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G. after the date indicates GRAVES Library, including the pamphlets.

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D***, M. Lettre de M. D***, Licencié en Droit, à M. Freron, Directeur de l'Année Littéraire, & du Journal Étranger. 12°. 1756. G. D***, M. See DALENCE.

D******, M. Manuel du naturaliste.

4 tom. 8°. Par., 1797.

D. (C.). From matter to spirit; ten years' experience in spirit manifestations. [With preface by A. DE MORGAN.] 8°. Lond., 1863. M.

D. (G.). See DANIEL (G.).

G. (G.). Pictorial history of Russian war, 1854-6.

History of the Indian revolt, 1856-8.

D. (H.). See WARD (S.).

8°. Lond. [Chambers], 1856. M. 8o. Lond. [Chambers], 1859.


4o. Ebor., 1714. M.

D. (H.), Ripensis. Reliquiæ Eboracenses.
D*** (H.). L'avenir dévoilé. See NOSTRADAMUS.
D. (H. E. B.). Verses on the Song of Solomon.
D. (H. H.). Greek grammar for the New Testament.
D. (J.). The Mall, a comedy.

8o. Edin. M. 8°. Lond., 1835. 4o. Lond., 1674. W. 12°. Lond. M. 12o. Lond., 1788. M.

D. (J.). Homœopathy [repr. from Journ. of Health].
D*** (J. A.). Singularités historiques.

D. (T.). See Deloney (T.).

D. (T.). See DURFEY (T.).

D. (T.). Metropolitan charities.

8°. Lond., 1844. W.

D. (W. A.). Lawfulness of breaking faith with heretics.

8°. Edin., 1778.

D-rs (J. T.). Design for bringing water from Cowley Stream (to

Marybone Fields).


4°. [1721?] W.


Dabistan, or school of manners; tr. from Persian.

3 vol. 8°. Par., 1843.

Dacier (André). Bibliothèque des anciens philosophes.


5 tom. 12o. Par., 1771. Rapport sur la littérature ancienne. See Méms. de l'Institut. 4o. 1810. G. 12o. Amst., 1715.

Dacier (Anne). La corruption du goût. Dacier (Bon. Jos.). See ACADEMIES-Paris-Institut de France. Rapport sur le progrès de l'histoire et de la littérature ancienne.

Dagley (R.). Death's doings.

4o. 1810. G. 8°. Lond., 1826. 4°. Brux., 1857. G.

Dagoreau (F.). Lignes du troisième ordre.
Dahlbom (A. G.). Conspectus Tenthredinidum, etc. Scandinaviæ.

Dahler (J. G.).

Dahlgren (O. N.).

Dahlmann (F. C.).

4o. Havniæ, 1835.

In versionem Græcam Proverbiorum Salomonis.

8°. Argent., 1786. M. Afhandling om series convergens. Lund, 1847. G. Quellenkunde der deutschen Geschichte. 8°. Göttingen, 1830. M.

History of the English Revolution . . . transl. by H. Evans Lloyd.

8°. Lond., 1844. M.

Daillé (Jean). Sermons de la Naissance, etc. de nôtre Seigneur.

Epitre de S. Paul aux Filippiens. Edit. 2o.
Première Epitre de S. Paul à Timothée. 1ere ptie

Mélange de sermons.

Sermons: Colossiens. 2e ptie

16o. Charenton, 1651.

2 vol. 16o. Genève, 1659-60.

16o. Genève, 1661. 16o. Genève, 1666.

De scriptis quæ sub Dionysii Areopag. et Ignatii Antioch. nominibus circumferuntur.

Another copy.

Right use of the Fathers, transl. by T. Smith.

Dalberg (Carl von). Sur l'irreductibilité.

4o. Genevæ, 1666. M.

12o. Lond., 1841. M. 2 cop. 4°. 1808. G.

Dalby (Isaac), Gen. Roy's account of trigonometrical measurements.

