Yoga and Vipassana: An Integrated Life Style

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Inner Light Publishers - Health & Fitness - 232 pages

This is a classic reference book on integrating mindfulness meditation with yoga.  The book describes Buddha's Vipassana Meditation and Patanjali's Yoga Sutra in a rythmic and  a coherent manner. This is intended for those people who want to explore and utilize the benefits of the two ancient techniques of yoga and vipassana in a seamless manner. It is planned for developing deep wisdom, great calmness, joy and blissfulness in the midst of a busy life. The fundamentals of yoga and vipassana are presented in a coherent manner. The latest scientific evidence and health benefits are incorporated in the integrated model intelligibly. The basic structure and the principles of the integrated yoga and vipassana are clearly explained in great detail. Three forms of integrated yoga and vipassana meditations are formulated and discussed. They are as follows: daily formal meditation, daily informal meditation and meditations in retreats. The book is intended for the beginners as well as for the advanced practitioners of yoga and vipassana meditation.

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About the author

 Sri Amit Ray is an enlightened spiritual master in the Himalayan Yoga and Vipassana tradition. In his Himalayan Retreat Centre at Uttarkashi, he lives a life dedicated to meditation and yoga. He is author of several books on meditation and other spiritual topics. Dr. Ray, in his early years was a scientist. After doing his PhD in artificial intelligence and computational neuroscience, he was working as a scientist conducting his research in the area of intelligence and the nature of consciousness. He is well known for his spiritual insights and wisdom.

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