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able, but my time is of more value in this degenerate age, when sinners are indulging in the most abominable vices, and perishing all around. As that picture would show forth the deeds of men, and consequently in these times they would receive praise of men beyond their due, as the God of battles has given the victory, and caused this as yet to remain a separate nation ; therefore to Him belongs all the glory. My next work was St. Peter's release by an Angel, while sleeping between two guards; figures size of life; designed in Philadelphia ; which I also took along to London. Another, Ezra the scribe, reading the law of Moses to the children of Israel, in Jerusalem, containing a number of figures size of life, but not well. executed; there is, however, something tolerable in the buildings and perspective-with others of minor import; all previous to going to Europe.

During these fivc or six years the gracious Lord used his rod frequently upon me, in love it was, I know, thanks to his Holy name. One Sabbath morning I was dressed in an entire new suit, with new boots ; it was in my head to go some twelve miles down the country, which you all know was contrary to the fourth commandment; and to my shame I was not obedient according to the vows I had made while sick, as stated already." When thou vowest unto the Lord, pay thy vows, for the Lord has no pleasure in fools.” I hired a horse bitched in a sulkey, got into it, and before I was properly seated the horse ran at a terrible rate down the street, and in turning the corner of the square, the sulkey upset and threw me against the curb stone; the horse continued running with the vehicle upside down. I got up and would have been unhurt, had it. not been that the heel or offset of my boot caught someway or other, which I never prehend, and twisted my knee, not quite out of joint, but disarranged it so as to cause me to be confined to bed for two weeks, and afterwards to go on a crutch for a few weeks longer. I felt the effects of it for some months. Thus the devil.stung my heel, as Sabbath breaking and all wickedness:


is from him; but through God I am bruising his head now.

; In the fall of 1830, while engaged on the large painting of “ Christ Healing Diseases;”. I was taken by the small pox, and confined to bed, where I lay very sick for some weeks; during which time I had much joy meditating on the love of Christ, which the above subject revived to my mind. I thought I once saw the blessed Saviour standing at the head of the bed, and also that I would die in peace; but it pleased the blessed physician and head of the church to restore me to health; having still greater work under his divine Providence for me to do. For change of air I went to Lancaster and Columbia; between these places the linch pin came out, one of the wheels flew off, and the stage went down; in aiding to raise it up to replace the wheel, being weak, I sprained or rather prolongated the muscles of my right shoulder, which I deemed too trifling to notice at the time; but in returning from Columbia to Lancaster the same night, the axle-tree broke down, and we had to take to a waggon, the jolting of which was terrible, and reclining on the elbow of my right arm, not aware of the injury I had received before, by the time we arrived at Lancaster, was very bad, so that the bone stood nearly straight out. I then returned to Harrisburg and had to bandage all winter, and was prevented from studying my picture.

As I had it in contemplation for some years, the time at last arrived for my departure to Europe. I therefore left Philadelphia the latter part of July, 1833, for New York, where I embarked on the 1st of August for Liverpool; trusting that my Heavenly Father, who had until then supported and delivered me, would still be with me, and by the workings of his Providence, would enable me to land safely at the latter place; notwithstanding the insinuation of my oldest brother, sometime previous, “ that I would never get there ;" to whom I replied, " that if it was God's will 1 should." 1 merely relate this to show that although not unblameable and holy enough, 1 still had some christian principle and faith in my God and Saviour; "cast all your care upon the Lord for he careth for you;" thus, as before, He was with me still. “If I take the wings of the morning and fly to the uttermost parts of the sea, Thou art there, thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.” At times we were visited by gales of wind, when the sea would roar, lash the vessel's side, leap on board, and together with the wind would cause the ship to groan, masts creak, spars fly, and the sails rend and flap in the storm, and cause confusion and consternation among the passengers and crew. At such times I would retire, cast myself upon my knees before the throne of Him whom the winds and the waves obey, and at whose words,*" Peace, be still,” there follows a great calm. I implored my Father's protection, and if he permitted my body to descend into the deep, to cause my soul to ascend through Jesus to his own right hand; and 1 felt his presence near, and great comfort, joy and peace, and a great calm within my soul, notwithstanding the raging of the elements without. My hopes and expectations were realized, after the exercise of much patience, during a voyage of 42 days, by stepping, through the goodness of God, on Brittania's luxuriant shore. I spent a few days at Liverpool, then took stage for London, through Birmingham and the most fertile part of the country. In London, that great metropolis, I located myself in the Western part, where the streets are broad, cleanliness observed, and where there are parks and promenades, conducing to the health of the inhabitants. Here I pursued the study of my profession and succeeded very well, as I have stated already. I had access to some of the best collections of paintings belonging to this great nation, and thereby improved myself, and made strides in this divine art towards perfection accordingly. Yet one thing I regret exceedingly when. ever I think thereon, that is, of not having lived near enough to God, as I should have done for his goodness to me; and as I might have done, through a crucified Redeemer, and privileged to do. Oh! the abuse men make of this exalted

