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HIS volume is an attempt to make the Catalogue of a

Bookseller's stock a little more attractive in appearance and text than is usually the case.

With a constantly varying stock of volumes this list has been of necessity a somewhat hurried production; we therefore cannot claim for it any Bibliographical importance, nor does it pretend to be more than a list of books for sale, catalogued in a manner calculated, we hope, to arrest interest and attention, and thus to tempt the recipients to purchase from the numerous choice items described.

Our stock is a very varied one, but perhaps the most notable portions of it are those relating to Early Poetry and Dramatic Literature, Sport, Angling. Gardening, and Naval and Military subjects.

There is also a fine selection of first editions of books by celebrated authors and of works illustrated by such esteemed artists as Cruikshank, Phiz, Rowlandson, Leech, etc.




1 A PROPHESIE WRITTEN LONG SINCE FOR THIS YEARE 1641, wherein Prelate-policie is proved to be folly, as also many notable passages concerning the fall of some great Churchmen, WRITTEN BY A MODERN POET. London, printed in the yeare 1641. 12mo, sewn £3 38

A poem of considerable rarity; it occupies eighty-six pages. ? A. (W.) The History of the Popes Nephews, wherein is related the Reasons which

move the Popes to make their Nephews great, together with all the good and mischief they have done to the Catholic Church since 1471 to 1667, etc., etc. 1669. Portrait, small 8vo, calf extra, by Jenkins and Cecil

9s 3 A'BECKETT (Gilbert) THE ALMANACK OF THE MONTH, a Review of Everything and Everybody. Punch Office, 1846. First Edition, with numerous humorous engravings, 2 vols, 12mo, calf extra, top edges gilt, UNCUT, by RIVIERE

£3 38 4 Another copy, 2 vols, calf, gilt edges, by Riviere

£2 2s 5 Another copy, 2 vols, original cloth, uncut

£1 10s 6 A'BECKETT (Gilbert Abbott) The Comic BLACKSTONE. 1844-6. FIRST EDITION, illustrations by George Cruikshank, 2 parts, in original boards

£1 1s



LANDING OF JULIUS CÆSAR. (See No. 7.) 7 A'BECKETT (Gilbert Abbott) The Comic HISTORY OF ENGLAND. Punch Office,

1847-48. The Comic HISTORY OF ROME. FIRST EDITIONS, with coloured engravings by JOHN LEECH (see reproduction), and very many woodcuts, 3 vols, 8vo, stained calf extra, top edges gilt, TOTALLY UNCUT, with the original covers at end, by RIVIERE

£9 9s 8 ABBOT (George, Archbishop of Canterbury) A Brief Description of the whole

World, wherein is particularly described all the Monarchies, Empires, and Kingdoms of the same, with their Academies, as also their several titles and situations thereunto adjoyning. 1636. Engraved title by W. Marshall (stained at top,) 12mo, old sheep

£1 18 Nearly one hundred pages refer to America. 9 ADAMS (W. Davenport) Songs of Society, from Anne to Victoria. Pickering, 1880. LARGE PAPER, only 25 printed, 8vo, half boards, UNCUT

£1 is “This little work is an attempt to bring together, on a plan which will be obvious to the attentive reader, specimens of

the poetry of fashionable life, from the time of Queen Anne to the present day." 10 ADDISON (Joseph) Mr. Addison turn’d Tory, or the Scene inverted, wherein it is

made appear that the Whigs have misunderstood that celebrated Author in his applauded Tragedy called Cato, etc., etc., by a Gentleman of Oxford. 1713. Small 4to, sewn. UNCUT

5s 11 ADDISON (Joseph) Notes UPON THE TWELVE Books of Paradise Lost, collected

from the Spectator, written by Mr. Addison. Tonson, 1719. FIRST EDITION, 12mo, original calf 15s 12 ADDISON (Joseph) THE EVIDENCES OF THE Christian Religion, to which are

added several Discourses against Atheism and Infidelity, and in Defence of the Christian Revelation, etc., etc. 1730. FIRST EDITION, small 8vo, old calf gilt, rebacked

108 60

13 ÆSOP.-LE QUATTRO CENTO FAVOLE DI Esopo Frigio, Prudente, Arguto, et Faceto

Favolatore, Allequali di Nuovo son' Aggiunte Molte Altre d'alcuni belli ingegni. In Venetia, 1607.

Very numerous curious full-page woodcuts, of vigorous execution, 8vo, old red morocco extra £1 158

14 ÆSOPI PHRGYIS ET ALIORUM FABULÆ, cum Indice. Venetiis typis lo. Ant. Remon-

dini, N.D. 18mo, with curious cuts, newly bound, polished calf

103 60

15 AFRICA.—A New Account of some parts of Guinea, and the SLAVE-TRADE. contain:

ing the History of the late Conquest of the Kingdom of WHIDAW by the KING OF DAHOMEE, the manner

how the Negroes become Slaves, the numbers of them yearly exported from GUINEA to AMERICA, a

Relation of the Author's being taken by Pirates, etc., by CAPTAIN WILLIAM SNELGROVE. 1734

Map, 8vo, old calf


16 AFRICA.—A Journey to Mequinez, the Residence of the Present Emperor of Fez and

Morocco, on the occasion of Commodore Stewart's Embassy thither for the Redemption of the British

