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24 JAN 1958



PART II.-1828.

1595 ASHMOLE'S (ELIAS) INSTITUTION, LAWS, AND Ceremonies of THE MOST NOBLE ORDER OF THE GARTER, and an Account of all other MILITARY ORDERS OF KNIGHTHOOD IN ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, FRANCE, &c., numerous plates by Hollar, (portrait of Charles II. wanting) folio, fine clean copy, old calf, gilt, marbled leaves, neat, 21 18s


"Whatever relates to the Knights of the most noble Order of the Garter, is completely shewn us by Mr. Ashmole, in his most elaborate and perfect work on this subject. It is certainly, in its kind, one of the most valuable books in our language."-NICHOL SON.-CHALMERS.

"This laborious and valuable work, which was originally sold for 17 1Cs has greatly increased in price, six and even upwards of seven guineas have been paid for a copy at modern auctions."-See MOULE'S Bibliotheca Heraldica.


1596 Abbott's (Charles) Treatise of the Law relative to Merchant Ships and Seamen, 8vo. law calf, 6s 1808 1597 Abercrombie's (John) Propagation and Botanical Arrangement of Plants and Trees, useful and ornamental, portrait, 2 vols. 12mo. 4s 6d 1598 Act of Parliament for repairing the Highways between Tyburn and Uxbridge, &c., large folding plan, 8vo. calf, neat, 1s Oxford, Clar. Press, 1769 1599 Addison's (J.) Evidences of the Christian Religion, 12mo. 1s

Edinb., 1751 1600 ADLER.-Bibliotheca Biblica Sereniss. Würtenbergensium Ducis, edita à J. G. C. Adler, cum Appendicibus,5 parts complete, in 1 vol. small 4to. calf, extra, marbled leaves, 21 12s 6d Altona, 1787 1601 Adolphus's (John) History of England, from the accession of George III. to the year 1783, portraits, 3 vols. 8vo. calf, neat,



1602 Advice to a Young Student, with a method of Study for the first four years, 8vo. sewed, Is Oxford, 1755 1603 ÆLIANI VAR. HIST., Gr. et Lat., cum Var. Lect., Notis SCHEFFERI et KUHNII, &c., curante J. H. LEDERLINO, small 8vo. half vellum, 4s 6d

Argent., 1713

This edition is said by Harles to be an improved one of Kuhnius and Scheffer's, of 1685; "which" says Harwood, " contains a treasure of erudition and good criticism."

1604 ÆSCHYLI TRAGEDIE quæ supersunt, ac Deperditarum Fragmenta,Gr., recensuit et Commentario illustravit, C. G. SCHUTZ, 5 vols. 8vo. boards, 21 28 Halæ, 1809-21



1607 1608

"EDIT. OPT., and a very excellent and complete one."-Moss. It has received the warmest approbation of the reviewers in the 2nd vol. of the Bibliotheca Critica, Amst., 1779, &c., and Harles, Fabr. Bibl. Gr., speaks of it in a very favourable manner.

Gr., ad opt., lib. fid. recensuit, integram lectionis varietatem, notasque adjecit A. Wellauer, 2 vols. 8vo. boards, new, ll Is Cantab., 1827

Gr., recensuit, notis illustravit, vers. gall. addidit, etc., F. J. DUTHEIL, 2 vols. 8vo. calf, very neat, 11 4s Paris, 1795 Septem Contra Thebas, Gr., ad fid. MSS. emendavit, notas et glossarium adjecit C. J. Blomfield, 8vo. bds., 6s 6d Cant., 1817 Tragœdiæ, ex edit. Stanleii Lat. redditæ, et ad edit. Gr., Schutzii accommodatæ, 8vo, boards, 7s Oxon., 1809 1609 Eschylus's Tragedies, literally translated into English Prose, from the texts of Blomfield and Schutz, 8vo. boards, 6s 6d (sells at 10s 6d) 1610 Esop.-Select Fables of Æsop and other Fabulists, with Meziriac's Life of Æsop, translated from the French, with Notes, vignettes by Grignion, after Wale, small 8vo. calf, neat, 10s 6d

ib., 1822

Birm., Baskerville, 1764 1611 Aikin's (Lucy) Memoirs of the Court of James the first, portraits, 2 vols. 8vo. boards, 15s 6d (sells at 11 4s)

1822 1612 AINSWORth's (Robert) LATIN-ENGLISH and ENGLISH-LATIN DICTIONARY, by Morell, thick 4to. calf, neat, 1l 11s 6d 1796 1613 Aiton's (William) Hortus Kewensis; or, a Catalogue of the Plants cultivated in the Royal Botanic Garden at Kew, 3 vols. 8vo. half bound, neat, 14s


1614 Alison's (Archibald) Essays on the Nature and Principles of Taste, 2 vols. 8vo. calf, extra, marbled leaves, 17 11s 6d-calf, very neat, ll is Edinb., 1812

"We look upon this as the best and most pleasing work which has yet been produced on the subject of taste and beauty. The book seems excellently adapted to promote both the love and knowledge of the curious speculations on which it is employed.”—Edinb. Rev. vol. xviii. p. 1.

