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in my house, and prove me now spare them, as a man spareth his herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, own son thai serveth him. if I will not open you the windows 18 Then shall ye return and disof heaven, and pour you out a bless- cern between the righteous and the ing, that there shall not be room wicked, between him that serveth enough to receive it.

God and him that serveth him not. 11 And I will rebuke the devour

CHAP. IV. , destroy the fruits of your ground;" FOR behold, the day cometh,

that an ; neither shall your vine cast her and all the proud, yea, and all that fruit before the time in the field, saith do wickedly, shall be stubble ; and the LORD of hosts.

the day that cometh shall burn them 12 And all nations shall call you up, saith the LORD of hosts, that it blessed : for ye shall be a delight- shall leave them neither root nor some land, saith the LORD of hosts. branch. c 13 11 Your words have been stout 6 2 1 But unto you that fear my against me, saith the LORD. Yet name, shall the Sun of righteousness ye say, What have we spoken so arise with healing in his wings; much against thee?

and ye shall go forth, and grow up c* 14 Ye have said, It is vain 10 as calves of the stall. serve God: and what profit is it 3. And ye shall tread down the that we have kept his ordinance, wicked; for they shall be ashes unand that we have walked mourn- der the soles of your feet in the day fully before the LORD of hosts ? that I shall do this, saith the LORD

15 And now we call the proud of hosts. happy: yea, they that work wick- d 4 [ Remember ye the law of Moedness are set up; yea, they that ses my servant, which I commanded tempt God are even delivered. unio him in Horeb for all Israel, with c* 16 ( Then they that feared the the statutes and judgments. LORD spake often one to another : " 5 Behold, I will send you Eli. and the LORD bearkened, and jah the prophet before the coming of heard it : and a book of remem- the great and dreadful day of the brance was written before him for LORD : them that feared the LORD, and And he shall turn the heart of that thought upon his name. the fathers to the children, and the b 17 And they shall be mine, saith beart of the children to their fathers, the LORD of hosts, in that day when lest I come and smite the earth with I make up my jewels; and I will a curse.



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Death of Joseph, Chap 50


Chap. 1


Formation of Man,

2 The Israelites oppressed,


The Fall,

3 Moses born,

Death of Abel,

4 The burning bush,

Generations of Adam,

5 God's message to Pharaoh,

The Ark,

6 The bondage of the Israelites,

The Deluge,

7 God's promise renewed,

Waters assuaged,

8 Moses goeth to Pharaoh,

Death of Noah,

9 Plague of frogs,

Noab's generations,

10 Plagues continued,

Babel built,

11 Plagues continued,


Call of Abram,

12 The Israelites borrow jewels, 11

Abram and Lot,

13 Passover instituted,


Baule of the kings,

14 Departure of the Israelites, 13

Abram's faith,

15 Egyptians drowned,

Departure of Hagar,

16 The song of Moses,



17 Manna and quails sent,


Abrahain and the angels, 18 Moses builds an Altar,


Destruction of Sodom,

19 Moses meets his wife and sons, 18

Abraham denieth Sarah, 20 God's message from Sinai, 19

Isaac is born,

21 The ten commandments, 20

Isaac offered up,

22 Laws against murder,


Death of Sarah,

23 Laws against theft, &e.

Isaac and Rebekah meet, 24 Laws against false witness, &e.

Abraham's death,

25 Moses called into the mount,

Isaac blessed,

26 Form of the ark,..

Jacob and Esau,

27 Curtains for the ark,

Jacob's vision and vow, 28. Allar of burnt-offering,

Jacob marrieth Rachel, 29 Aaron and his sons made priests,

Birth of Joseph,

30 Priests consecrated,

Departure of Jacob,

31 Ransom of souls,

Jacob and the angel,

32 Moses receiveth the two tables, 31

Jacob and Esau meet,

33 Golden calf..... Tables broken, 32

Shechemites slain,

34 God talketh with Moses, 33

Jacob's altar at Beth-el, 35 Tables renewed,


Generations of Esau,

36 Free gifts for the Tabernacle,

Joseph sold by his brethren, 37 People's liberality restrained,
Judah's incest,

38 Ark, Mercy-seat, &c.

Joseph and his mistress, 39 Sum of the offerings,

Pharaoh's butler, &c.

