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IBANEZ, GASP.—Dissertationes Eccl. por Honor de los Antiquos Tute- 96. 1816.-On the Physiology of Vegetables. Ib. 173. 401. Ib. xlix. lares. Zarag. 1671, fol.

125. 1817. Ib. I. 341.- A New View of Vegetable Life. Ib. 278. IBBERTSON, JAMES, Esq., Barrister at Law.-Dissertations on the k_IBBETSON, JAMES, D. D., Archdeacon of St. Alban's, Rector of Judicial Customs of the Saxen and Norman Ages. Lond. 1780, 4to. Bushey, in Hertfordshire, and Prebendary of Lincoln.- Public Virtue and Is. 60.-Dissertation on the National Assemblies under the Saxon and Happiness of any People; a Sermon on Gen. xlix. 4. 1746, 8vo.

An Norman Governments; with a Postscript, addressed to the Dean of Glou- Assize Sermon on Numb. xxv. 5. 1746, 4to.- A Sermon on Luke xvii. fcester. Lond. 1781, 4to. 28.—Three Dissertations; 1. On the Folklande 20. 1748, 8vo.- A Sermon before the Sons of the Clergy, on Gal. vi. 10.

and Borlande of the Saxons ; 2. On the Judicial Customs of the Saxon 1758, 4to.— The Case of Incurable Lunatics, and the Charity due to them and Norman Ages; 3. On National Assemblies under the Saxon and particularly recommended; a Sermon on John v. 16. Lond. 1759, 4to. Norman Governments. 1782, 8vo. 3s.

- Charge delivered to the Clergy of St. Alban's Archdeaconry; a VisitaIBBERTSON, LA PORTE, and S. HASSAL.-A Picturesque Guide tion Sermon. Lond. 1760, 4to. — A Charge to the Clergy of the Archto Bath, Bristol Hot-Wells, the River Avon, and the adjacent Country: deaconry of St. Alban's, in the year 1765. To which are annexed, Instrue. illustrated with a set of Views, taken in the summer of 1792. Lond. 1794, I tions for Ministers, Churchwardens, and others, in forming true and 4to. 48s. 8vo. 21s.

complete estimates of glebe lands, and other possessions belonging to IBBETSON, Mrs. Agnes.—On the Impregnation of the Seed, and Churches; first published in 1761, under the direction of Bishop Sherlock. first Shooting of the Nerve of Life, in the Embryo of Plants. Nicholson's Lond. 1766, 4to. Is. 6d.-A Plea for the Subscription of the Clergy to & Journal, xxiii. 161. 1809.-On the Perspiration of Plants. Ib. 169.- the Thirty-nine Articles of Religion. Lond. 1766, 8vo. 1s.-A ConfirOn the Formation of the Winter Leaf Bud, and of Leaves. Ib. 293.- mation Sermon on Acts viii. 17. 1774, 8v0.-Speech in the Lower House On the Stem of Trees; with an Attempt to discover the Cause of Motion of Convocation. Lond. 1775, 4to.--Six Plain and Affectionate Discourses in Plants. Ib. 334.- On the supposed Perspiration of Plants. Ib. 351. on the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, on Luke xxii. 8. Lond. 1775, 8vo. - Remaining Proof of the Cause of Motion in Plants explained; and - $ Charity Sermon on Acts xx. 35. 1777, 4to.