1615 Almon's (J.) Extinct Peerage of England, containing an Account of all those noble families whose titles are extinct, from the earliest accounts to the present time, 12mo. calf, neat, 38




1616 Altieri's (F.) Italian Grammar, 8vo. 1s 6d 1617 Ambrose's (Isaac) Looking unto Jesus, 8vo. neat, 7s Edinb., 1771 1618 ANDERSON'S (Dr. J.) ROYAL GENEALOGIES; or, the genealogical

Tables of Emperors, Kings, and Princes, from Adam to these times, with new Addenda and Corrigenda, folio, fine clean copy, half bound, UNCut, 21 28


"This book is perhaps the most difficult and laborious that ever was undertaken by author or printer. It was seven years in hand, and is the most extensive and copious work of the kind in any language, and the first in English of so large a scope. It may be considered as an abridgment of universal history, to be used as an index to all historical writings, and a regulator of those whose authors have been either ignorant or negligent of chronology and genealogy, without which any history is deficient, imperfect, and perplexing."-MOULE'S Bibl. Herald.

1619 ANA, ou Collection de Bons Mots, Contes, Pensées détachées, Traits d'Histoire et Anecdotes des Hommes célèbres, etc., 10 vols. 8vo. sewed, 3l 188 Amst., 1789 1620 Anderson's (John) Mission to the East Coast of Sumatra, in 1823, plates and charts, 8vo. boards, 9s 6d (sells at 16s)


1621 Andrews's (Bp. Lancelot) XCVI. Sermons, thick folio, fine clean copy in the original calf binding, 1l 18

1632 1622 Andrews's (Dr. John) Free Disquisitions on the Sentiments and Conduct requisite in a British Prince, 8vo. boards, 28 6d 1805 1623 Andronici Rhodii Ethicorum Nicomach eorum Paraphrasis, Gr. et Lat., ex interp. Heinsii, cum Andronici libello περɩ πalwν, sive de Animi affectionibus, 8vo. boards, 9s (published at 15s) Oxon., è Typ. Clar., 1809 1624 Animated Skeleton, 2 vols. 12mo. calf, very neat, 28 6d 1700 1625 Anquetil, (L. P.) Histoire de France, depuis les Gaulois jusqu'a la Mort de Louis XVI., 13 vols. 8vo. calf, extra, marbled leaves, by HERRING, 67 68

Paris, 1818 1626 Antar, a Bedoueen Romance, translated from the Arabic, by Terrick Hamilton, 8vo. boards, 28 6d (pub. at 98 6d)

1819 1627 Antiquity, Honour, and Dignity of Trade, particularly as connected with the City of London, portraits, royal 8vo. boards, 6s 6d Westminster, 1813

"The MS. from which this work was printed, came into the proprietor's possession with a large collection of original letters and state papers, belonging to the Sidney family of Penshurst, in Kent."-Advertisement.

1628 Apollonius Rhodius's Argonautics, by Francis Fawkes, revised and compleated; with a translation of Coluthus's Greek Poem on the Rape of Helen, and Notes, by Mr. Meen, frontispiece, 8vo. calf, gilt, 6s 6d Dodsley, 1780

"The versification of Mr. Fawkes is for the most part easy, fluent, and perspicuous, and seldom fails to reflect the sense of the original with a distinctness and truth, not always to be met with in translations."-Mon. Rev.

1629 Appien d'Alexandrie, Histoire des Guerres Civiles de la Republique Romaine, trad. du Texte Grec par J. J. Combes-Dounous, 3 vols. 8vo. boards, 10s 6d

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1808 1630 APPOLLONII SOPHISTE Lexicon Græcum Iliadis et Odysseæ, Notis atque Animadvers. illustravit, et Vers. Lat. adjecit Villoison accedit Philemonis Grammatici Fragmenta; tertii Iliadis lib. Prosaica Metaphrasis Græca, etc., 2 vols. folio, fine copy in French calf, gilt, marbled leaves, 11 5s Lutet., 1773

"The prolegomena of Villoison are ample and extremely erudite, accompanied with a multitude of notes and observations, the extensive and profound erudition of which (extremely rare even in laborious men who have grown old in study!) appears like a prodigy in a young man at the age of twenty-two, as was Villoison, when he edited this work."-DIBDIN.

1631 Apthorp's (East) Letters on the Prevalence of Christianity before its civil establishment; with Observations on Gibbon's Decline and Fall, 8vo. calf, neat, 58 6d


"The author has enriched this work with many learned remarks, and especially with a catalogue of civil and ecclesiastical historians, which the reader will find to be very useful."-Br, WATSON.

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