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which after God, through Christ, is created in righteousness and true holiness.

The sinner thus renovated, regenerated and justified before God, will find himself agreeably relieved from the mountain load of iniquity and guilt which before pressed his wretched soul and caused him to groan under it. He moves, as it were, in a holier atmosphere, breathing a sweeter air-and as the sky-lark in the morning sun-breaks forth in singing the high praises of God his Saviour, in the light of the Sun of Righteousness shining in his heart and illumin ating his soul; and through faith in the Son of God he beholds the luster and glory of heaven, of the holy of holies, with all his brethren, the sons of light surrounding the throne of Jehovah. Yes, verily, he can now claim kindred to the Holy Angels and Saints on high; being born and adopted into the household of God, a son and an heir of glory. His delight is in the things pertaining to eternal life and profitable unto godliness, and his conversation is in heaven, where also his treasure is, an inheritance incorruptible, undefiled, and that never, never fades away.

Thus you see the unspeakable advantage the true christion has over the sinner and the infidel; he is at once sure of the "life that now is and of that which is to come;" and stands unmoved at the occurrences which make the unbelievers tremble and quake by beholding: he knows that he who has the destiny of the earth, world, of the universe, at the wink of his eye, is his brother, is his Father, and therefore, nothing can harm him. The untoward appearance of every thing will be over-ruled by his Almighty friend to work for him a "far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory, whilst he looks not at the things, that are seen, but at the things that are not seen; for the things that are seen are temporal, but the things that are not seen are eternal."

As it is with one individual, so with a whole community, and likewise so with a whole nation, who after having put away the fear and reverence of God, disliking to keep him

in remembrance until they become utterly estranged from him, and confirmed in their unbelief and wickedness, God sees proper to send judgments upon them to turn them from the error of their ways; and if then they humble themselves individually, as stated already, or collectively as a community or nation, they may be blessed with the same pardon and justification through our blessed Saviour Jesus Christ, and be reinstated to the favor and holy image of God, and flourish in the light of his countenance, and walk with him in righteousness and holiness, and have the same interest in Him; and therefore, as little to fear at the commotion of other nations when the Lord sends war, pestilence and famine to shake terribly the earth," because they have made the Lord their refuge, and the most High their habitation.”

The true christian can always triumph and rejoice on his pilgrimage here below; following in the foot steps of his Divine Master: led on by the holy spirit of God, conquering and to conquer He will now have more fighting to do than he ever had in his life before-against his spiritual enemies, however, which will be all arrayed against him; led on by Satan, the Prince of hell and darkness, in whose train follow all that are not born from above-a vast number in these times of infidelity and ungodliness of eighteen hundred and thirty-nine, three hundred years after the reformation, when bibles and testaments are so abundant, two or three to be found in almost every family; yet, where are the Saints? where are the men after God's own heart? where are they that delight in God and hate Satan, that are grieved at the wickedness of the age, and walk with God in holiness, and seek to do all for his glory, and to extend the Redeemer's church and kingdom over the whole earth? There are some such, but the probability is the number is very small. Has then the word of God lost its healing and saving efficacy, and the costly, the holy blood of Jesus, its virtue, its power to cleanse from all iniquity? Ah, no! It is yet as powerful as at the very beginning when it was sounded forth,

