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ALEXANDER, Ann,-continued.

A Selection of Hymns, designed principally for the use of Pri-
soners. By the Author of "Facts, &c. respecting Climbing
Boys." York: Printed for W. Alexander, sold also by Darton,
Harvey and Co., Baldwin and Co., W. Phillips; and W. Dar-
ton, Jun., London; M. M. and E. Webb, Bristol: and by
James Robertson, Edinburgh.
12mo. 1819 3

A Supposed Dialogue between a Member of the Religious Society
of Friends and another Religious Professor, who had been at
one of their Publick Meetings for Worship, which had been
held in Silence. Printed by Hargrove, Gawthorp, and Cobb,
Herald Office, York, for William Alexander, (about 1819)
Small 8vo. No Date.
Warrior and Pacificus; or, Dialogues on War. By the Author
of Remarks on the Theatre, &c." York: Printed for William
Alexander; sold also by Darton, Harvey and Co., W. Phillips,
W. Darton, Jun., London; James Robertson, Edinburgh; and
by Christopher Bentham, Dublin. (Anonymous.) 12mo. 1819 2
Appeal on behalf of Climbing Boys.


Two Disasters.

The Planter. (Anonymous.)

12mo. York, No Date.

The Woman of Samaria. London: C. Gilpin, 5, Bishopsgate
Without. (Anonymous.)
12mo. 1846

Re-printed, entitled, "The Woman of Samaria, with some

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remarks in reference to the Seventh Commandment."12mo. 1846 Soon after the decease of her husband in 1841, Ann Alexander removed to Ipswich, where she died the 19th of 9th month, 1849, aged 82 years. In "The Annual Monitor for 1850," page 124, (of which she appears to have been the originator) there is an interesting memoir of her; the earlier numbers of that Annual contain several of her contributions. See "ANNUAL MONITOR."

ALEXANDER, Ann, Daughter of William Dillwyn of Walthamstow,

and Wife of Richard Dykes Alexander, of Ipswich.

Fruits and Flowers.

The Wheatsheaf; chiefly composed of gleanings from pious
Authors. 3rd edition, enlarged. London: Printed for Darton
and Harvey, Gracechurch Street; and Hatchard and Son,
24mo. 1836 3

The Garden.

The Shrubbery..

The 4 above reprinted in 1 vol., entitled "Gleanings from
Pious Authors: comprising The Wheatsheaf. Fruits and
Flowers, Garden, and Shrubbery. A new edition with a
Brief notice of the former publications of these volumes,
by James Montgomery
Foolscap, 8vo. 1846 432
Reprinted. A new edition. London: John Darton and Co.
Holborn Hill; W. and F. G. Cash, Bishopsgate Street,
Ipswich; J.M. Burton and Co.


8vo. 1853 28

ALEXANDER, Ann, of Ipswich,—continued.

12mo. 1838

Hints for a Sick Chamber. Ipswich: Printed and Sold by S.H.
Cowell, Old Butter Market: sold also by Edmund Fry, Bishops-
gate Street, London.
Gathered fragments: briefly illustrative of the Life of George
Dillwyn. (Edited by her.) See " GEORGE DILLWYN." 8vo. 1858 3
All the above, are Anonymous.
ALEXANDER, Catherine, of Stoke Newington, near London, and

Maria Candler.

Extracts of letters lately received from the West Indies, in regard
to education and the Cholera.
Folio, 1851 1
ALEXANDER, Edward, (Son of Samuel and Deborah Alexander,)

of Limerick, in Ireland.

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To the Inhabitants of this City, (Limerick)

4to. 1831

A large Broadside with these words. "Repent. The Cholera,
with which we have been lately visited, is but as a drop fallen
out of the cup of the Lord's just indignation for our manifold
sins,-more of whose Righteous Judgments we may expect will
be poured forth upon us, unless we Repent." Edward Alexander.
Limerick, 23rd of 5th Month, 1833. R.D.Webb, Printer, Dublin.
Cholera. Observe! on some days this judgment is not so severe
as on others. Printed at Canter's Paper and Account Book
Warehouse, 12, Francis Street, Limerick.
Folio, No Date.


A Testimony of the Monthly Meeting of Limerick, concerning
Edward Alexander, deceased. Printed by direction of the
Yearly Meeting of Friends, held in Dublin, 1837.

Dublin: Richard D. Webb, Great Brunswick Street. 8vo. 1837 11


A Memoir of Edward Alexander, with a Testimony from the
Monthly Meeting of Limerick, and extracts from his diary.

