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XX. Provided always, that this Act shall endure no longer than to the to end of the next Session of Parliament. (3 Car. 1. c. 4. continued until the

end of the first Session of the next Parliament, and further continued by il 16 Car. 1. c. 4.]

No. I
43 Elizabeth

c. 2.

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[No. II.] 13 and 14 Charles II. c. 12.-An Act for the

better relief of the Poor of this Kingdom. Ry WHEREAS the necessity, number, and continual increase of the poor,

No. II. not only within the cities of London and Westminster, with the liberties of each of them, but also through the whole kingdom of England, 13 and 14 and dominion of Wales, is very great and exceeding burthensome, being Charles II. occasioned by reason of some defects in the law concerning the settling

c. 12. of the poor, and for want of a due provision of the regulations of relief and employment in such parishes or places where they are legally settled The occasion ' which doth enforce many to turn incorrigible rogues, and others to perish of increase of for want, together with the neglect of the faithful execution of such laws poor. and statutes as have formerly been made for the apprehending of rogues 43 Eliz. c. 2.

and vagabonds, and for the good of the poor : For remedy whereof, and for the preventing the perishing of any of the poor, whether young or old, for want of such supplies as are necessary, may it please your most excel

lent Majesty that it may be enacted; and be it enacted by the King's he most excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and the Commons, in this present Parliament

assembled, and by the authority of the same, That whereas by reason of
some defects in the law, poor people are not restrained from going from Poor people
one parish to another, and therefore do endeavour to settle themselves in going from one
those parishes where there is the best stock, the largest commons or wastes parish to
to build cottages, and the most woods for them to burn and destroy, and

when they have consumed it, then to another parish, and at last become
the rogues and vagabonds, to the great discouragement of parishes to provide
to stocks, where it is liable to be devoured by strangers; be it therefore
thenacted, by the authority aforesaid, That it shall and may be lawful, upon How to be
the complaint made by the churchwardens

or overseers of the poor of any settled, com, parish, to any justice of peace, within forty days after any such person or ing to any 't persons coming so to settle (1) as aforesaid, in any tenement under the tenement

yearly value of ten pounds, for any two justices of the peace, whereof one under ten th to be of the Quorum, of the division where any person or persons that pounds yearly are likely to be (2) chargeable to the parish shall come to inhabit, by their value. bi warrant to remove and convey such person or persons to such parish where Altered and

he or they were last legally settled, either as a native, householder, so- explained by wi journer, apprentice or servant, for the space of forty days at the least (3), 1 Jac. 2, c.17. s- unless he or they give sufficient security for the discharge of the said parish sect; 3. Luto be allowed by the said justices.

3& 4W, & M. II. Provided always, that all such persons who think themselves

c. 11. sect. 3.

aggrieved by any such judgment of the said two justices, may appeal to the Persons agthis justices of the peace of the said county at their next Quarter Sessions, who grieved may win are hereby required to do them justice according to the merits of their appeal to the


Sessions. III. Provided also, That (this Act notwithstanding) it shall and may be Persons gaing oss lawful for any person or persons to go into any county, parish or place, to to work in Lily work in time of harvest, or at any time to work at any other work, so Harvest, jo that he or they carry with him or them a certificate froin the Minister of 2 the parish and one of the churchwardens and one of the overseers for the



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(1) A person receiving an accident, which if she had not received temporary relief from requires parochial reliet, at a place where he the one or the other; Birmingham, 14 E. 251. was casually working, is not a person coming (2) See Stat. 33 Geo. III. c. 101. post., by

to settle, so that he can be removed ; St. which persons are not liable to be removed James's, in Bury St. Edmunds, 10 E. 25. until actually chargeable.

Secus as to a person referred backwards (3) For the law of settlements, see Note and forwards for relief from one parish to at the end of the Act. another, and who would have been starved VOL. VIII.


c. 12.

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No. II. poor for the said year, that he or they have a dwelling-house or plact, 13 and 14

which he or they inhabit, and hath left wife and children, or some of th Charles II.