40 Holy garments made,

Pharaoh's dreams,

41 Tabernacle anointed,

Joseph's brethren in Egypt, 42


Joseph entertains his brethren, 43 Burnt-offerings,
Joseph's policy to his brethren, 44 Meat-offerings,
Joseph known to his brethren, 45 Peace-offerings,
Jacob goeth into Egypt, 46 Sin-offerings,

presents his brethren, 47 Trespass-offerings,
Joseph goeth to his father, 48 Trespass-offerings,
Jacob blesseth his sons, 49 Law of trespass-offerings,


Aaron and his sons consecrated,Ch.8 Borders of the land appointed,Ch.34
Aaron's sin-offering,
9 Cities of refuge appointed,

Nadlab and Abihu slain, 10 Gilead's inberilance retained, 36
Unclean beasts,




12 Moses rehearseth God's promise, 1

Law of leprosy,

13 Story of the Edomites,

Law for the leper,

14 Moses prayeth lo see Canaan,

Uncleanness of issues,

15 An exhortation to obedieuce,


16 Ten Commandments,

Blood forbidden,

17 Obedience to the law enjoined,

Unlawful marriages,

18 Strange communion forbidden,

Repetition of laws,

19 God's mercies claim obedience, 8
Denunciations for sins,

20 Israel's rebellion rehearsed, 9

Priests' qualifications,

21 The Tables restored,


Nature of sacrifices,

22 An exhortation to obedience,

Feasts of the LORD,

23 Blood forbidden,


Shelomith's son,

24 Idolaters to be stoned, : 13
The Jubilee,

25 Of meats, clean and unclean, 14

Obedience required,

26 of the year of release,


Nature of vows,

27 The feast of the Passover, 16

The choice and duty of a king, 17
The tribes numbered,

1 The priests' portion,
Order of the tribes,

2 Cities of refuge appointed, 19
Levites appointed priests, 3 The priests? exhortation before
The service of the Kobathites, 4 baule,

Trial of jealousy,

5 Expiation of unceriain murder, 21
Law of the Nazarite,

6 of humanity toward brethren, 22
Offerings of the princes,

7 Diverse laws and ordinances,
Levites consecrated,
8 of divorce,

Passover commanded,

9 Stripes must not exceed forty,
The Israelites' march,

10 or ihe offering of first-fruits,

The Israelites loathe manna, 11 The law to be written on stones, 27

Miriam's leprosy,

12 Blessings and curses declared, 28

Delegates search the larid, 13 God's covenant with his people, 29

The people murmur at the report, 14 Mercy promised to the penitent, 30

Sundry laws given,

15 Moses giveth Joshua a charge, 31

Korah, Dathan, &c. slain,
16 The song of Moses,

Aaron's rod flourisheth, 17 The majesty of God,


Portion of the priests and Levites,18 Moses vieweth the land and dieth, 34

Law of purification,


Moses smiteth the rock, 20 Joshua succeedeth Moses,

Brazen serpent appointed, 21 Rahab concealeth the spies,

Balak sends for Balaam, 22 The waters of Jordan divided,

Balak's sacrifices,

23 Twelve stones for a memorial,

Balaam's prophesy,

24 Manna ceaseth,

Zimri and Cozbi slain, 25 Jericho beseiged and taken,

Israel numbered,

26 Achan's sin punished,

Death of Moses foretold, 27 Joshua taketh Ai,

Offerings to be observed, 28 The craft of the Ġibeonites,

Offerings at feasts,

29 The sun and moon stand still,

Vows not to be broken,

30 Diverse kings conquered,

Midianites spoiled,

31 Names of the conquered kings, 12

The Reubenites and Gadites re- Balaam slain,



32 The inheritance of the tribes, 14

Journies of the Israelites, 33] The borders of the lot of Judah, 15

on Oil

Ephraim's inberitance, Chap. 16 David slayeth Goliath, Chap r
The lot of Manasseh,

17 Jonathan's love to David,
The lot of Benjamin,

18 Saul's jealousy of David,
The lot of Simeon,

19 David and Jonathan copsolt,
Cities of refuge, &c.

20 David feigns himself mad,
God giveth Israel rest,

21 Nob destroyed,
The iwo tribes and half sent home,22 David rescueih Keilah,
Joshua's exhortation before his David spareth Saul,

23 The death of Samuel,
Joshua's death and borial, 24 David findeth Saul asleep,

David fleeth to Gaib,
The acts of Judah and Simeon, 1 Saul consults a witch,
The Israelites fall into idolatry, 2 Achish dismisseth David,
The nations left to prove Israel, 3 Amalekites spoil Ziklag,
Deborah and Barak deliver Israel,4 Saul and his sons slain,
The song of Deborah and Barak, 5 SECOND BOOK OF SAMTEL
The Israelites oppressed by Mi- David laments Saul,

6 David made king of Judah,
Gideon's army,

7 Joab killeth Abner,
The Ephraimites pacified, 8 Ish-bosheih murdered,
Abimelech made king,

9 David's age and reign,
Tola judgeth Israel,

10 Uzzab smitten,
Jephtha's rash vow,

11 God's promise to David,
The Ephraimites slain,

12 David's officers,
Samson born,

13 David sends for Mepbibosheth,
Samson's marriage and riddle, 14 Hanun's villany,
Samson is denied his wife, 15 David's adultery,
Delilah's falsehood to Samson, 16 Nathan's parable,
Micah's idolatry,