A Fast Sermon on what is called the Sleep of Plants shewn to be Relaxation only. Ib. xxiv. Ezek. xxxv. 6. 1778, 8vo.—A Charge to the Clergy of the Archdeaconry 114.-On the Effects produced by the Grafting and Budding of Trees, mof St. Alban's. Lond. 1778, 4to. 1s. --Thoughts on Bonds of ResignaIb. 337.-On the Defects of Grafting and Budding. Ib. 346.- On the tion. Lond. 1783, 8vo. Is. Structure and Growth of Seeds. Ib. xxvii. 1. 1810.-- On the Structure IBBETSON, JULIUS. — An Accidence, or Gamut of Oil Painting, for and Classification of Seeds. Ib. 174.-On the Method of Jussieu. Ib. Beginners; in which is shewn the most easy way of imitating Nature, by hxxvii. 99. 1811.- The Beautiful Tint of Flowers acquired by the same means of a simple system, the result of many years' practice : with a LandMeans that Paint the Rainbow. Ib. 170.-On the Interior of Plants. Ib. scape painted in oil, by the Author, and all the tints in patterns. 1805, 254. Ib. xxix. 1.- Description of Firs; illustrated by Dissections. Ib. 202.-On the Motion of the Flower of the Barberry. Ib. 213. Ib. 295. IBBETSON, RICHARD, D. D., late Fellow of Oriel College, Oxon, -On the Hairs of Plants. Ib. xxx. 1.–Of the Mechanical Powers in and Rector of Lambeth. — The Divinity of our Saviour proved, from Scripthe Leaf Stalks of various Plants. Ib. 179.-On the Mechanism of ture and Antiquity; a Sermon on 1 Tim. iii. 16. Oxon. 1712, 8vo.Leaves. Ib. xxxi. 1. 1812.-On the Mechanism of Flowers. Ib. 81.- n Obedience to Governors; an Assize Sermon on Rom. xiii. 4. 1722, On the different sorts of Wood; with some Remarks on the Work of Du 4to. Thouars. Ib. 161.-On Fresh Water Plants. Ib. 241.- On the Fructi- IBBOT, BENJAMIN, D.D., Rector of St. Paul's, Shadwell, and Chapfication of the Plants of the Class Cryptogamia. Ib. xxxii. 1.-On the lain in Ordinary, an ingenious and learned Writer, born at Beachamwell, i ; Dissection of Flowers. Ib. 169.-On the Interior Buds of all Plants. Ib. 1680; died 1725.—He published a Translation of Puffendorf 's Treatise, xxxiii. 1.--On the Secret and Open Nectaries of various Flowers. Ib. 171. De Habitu Religionis Christianæ ad Vitam Civilem; or of the Relation

- On the Growth or Increase of Trees. Ib. 16.-On the Roots of Trees. between Church and State, and how far Christian and Civil Life affect each Ib. 334.-On the Formation of the Seeds of Plants, and other Objects Other : with a Preface, giving some account of the book, and its use, with relative to their Structure. Ib. XXXV. 19.-On the Wood and Bark of regard to the Controversies in agitation at that time ; particularly the BanTrees, much magnified. Ib. 87.— The Seeds of all Plants first formed in gorian. 1719.- Course of Sermons, preached for Boyle's Lecture, in the the Roots. Ib. xxxvi. 34.-Letter, shewing that the Spiral Wire is the oyears 1713 and 1714. Lond. 1727, 8v0.- Thirty Discourses on Practical Cause of all Motions in Plants. Ib. 266.-On the Use of Air Vessels in Subjects. 1726, 2 vols. 8vo. Selected from his Manuscripts, by his Plants. Phil. Mag. xliii. 81. 1814.- Observations on the Cuticle of friend Dr. Clarke. Reprinted, Lond. 1776, 2 vols. 8vo. This is a reLeaves. Ib. xliv. 161.-On the Nourishment produced to the Plant by its publication of the thirty Discourses selected by Dr. Clarke, with the addiį Leaves. Ib. xlv. 1. 1815.-On the Phenomena attending the Roots of tion of six Occasional Discourses, and a Life of the Author, by Dr. Fler.

Plants. Ib. 177.-A Paper, proving that the Embryo of the Seeds are man.-There are some verses of his in Dodsley's Collection, vol. v., en. formed in the Root alone. Ib. 183.-On the Phænomena of Vegetation. titled, A. Fit of the Spleen; in imitation of Shakespeare. Ib. 321.-Esperiments, introductory to an Attempt to exbibit the compara- IBYCUS.- Fragmenta, Gr. Lat. cum Notis F. Ursini.

Ant. 1568, tive Anatomy of Animals and Vegetables. Ib. xlvi. 46. 1815.—Compara- 8vo. Et cum Notis Hen. Steph. Par. 1586, 8vo. Et sine Notis. Commel. tive Anatomy; or, a slight Attempt to draw up a Comparison between 1598, 8vo. Et Gr. Lat. 1612, Svo. Animal and Vegetable Life. Ib. 81.-On the Anatomy of Vegetables; p ICILIUS, Quintus. See Guischaron, CHARLES GOTTLIEB. intended to substitute many important Truths in Phytology. Ib. xlviii. ICKSTATT, JOANNES ADAMUS.- Meditationes Præliminares de Studio VOL. II.


8vo. 42s.

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