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CLARENDON, EARL OF: The History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England, 7 vols., Oxford. [1849.]

Life, in which is included a Continuation of his History of the Grand Rebellion. 2 vols.

Oxford. (1857.] State Papers. [1767-86.] CLARKE, SAMUEL : A General Martyrologie. [1651.] COBBETT, W.: See Parliamentary History. COKE, SIR E. : Booke of Entries. (1614.] COLLIER, J.: An Ecclesiastical History of Great Britain. [1846.] Complete History of England. See Kennet. (Congregational Churches): Declaration of the Faith and Order owned

and practised in the Congregational Churches in England, agreed upon and consented unto by their Elders and Messengers in

their Meeting at the Savoy, October 12, 1658. [1659.] Declaration of the Faith, Church Order, and Discipline of the

Congregational or Independent Dissenters, adopted ... May,

1833. Published for the Congregational Union. [1833.) International Council. Authorised Record of Proceedings. (1891.) Congregational Colleges. Minutes of a Conference held on January

24-5. (1865.]
Congregational College Calendar, 1881, 1885.
Congregational Historical Society, Transactions, 1905, 1906.
Congregational Magazine. [v.d.]
Congregational Year Book. [v.d.]
CORNISH, J.: The Life of Mr. Thomas Firmin, with a

preached on the occasion of his death : reprinted. [1791.] Corporation and Tests Acts. Narrative of the Proceedings of the Protestant Dissenters relating to the repeals of ... from 1731 to 1734. [1734.]

Facts relating to. [1789.]

Debates relating to repeal. [1828.] Cosin, R.: An Apologie for Sundrie Proceedings by Jurisdiction

Ecclesiastical, etc. (1593.] COTTON, JOHN : The True Constitution of a Particular Visible Church,

proved by Scripture. [1642.) COWPER, W., Poems. 2 vols. (1800.) CROKE : Reports. [Grimston]. [1658.] Crosby Hall Lectures on Education. [1848.) -- T.: History of the English Baptists. [1738-40.]



DALE, R. W.: The Early Independents. Jubilee Lectures. (1882.]

Manual of Congregational Principles. (1884.]

Life of. (1898.) DalryMPLE, Sir J. : Memoirs of Great Britain and Ireland from 1681

to 1702. [1790.]

D'AUBIGNÉ, MERLE : History of the Reformation of the Sixteenth

Century. London. [1843]
DAVIDS, T. W.: Annals of Evangelical Nonconformity in Essex. (1863.)
DAVIS, R. : Truth and Innocency vindicated. [1692.]
Declaration of Faith and Order. See Congregational Churches.
DEFOE, D.: An Enquiry into the Occasional Conformity of Dissenters

in Cases of Preferment: with a Preface to the Lord Mayor, occa-
sioned by his carrying the Sword to a Conventicle. [1697.]
An Enquiry into the Occasional Conformity of Dissenters in
Cases of Preferment: with a Preface to Mr. How. [1701.)
Genuine Works. [1710.]
The Shortest Way with the Dissenters: or Proposals for the

Establishment of the Church. [1702.]
DELAUNE, T.: A Plea for the Nonconformists. [1704.]
DENISON, G. A. : Notes of my Life. [1878.]
D'EwES, SIR SIMON : Journals of all the Parliaments during the Reign

of Queen Elizabeth. [1682.] DEXTER, H. M. : Congregationalism of the Last Three Hundred Years.

[1879.) Directory of Government practised by the First Nonconformists

in the Days of Queen Elizabeth. [1644.] Dissenting Deputies. A Short Account of some of the Proceedings, etc. (1768.]

Sketch of the History and Proceedings of the Deputies appointed to Protect the Civil Rights of the Protestant Dissenters.

(1813.) Dissenting Interest, some Observations upon the Present State of, and

the Case of those who have lately deserted it. [1731.] DODDRIDGE, P.: Free Thoughts on the most probable means of Re

viving the Dissenting Interest, occasioned by the late Enquiry
into the Causes of its Decay. [1730.]