there, (or otherwise as the condition of the persons shall require,) ani declared an inhabitant or inhabitants there : And in such case, if person or persons shall not return to the place aforesaid, when his or ti work is finished, or shall fall sick or impotent whilst he or they are in said work, it shall not be accounted a settlement in the cases aboves but that it shall and may be lawful for two justices of the peace to con the said person or persons to the place of his or their habitation as afi said, under the pains and penalties in this Act prescribed : And ii s person or persons shall refuse to go, or shall not remain in such pa where they ought to be settled as aforesaid, but shall return of his < accord to the parish from whence he was removed, it shall and may lawful for any justice of the peace of the city, county, or town corpai where the said offence shall be committed, to send such person or pers offeading to the house of correction, there to be punished as a vagabo or to a public work-house, in this present Act hereafter mentioned, th to be employed in work or labour; and if the churchwardens and overse of the poor of the parish to which he or they shall be removed, refuse receive such person or persons, and to provide work for thein, aš ot inhabitants of the parish, any justice of peace of that division may and sh thereupon bind any such officer or officers in whom there shall be defau to the assizes or sessions, there to be indicted for his or their contempt

that behalf. Corporations IV. And for the further redress of the mischiefs intended to or worklouses hereby remedied, Be it enacted by the authority aforesaid, That fri in the cities of thenceforth there be, and shall be, one or more corporation or a London and porations, work-house or work-houses, within the cities of Lor Westminster, and Westminster, and within the boroughs, towns and places of Middlesex,

county of Middleser and Surrey, situate, lying and being within the Surrey, (4).

rishes mentioned in the weekly bills of mortality, consisting of a preside a deputy to the president, and a treasurer ; and that the Lord Mayot the city of London for the time being be president of the corporation corporations, work-house or work-houses within the said city, and the sistants to be the aldermen of the said city of London for the time bei and fifty-two other citizens to be chosen by the common council of said city: And that the said president and assistants, or the major part them, shall and may elect a deputy president and treasurer, and all oth necessary officers hereby constituted and authorized to execute the powi and offices by this Act appointed: And that upon the vacancy by death otherwise of any assistant, the power to elect in their rooms be in the sa common council; and the election of the deputy president or treasure and all other officers, in the said president and major part of the assistan as aforesaid : And that a president, a deputy president, a treasurer at assistants be nominated and appointed by the Lord Chancellor, or Lor Keeper of the Great Seal of England, for the time being, out of the most persons inhabiting in the city of Westminster, or the liberties thereof, te

the corporation or corporations, work-house or work-houses within th President, de. V. And for the said places within the weekly bills of mortality in the sa puty president, counties of Middlesexe and Surrey respectively, there shall be elected an treasurer and

chosen, by the major part of the justices of the peace for the said countie assistants for

in their respective quarter sessions assembled, out of the most able a Middlesex and

honest inhabitants and freeholders of every of the said counties of Middlet Surrey, how to be elected.

sex and Surrey respectively, a president, a deputy president, a treasure and assistants for the corporation or corporations, work-house or won houses, of the places aforesaid in Middlesex and Surrey; and that upe

the vacancy, by death or otherwise, of any of the presidents, deputy pr. City of West- sidents, treasurers or assistants in the city of Westminster, and places afor minster. said in Middlesex and Surrey, the power to elect others in their rooms



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(4) I am not aware that this part of the statute has been ever acted upon


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c. 12.

the major part of the respective justices of peace, who in their general No. II. urter-sessions from time to time shall accordingly supply such vacant

13 and 14 fres; and that at every quarter-sessions they shall require and take an

Charles II. count in writing of all the receipts, charges and disbursements of the Ecers and treasurer of such corporation or corporations, work-house or forts-houses, how and how many poor people have been employed and set bwork in the year last past, and what stock there was and is remaining; which president, deputy president, and treasurer for the time being respecfels, shall for ever hereafter, in name and fact, be bodies politick and rporate in law, to all intents and purposes, and shall have a perpetual Heession, and may sue or plead, or be sued and impleaded, by the name the president and governors for the poor of the respective places aforeentioned, and in all courts and places of judicature within this kingdom,

the dominion of Wales, and the town of Berwick-upon-Tweed; and that name every of the said corporations shall and may, without licence

Mort main, purchase or receive any lands, tenements or hereditaments, et exceeding the yearly value of three thousand pounds per annum, of the 1 alienation or devise of any person or persons, who are hereby without trther licence enabled to give the same, and any goods, chattels or sums Imoney whatsoever, to the use, intent and purposes hereafter limited and

pointed; and that each respective corporation, or any seven of them, wall have hereby power and authority from time to time to meet and keep fourts for the ends and purposes in this Act expressed, at such time and face as shall be appointed by the said president, his deputy, or the treate krer

