Bulletin, Issue 78

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University of the State of New York, 1905

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Page 229 - Hear, Yonnondio, our women had taken their clubs, our children and old men had carried their bows and arrows into the heart of your camp, if our warriors had not disarmed them, and kept them back, when your messenger, Ohguesse, came to our castles.
Page 180 - Indians raised a cry from hill to hill, a Mohawk ! a Mohawk! upon which they all fled like sheep before wolves, without attempting to make the least resistance, whatever odds were on their side.
Page 136 - To my mind, the structure of such a language as the Mohawk Is quite sufficient evidence that those who worked out such a work of art were powerful reasoners and accurate classifiers.
Page 468 - Catalogue of the Cabinet of Natural History of the State of New York and of the Historical and Antiquarian Collection annexed thereto. 242p. 8vo. Handbooks i893-date. In quantities, i cent for each 16 pages or less. Single copies postpaid as below. New York State Museum. 52p. il.
Page 204 - At once, a chapel sprung into 18 existence, and, by the zeal of the natives, was finished in a day. "For marbles and precious metals," writes Dablon, "we employed only bark; but the path to heaven is as open through a roof of bark as through arched ceilings of silver and gold.
Page 124 - Watkins 1914 PLINY T. SEXTON LL.B. LL.D Palmyra 1912 T. GUILFORD SMITH MACE LL.D. . . . Buffalo 1907 WILLIAM NOTTINGHAM MA Ph.D. LL.D. - . . Syracuse 1910 CHARLES A. GARDINER Ph.DLHD LL.DDCL New York 1915 CHARLES S.
Page 143 - The speakers whom I have heard," says Mr. Colden, " had all a great fluency of words, and much more grace in their manner, than any man could expect, among a people entirely ignorant of the liberal arts and sciences.
Page 148 - The alliance or confederacy of the Five Nations was established, as near as can be conjectured, one age (or the length of a man's life) before the white people (the Dutch) came into the country. Thannawage was the name of the aged Indian, a Mohawk, who first proposed such an alliance.
Page 374 - We therefore tell you, that we are now setting out for our own country. Father: We thank you, from our hearts, that we now know there is a country we may call our own, and on which we may lie down in peace. We see that there will be peace between your children and our children; and our hearts are very glad.
Page 282 - For this purpose you are to preserve this string, in memory of what your uncles have this day given you in charge. We have some other business to transact with our brethren, and therefore depart the council, and consider what has been said to you.

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