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Dramatists-(continued) :

Nashe, Thomas, in his Works, Vol. I., edited by Rev. Alexander Balloch GROSART, LL.D., F.S.A. (1883-4), see NASHE (Thomas). Schiller, Johann Christoph Friedrich von, translated by Percy E. PINKERTON (1883), see DÜNTZER (Heinrich).

Sheridan, Richard Brinsley Butler, in English Men of Letters (1883), see OLIPHANT (Mrs. Margaret O. W.)

Shirley, James, and his Writings, by Rev. Alexander DYCE, in Shirley's Works, Vol. I. (1883), see SHIRLEY (James).


Fowler, John, in Records of Engineering, Vol. IV. (1868), see HUMBER (William).

Hawkshaw, John, in Records of Engineering, Vol. I. (1864), see HUMBER (William).

M'Clean, John Robinson, in Records of Engineering, Vol. III. (1866), see HUMBER (William).

Nasmyth, James, Autobiography (1883), edited by Samuel SMILES, LL.D., see NASMYTH (James), LL.D.

Stephenson, Robert, in Records of Engineering, Vol. II. (1865), see HUMBER (William).


Graveurs du dix-huitième siècle, Les (1881-2), see PORTALIS (M. le Baron Roger), et Henri BÉRALDI.


Don John of Austria (1883), see STirling-Maxwell (Sir William).
See also: Legal,-Military,-Politicians,-Roman Emperors,-


Hatherley, Lord, Memoir, edited by W. R. W. STEPHENS, M.A., see HATHERLEY (Rt. Hon. William Page Wood), Baron.


Duchenne de Boulogne, in Clinical Works (1883), see DUCHENNE (Guillaume Benjamin Amand).

Men of Letters :

Alciato, Andrea, in Emblematum Fontes quatuor, edited by Henry GREEN, M.A., see under HOLBEIN SOCIETY.

Balzac, Honoré de, in ŒŒuvres, Tome XXIV.,see BALZAC (Honoré DE). Chambers, Robert (1882), see CHAMBERS (William).

Chambers, William: Story of a long and busy life (1882), see CHAMBERS (William).

Irving, Washington (1882), see WARNER (Charles Dudley).

La Bruyère, Notice biographique (1882), in Les Grands Ecrivains de la France, see LA BRUYÈRE (Jean DE).

Lamb, Mary, see GILCHRIST (Mrs. [Anne]).

Nashe, Thomas, in his Works, Vol. I., edited by Rev. Alexander Balloch GROSART, LL.D., F.S.A., (1883-4), see NASHE (Thomas). Ralegh, Sir Walter, in Ireland, (1883), see HENNESSY (Sir J. Pope). Renan, Ernest, in Souvenirs d'Enfance, etc., (1883), see RENAN (Ernest). Swift, Jonathan (1882), see CRAIK (Henry).

See also: Dramatists,-Novelists,-Poets.


Berwick, James Fitzjames, Duke of (1876-1883), see WILSON (Lieut.Colonel Charles Townshend).

Skobeleff, General M. D. (1883), see KEREEF (Olga).

Wolseley, General Sir Garnet Joseph, Lord (1883), see Low (Charles Rathbone), I.N., F.R.G.S.


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Dictionary of Music and Musicians, see GROVE (Sir George), D.C.L. Händel, Georg Friedrich, see MARSHALL (Mrs. Julian).


In Instruments à Archet (1876-8), see VIDAL (Antoine).

Brontë, Emily, see ROBINSON (A. Mary F.)

Edgeworth, Maria, see ZIMMERN (Helen).

Fielding, Henry, in English Men of Letters, see DOBSON (Austin). Goethe, consult under: Poets,--also in General Alphabet.

Sand, George, in Eminent Women Series (1883), see THOMAS (Bertha).
Trollope's Autobiography (1883), see TROLLOPE (Anthony).

Palmer, Prof. Edward Henry (1883), see BESANT (Walter), M.A.

In Dessins du Louvre, see CHENNEVIÈRES (Henry DE).

Holbein, Hans, the Younger, in Les Simulachres and Historiees Faces de la Mort, ed. by Henry GREEN, M.A., see under HOLBEIN SOCIETY. Watteau, Antoine, see MOLLETT (John W.), B.A.


Goethe, consult under: Poets,-also in General Alphabet.

Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich, in Philosophical Classics for English Readers (1883), see CAIRD (Edward).


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Byron: The Real Lord Byron (1883), see JEAFFRESON (John Cordy). English Poetesses (1883), see ROBERTSON (Eric S.), M.A:

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von, translated by Thomas William LYSTER (1883), see DUNTZER (Heinrich).

Goethe-Bildnisse, biographisch-kunstgeschichtlich dargestellt (1883), see ROLLETT (Dr. Hermann).

Goethe und Karl August (1861-5), see DÜNTZER (Heinrich). Horace, by James TATE, M.A., in Horatius restitutus, see under HORACE [Quintus Horatius Flaccus].

