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IBANEZ, GASP.—Dissertationes Eccl. por Honor de los Antiquos Tute- 96. 1816.-On the Physiology of Vegetables. Ib. 173. 401. Ib. xlix. lares. Zarag. 1671, fol.

125. 1817. Ib. I. 341.-A New View of Vegetable Life. Ib. 278. IBBERTSON, JAMES, Esq., Barrister at Law.-Dissertations on the k_IBBETSON, JAMES, D. D., Archdeacon of St. Alban's, Rector of Judicial Customs of the Saxen and Norman Ages. Lond. 1780, 4to. Bushey, in Hertfordshire, and Prebendary of Lincoln.- Public Virtue and 1s. 6d. -Dissertation on the National Assemblies under the Saxon and Happiness of any People; a Sermon on Gen. xlix. 4. 1746, 8vo, -- An

Norman Governments ; with a Postscript, addressed to the Dean of Glou- Assize Sermon on Numb. xxv. 5. 1746, 4to.-A Sermon on Luke xvii. cester. Lond. 1781, 4to. 2s.— Three Dissertations; 1. On the Folklande 20. 1748, 8v0.- A Sermon before the Sons of the Clergy, on Gal. vi. 10.

and Borlande of the Saxons; 2. On the Judicial Customs of the Saxon 1758, 4to.—The Case of Incurable Lunatics, and the Charity due to them and Norman Ages; 3. On National Assemblies under the Saxon and particularly recommended; a Sermon on John v. 16. Lond. 1759, 4to. Norman Governments. 1782, 8vo. 3s.

-Charge delivered to the Clergy of St. Alban's Archdeaconry; a Visita. IBBERTSON, LA PORTE, and S. HASSAL.-A Picturesque Guide tion Sermon. Lond. 1760, 4to.-A Charge to the Clergy of the Archto Bath, Bristol Hot-Wells, the River Avon, and the adjacent Country: deaconry of St. Alban's, in the year 1765. To which are annexe), Instruc. illustrated with a set of Views, taken in the summer of 1792. Lond. 1794, I tions for Ministers, Churchwardens, and others, in forming true and 4to. 48s. 8vo. 21s.

complete estimates of glebe lands, and other possessions belonging to IBBETSON, Mrs. Agnes.- On the Impregnation of the Seed, and Churches; first published in 1761, under the direction of Bishop Sherlock. first Shooting of the Nerve of Life, in the Embryo of Plants. Nicholson's Lond. 1766, 4to. Is. 60.-A Plea for the Subscription of the Clergy to Journal, xxiii. 161. 1809.—On the Perspiration of Plants. Ib. 169.- the Thirty-nine Articles of Religion. Lond. 1766, 8vo. 1s. -A ConfirOn the Formation of the Winter Leaf Bud, and of Leaves. Ib. 293. - mation Sermon on Acts viii. 17. 1774, 8vo.-Speech in the Lower House On the Stem of Trees; with an Attempt to discover the Cause of Motion of Convocation. Lond. 1775, 4to.-Six Plain and Affectionate Discourses in Plants. Ib. 394.-On the supposed Perspiration of Plants. Ib. 351. on the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, on Luke xxii. 8. Lond. 1775, 8vo. - Remaining Proof of the Cause of Motion in Plants explained; and - Charity Sermon on Acts xx. 35. 1777, 4to.-- A Fast Sermon on what is called the Sleep of Plants shewn to be Relaxation only. Ib. xxiv. Ezek. xxxv. 6. 1778, 8vo.- A Charge to the Clergy of the Archdeaconry 114.-On the Effects produced by the Grafting and Budding of Trees, mof St. Alban's. Lond. 1778, 4to. 1s.-- Thoughts on Bonds of ResignaIb. 337.-On the Defects of Grafting and Budding. Ib. 346.- On the tion. Lond. 1783, 8vo. Is. Structure and Growth of Seeds. Ib. xxvii. 1. 1810.-- On the Structure IBBETSON, JULIUS. — An Accidence, or Gamut of Oil Painting, for and Classification of Seeds. Ib. 174.-On the Method of Jussieu. Ib. Beginners; in which is shewn the most easy way of imitating Nature, by haxviij. 99. 1811.— The Beautiful Tint of Flowers acquired by the same means of a simple system, the result of many years' practice : with a LandMeans that Paint the Rainbow. Ib. 170.-On the Interior of Plants. Ib. scape painted in oil, by the Author, and all the tints in patterns. 1805, 254. Ib. xxix. 1.- Description of Firs; illustrated by Dissections. Ib. 8vo. 42s. 202.-On the Motion of the Flower of the Barberry. Ib. 213. Ib. 295. IBBETSON, RICHARD, D. D., late Fellow of Oriel College, Oxon, -On the Hairs of Plants. Ib. xxx. 1.-Of the Mechanical Powers in and Rector of Lambeth. — The Divinity of our Saviour proved, from Scripthe Leaf Stalks of various Plants. Ib. 179.-On the Mechanism of ture and Antiquity; a Sermon on 1 Tim. iii. 16. Oxon. 1712, 8vo. — Leaves. Ib. xxxi. 1. 1812.-On the Mechanism of Flowers. Ib. 81.- n Obedience to Governors; an Assize Sermon on Rom. xii. 4. 1722, On the different sorts of Wood; with some Remarks on the Work of Du 4to. Thouars. Ib. 161.-On Fresh-Water Plants. Ib. 241.- On the Fructi. IBBOT, BENJAMIN, D.D., Rector of St. Paul's, Shadwell, and Chapfication of the Plants of the Class Cryptogamia. Ib. xxxii