, who are hereby required, upon the desire of any four of the said rporation, at any time to cause a court to be warned accordingly, and

all have hereby authority from time to time to make and appoint a com& ibn seal for the use of the said corporation. VI. And it is further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That it shall The powers of

may be lawful to and for the said president and governors of the said the said presiaporations for the time being, or any two of them, or to or for any per- dent and go

a authorized and appointed by them, or any two of them, from time to vernors of the fue to apprehend, or cause to be apprehended, any rogues, vagrants, sturdy said corpora

tions. ezars, or idle or disorderly persons within the said cities and liberties, ees, divisions and precincts, and to cause them to be kept and set to brk in the several and respective corporations or work-houses; and it till and may be lawful for the major part of the justices of peace in their arter-sessions, to signify unto his Majesty's privy council the names of ch rogues, vagabonds, idle and disorderly persons and sturdy beggars, as key shall think fit to be transported to the English plantations : and upon e approbation of his Majesty's privy council to the said justices of peace mified, which persons shall be transported, it shall and may be lawful it any two or more of the justices of the peace them to transport or kuse to be transported from time to time, during the space of three years ext ensuing the end of this present Session of Parliament, to any of the laglish plantations beyond the seas, there to be disposed in the usual way fservants, for a term not exceeding seven years.

VII. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That if the A stock for resident and governors of any of the said corporations shall certify under supply of

the heir common seal, their want and defect either of a present stock for the work, how to kundation of the work, or for supply thereof for the future, and what be provided in am or sums of money they shall think fit for the same, to the common London, Westbuncil of the said city of London, and the burgesses and justices of peace minster, Midtheir quarter-sessions of the said city of Westminster and the liberties dlesex, Surrey, hereof, or the justices of the respective counties of Middlesex and Surrey sembled in either quarter-sessions; That thereupon the common council the said city of London, the burgesses of the said city of Westminster, d the justices of peace of the said cities and counties in their quartersions assembled are hereby required from time to time to set down and asstain such competent sum and sums of money for the purposes aforesaid, t exceeding one year's rate from time to time usually set upon any per

for or towards the relief of the poor, and the same to proportion out es pon the several wards, precincts, counties, divisions, hundreds, and pa

D 2

of the poor,

No. II. rishes, as they shall think fit: And thereupon the aldermen, deputies, and 13 and 1.1

common councilmen of every ward in the city of London, and burgesses

and justices of the peace of the city of Westminster and the liberties there Charles II. of, and justices of the peace of the said counties of Middleser and Surrey, c. 12.

shall have power and authority, and are hereby required, equally and indifferently, according to the propertions appointed as aforesaid, for the several warıls, precincts, cities and parishes as aforesaid, to tax and rate the several inhabitants within the said respective wards, precincts and pa rishes, as well within liberties as without: With which tax, if any person or persons find him or themselves aggrieved, supposing the same to be unequal, he or they shall and may make their complaint known to the justices of the peace at the next open sessions, who shall take such final order therein as in like cases is already by the law provided.

VIII. And it is further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That it shall and may be lawful to and for any alderman of the city of London, or his deputy, or the burgesses and justices of peace of the city of Westminster and the liberties thereof, or any two or more of them, or any two justices of peace of the respective counties of Middlesex and Surrey, by their war-, rant under their hands and seals, to authorize the churchwardens ou overseers for the poor within the places and parishes aforesaid, to demand gather and receive of every person and persons, such sum and sums of money as shall be assessed upon them by the virtue of the taxations and cons tributions aforesaid; and for default of payment within ten days after de mand thereof made, or notice in writing left at the dwelling-house of lodging of every person so assessed, to levy the same by distress and sale of the goods of every such person, and after satisfaction made, to restore

the surplusage to the party so distrained. Stocks former- IX. And be it enacted by the authority aforesaid, That all stocks raiseha ly in London for the relief and imployment of the poor in the city of London and liber for the relief ties thereof, which was in the hands of a corporation heretofore appointed

in the said city for that service, or in the hands of any other person or pers: how to be paid. sons whatsocver, before the nine and twentieth day of September, which

was in the year of our Lord one thousand six hundred and sixty, commonl.
called the feast of St. Michael the archangel, or at any time since, togethe
with all the arrears of money formerly allotted for that service, or legacie,
given to the same end, shall be payable to the treasurer of the corporatiot
or corporations, work-house or work-houses, to be established by this
present Act, who are hereby authorized and impowered, by themselves of
their officers thereunto by them deputed, to collect, gather, receive and
recover the said money and legacies, which shall be due and in arrear as.
aforesaid; with which said arrears, and every part and parcel thereof, the
corporation and corporations aforesaid by this Act made, constituted and
established, is and shall be hereby invested and interested for thc execution,
of the service hereby enjoined them: And all those that have had or now

of the said stocks in their or any of their hands, shall be accounts able to the said treasurer, or to those that shall be appointed by the said, corporation or corporations, or any seven or more of them, to take the said account.