Hugo, Victor, and his Time (1882), see BARBOU (Alfred).

Poe, Edgar Allan: Extrait de la biographie de,-par Rufus Griswold,
in Aventures d'Arthur Gordon Pym (1880), see BAUDELAIRE (C.)
Roman Poets, translated by Alexander THOMSON, M.D., and edited by
Rossetti, Dante Gabriel; A Record and a Study (1882), see SHARP (W.)
Schiller, Johann Christoph Friedrich von, translated by Percy E.
PINKERTON (1883), see DÜNTZER (Heinrich).

Whittier, John Greenleaf (1884), see UNDERWOOD (Francis H.)

Danton: Mémoire sur sa vie privée (1881), see ROBINET (Dr. [Jean
François Eugène].


Caxton, William, Sketch of, in [Reproduction of] The Golden Legend, edited by Alfred ASPLAND, see under HOLBEIN SOCIETY.

Roman Emperors:

Cæsars, Lives of the Twelve, see SUETONIUS TRANQUILLUS (Caius). Royal:

Marie Antoinette (1883), see CAMPAN (Jeanne Louise Henriette). Napoleon: His Court and Family (1883), see Junor (Madame [LaurePermon], Duchesse d'Abrantès.






Becket, Thomas, Archbishop of Canterbury, edited by James Craigie

In S. Bernardi Opera, edited by D. Joannes MABILLON (and J. P.
MIGNE), Vol. IV. (1879), see BERNARD (Saint), Abbot of Clairvaux.

See: Botanists-Physicists.


Bologne, Jean de (1883), see DESJARDINS (Abel).

Lucca della Robbia, with other Italian Sculptors of 15th and 16th centuries (1883), see SCOTT (Leader).


Danton: Mémoire sur sa vie (1881), see ROBINET (Dr. [J. F.E.]) Grattan, Henry, in Select Speeches, edited by Daniel Owen MADDEN (1845), see GRATTAN (Rt. Hon. Henry).

Lawrence, John, Lord (1883), see SMITH (R. Bosworth), M.A.
Machiavelli, Niccolò (1877-82), see VILLARI (Pasquale).
Mazzini, in Scritti, Vol XII., see MAZZINI (Giuseppe).

Strafford, Earl of, by James J. CARTWRIGHT, in Wentworth Papers. 1705-39, see WENTWORTH (Thomas), Lord RABY, Earl of STRAFFORD. Travellers:

Bovet, Felix, by P. GODET, in Egypt, etc. (1882), see BOVET (Felix). See also GENEALOGY--NECROLOGY.


Examination of Spencer's Principles of Biology, in Criticism upon his Unification of Knowledge (1882), see GUTHRIE (Malcolm).


In HISTORY OF THE YEAR (1882), which see.



For Lives of Biologists, see BIOGRAPHY: Botanists, etc.

BIRD (Isabella L. [Mrs. Bishop]):

The Golden Chersonese and the Way thither. [Malay.] 17+384 pp; map and illustrations; 8vo; London, John Murray, 1883. Bird in a Cage, The,-Drama, in Shirley's Works, Vol. II. (1833), see SHIRLEY (James).


Birks, T. R., Essay on his Modern Physical Fatalism and the Doctrine of Evolution, in Formula of Evolution (1879), see GUTHRIE (Malcolm).

BISHOP (Rev. A.):

Hawaiian Phrase Book: Na huaolelo a me na olclo kikeke Ma ha Olelo Beritania a me ka Olelo Hawaii. 2nd ed.; 4+120 pp.; 12mo; Honolulu, H. M. Whitney, 1871. BISHOP (Mrs. Isabella L.), see BIRD (Isabella L.) BISMARCK ([-SCHÖNHAUSEN (Karl Otto)]), Prinz VON: Correspondance Diplomatique de M. de Bismarck (1851 -1859); publiée d'après l'édition allemande de M. DE POSCHINGER, Sous la direction et avec une préface de M.Th. FUNCK-BRENTANO. Traduction de M. L. SCHMITT. Tome I. 1851-1855. 39+425 pp.; 8vo; Paris, E. Plon et Cie., 1883. Tome II. 1855-1859. 8+453 pp.; 8vo; „,

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BISMARCK ([-SCHÖNHAUSEN (Karl Otto)]), Prinz VON—con.): Prince Bismarck's Letters to his Wife, his Sister, and

others, from 1844 to 1870. Translated from the German by Fitzh. MAXSE.

2nd ed.; 10+259 pp.; 12mo; London, Chapman and Hall, 1879. Black Booke's Messenger, edited by Rev. Alexander Balloch GROSART, LL.D., (1883), see GREENE (Robert), M.A. BLACKIE (John Stuart):

On Self-Culture, Intellectual, Physical, and Moral: A Vade Mecum for Young Men and Students. Reprinted in Phonetic Shorthand.

