce, 61. 16s. 6d. Bath, 1785 (Field's), with Common Prayer and Jackson's Concordance, in fine preservation, old black morocco, 41. 4s. Cambridge, 1666


1189 Cruden's Concordance to the Holy Scriptures, new and neatly bound in calf, 11. 18s.

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1810 1190 Cruttwell's Concordance of Parallels, boards, 18s. 1790 1191 Another Copy, calf, very neat, 11.8s. 1790 1192 Gajo's Portraits of the Patriarchs, and Series of the Egyptian, Babylonian, Persian, and Grecian, Kings, consisting of portraits, 142 in number, with a Concise Life, in Latin, to each, fine impressions, half bound, russia, 5l. 15s. 6d. Romæ, 1757 1193 Hale's Golden Remains, fine copy, calf, neat, 7s. 6d. 1673 1194 Lardner's (Dr. Nathaniel) Works, complete, in 5 vols. fine



portrait, boards, 101. 10s. 1195 Latimer's Sermons, Black Letter, fine copy, with the rare wood-cut of Latimer preaching before K. Edward VI. calf, very neat, 21. 12s. 6d. Lond. by John Daye, 1571 1196 The New Testament of our Lord Jesus Christ, translated out of the Greeke by Theod. Beza, Black Letter, good copy, 11. 5s. 1197 Pasquine in a Traunce, a Christian and learned Dialogue, &c. turned but lately out of the Italian into this tongue, by W. P. Black Letter, 18s. Lond. by Will. Seres, no date. 1198 Times of the Bible, veyled in cubits, shekels, talents, &c. of the Scripture, with the days, hours, watches, weeks, and months, of the Jewish Year, half bound, elegant, 1667


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1199 Taylor's (Thomas) Christ's Victory over the Dragon, or Satin's Downfall, brilliant impression of the portrait, by Marshall, 15s.


1200 Wiclif's New Testament, translated in the Year 1380, with Life, &c. &c. by Baber, fine portrait, boards, 12s. 1810



1201 Ditto, LARGE PAPER, boards, 18s. 1202 Watts's (Dr. Isaac) Works, by Burder, Doddridge, &c. 6 vols. extra boards, fine portrait, 5l. 15s. 6d. 1203 Doctissimi sacre Theologie Stephani Brulefer formalicatū Textus, with Francisci Philelfi Epistolarum, wants a leaf of the former, 10s. 6d. Basil, 1501

1204 Liber, precum Publicarum, &c. an early edition of the Common Prayer, curious, 10s. 6d. R. Wolfe, 1559 1205 Martin, Histoire de la Bible, 350 fine engravings, fine impressions, French calf extra, 21. 12s. 6d. Amst. 1724 1206 Portiforium seu Breviarium, ad insignis Sarisburiensis, ecclesie usum, &c. &c. Pars Estivalis, printed in black and red ink, very fine copy, russia, marbled leaves, with leather joints, 21. 12s. 6d.

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Lond. 1555

Pars Hyemalis, fine copy, calf,

Ibid. 1555

Theology, &c.


1208 ALISON's Sermons, 2 vols. boards, 11. 4s.


1209 Allix's Reflections on the books of Scripture, boards,

5s. 6d.



1210 Ball's (Nath.) Sermons, calf, very neat, 4s. 1211 Barclay's Apology for the Quakers, calf, neat, 5s. 6d. 1765 1212 Bible, royal 8vo. Scholey's elegant edition for the use of families, with Notes from various commentators, 2 vols. LARGEST PAPER, (published at 41. 4s.) extra boards, 21. 10s.

21. 10s.


1213 Blair's Sermons, genuine edition, 5 vols. calf elegant, 1815 1214 Boston's Human Nature in its Four-fold State, boards,

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1215 Burnet's History of the Reformation, abridged, plates, calf,


1683 1216 Butler's Hora Biblicæ, 2 vols. royal 8vo. boards, 18s. 1807 1217 (Rev. Alban) Lives of the Fathers, Martyrs, and other principal Saints, a new edition, embellished with many beautiful engravings, 12 vols. boards, 61. 6s.


