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HIS is one of a series of supplementary readers which

draw upon the world’s best literature. The other books

of the series are constructed on a similar plan and they all present well-selected nature material and stories on industry. They are adapted for use either as readers or to supplement nature geography and history lessons. (flYou will naturally want to know more about the other booksin the series. That for the fourth and fifth grades is entitled “Stories of Woods and Fields,” and consists of an illustrated series of stories of animal life supplemented with a chapter on our national holidays. It contains one hundred and ninety-two pages. It is illustrated in colors and the list price is forty cents; the mailing price forty-eight cents. I] The book for the fifth grade and upward is called “When the World Was Young." It is a most fascinating story of the development from primitive conditions of modem means of communication, transportation, agriculture, etc., and affords especially appropriate material for supplementary history lessons. It contains one hundred and sixty pages. It is illustrated and bound in cloth, the list price is forty cents, and the mailing price is forty-eight cents. 1] All three books are published by the WORLD BooK COMPANY, Yonkers-on-Hudson, New York.

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