Captives, in the year 1721. 1725. Several folding plates, small 8vo, calf


Written by JOHN WINDUS.


of the Countreys, Manners and Customs of the Inhabılants, of the Productions of the Earth, and the

Merchandize and Commodities it affords, and some Historical Observations upon the Coasts, being

collected in a Voyage made by the Sieur Villault, Escuyer, Sieur de Belleford, in the years 1666 ani

1667. 1670. 12mo, old half calf

£2 23

18 AFRICA.--His Majestie's Message to the Commons in Parliament, relating to Tangier,

and the Humble Address of the Commons to his Majesty in answer to that Message. 1680. Folio,

sewn, unbound


19 AFRICA AND ASIA.-.WATREMAN_(W.) THE FARDLE OF Facions, conteining

Aunciente Maners, Customs, and Lawes of the Peoples enhabiting the two partes of the Earth called

AFRICKE AND ASIE, Printed at London by John Kingston for Henry Sutton, 1555. Black Letter.

12mo, calf extra, gilt edges, by F. BEDFORD

£3 10s

20 AFRICA (Northern) British Policy with Regard to Northern Africa, reprinted, with

Notes, from the Malta Times. Malta, 1841. 8vo, sewn


21 AGATHOCLES, The Sicilian Usurper: a Poem. 1683. Folio, sewn, unbounil 2s 6d


METRE, with Annotations, Opening the Words and Sentences, by Conference with other Scriptures

Amsterdam, 1644. 8vo, original sheep

£2 2s

23 AINSWORTH (W. H.) OLD Saint Paul's: a Tale of the Plague and the Fire

1841. FIRST EDITION, with illustrations by JOHN FRANKLIN, 3 vols, 8vo, calf extra, gilt edges, bu


£4 45

24 AINSWORTH (W. H.) OVINGDEAN GRANGE : a Tale of the South Downs. 1860.

FIRST EDITION, with illustrations by Phiz(H. K. Browne), 8vo, very fine copy in new calf extra,

neatly tooled, top edges gilt, TOTALLY UNCUT, with the original covers preserved at end, by RIVIERE

£2 185

[graphic][subsumed][merged small]


25 AINSWORTH (W. H.) THE MISER'S DAUGHTER, a Tale. 1848. The first octavo

cdition, with fine impressions of all the admirable etchings by GEORGE CRUIKSHANK, a choice copy in the original cloth, uncut

£4 48 26 ALDUS.–Archimedis Opera Non Nulla a Frederico Commandino Urbinate Nuper in

Latina Conversa et Commentariis Illustrata Venetiis apud Paulum Manutium, Aldi F., 1558. Clearly and well printed, with woodcut initials and geometrical diagrams, folio, old calf.

108 od Containing four impressions of Aldus' celebrated sign (the Dolphin and Anchor) within wreaths. 27 ALDUS.-R. D. GABRIELIS FLAMMÆ VENETI, Can. Reg. Later. De Optimi Pastoris

munere Oratio ad eiusdem Ordinis Gen. Synhodum. Venetiis, 1578, apud Aldum. With WOODCUT PORTRAIT OF ALDUS ON TITLE, small 4to, bright crimson morocco extra, elaborate floriated corners,

with Aldine Anchor" as centre device on each side, tooled borders, gilt edges, by C. ŚMITH £2 28 28 ALDUS.— VIAGGI FATTI DA VINETIA, alla Tana, in Persia, in India, et in Constanti

nopli con la descrittione particolare di citta, Luoghi, siti, Costumi, et della Porta della gran Turco, et di tutte le intrate, spese, et modo di governo suo, et della ultima impressa contra Portoghesi. In Vinegia, 1545. 12mo, old calf

£2 23 Printed by Aldus, with the Anchor at beginning and end. 29 ALFRED (King) THE LIFE OF ALFRED, OR ALVRED, together with a Parallel of our

SOVERAIGNE LORD, K. CHARLES, until this Yeare, 1634, by ROBERT POWELL. 1634. FIRST EDI. TION, 12mo, sprinkled calf extra, gilt edges, by LEWIS

£1 18

[merged small][graphic]

(See No. 33.) 30 ALKEN (Henry) A TOUCH AT FINE ARTS. Thomas McLean, 1824. FIRST EDITION,

illustrated by 12 beautifully-coloured plates, with descriptions, by HENRY ALKEN (see reproduction), royal 8vo, stained calf extrá, top edges gilt, totally uncut, with the original covers at end, by RIVIERE

£4 158 31 Another copy, half roan, as issued


FIELD. 1854. FIRST EDITION, a series of 6 COLOURED engravings of sporting subjects, oblong folio, original covers as issued

£3 38 33 ALKEN (Henry) ALKEN'S SPORTING SCRAP BOOK. 1824 First Edition,

with 5o COLOURED engravings by HENRY ALKEN (see reproduction), oblong folio, red morocco extra, gilt edges, covers preserved at end, by RIVIERE

£10 10s 34 ALKEN (Henry) HUNTING SKETCHES. Fores, 1859. Six large and capitally COLOURED PLATES (see reproduction), oblong folio original half binding

£6 158 Each plate is worthy of being framed. 35 ALKEN (Henry) New SCRAP Book. McLean, 1824. First Edition, twenty plates by Henry Alken, calf extra, by RIVIERE, UNCUT, covers at end

32 23

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