1218 Another Copy, 12 vols. LARGE PAPER, 121. 12s. 1813-15 1219 Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion, by Allen, 3 vols.

(published at 21. 5s.) boards, 11. 11s. 6d.



1220 Another copy, 3 vols. calf, very neat, 21. 2s. 1221 Campbell's Four Gospels, 2 vols. calf, neat, 18s. Edin. 1807 1222 Chalmer's Discourses on the Christian Revelation, viewed in connexion with modern astronomy, boards, 8s. Glasg. 1817 Evidence of Authority of the Christian Revelation, Ibid. 1817

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1224 Collyer's (Dr. W. B.) Lectures on Scripture Prophecy,

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1227 Doddridge's Lectures on Pneumatology, Ethics, and Divinity, by Kippis, 2 vols. royal 8vo. boards, 11. 1s.

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1228 Gardiner's Life and Diary of the Rev. James Garie, of Perth, portrait, 2s. Edinb. 1801 1229 Gisborne's Familiar Survey of the Christian Religion, boards, 6s. 6d.

1230 Havett's Thirteen Sermons, calf, 3s. 6d.



1231 Hill's (Dr. G.) Lectures on the Gospel, (published at 12s.) Edinb. 1812

boards, 6s.

1232 Harrison's Sacred Classics, plates, 2 vols. calf, neat,

11. 4s.

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1786 1233 Hints on Methodism, by a Barrister, 3 Parts, boards, 7s. 1808-9 1234 Hurd's (Bp.) Works, in 8 vols. portrait, calf extra, marbled leaves, contents lettered, 51, 5s.


1235 Johnson's (Dr. S.) Sermons, attributed to, and left for publication, by Dr. J. Taylor, boards, 7s. 6d.

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1236 Jortin's Works, 11 vols. calf, elegant, contents lettered, 51. 15s. 6d.

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1237 Milner's Church History, 5 vols. calf, elegant, 31. 10s. 1816 1238 Another Copy, 5 vols. extra marbled leaves, 31. 18s. 1816 1239 Maud's Doctrine of Endless Torments, fine copy, çalf, 5s. 1755 1240 Monkhouse's Sermons on various subjects, 3 vols. boards,



1241 Moshein's Ecclesiastical History, new edition, continued by Dr. Coote, 6 vols. calf, elegant, 31. 18s.

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1242 Ogden's Ten Sermons on the efficacy of Prayer, sewed 3s. Cambridge, 1770 1243 Porteus's (Bishop) Works, 6 vols. with Life by Hodgson, portrait, calf, elegant, 31.

1816 1244 Prideaux's Connexion of the Old and New Testament, 4 vols. maps and plates, best edition, calf, 11. 8s.

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1245 Robinson's (Rev. R. of Cambridge) Arcana; in VIII. Letters to a Friend, sewed, very scarce, 7s.

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1246 Sale's Koran, 2 vols. extra boards, 18s. 1247 Scarlett's Translation of the New Testament, printed on extra superfine wove paper, with proof impressions of the plates, half bound, morocco, uncut, scarce, 11. 1s.

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1248 Scattergood's Fifty-two Sermons upon several occasions, 2 vols. boards, 15s. Oxford, 1810 1249 Southcott's (Joanna) Prophecies, &c. in two thick vols. very scarce, 21. 12s. 6d.

1250 Stanley's Lives of Saints and Reformers, frontispieces, 9s. 1682 1251 Strype's Memorials of the Reformation under the Reigns of Henry VIII. Edward VI. and Mary I. only 250 copies printed, 7 vols. extra boards, 51. 5s.


1252 Toleration (Hints on), by Philagatharches, royal 8vo. boards, 59. 6d.


1253 Taylor's (Jeremy) Holy Living and Dying, plates, calf,

7s. 6d.


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1254 Tom of Bedlam's Short Letter to his Cozen Tom Woolston, 2s. 6d. 1255 Warburton's Works, by Bp. Hurd, 12 vols. calf extra, marbled leaves, contents lettered, 81. 18s. 6d. 1256 Watson's (Bp. of Landaff) Two Apologies for Christianity and the Bible, with two Sermons, and a Charge in the Defence of revealed Religion, boards, 8s.