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92 pp.; 12mo; London, F. Pitman; Bath, Isaac Pitman, 1882. BLACKWELL (I. A.), Ed. of Northern Antiquities, translated by Bishop PERCY (1847), see MALLET (M. [Paul Henri]). BLACKWOOD'S EDINBURGH MAGAZINE:

Vol. CXXXIII-CXXXIV. 8vo; London and Edinburgh, 1883. Blaine's Veterinary Art, in Every Man his own Horse Doctor (1877), see ARMATAGE (George), M.R.C.V.S. Blair, James, Notice of, in History of American Literature, Vol. II. (1879), see TYLER (Moses Coit).

Blake, William, Essay on, in Essays in History and Biography (1883), see SKELTON (John), LL.D.

BLANC (S. H.):

Grammaire de la Langue Basque d'après celle du P.
Manuel de Labramendi intitulée: El Imposible Vencido.

8+248 pp.; 12mo; Lyon et Paris, S. H. Blanc et Cie., 1854. BLANCARD (J.), Translator, into French, of Poèmes Patriotiques (1883), see VALAORITIS (Aristoteles [Moschos]). BLAYDES (Frederic H. M.), Editor of Aristophanis Comoediae (1880-1883), sec ARISTOPHANES.

Aristophanis Fabulae: Equites, Nubes, Vespae, Ranae (1882), see ARISTOPHANES.


In Workshop Receipts (1883), see HALDANE (Robert). BLIND (Mathilde):

George Eliot. (Eminent Women Series). Introductory Childhood-Youthful Studies-Translation of Strauss and Feuerbach- .. George Henry Lewes-Scenes of Clerical Life-Adam Bede-The Mill on the Floss-Silas Marner-Romola -Poems--Felix Holt and Middlemarch-Daniel Deronda--Last Years. 6+218 pp.; 12mo; London, W. H. Allen and Co., 1883. Selections from, and Notice of, in English Poetesses (1883), see ROBERTSON (Eric S.), M.A.

Blinden, Die,-Tale, in Werke, Band V., see HEYSE (Paul). BLOUET (Paul) [Max O'RELL, Pseudonym]:

John Bull et son Ile: Moeurs Anglais contemporains. (Bibliothèque contemporaine.)

17. éd.; 6+323 pp.; 12mo; Paris, Culmann Lévy, 1883.


BLOXAM (Charles Loudon):


Chemistry, Inorganic and Organic, with Experiments. 5th ed.; 8vo; London, J. and A. Churchill, 1883.

BLOXAM (Matthew Holbeche):

The Principles of Gothic Ecclesiastical Architecture, with an explanation of Technical Terms and a centenary of Ancient Terms; together with notices of the Internal Arrangement of Churches prior to, and the changes therein in and from, the Reign of Edward VI.

Vol. II. I. Internal Arrangement of Churches previous to the Reformation. II. Monastic Arrangement.

11th ed.; 4+324 pp. ; illustr. ; 12mo; London, G. Belland Sons, 1882. Vol. III. 1. Vestments up to Edward VI. Changes in internal arrangements. III. Vestments, in and from Reign of Edward VI. IV. Ancient British, Roman and post-Roman hypaethral Sepulchral Monuments, and Anglo-Saxon and Medieval Churchyard Monuments. 5+403 pp. ; illustr.; 12mo; London, Geo. Bell and Sons, 1982. BLYTH (Alexander Wynter), M.R.C.S., F.C.S. :

Poisons Their Effects and Detection.

36+712 pp.; tables and illustrations; 12mo; London, Charles Griffin and Co., 1884 [1883]. BLYTH (James), Ed. of Electricity (1882), see FERGUSON (R. M.)



Models of Fishing Boats, etc., in Fish and Fisheries, International Fisheries Exhibition, Edinburgh (1883), see HERBERT (David), M. A. Late Boat Race, in Light Science (1883), see PROCTOR (R.A.), B.A. BODE (W.):

Donatello à Padoue: Gattamelata et les Sculptures du Santo; orné du 23 planches phototypiques. Traduction revue et corrigée par Charles YRIARTE.

21 pp.; 23 pl.; fol.; Paris, J. Rothschild; London, Dulau, 1883. Body and Will (1883), see MAUDSLEY (Henry), M.D.


Ecclesiastical History:

In Life of John Hus (1882), see WRATISLAW (A. H.), M.A. BÖHм (Theobald), of Munich:

An Essay on the Construction of Flutes: Being a History and Description of the most recent improvements, with an explanation of the principles of Acoustics applicable to the manufacture of Wind Instruments; and now first published, edited with the addition of correspondence and other documents, by W. S. BROADWOOD.

78pp.; portr. of Böhm, illustr. ; 8vo; London, Rudall and Co., 1882. Bold Stroke, A.,-Comedy, in Dramatic Works (1813), Vol. I., COWLEY (Mrs. [Hannah]).

Bolingbroke, Henry St. John, Lord, Essay on, in Essays in History (1883), see SKELTON (John), LL.D.

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