17 Amnon and Tamar,
The Danites seek an inheritance, 18 Absalom's return,
The Levile and his concubine,
19 Absalom's policy,

The complaint of the Levite, 20 Shimei curseth David,

Benjamin's desolation bewailed. 21 Ahithophel hangeth himself, 17
Absalom slain by Joab,

Elimelech driven into Moab, 1 Shimei is pardoned,

Ruth gleaneth in Boaz' field, 2 Sheba's revolt,
Boaz' bounty to Ruth,

3 Saul's sons hanged,
Boaz marrieth Ruth,

4 David's thanksgiving,
FIRST BOOK OF SAMUEL. David's faith,
Samuel born,

1 David numbereth the people,
Hannah's song,

The Lord calleth Samuel, 3 Solomon anointed king,
Eli's death,

4 David's death,
Dagon falleth before the ark, 5 Solomon chooseth wisdom,
The ark sent back,

6 Solomon's prosperity,
The Israelites repent,

7 Hiram and Solomon agree,
The Israelites desire a king, 8 The building of the temple,
Samuel entertaineth Saul, 9 Ornaments of the temple,
Saul anointed,
10 The temple dedicated,

The Ammonites smitten, 11 God's covenant with Solomon,
Samuel's integrity,
12 The queen of Sheba,

Saul reproved,
13 Ahijah's prophesy,

Saul's victories,
14 The ten tribes revolt,

Saul spareth Agag,

15 Jeroboam's hand withereth, IS
Samuel anointeih David, 15. Abijah's sickness and death, 14

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Jeroboam's sin punished, Chap. 15 The plague stayed, Chap 21
Jericho rebuilt,

16 Preparation for the temple, 22
The widow's son raised, 17 Solomon made king,

Elijah obtaineth rain,

18 The order of Aaron's sons,
Elisha followeth Elijah, 19 The number of the singers,
Samaria besieged,

20 The division of the porters,
Naboth stoned,

21 The twelve captains,
Ahab seduced,

22 David's exhoriation,
SECOND BOOK OF KINGS. David's reign and death,
Moab rebelleth,



Elijah's translation,

2 Solomon's offering,

Moabites defeated,

3 Solomon sendeth to Huram,

The widow's oil multiplied, 4 The building of the temple,

Naaman cleansed,

5 The vessels of the temple,

A famine in Samaria,

6 The temple finished,

Plenty in Samaria,

7 Solomon blesseth the people,

Ben-hadad killed,

8 Solomon's sacrifice,

Jezebel eaten by dogs,

9 Solomon buildeth cities,

Prophets of Baal slain, 10 The queen of Sheba visiteth So-

Jehoash anointed king,

11 lomon,

The temple repaired, 12 Rehoboam made king, 10
Elisha's death,
13 Judah strengthened,


Amariah reigneth,

14 Rehoboam's reign and death, 12

Azariah's leprosy,

15 Abijah overcometh Jeroboam, 13

Ahaz's wicked reign,
16 Asa destroyeth idolatry,


Ten tribes taken captive, 17 Asa's covenant with God, 15

Rabshakeh's blasphemy, 18 Asa's death and burial,


Hezekiah's prayer,

19 Jehoshaphat's good reign,


Hezekiah's death,

20 Micaiah's prophecy,


Manasseh's iniquity,

21 Jehoshaphat's care for justice, 19

Huldab prophesieth,

22 Jehoshaphat's fast and prayer, 20

Josiah destroyeth the idolaters, 23 Jehoram's wicked reign, 21

Judah taken captive,

24 Ahaziah's wicked reign,

The temple desiroyed,

25 Joash made king,



Zechariah stoned,

Adam's line to Noah,

1 The Edomites overcome,

The posterity of Israel,

2 Uzziah's leprosy,.

The sons of David,

3 Jotham's good reign,

The posterity of Judah,

4 Ahaz's wicked reign,

The line of Reuben,

5 Hezekiah's good reign,

The sons of Levi,

6 The passover proclaimed,

The sons of Issachar,

7 Provision for the priests,

The sons of Benjamin,

8 Hezekiah's death,

Genealogies of Israel and Judah, 9 Manasseh's wicked reign,

Saul's overthrow and death, 10 Josiah's good reign,

David made king of Israel, 11 Josiah slain in battle,

The armies that helped David, 12 Jerusalem destroyed,

David fetcheth the ark,


Hirain's kindness to David, 14 The proclamation of Cyrus,

David bringeth the ark to Zion, 15 The people return from Babylon,

David's psalm of thanksgiving,' 16 The altar erected,

Nathan's message to David, 17 The decree of Artaxerxes,

David's victories, .

18 Tatnai's letter to Darius,

David's messengers ill-treated, 19 The temple finished,

Rabbah taken and spoiled, 20 | Ezra goelh to Jerusalem,

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