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HE present brief hand-list has been published under circumIstances some of which may need a few words of explanation.

I had begun last year to draw up a very minute description of some of the bibliographical treasures of the Didlington Hall library, Lord Amherst of Hackney having the intention to eventually publish a large Catalogue raisonné of his collection, on a very elaborate scale.

Sad circumstances, already well known to the British public, have compelled the owner of this library to issue a catalogue at a few weeks' notice, and to reduce the proposed publication to the proportions of a mere hand-list.

The detailed descriptions of several hundred books had however already been drawn up, in a manuscript now in the hands of Mr Quaritch, from whom specialists may obtain fuller information on a great many of the volumes described below.

It has been my object, in the present hand-list, to give sufficient descriptions of the volumes to enable them to be easily identified by any librarian. Most of the superior bindings have been noticed and all important shortcomings or deficiencies of the copies under description have been carefully recorded. I trust that the errors which have escaped my attention will meet with the indulgence of the bibliographical public.


Paris, 36 avenue Henri Martin,

November 1906.


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