London: Charles Gilpin, 5, Bishopsgate Without; Dublin':
J.B. Gilpin, 59, Dame Street.
Foolscap, 8vo. 1849 7

He died the 6th and was interred on the 9th of the 10th Month, 1836, in
Friends' Burial Ground, at Limerick. Aged about 49, a Minister
about 5 years.

ALEXANDER, George William, of London, and Stoke Newington,

but now residing at Reigate, in Surrey.

Some observations on the concluding portion of an article in the
Edinburgh Review, on the Grounds and objects of the Budget;
in a letter to the Editor of the Morning Chronicle. By G. W.
Alexander. London: Smith, Elder and Co. 65, Cornhill.
Letters on the Slave Trade. Slavery, and Emancipation; with
a reply to objections made to the liberation of the Slaves
in the Spanish Colonies; addressed to Friends on the Conti-
nent of Europe, during a visit to Spain and Portugal.

London: Charles Gilpin, 5, Bishopsgate Street; Duncan
and Malcolm, 37, Paternoster Row.


Foolscap 8vo. 1842 12

ALEXANDER, George William,-continued.

Letter addressed to Edward Smith, of Sheffield, on the intro-
duction of Slave grown sugar into the British Market Folio, 1844
Liberté immédiate et absolue, ou Esclavage. Observations sur
lé Rapport de M. Le duc De Broglie, Président de la Com-
mission instituée par décision Royale du 26 mai 1840, pour
l'examen des questions relatives à l'Esclavage et à la Constitu-
tion politique des colonies françaises; adressées a Tous les
Français Amis de la Libertê et de l'humanitè. Par Geo. W.
Alexander et John Scoble, de Londres. Paris: Librairie de
Firmin Didot Freres, imprimeurs de l'institut, Rue Jacob, 56.
N.B.-John Scoble, not a Friend.
8vo. 1844 33
ALEXANDER, Mary, of Needham Market, Suffolk.

Some account of the Life and Religious Experience of Mary
Alexander, late of Needham Market. (Edited by her
brother, W. A.) York: Printed by C. Peacock, for W.
Alexander, and sold by him; also by W. Phillips, George
Yard, Lombard Street, and Darton, Harvey, and Darton,
No 55, Gracechurch Street, London
12mo. 1811 13
Reprinted, in vol. 13 of "The Friends' Library," Philadelphia, 1849

There is inserted "A short Testimony from Woodbridge Monthly
Meeting, concerning her Mother Martha Alexander," who died
the 18th of 9th Month, 1775, also some mention of Sarah Harrison
and Elizabeth Coggeshall, from America.

She died the 4th of the 12th Month, 1809, aged about 50, a Minister
about 21 years. Her remains were interred at Worcester, on the
7th of the same Month.

ALEXANDER, Richard Dykes, Son of Dykes Alexander, of Ipswich,


Observations on the Subject of War, (By Pacificator). 8vo. 1817
Ipswich Reading Lessons, selected from the Scriptures only.
Folio, about 1820

Reprinted, the 2nd edition enlarged.
The Speech of a Layman at a late Anniversary Meeting of a
Bible Association in the County of Suffolk.
8vo. 1826
And others. An Address to the Society of Friends on the
Temperance Reformation.
8vo. London, 1840
See "Friends."
-A Catalogue of Ipswich Temperance publications.
Ipswich, Printed, 12mo.

This contains the titles of about 300 tracts, several of which are by
R. D. Alexander.

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Testimonial to the truthfulness of "A Memoir of John Jacques
Steel, by Philip Dickerson," prefixed to the 2nd edition. 18mo. 1854
Prospectus of "Ipswich series of Friends' Tracts." 12mo. 1856 2 pages.

No. 10. War inconsistent with Christianity, by R.D.A.

12mo. 1856.

ALEXANDER, Samuel, of Needham Market, Suffolk, where he was
born in the year 1749.

An address to the Members of the Two Monthly Meetings,
constituting the Quarterly Meeting of Friends of the County
of Suffolk. Ipswich: Printed by King and Savage, at the
County Press.

8vo. 1812

Re-printed.—The 2nd edition. (with some alterations.)

York: Printed by Thomas Wilson and Son, for William
Alexander, and sold by him; sold also by Darton, Harvey
and Darton; and William Phillips, London.