Theology, &c.




1257 BIBLE and New Testament, Pine's very curious pocket edition, with an Argument at the commencement of each Book, and a Commentary at the end of every chapter. Very fine copy, in yellow morocco, with gilt leaves, 21. 12s. 6d. Bristol, 1771 1258 Busby's (Henry) Soule's Conflict with the Sins, Vain Glory, Coldenesse in professing Christ, &c. &c. 3s. 6d. 1657 1259 Corrall's miniature edition of the Common Prayer, purple morocco, extremely scarce, 11. 11s. 6d.

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1796 1260 Dyer's (Wm.) Christ's Famous Titles and Believer's Golden

Chain, &c. scarce, 3s. 6d.



1261 Eachard's (Dr. John) Works, complete in 3 vols. 6s. 1262 Elly's (Tobias), the Kingdom of God opened, and proved to be a Kingdom of Grace and Glory, &c. scarce, 5s.

Oxford, 1683

1263 Flemming's Apocalyptical Key, frontispiece, 3s. 6d. 1264 Francklin's Sermons on the Relative Duties, calf, neat,

4s. 1770 1265 Harwood's Sermons on the Parable of the Sower, neat, 3s.

1776 1703

1266 Henry's (Matth.) Scripture Catechism, 1s. 6d. 1267 Hilton's (Walter) Scale or Ladder of Perfection, very scarce,


1659 1268 Howell's History of the Bible, new edition, by Burder, with 21 plates, (published at 11. 4s. bds.) calf gilt, 19s. 6d. 1806 1269 Life and Character of James Bonnell, Esq. fine copy, calf,


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1270 Maxey's Golden Chain of Man's Salvation, 2s. 6d. 1610 1271 The Romish Horseleech; or, an Impartial Account of the intolerable charge of Popery to this Nation, &c. half bound, 7s. 1272 Parsons's (the Jesuit) Three Conversations of England, and Ten Public Disputations, with the Catholic Calender, prefixed, which is "extremely curious," see MS. note, vellum, 8s. 6d. St. Omers, 1604

1273 Pillars (the) of Priestcraft and Orthodoxy Shaken, 2 vols.


1752 1274 The Scourge in Vindication of the Church of England, 2s. 1717 1275 Wesley's Preservative against unsettled Notions in Religion, Bristol, 1758

calf, 3s.

1276 Whichcot's Select Sermons, in 2 parts, calf, neat, 3s. 6d.

Edinb. 1742

1277 Whitfield's Communion, Morning's Companion, and Hymns, bound together, 3s.


1278 Yorick's (Sterne's) Sermons, complete in 1 vol. neat, 2s. 6d.

1769 1279 La Sainte Bible (the smallest printed), green morocco, gilt leaves, 11. 11s. 6d.

Sedan, 1633 1280 Lactance Firmian, des divines Institutions, contre les Gentilz & Idolatres, trad. par René Fame, calf extra, gilt leaves, 10s. 6d.

Paris, 1547

Classics, &c.

1281 DEMOSTHENES, Gr. Benenati, fine copy, calf, 31. 3s.

Paris, 1570 1282 Stephens's Thesaurus Græcæ Linguæ, new edition, by Valpy, Parts I. to IV. (all yet published) 11. 3s. each.

1283 Thucydides, Gr. et Lat. cum Sch. Vallæ, fine copy, in rich old morocco binding, 21. 2s. Par. H. Steph. 1564

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Lexicons, &c.


1284 AINSWORTH's Latin and English Dictionary, by Morell, calf, very neat, 31. 3s.

1285 Boyer's French and English, and English and French Dictionary, new edition, much improved by Du Mitand, 2 vols. in 1, elegantly half bound, russia, 31. 3s.

1286 Ditto, very neat, in calf, 31. 3s.



1287 Chambaud's French and English Dictionary, by Des Carrieres, last edition, 2 vols. calf, very neat, 51. 5s.

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1288 Hederici Lexicon, by Morell, last edition, calf, very neat,


1289 Morell's Thesaurus, by Maltby, imperial 4to.

41. 14s. 6d.

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1290 Another copy, brown calf, very neat, 51. 10s.





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