A Course of Lectures on the Principal Subjects in Divinity.
Second Edition. [1776.]

Correspondence and Diary. (Humphreys, J. D.) (1829–1831.] D'OYLEY, G. : Life of Sancroft. (1821.]

ECHARD, L. : History of England. Third Edition. (1720.]
Edinburgh Review. (1878.]
Report of the Commissioners appointed to inquire into the State

of Popular Education in England. Newcastle Commission.
Report of the Royal Commission. [1886.)

Report of the Committee of Council, 1870-1, 1885-6.
EMLYN, THOMAS, Works. 3 vols. [1746.]
Evangelical Magazine. [v.d.]

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EVELYN, JOHN : Diary and Correspondence. (1852.)
Examinations of Henry Barrowe, John Greenewood, and John Penrie.

[1593.) Exeter. A reply to the subscribing Ministers' reasons in their vindication

for declaring their Faith at this critical juncture; and in other than express Scripture words. Published by agreement of a committee of non-subscribing ministers. [1719.]

A true account of what was transacted in the assembly of the
United Ministers of Devon and Cornwall, met at Exon, May 5 and
6. (1719.)

A Plain and Faithful Narrative of the Differences among the
Dissenters at Exeter relating to the Doctrine of the Ever Blessed
Trinity so far as gave concern to the London Ministers. [1719.)


FIRMIN, THOMAS : See Cornish.
FISHER, G. P.: A History of Christian Doctrine. Second Edition.

(1897.) FLAVEL, J.: Remains . . .with a brief Account of the Life and Death

of the Reverend Author. By John Galpine. (1691.) FLETCHER, J.: History of the Revival and Progress of Independency

in England since the Reformation. (1847.)
FORSTER, J.: Debates on the Grand Remonstrance. [1860.]
FoxE, J.: Acts and Monuments. [1631.)
FROUDE, J. A. : History of England. 12 vols. (1872.]
FULLER, T. : Church History of Britain. (J. S. Brewer.) Oxford.

The History of the University of Cambridge. (Nichols.) (1840.]


GALPINE, JOHN : See Flavel, J.
GARDINER, S. R. : The first two Stuarts and the Puritan Revolution.

Fourth Edition. [1880.]
Fall of the Monarchy of Charles I. (1882.]
History of England from the Accession of James I. to the
Outbreak of the Civil War, 1603-42. (1884-9.)

Constitutional Documents of the Puritan Revolution. (1899.]
GIBSON, E. : Codex Juris Ecclesiastici Anglicani. (1761.)
GILBERT, JOSEPH : Memoir of the Life and Writings of the Late Edward

Williams, D.D. (1825.] GILLESPIE, G. : The Grounds of Presbyterial Government. [1641.) GLADSTONE, W. E. : Gleanings of Past Years. (1879.) GOADBY, J. JACKSON : Byepaths in Baptist History. (1871.)


An Apologeticall Narration, etc. [1643.)

See Reasons. GORDON, J. H.: Early Nonconformity and Education. Manchester.

(1902.] GOUGH, STRICKLAND : An Enquiry into the causes of the decay of

the Dissenting Interest in a letter to a Dissenting Minister. (1730.) GREEN, J. R.: History of the English People. 4 vols. [1881-3.] GREENHILL, W.: See Reasons. GREENWOOD, J., and BARROWE, H. : A Plaine Refutation of M. Giffardes Booke. [1605.]

A Collection of Certain Letters and Conferences. [1590.) GREENWOOD, J. : See Examinations. GRETSER, J.: Trias Scriptorum Adversus Waldensium Sectam. Works.

vol. xii. [1734-41.] GREVILLE, ROBERT : Baron Brooke. A Discourse opening the nature

of that Episcopacie which is exercised in England. [1641.]


