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most most humble one!

Above the world; below thy SON
Whose blush the moon beauteously marres
And staines the timerous light of stares.
He that made all things, had not done
Till he had made Himself thy son
The whole world's host would be thy guest
And board himself at thy rich BREST.
O boundles Hospitality!

The FEAST of all thing feeds on the[e].
The first Eve, mother of our FALL,
E're she bore any one, slew all.
Of Her unkind gift might we have
The inheritance of a hasty Grave;
Quick burye'd in the wanton TOMB
Of one forbidden bitt;

Had not à Better FRUIT forbidden it.
Had not thy healthfull womb
The world's new eastern window bin
And given us heav'n again, in giving HIM.
Thine was the Rosy DAWN that sprung the Day
Which renders all the starres she stole away.

Let then the Aged world be wise, & all
Prove nobly, here, unnaturall.
'Tis gratitude to forgett that other
And call the maiden Eve their mo[t]her.
Yee redeem'd Nations farr & near,
Applaud your happy selves in her,
(All you to whom this love belongs)
And keep't alive with lasting songs.

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Let hearts & lippes speak lowd; and say Hail, door of life: & sourse of day! The door was shutt, the fountain seal'd; Yet LIGHT was seen & LIFE reveald. The fountain seald, yet life found way.

Glory to thee, great virgin's son In bosom of thy FATHER'S blisse.

The same to thee, sweet SPIRIT be done; As ever shall be, was, & is.


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Ark! she is call'd, the parting houre is come

Take thy Farewell, poor world! heavn must goe home.
A peice of heav'nly earth; Purer & brighter
Then the chast starres, whose choise lamps come to light her
While through the crystall orbes, clearer then they
She climbes; and makes a farre more milkey way.
She's calld. Hark, how the dear immortall dove
Sighes to his sylver mate rise up, my love!
Rise up, my fair, my spottlesse one
The winter's past, the rain is gone.
The spring is come, the flowrs appear
No sweets, but thou, are wanting here.
Come away, my love!

Come away, my dove! cast off delay,
The court of heav'n is come

To wait upon thee home; Come come away!
The flowrs appear.

Or quickly would, wert thou once here

The spring is come, or if it stay,

'Tis to keep time with thy delay.

The rain is gone, except so much as we
Detain in needfull teares to weep the want of thee.
The winter's past.

or if he make lesse hast,

His answer is, why she does so.

If sommer come not, how can winter goe.

Come away, come away.

The shrill winds chide, the waters weep thy stay;

The fountains murmur; & each loftyest [t]ree,
Bowes low'st his heavy top, to look for thee.
Come away, my love.
Come away, my dove &c.
She's call'd again. And will she goe!
When heavn bidds come, who can say no?
Heavn calls her, & she must away.
Heavn will not, & she cannot stay.
GoE then; goe GLORIOUS.

On the golden wings

Of the bright youth of heavn, that sings
Under so sweet a Burthen. Goe,
Since thy dread son will have it so.
And while thou goest, our song & we
Will, as we may, reach after thee.
HAIL, holy Queen of humble hearts!
We in thy prayse will have our parts.
Thy pretious name shall be
Thy self to us; & we

With holy care will keep it by us.
We to the last

Will hold it fast

And no ASSUMPTION shall deny us.
All the sweetest showres

Of our fairest flowres
Will we strow upon it.
Though our sweets cannot make
It sweeter, they can take

Themselves new sweetnes from it.

MARIA, men & Angels sing
MARIA, mother of our KING.

LIVE, rosy princesse, LIVE. And may the bright Crown of a most incomparable light Embrace thy radiant browes. Ο may the best Of everlasting joyes bath thy white brest. LIVE, our chast love, the holy mirth Of heavn; the humble pride of earth. Live, c[r]own of woemen; Queen of men. Live mistresse of our song. And when Our weak desires have done their [b]est, Sweet Angels come, and sing the rest.






Loe where à WOUNDED HEART with Bleeding EYES conspire.
Is she a FLAMING Fountain, or a Weeping fire!

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