8vo. 1812

Serious Thoughts on the Fall and Restoration of Man; with
some remarks on the Doctrines of Predestination and Original
Sin. By Aquila. Printed for the Author, and sold by Long-
man, Hurst, Rees and Co., London.
Remarks on the Loan Fund. Dated, Needham, 6th Month,
13th, 1814

4to. 1814

Republished at the end of George Harrison's "Memoir
of the Origin, nature, and purpose, of a Loan Fund, &c."
2nd edition

12mo. 1822

12mo. 1814 2

See George Harrison.

Query, if in 1st edition, 1821.
Tender caution and counsel to such as join the Society of
Friends through convincement. York: Published and sold by
William Alexander, sold also in London by Darton and Co.,
W. Phillips, and W. Darton, Jun.

12mo. 1818

Brief remarks on the discipline among Friends, particularly as
it relates to Tythes, and to those who pay them. York: Pub-
lished and sold by William Alexander, sold also in London by
Darton and Co., W. Phillips, and W. Darton, Jun.
Remarks on Dr. Adam Clarke's Discourse on the nature, insti-
tution, and design of the Holy Eucharist, commonly called the
Sacrament of the Lord's Supper. By Verax. Printed for the
Author, and sold by J. Lomax, Stockport, &c.

See also " Anonymous."

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12mo. 1818 1

A Letter to Friends of Great Britain. London: Printed and
sold by Harvey and Darton, 55, Gracechurch Street; sold also
by W. Alexander, York


He died the 15th of 12th month, 1824, Aged 75 years. For a further account of him, see Piety Promoted," Part 11, page 331. ALEXANDER, Sarah, Wife of Samuel Alexander, of Leominster.

A Voice from the Wilderness; being a brief review of the Calling,
Progress, and Present Decline of the Society of Friends. By
Sarah Alexander. Gloucester: Printed by John Bellows, Com-
mercial Road. Birmingham: White & Pike.

She died soon after, the 22nd of 4th month, 1860, Aged 51 years.

12mo. 1819 2

8vo 1820 1

8vo. [1860] 41

ALEXANDER, William, Needham Market, Suffolk, afterwards of York, where he carried on the business of a Bookseller for many years. Son of Dykes and Martha Alexander.

The Silent Pause, and other verses; addressed to the Girls at a
boarding school for Friends' Children. Written on different
occasions. York: Printed by C. Peacock, for W. Alexander,

The Powers of Britain. Respectfully addressed to the Legis-
ture and People of the United Kingdom. (A Poem.)

York: Printed for the Author, and sold by William
Alexander, York, &c.

The same, Part 2

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See Anonymous.

Christian Discipline, Public Religious Worship, and Gospel
Ministry, briefly considered.

8vo. 1811 2

York; Printed for the Author and sold by him; sold also by
M.M. and E Webb, Bristol; and by Darton, Harvey and
Co., W. Phillips and W. Darton, Jun., London. 12mo. 1814 5
"The 1st Part of this work treats on the nature of Christian Discipline,
as practised in the Primitive Church.-The 2nd offers, under a feel-
ing of much deference and tenderness, a few Hints on the Exercise
of Gospel Ministry among the Society of Friends :- and the 3rd Part
takes a brief view of Christian Discipline as exercised amongst
Friends, in reference to the different Offices in the Church, the care
of the Poor, and the conducting of Meetings for Discipline."
Note in W. A.'s Catalogue, 1824.
A Brief Historical Catechism of the Holy Scriptures, designed
for the use of Children and young persons. Part I.

York: Printed for the Author, and sold by him; sold also
by Darton, Harvey and Co., W. Phillips, and W. Darton,
Jun, London
Reprinted The 2nd edition, enlarged and improved, York:
Printed and Published by W. Alexander and Son, &c. &c.

Reprinted, The 2nd edition.

8vo. 1813 2

1 mo. 1815 2

16mo. 1822 2 16mo. 1819 3

Observations on the construction and fitting up of Meeting
Houses, &c., for Public Worship, illustrated by Plans, Sections,
and Description, including one lately erected in the City of
York; embracing in particular, The Method of Warming and
Ventilating. York: Published and Sold by William Alexander,
sold also by Harvey and Darton, Wm. Phillips, and Wm. Darton,
Jun., London; C. Bentham, Dublin, J. Robertson, Edinburgh;
and M. M. and E. Webb, Bristol
Large 4to. 1820 8

The Little Osage Captive, an authentic narrative; to which are
added, some interesting letters, written by Indians. [By
Elias Cornelius.] (Frontispiece.) York: Printed and Pub-
lished by W. Alexander & Son, Castlegate, &c. 18mo. 1824 182 pages
Edited by W.A., but without his name.

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