X. Provided always, and be it enacted by the authority aforesaid, That there shall be a full allowance of all just and necessary expences, which have been laid out by the said former corporation for the relief of the said

poor, and the carrying on of the said service since the time before expressed. Power to make XI. And it is further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That the resorders and

pective president and governors, or any seven of them, shall have power bye-laws. from time to time to make and constitute orders and bye-laws for the bet

ter relieving, regulating and setting the poor to work, and the apprehending and punishing of rogues, vagabonds and beggars, within the cities, liberties, and places aforesaid, that have not wherewith to maintain themselves, and for other the matters aforesaid.

XII. Provided the said orders and bye-laws shall from time to time be presented to the justices of peace in their quarter-sessions assembled, to be allowed by the major part of them, and confirmed by order of the said court.


M. And it is further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That the pre- No. II. ut and governors of any the said corporation or corporations, work.

13 and 11 se or work-houses, or any fourteen or more of them, being assembled ther, shall have hereby power to chuse and entertain all such officers Charles II. others as shall be needful to be imployed in and about the premises, c. 12. them or any of them from time to time to remove as they shall see se, and upon the death or removal of them, or any them, to chuse Power to chuse

bers in their places for the carrying on of the work, and to make and and entertain de sch reasonable allowances unto them or any of them, out of the stock officers. revenue belonging to the said corporation or work-house, as they shall

fit. IV. And it is further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That all she- All sheriffs, hailiffs, constables, and all other officers and ministers of justice shall &c. to be asading and assisting to the said corporation or corporations, and to all sisting to the

bofficers as shall be imployed by them, or any of them, in the execution saici corporareformance of the said service.

tion, and their IT. And whereas the laws and statutes for the apprehending of rogues

oihicers. a vagabonds, have not been duly execnted, sometimes for want of Constables,

cers, by reason lords of manors do not keep court-leets every year for how made, in te making of them;' Be it therefore enacted by the authority aforesaid, detault of hold. mat in case any constable, headborough or tithingman shall die or go out

ing court-leets (the parish, any two justices of the peace may make and swear a new potable, headborough or tithingman, until the said lord shall hold a court

potil next quarter-sessions, who shall approve of the said officers so lake and sworn as aforesaid, or appoint others as they shall think fit:

if any officer shall continue above a year in his or their office, that L in such case the justices of peace in their quarter-sessions may disze such officers, and may put another fit person in his or their place

the lord of the said manor shall hold a court as aforesai.l. 117. · And whereas for want of some encouragement to such

person or

Apprehending tesans as shall apprehend rogues, vagabonds, and sturdy beggars, the

rogugs and va. Eutes made in the nine and thirtieth year of Queen Elizabeth, and first gabonds (). ze of King James, in which statutes the constable, headborongh or 39 Eliz. c. 4. ingman of every parish that shall not apprehend such rogues, vagabonds 1 Jac. 1. c.7. ed sturdy beggars, which shall pass through or be found in their said

unapprehended, such constable, headborough, or tithingman, shall
Erleit as in the said statutes is expressed, are not duly executed;' Be it
etore enacted by the authority aforesaid, That it shall and may be
reful to and for any justice of the peace, to whom any rogue, vagabond How reward
sturdy beggars so apprehended shall be brought, to reward any person ed.
persons that shall apprehend any rogue, vagabond or sturdy beggar, by
ranting unto such person or persons an order or warrant under his hand
ad seal to the constable, headborough or tithingman of such parish where
och rogue, vagabond or sturdy beygar passed through unapprehended, re-
uiring him to pay such person or persons the sum of two shillings for
sery rogue, vagabond or sturdy beggar which shall be so apprehended :
ed if such constable, headborough or tithingman, refuse or neglect to
ay the two shillings as aforesaid, that then the said justices of peace, or
y other justice or justices of peace, shall proceed against any such con-
able, headborough or tithingman, according to the said statutes, and to
compel him to pay such sum of nioney as he hath forfeited by the statute
of the first year of King James aforesaid, and to allow out of the said for-
future the said two shillings, and such reasonable means and allowances,
be loss of time as they shall think fit.

XVII. And if any person or persons shall apprehend any rogue, vagą- Rogues and
ond, or sturdy beggar, at the confines of any county which passed through vagabonds,
> parish of another county unapprehended, it shall be lawful for such apprchended
person or persons to go to some justice of peace of that county through at the confines
hich such rogue, vagabond or sturdy beggar passed unapprehended, who of any county,
hereby required (upon a certificate under the hand of some justice of how to be

dealt wilbal.

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(5) See Title Vagrants, post.

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