of my

privilege, and therefore remain strangers to all the blessings and sweets thereof. I was not prayerful enough, although I prayed night and morning; neither watchful enough to keep out of my heart, and conquer at all times the enemy soul, through the Captain of our Salvation, which is the duty enjoined upon every christian. My affections were therefore, unhallowed and misplaced. I did not love God with all my heart, and by consequence my eye was not single to his glory. I was as a stray sheep wandering from the fold of Jesus, whose compassionate bowels yearned for my return; and somehow or other I became deprived of my personal liberty, if not by the order, by the permission of my Heavenly Father, “ whom he loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every one that he receiveti ;” and who graciously overruled all for my benefit and his glory. As I had committed no crime against the law of the land, I did not suffer as an evil doer, but innocently. I therefore warn all to clear their skirts, ere it be too late, who made themselves guilty of my blood, either directly or indirectly, aiding and abetting in the dark, mysterious, and hellish plot, which I never could comprehend, but which shall be made manifest on the Judgment day, when every work shall be rewarded by the Eternal Judge, my Father. I may, and do forgive them, but without repentance my Father will not forgive them. - It needs be that offences come, but woe to him from whom they do come; it were better that he had a millstone about his neck and were cast into the depths of the sea ;" and this also applies to those who now persecute me. Let all, therefore, speedily repent lest they find themselves in a place of torment surpas. sing all that men and devils ever invented, or can possibly invent; even in the lake that burneth with fire and brimstone, where there shall be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth forever.

With the inspired writer, I thank my God that I ever have been afflicted; it learned me to know the foolishness of oving the world and the vain things thereof, and to be rooted


and grounded through love in the tree of life ; to deny the devil and all his filthiness, and love God with all the heart. This perfect blessing of salvation 1 experienced shortly after I was imprisoned, and the great God supported me miraculously during my confinement, and gave me, through the instrumentality of the Holy Spirit, the indubitable assurance of being through Christ born again, adopted a son and an heir of Glory, joint heir with the blessed Jesus ; and of having my sins washed away by his precious blood, which cleanses from all sins, and my name written in the Lamb's book of life, enabled to cry Abba, Abba, Father'; which caused my heart to leap for joy, and I was all life, light, love, joy, peace and happiness in Jehovah, my God and Saviour. And I also trust that my faith, confidence and patience under my sufferings, and perfect love to Him who is essentially love; which casteth out all fear, may have worked much good to my neighbors; my enemies and persecutors; it would afford me much joy were I aware that it was so; I shall know, however, for the day of the Lord will reveal it. I was, at times, greatly harrassed by the devil, and depriveil of bodily comfort by his agents, his children; but thanks be to God, his word was not bound, but had free course to rejoice my heart and glorify himi; to impart that " peace which passeth all understanding, which the world cannot give or take away, and which shall endure and increase evermore, eternal in the heavens;" thus I was happy in God, although I had tribulation in the world.“These things I have spoken unto you, that in me,” saith the blessed Christ," ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” At times, thank the Lord, I had more kindness shown me, when I would read and write hymns, of which I have upwards of 200 yet unpublished. I also composed the latter part of the poem of the "Messiah," that is, from the 77th verse, “ Lo! the Lord, the Lord of Glory," &c.

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