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as true relation, he will be so charitable as to say Amen.



I. W.

PSAL. xxxii. 2.

• However diversified the conditions of men are, there is one common event to all. When the hour of death approaches, the distinctions of worldly pomp are of no avail. At that awful period every consolation will vanish, except that which flows from the consciousness of doing well, and the expectance of another life.The examples recorded in the preceding pages present to our view the noblest of all spectacles-the calm composure, the pious resignation of good men, who, having finished their earthly course of virtuous conduct, anticipate the blessedness of the heavenly state, and, full of joyful hope and humble confidence in the merits of a Redeemer, close the last scene with dignity and honour.

"Sic mihi contingat vivere, sicque mori !"

[The Letter of Dr. Barlow, Bishop of Lincoln, mentioned in Vol. II. page 267, is inserted in the Life of Mr. Isaac Walton, prefixed to this Work]





II." PHYSICE SCIENTIÆ COMPENDIUM, à ROBERTO SANDERSON, Coll. Lincoln. in almâ Oxoniensi olim socio, &c. ante multos annos Lucis usuræ destinatum, nunc verò ex authentico Manuscripto primò Impressum. Oxoniæ, 1671."

III. SERMONS. "Dr. Sanderson's XII. Sermons, 1632." 4to." Dr. Sanderson's Sermons, (including the twelve before printed) 1664." Folio." Ditto, with his Life by Isaac Walton, 1689." Folio.

IV. "NINE CASES of CONSCIENCE DETERMINED, 1678, 1685." 8vo.-Several of these were printed separately. Two in 1658 (not in 1628, as Wood asserts). Three more in 1667. Another in 1674, and one in 1678.

The last of these Nine Cases is "Of the Use of the Liturgy;" the very same tract which was published by Isaac Walton in his "Life of Dr. Sanderson, 1678," under the title of "Bishop Sanderson's Judgment concerning submission to Usurpers." In this tract is given a full account of the manner in which Dr. Sanderson conducted himself, in performing the service of the Church, in the times of the Usurpation.

V." DE JURAMENTI PROMISSORII OBLIGATIONE PRÆLECTIONES SEPTEM: HABITE in SCHOLA THEOLOGICA OXONII, Termino Michaelis, anno Dom. MDCXLVI. A ROBERTO SANDERSON. Præmissa Oratione ab eodem habitâ cùm Publicam Professionem auspicaretur, 26 Octobris, 1646. Lond. 1647,"

These Lectures were translated into the English language by Charles I. during his confinement in the Isle of Wight, and printed at London, in 1655.-8vo.

VI." DE OBLIGATIONE CONSCIENTIÆ PRÆELECTIONES DECEM OXONII in SCHOLA THEOLOGICA HABITÆ, anno Dom. MDCXLVII." An English translation of the "Prelections on the Nature and Obligation of Promissory Oaths and of Conscience," was published in 3 vol. 8vo. London, 1722.

VII. "CENSURE of Mr. ANTON. ASCHAM his BOOK of the CONFUSIONS and REVOLUTIONS of GOVERNMENT. London, 1649."-8vo. Of Anthony Ascham, who was appointed by the Rump Parliament their agent, or resident in the Court of Spain, in 1649, and who was killed in his apartments, at Madrid, by some English Royalists, see "Wood's Ath. Ox." Vol. II. col. 385.

VIII. "EPISCOPACY (as established by Law in England) NOT PREJUDICIAL to REGAL POWER. Written in the Time of the Long Parliament, by the special Command of the late King. London, 1673."

IX. "DISCOURSE CONCERNING the CHURCH, in THESE PARTICULARS: First, concerning the Visibility of the true Church: Secondly, concerning the Church of Rome. London, 1688." Published by Dr.

W. Asheton, of Brazen-nose College, Oxford, from a MS. communicated to him by Mr. John Pullen, the Bishop's domestic Chaplain.


X. 1." BISHOP SANDERSON'S JUDGMENT concerning SUBMISSION to USURPERS." 2. " PAX; 3." BISHOP SANDERSON'S JUDGMENT in ONE VIEW for the SETTLEMENT of the CHURCH." This tract is written by way of question and answer. Anthony Wood tells us, that the questions were formed by the publisher, and that the answers were made up of scraps, without any alteration, taken out of the prefaces and sermons of the Bishop. 4. " REASONS of the present JUDGMENT of the UNIVERSITY of OXFORD, concerning the SOLEMN LEAGUE and COVENANT, the NEGATIVE OATH, the ORDINANCES concerning DISCIPLINE and WORSHIP. London, 1678." These tracts are annexed to "Isaac Walton's Life of Dr. Sanderson,"


XI. A large "PREFACE" to a book written at the command of Charles I. by Archbishop Usher, and published by Dr. Sanderson, entitled "The POWER communicated by GOD to the PRINCE, and the OBEDIENCE required of the SUBJECT. London, 1661."4to. A second corrected edition of this work was

published in 8vo, 1683. See "Kennet's Register,"

p. 347.

XII. "A PREFATORY DISCOURSE" prefixed to a collection of Treatises, entitled CLAVI TRABALES, or NAILES fastened by some great MASTERS of ASSEMBLYES, concerning the KING'S SUPREMACY and CHURCH GOVERNMENT under BISHOPS; the particulars of which are as followeth :



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