4o. Lond., [1790]. G.

Burrow's Measurements of longitude and latitude in Bengal, 1790, 1791.

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Another copy.

De origine, etc, idolatriæ.

2 cop. 4o. Lond., 1796. 2 vol. 8°. Lond., 1807. G.

Dissertationes antiquitatibus illustrandis inservientes.

Dale (J.). City garden.

Dale, Rev. T. Irad and Adah, poems.

Widow of Nain.

Outlaw of Taurus.

8°. Amst., 1683. M.

Introductory lecture del. at opening of a Theological

8°. Amst., 1696. M. 4o. Amst., 1743. M. 12. Lond. M. 8°. Lond., 1822.

8°. Lond., 1824. 8o. Lond., 1824. Institution, Nov. 21st, 8o. Lond., 1729.

See ACADEMIES-London-University College. Ten introductory lectures.

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Dallas (Alexander). Ministerial responsibility.

Pastoral superintendence.

Dallas (R. C.). Self knowledge.

12o. Lond., 1837.

8. Lond., 1841. 8°. Lond., 1802.

Dallas (Robt.). Considerations upon the American enquiry.

Dallas (W. S.). Animal kingdom.

8°. Lond., 1779.

8°. Lond., 1860.

Dallaway (James). Architecture, sculpture, and painting in England.

English architecture.

Architecture in England.

8°. Lond., 1800. 8°. Lond., 1806.

8o. Lond., 1833.

Dalrymple (Alexander). Loss of Grosvenor Indiaman. 8°. Lond., 1783.
Reply to a letter from A. Stuart, to directors of East India Company 4o. Lond.
Dalrymple (David), Lord Hailes. Memorials of the reign of Jas. I.
2 vol. 8°. Glasg., 1766.

On the history of Scotland.

Annals of Scotland, from Malcolm III. to Robert I.
Causes assigned for rapid growth of Christianity.
Heathen writers said to have contemned Christianity.
Dalrymple (Sir H.). Decisions of the Court of Session.

Dalrymple (Sir James). Law of Scotland. - Decision of the Lords & Council and Session.

12o. Edin., 1773.

4o. Edin., 1776. 12o. Edin., 1808. 8°. Edin., 1853.

fol. Edin., 1718. fol. Edin., 1693. 2 vols. fol. Edin., 1683.

Dalrymple (John). Feudal property in Great Britain.

[blocks in formation]

12o. Lond., 1758. M.

fol. 1759.

2 vol. 4o. Lond., 1771.

Duty of creditors of the Public.

8°. Lond., 1783.

State of public debts.

Address to the Public.

8°. Lond., 1783.

8°. Lond., 1784.

Government's interference with affairs of East India Company, &c.

Conduct of England as to foreign politics in Oct. 1788.

8°. Lond., 1784. 12o. 1789.

Saxon Bookland and Folkland. [Sir John Dalrymple's views examined.]

8o. Camb., 1775.

Dalrymple (Major William). Travels through Spain and Portugal.

Dalton (John). Poem addressed to two ladies.

[blocks in formation]

Meteorological observations. 2 cop. Lond., 1793. G.
Manchester, 1834. G.

Ireland, from the birth of Christ to the English in

[blocks in formation]

4o. Dubl., 1830.

8°. Dub., 1847.

fol. Lond., 1635. fol. Lond., 1670. fol. Lond., 1690.

Dalyell (John Graham). Scottish poems of the 16th century.

Phenomena of animal physiology.

Dalzel (Andreas). Collectanea Græca Minora.

Collectanea Græca Majora.


Excerpta e lyricis aliisque poetis.

8°. Edin., 1801.

8o. Edin., 1814. 4o. Edin., 1796.

2 vol. 8o. Edin., 1796 and 1807.

2 vol. Edin., 1805.

Dam (Jan A. van). Reekening in hemelklootse voorstellen,

8o. Edin., 1832.

4°. Amst., 1716.

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