HAAG, C. : La France Protestante.
HADFIELD, GEORGE : The Report of His Majesty's Commissioners

concerning Dame Sarah Hewley's Charity. [1829.)
HAGENBACH, K. R. : History of the Reformation. (1878.]
HALE, SIR E. : Pleas of the Crown. [1800.)
HALIFAX, GEORGE SAVILE, MARQUIS OF: A Letter to a Dissenter upon

occasion of His Majesties . . . Declaration of Indulgence. (Signed

T. W. but attributed to above.) [1687.] HALL, JOSEPH: Works. (1863.)

An Humble Remonstrance by a Dutifull Sonne of the Church.

(1640.) HALL, P.: Reliquiæ Liturgicæ. [1847.] HALLAM, H. : Constitutional History of England. Eighth Edition.

(1867.) HALLEY, R. : Lancashire, its Puritanism and Nonconformity. (1869.) HANBURY, B.: Historical Memorials relating to the Independents.

(1839.) Hanserd Knollys Society: Tracts on Liberty of Conscience and

Persecution. (Underhill, E. B.) (1846.] HARDWICK, C. : A History of the Articles of Religion. [1851.] Heads of Agreement assented to by the United Ministers in and about

London, formerly called Presbyterian and Congregational. (1691.] HEARNE, T. : Reliquiæ Hearnianæ. (Bliss.) (1857.) HELWYS, T. : A Short Declaration of the Mystery of Iniquity. (1612.) HENDERSON, A.: The Unlawfulness and Danger of Limited Prelacie.


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HETHERINGTON, W. M.: History of the Westminster Assembly of

Divines. (1843.]
HEWLEY's, Charities : See Hadfield, G., and Hunter, Joseph.
HICKES, G. See Kettlewell.
HOADLY, B. : Works. Three Vols. [1773.]

An Account of the State of the Roman-Catholick religion through.
out the World ... by Monsignor Cerri. With a large dedication
to the present Pope by Sir Richard Steele. (But Richard Steele

is really Bishop Hoadley.) (1715.)
HORSLEY, S. : Charges. [1813.)
HOVEDEN, R. : Chronicles. See Stubbs.
HOWE, J. : Some Consideration of a Preface to an Enquiry concerning

the Occasional Conformity of Dissenters. (1701.]

Memoir of : See Calamy, E.
HOWELL, T. B. : Complete Collection of State Trials. (1816-1828.]
HUBER, V. A. : The English Universities (translated by F. W. Newman).

[1843 ?]
HUNT, J. : Religious Thought in England from the Reformation to the

End of the Last Century. (1870–73.]
HUNTER, JOSEPH: The Attorney-General versus Shore. An Historical

Defence of the Trustees of Lady Hewley's Foundations. (1834.]
Rise of the Old Dissent as Exemplified in the Life of Oliver
Heywood. (1842.)
Collections concerning the Founders of New Plymouth. Second
Edition. (1854.]

Collections concerning the Church at Scrooby. (1854.)
HUNTINGDON, SELINA, COUNTESS OF : Life and Times, by a Member of

the Houses of Shirley and Hastings. (1839.] HUSBAND, E. : A Collection of Orders, Ordinances, and Declarations.

1642-46. (1646.) HUTCHINSON, LUCY : Memoirs of Colonel Hutchinson. [1885.]


IVIMEY, J.: A History of the English Baptists. (1811-30.)

JACKSON, T., Life of John Goodwin. (1822.]
JACOB, HENRY: A Short Treatise concerning the Trueness of a Pas-

torall Calling in Pastors made by Prelates. (1599.)
A Defence of the Churches and Ministery of England. (1599.]
A Treatise of the Sufferings and Victory of Christ. (1600.]
Reasons . . . proving a Necessitie of Reforming our Churches in
England. [1604.)
A Christian and Modest Offer of a Most Indifferent Conference.

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