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Our pastures green,

No more are to be seen.
When to the mountain cliff I climb'd this morn,

I turn'd to bless the spot,
And not a leaf appear'd about to fall ;-

And now they are not !-
Why was I born?
Japh. To die ! in youth to die;
And happier in that doom,
Than to behold the universal tomb

Which I Am thus condemn'd to weep above in vain. Why, when all perish, why must I remain ? [The waters rise : men fly in every direction ; many are overtaken by the waves ; the Chorus of Mortals disperses in scarch

; of safety up the mountains ; JAPHET remains upon a rock, while the Ark floats towards him in the distance:





This production is founded partly on the story of a Novel, called “ The Three Brothers,” published many years ago, from which M. G. Lewis's “ Wood Demon" was also taken—and partly on the “Faust of the great Goëthe. The present publication contains the first two parts only, and the opening chorus of the third. The rest may perhaps

appear hereafter.

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