"LET THERE BE LIGHT!! and there was LIGHT;" and since then unto the present time hundreds and thousands, yea millions have been by it, applied by the holy spirit, called out of the spiritual darkness into this marvellous light, "the light of the gospel;" to know their sins forgiven through Jesus and his righteousness, and that he was their Saviour, and beside him there is none other; and they could exclaim, "My Lord and My God." And thanks be to my blessed God and Saviour, so can some now, even now; but as mentioned before, they are undoubtedly very few. But why now so few? Because Satan always had some champions in the field, and in these latter days they have made dreadful work by sowing tares among the wheat, and as the Lord gathered some of the sheaves of wheat into his garner, but the tares remained-as there shall only be a final separation on the last day-the general ingathering of the Lord's own-and have multiplied awfully since, so that the wheat is now scattered, and not so many in sheaves as there have been at times; but that which now remains, some however, is of the firmest quality, having been tried as by fire and water, and it still endures, and what is more, it improves in quality; a sure proof that the word of the good Lord is as efficacious and powerful as ever. Now therefore, my brethren, if there be any in Christ, be undismayed, be firm and persevering in the life of Godliness, and the blessed spirit will perfect you by sanctification and all the blessings of the redemption of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. And if any shall or have just set out-have put their hands to the plough, let them not look back that they be unworthy of the Lord, but be your course onward under the banner of Jesus, and in the strength of the Almighty, ye shall do valiently. He it is that subdues our enemies, internal as well as external; by creating within us holy tempers from time to time by his holy spirit, enabling us to progress continually in holiness, and to love him with a perfect heart and bring every affection into the obedience of Christ, so

as to be crucified with him unto the world, but alive unto God. And being thus established, strengthened and fortified by the everlasting arms, we are secure as to the outward enemies, whose threats fall harmless at our feet; and should they be even permitted to persecute us with vigor, with hellish malice full; even to the extent of depriving us of an earthly existence. "Fear not him that has power only to destroy the body and can do no more; but continue to fear him who, when he has destroyed, has power to cast into hell; yea, I say unto you, fear him," says our blessed Master, to warn us not to faint by the way at such trifles. If our love should become low, perfect love casts out all fear, persecution has a tendency to fan it into a flame to burn more fervently, so that our hearts desire will rather be, to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord; who dwelling in us, will enable us to exult and rejoice that we are accounted worthy to suffer for his name's sake and to glorify him; and we shall triumph even in death itself, and holy Angels shall escort our redeemed souls into the regions of light, life, and bliss, to live with our Holy Father in heaven forevermore.

"There is none that understandeth, there is none that seeketh after God." The all-wise, beneficent Creator and Ruler of the universe, when he formed man of the dust of the earth, he endowed him with faculties far above the most intelligent of his earthly creatures, and after breathing into his nostrils the breath of life, man became a living soul; an immortal spirit; an intelligent being to hold sweet converse with his Maker, with his Father, which was a privilege the other creatures were not blessed with, but were subordinate to him, and he reigned over them as their Lord and Master, and called them by name in his wisdom and understanding, well pleasing to his Creator. He was holy and intelligent, and flourished in the sun-shine and glory of his Almighty Father; and while he thus continued to exercise his superior intellect to the obedience of God, he remained in his

favor and was altogether holy and happy; but as soon as he failed in this his duty, he fell; his understanding became confused, and he became degraded below the perfect, holy Image of God, whom to know, to love, and to obey with all the heart, and to depart from all iniquity, is true wisdom and understanding-which he now found himself unable to do, but prone to do evil, and that continually; the consequence of which was, his expulsion out of Paradise; yes, God drove him out of his presence, and entailed a curse upon him to the latest posterity. In mercy, he however, also ordained ways and means through which, by the exercise of his understanding he might again return to God; be re-instated to his favor and holy Image, and finally, be received into a Paradise, even greater than the one he had forfeited; which privilege was also extended to his descendants to the latest posterity.

As in Adam all die, so in Christ are all made alive. "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life." Yea, Jesus has become the propitiation that through faith in Him we may live in an eternal Paradise with Him, be even more blessed then Adam was ere the fall, because we shall be in the immediate presence of our Father with the holy Angels, surrounding him in his glory; play on golden harps and lyres, and sing Hosannas! and Hallelujahs!! unto God and the Lamb forever and ever.

I have been reviewing the present state of mankind in my former discourses, applying some portions of scripture, as my blessed Father aided me by his holy spirit, for their instruction and benefit; and may my labor not be altogether in vain in the Lord to excite this people, this nation, to a right course of action to save themselves singly and combined from disgrace and ruin-not only temporal but eternal. How is it that none understand, that none seek after God? Is it because understanding consists in love, fear, holiness and obedience unto God? and ye are prone to evil and delight

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