. 1.-On the lain in Ordinary, an ingenious and learned Writer, born at Beachamwell, ¿Dissection of Flowers. Ib. 169.-On the Interior Buds of all Plants. Ib. 1680; died 1725.—He published a Translation of Puffendorf 's Treatise, Xxxiii

. 1.-On the Secret and Open Nectaries of various Flowers. Ib. 171. De Habitu Religionis Christianæ ad vitam Civilem ; or of the Relation - On the Growth or Increase of Trees. Ib. 16.-On the Roots of Trees. between Church and State, and how far Christian and Civil Life affect each Ib. 334.- On the Formation of the Seeds of Plants, and other Objects other : with a Preface, giving some account of the book, and its use, with relative to their Structure. lb. xxxv. 19.-On the Wood and Bark of regard to the Controversies in agitation at that time ; particularly the BanTrees, much magnified. Ib. 87.- The Seeds of all Plants first formed in gorian. 1719.- Course of Sermons, preached for Boyle's Lecture, in the the Roots

. Ib. xxxvi. 34.-Letter, shewing that the Spiral Wire is the o years 1713 and 1714. Lond. 1727, 8v0.- Thirty Discourses on Practical Cause of all Motions in Plants. Ib. 266.-On the Use of Air Vessels in Subjects. 1726, 2 vols. 8vo. Selected from his Manuscripts, by his Plants. Phil. Mag. xliii

. 81. 1814.- Observations on the Cuticle of friend Dr. Clarke. Reprinted, Lond. 1776, 2 vols. Svo. This is a reLeaves. lb. xliv. 161.- On the Nourishment produced to the Plant by its publication of the thirty Discourses selected by Dr. Clarke, with the addij Leaves

. Ib. xlv. 1. 1815.-On the Phænomena attending the Roots of tion of six Occasional Discourses, and a Life of the Author, by Dr. FlerPlants. Ib. 177.-A Paper, proving that the Embryo of the Seeds are man.-- There are some verses of his in Dodsley's Collection, vol. v., en. formed in the Root alone. Ib. 183.-On the Phænomena of Vegetation. titled, A Fit of the Spleen; in imitation of Shakespeare. Ib. 321.-Experiments, introductory to an Attempt to exhibit the compara- IBYCUS.- Fragmenta, Gr. Lat. cum Notis F. Ursini.

Ant. 1568, tive Anatomy of Animals and Vegetables. Ib. xlvi. 46. 1815.-Compara- 8vo. Et cum Notis Hen. Steph. Par. 1586, 8vo. Et sine Notis. Commel. tite Anatomy ; or, a slight Attempt to draw up a Comparison between 1598, 8vo. Et Gr. Lat. 1612, Svo. Animal and Vegetable Life. Ib. 81.-On the Anatomy of Vegetables; p ICILIUS, QUIntus. See Guischaron, Charles GOTTLIEB. intended to substitute many important Truths in Phytology. Ib. xlviii. ICKSTATT, JOANNES ADAMUS.- Meditationes Præliminares de Studio VOL. II.


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